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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (614)

Chapter 614

Recently, I think I think this often.

It hurts.

I immediately rolled my body before I was wiping the blood flowing down.

Kwahiah- !!

Yangbul -hui, who was inserted from the sky, turned his head with a cool look.My eyes meet.

He laughed.I laughed too.

Let’s see the situation.

Yangbulhui’s attitude is perfect.There is no single anxiety when continuing the follow -up in that position.

When I look at my eyes, there are exactly four routes that Yangbul Hwi can attack.After leaving the seat, I blow my body with my shoulder or hopped my body with my feet.

If not, it is to go down my side and take my abdomen with my feet.

These four attack routes can be completely successful when I see it.

Of course, all of this is the story of when I chose to avoid.

I sustained the ground with my arms in a bad posture and wielded my feet.

It is an attack.I didn’t even think about evasion and didn’t even think about defense.

I had no choice but to stop my arms with my arms.


The roar bursts and dust soars all over the place.Throughout the dust, I stretched my fist once more.

just as expected.

Yangbul Hwi’s fist also extends through the dust.

My fist hit Yang Bul -hui’s face, and Yang Bul -hui’s fist hit my face.

It’s nice!

We flew against each other in the opposite direction.

The later process was obvious.

Yang Bul -hui will be thin to me.To attack again.

Then what should I do?

This was also simple.

It is an attack.

The circle of the heart rotates like crazy.

It’s not one, it’s all ten.

I memorized the spell.

“[Lightning World], [Hellfire].”

Lightning and flames began to burst into crazy.

10 Circle Magic Lightning World and Hellfire’s fusion magic and power is a level that can be almost thousands of people in the war.

Yang Bul -hui smiled.

“He’s remnant,.”

Yang Bul -hui leaves as if there is nothing to be stuck.Of course, fusion magic was not all of my attack.

I stretched my left hand as it was.

“[[Eonyeong General

A huge booklet comes to mind in front of me.There was nothing written.

“[Fire Erow], [Helfire], [Health], [Amplification], [Distortion].”

The languages that popped out of my mouth quickly began to be shaped into the air, and Yang Bul -hui was very surprised.

In a surprised look, he is once more seated.

The arrow -shaped Hellfire, which was created before me, was definitely enough to damage the transcendental.

He is going to burst or stop before I shoot this.

I was left as it was.

Yangbul Hwi’s eyebrows are wriggling.

“young…….It’s fun. ”

He stretched his fist.It was clear that the transcendental attack was likely to make it as it is.

In the attack, I immediately turned to the side.

Yangbul Hwi’s attack passes by.

Whoever sees, I have caught Yang Bul -hui’s gap.You can make a fist, swing your feet, or try a variety of actions.

But it didn’t.

I wrote a small spirit on the spot.


The location of my body and the huge magic of the arrow -shaped magic that I embodied behind me are reversed.

The eyes of the Yangbul have opened greatly.

It’s simple.

The magic I made was just like a decoration at the back.

But what if I add the speed at which I run to the magic?

Yang Bul -hui hurriedly crossed his arms, but it was late.

Kwahiah Ahhhh!

There is a huge roar that seems to be turned off.

It was clear that the blood and flesh that burst from everywhere were Yang Bul -hui.


That’s what it happens.It was then.I hear a voice.

“……What else is that?I’m seeing it for the first time. ”

It was Yangbulhui.

I lifted my head.

There was Yangbulhui where the dust was lifted.

I was forced to take a while in his appearance surrounding the whole body with a black cocoon.

Don’t forget this.

Blood Horse Yangbul Hwi is an unmanned using ‘hair weapon’.

I thought I couldn’t use it because my hair was cut off and I couldn’t use it.

I was caught in the explosion, and I was hurriedly wrapped in my body.

I answered silently.

“I made it.A long time ago.”

“A young young baby was a rhizome long ago, why did you not use it when you fight with Cheonwol?”

“It wasn’t a situation to write.”

“Are you?”

“It’s a matter of efficiency.Of course, it would have worked for Cheonwol, but it can’t be fatal.like now.”

Nothing.I was talking about Yangbulhui in front of the same line as heaven.I was kind and kindly talked about the nuances.

Yang Bul -hui burst into laughter.

“Well, it’s like seeing him when he first came to Cheonma Protestant.”

Black fixed hair.All of those hairs are quickly reduced.Of course it didn’t mean it’s short hair.

Still, it is still long hair.

Yang Bul -hui, who returned to a long -haired man, left.

I also left.

Yangbul Hwi’s tens of thousands of hairs were flying together and flying to me.

I rolled my fist strongly and then shouted.

