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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (615)

Episode 615

The basic foundation of Cheonma Protestant was created:

Yeongwol uses the head.

Yang Bul -hui will be in charge of force.

Among them, the role of Yeongwol, the great issue, is simple.

Her role is to show that Hoecheon Bridge has been raised as the largest organization in the basement.

In order to raise the current Cheonma Protestantism beyond the Hoecheon Bridge at that time, the experience person is a perfect law, and Yeongwol, who has to do that much, must give that title.

That’s why I gave Yeongwol the place called Daeho.

Anyway, the fight will be done by the elders, and the Great Lord is to create a way of raising the Cheonma Protestantism and the overall strategy.Naturally, it depends entirely on my judgment whether or not to accept it.

It means that you can change your place at any time.

And Yeongwol, the current big issue, handed over to Yang Bul -hui.

Yang Bul -hui, who quickly read in the seat of it, looked at Yeongwol and me alternately with a ridiculous look.

Then he sighs.

“Is this real?”

“yes.In this way, when I am the general policy of Hoecheon Bridge, not only Oppersok but also blood, Baehwa Bridge, etc.Many of the members have been ordered to deal with all those who oppose the Cheonwol and the Cheonha Castle. ”

“……. ”

“Some of them were handled directly.I’m talking about it, but I didn’t do it. ”

“……So, as the aftermath of the Protestant, did you kill the drones of Protestantism? ”

“no.I didn’t do it all, nor did I kill those who were uninnutiated. ”

“There is no sin, how do you judge it?”

Yeongwol was serious.

“I could judge that they would bring the worst future to Protestantism.Of course, not all of them, but at least, at least I was the greatest thing I had to plan and kill, and they were the terrible blasting and the human garbage that shaken with the little power I had. ”

“Isn’t it true that I killed the unmanned the Protestantism?”

“It’s true.But it’s not someone else, and Yang Bul -hui, who has been in jail for many years after fighting with Cheonwol without any plan, doesn’t seem to say to me. ”

“……. ”

“If Yangbul -hui had thought about the future of Protestantism, he should have planned a plan, not aiming weapons at Cheonwol without thinking.Whether I was in Hoecheon Bridge with the Cheon Ha Castle, or by using the world, Yang Bul -hui did not contribute to the future of Protestant. ”

Yangbul Hwi’s brow was crumpled.Honestly, I didn’t look wrong.

“Is that a person now worried about the future of Protestantism?At least it provided a stable present to the aftermath of the Protestant who stayed in Gonun Mountain.I was really worried about the future of Protestant and moved into action, and Yang Bul -hui just avoided.So, I think it’s very inappropriate to say that the blood of the Protestantism is on my hand. ”

Slowly smiles in Yangbulhui’s mouth.

This is something.

That look.

Yangbul -hui is now like this, but every blood.

When Cheonma Protestant was in good shape, that is, when Moorim divided and ruled in the back world, the sequence was ranked fourth or fifth.The allocation is not easy, and now it is almost ancestors in Cheonma Protestant Bridge.

It was Yeongwol, who did not say a word in front of such an ancestor, and said that she looked so unique.

He burst into laughter and nodded.

“That’s right.That’s right.I avoided it.I was hiding and stupid, and that was true.Drawse. ”

Yang Bul -hui, who stopped talking for a while, fluttered the data in his hand.

“Thank you.Good job. ”

“……no.I didn’t have a feeling of too much talk, but I was grateful for it. ”

Yeongwol backed back.

I decided to ask Yang Bul -hui what I was really curious about.

“Are you bad with your father?”

“father?Who is your father?Your father? ”

“yes.My father. ”

“……Well, it’s not bad. ”

There was no choice but to arise.

“But why didn’t you reach out?”

“……. ”

“If I had reached out, I must have helped me.”

Yang Bul -hui laughed.

He said to me with a very sad expression that there was no drink at this moment.

“Isn’t that?When your father made a presentation that he would not be involved in the East Content, I was there? ”

“I knew that now.”

“What would my face would be if I asked me to help me that the remnants of the Cheonma Prints are raising my internality again in the East Lint.”

“……Is this a face problem? ”

“In detail, it’s different.He said he didn’t.But what would he be sitting in the emperor’s place if I asked me to help?Do the condensation help me secretly?That doesn’t work.Do you know what the most needed in a country that has just been made? ”

“Isn’t it discipline?”

“that’s right.It’s discipline.The discipline is followed by how stubbornly sitting on the head.If the emperor said, is that a country?It’s a ruined pub. ”

Yang Bul -hui sighed.

“Even though I asked for help, he wouldn’t help.I didn’t want to make it complicated, and as he said, I wanted to be free to grow.In conclusion, it has been this situation, so it would be beneficial for you, but others. ”

“Is that so?”

“Depending on what you are doing, you will get a subordinate that holds up like your life.”

I stood up with a smile.

I had a meal, and it was when I was trying to say that.

“How much do you know about your father?”