[Cheonma new 天魔 神功]

[1 page.Cheonma Hate Jeonpo 天魔 抛]

My fists were pierced at once, where I burst out all mana in my fist.Immediately, a series explosion occurred inside.

Something has been stretched out with the sound of crazy ringing.

It was arm.

It is also the arm of Yangbulhui.

I didn’t expect it.So Yang’s arm grabbed my face and I wielded my feet.

Kwahiah- !!

Yangbulhui was not pushed.The body was shaken and the organs inside the body were twisted, but he was still holding on the spot.

You can see Yang Bul -hui smiling creepy between your hands.

“You can’t do it yet, people.”

“Do you really think so?”

“If I give me strength to my hands now, your head will burst, do you say that?”

I laughed.

“I think you haven’t felt it yet.”


Yang Bul -hui said that.

Subsequently, his brow began to be crumpled slowly.

It was simple.

Under Yangbulhui’s chin, a small sphere was floating.

The sphere was vibrating as if it would burst right away, but I know Yang Bul -hui.

If that bursts, the nearest throat will be cut off or burst.

“……When did you make this again? ”

“I just pulled out the remaining energy back when I used Cheonma new.”

“……. ”

“If my head bursts here, the first elder of our Cheonma Protestant will be cut off.”

Yangbul Hwi said with a crumpled face.

“Why, is the story so?And it’s a baby, if you’re going to do it.I had a horse, what is the bastard? ”

“So it will be confusing.If you make a lot of concerns, you will naturally expose your gaps.And is it not the basis for the fight to seek that gap? ”

“……Did the Dragon Road teach that? ”

“yes.Personally, I think I learned very well.You didn’t feel it now. ”

“……. ”

“Is it a draw but not like a draw?

Yang Bul -hui seemed to have not yet released.

“What if I burst your head here and avoid this under my neck?Or if you block it with my hair? ”

I had something to say.Perhaps the most important question.

“I am stone.”


“But it’s hard to be comparable to the father’s talent, with hard hair.”

“Are you ashamed to compliment you with your mouth?”

“It’s not ashamed.The short moment when I want to burst my head, will it be fast for me to protect my head with mana?Or is it going to be the first to fly the elder’s neck, who didn’t notice the limit. ”

“……. ”

“If you are still not convinced, give me strength to my hands.”

Slowly, Yangbulhui’s hands were in power.But it was just there.

He sighs, giving him a little power.

Yang Bul -hui said as he lowered his hand.

“It’s really hard.Stone cutlass. ”

“Priest, I am.”

“……Ha, young.Come tomorrow.tomorrow.”


“I have something to give, or I knew what it was.Come back to that tombstone tomorrow. ”

“Is that over?”

“Is it over?It is also told to bring up all the data related to the death of the misconduct. ”

“I have a lot of hopes.”

“If you see what I’ll be going tomorrow, you won’t say that.”

Yangbulhui turned around.

He sighs and he disappears from his view.

Yeongwol is approaching my side alone.

“You had a lot of trouble.Province. ”

I shook my head.

“What is your hard work, did you hear that before?”


“Tomorrow, I brought back the background related to the death of the Three Buddhas.Is it possible? ”

“yes.it’s possible.”

The next day, I sat face to face in front of the tombstone.

Yang Bul -Hwi handed over a long line to me.

What should I say?

Should I say it’s too long?

It felt like there was a sword inside.

And as soon as I opened the ship, I was surprised after a long time.

Yang Bul -hui smiles.

“what?Do you want a lot?Inma, what did I say?Didn’t you say that? ”

“……How did you find this? ”

“I saved it again.I also smoked it.I’m talking about it, but that’s what it is. ”

I swallowed the saliva.

I could have reacted like this.

No, this is not me, but my father will come to this reaction.

Because it was ‘Cheonma Shingum’ in front of me.

thatEven though it is too complete.

“Keep in mind two things.First, I won’t say it. ”

I looked up and looked at Yangbulhui.

“Second, is it a place to use this place?As you know, I’m not right.If it was such a place, I wouldn’t have received any suggestion.You said it was a Presbyterian?If you do that place, you will be in charge.I don’t know what you are trying to do, but it helps me as much as possible.You promise only one thing to me. ”

“What is that?”

“When everything you are trying to do, don’t stop what I want to do then.”

“……Don’t you say what’s going on? ”

“uh.Don’t ask or ask, don’t just stop it.Just promise this. ”

“I won a bet, but do you think it’s going to go in?”

Yang Bul -hui laughed.

“What do I just want to win the Cheonma New Sword?”

I laughed.

As you reach out, Yang Bul -hui holds my hand.

Today, the first elder of Cheonma Protestant was decided.

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