“……What does it mean? ”

“Just accept and answer as it is not going through the filter.How much do you know about Jack Milos? ”

“I think I know.”

“As much as I know…….It’s fun.Then answer this.How will your father react if the East continent itself collapses? ”

I couldn’t answer this question easily.

If I know my father, I will definitely do something.

Whether you rebuild or send people, the reason is simple.East continent is also the land of the Milos Empire.

But it wasn’t Yangbulhui.

“I will do nothing.”

“……Why do you think so? ”

“I know the one I know.Don’t you still know? ”

“What do you mean?”

“This is a place made for the future.”

“The future?”

“I don’t know if I’m going to leave the future to you or to leave it as it is in the middle.You should take care of it. ”

The time I felt strange was exactly from this part.

The nuances of the horse were strange and the content was strange.

“If you want to be a true king, you should be responsible for the trials of the emperor.By the way, is it really okay? ”

“What do you mean?”

“Is it really okay to be the principal of Cheonma Protestantism?”

If you don’t know this, you have to die.

I asked in a small voice.


Yang Bul -hui smiles.

No, it wasn’t Yangbulhui.It was a father.Jack Milos, the emperor of the Milos Empire and the monster of the most overwhelming power after the history of the West continent.

I couldn’t help but ask.


“How did you do it?”

“No big deal.I just borrowed my body. ”

I looked around.

Everything was stopped.

Yeongwol, which was a little longer, was hardened like a plaster, the sky was stopped, and even aircraft and mana were stopped.

When the hell?

“……I don’t think it’s big. ”

Maybe it’s right.At least it may not be a big deal to my father.But for those like me, this is not a big deal.

“why?Are you not yet? ”

“……yes.I can’t.I don’t think I can. ”

The father with Yang Bul -hui’s face laughed.

“I don’t know that.I haven’t heard the answer yet, but I will be the lord of Cheonma Protestantism?Is that okay? ”

“Will you stop it?”

There is nothing new.

Whether it’s the East Continent or the West Continent, your father can see anything and you can see it right now.

My father has the power of nothing.If you can’t, it would have done it anymore.

In the situation, my father’s appearance here seems to be trying to prevent what I am trying to do.If not, there is no reason to appear here.

However, I was stupid after a long time in response to my father’s answer.

“I stop it?why?”


“You’re not as a child, and you have chosen yourself, but you should be responsible.why?No confidence? ”

I smiled as I looked at my father.

The father I know is this father.

The person who hates the responsibility to others.

And what did I learn under such a father?


I also hate to take responsibility to others.

I said in a firm voice.

“I am not regretting to be the principal of Cheonma Protestantism.”

In fact, I couldn’t do anything.It is strange to regret it.

“But why……. ”

“Are you asking?”


My father knows what I am.But it’s not too hot.I didn’t want to stop it, but I only thought that there was something for something.My father said.

“I just wanted to talk to my son after a long time.”

My eyes were soaked.


“……Yes, father. ”

“You know well, but it’s not my recognition that needs to be the next emperor.

I nodded.What I want to do is to be recognized by everyone.

With my own strength, I stand up to stand up.There is nothing new.And at the following father’s words, I was awkward.

“MaliI don’t lose.Rather, I want to recommend it.By the way, what if the people you want to be recognized do when you die? ”


My father sighed small.I was instinctively noticed that it was the face of Yang Bul -hui, but beyond that, the real father’s face was dyed.

Then I noticed one more thing.

My father knows.

In the world, what’s going on now, and what will happen in the future?

I also asked questions.

“Is it a good thing to decorate the world?”

My father nods.It’s again.

“If you ask what’s going on, will you answer me?”

My father smiled and shook his head.

“If you tell me that, my help will go to what you are trying to do.Then that’s not going to do anymore. ”

My father said that I was worried about something for a while.

“What do you say hints, but I’ll tell you one.The work of the world is definitely enough to be able to become independent of the country if it is successful.The important thing is who is the king. ”

My father stood up.

Slowly, come to me and put both hands on my shoulder.



“I believe you will do it well.”

I felt serious.It was always.

My father never lied.Every time he said, he always said sincerely.

“I am my father’s son.The prince of the empire.I will revive my expectations.father.”

“Yes, whatever you do, I am four.Even if you go beyond the line, it’s your side.Do you know that? ”

“yes.I know it well. ”

I grew up loved.

That love, I will give to the people.It will be an emperor recognized by all the people.

“By the way, when is the cell going to meet?”

“……I’m going to meet you soon. ”

“I didn’t do it a lot, but you do it well.You’re your teacher. ”

I had no choice but to laugh awkwardly at the strange father.

“I have a hard time, sometimes coming home.I don’t remember when it was eaten with you. ”

I laughed.

“I will stop by soon.”

My father nods.And that was the end.

My father slowly went back and sat down and lifted his head.

My father laughs.

And time began again.

“……Why are you doing that?What happened? ”

It is a question to me that Yang Bul -hui stands well.

I shrugged.


“There was nothing.”

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