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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (616)

Chapter 616

Geum Tae -sung, who was in charge of the northern region in Hoecheon Bridge, was in a deep problem with a serious look.


“……What should I do? ”

The question of Geum Tae -sung was Gangjin, the head of the northern region.

Gangjin was a man with an excellent experience as a native of the North Sea Bing Palace.

Aside, it was when he was only 10 years old that Gangjin came out of the Bukhae Palace.

At the age of 45, Gangjin, who is a very rich man who rolls and rolls in Moorim for 35 years, knows what Geum Tae -sung is doing now.

And he has already decided what to answer his question.Gangjin answered without blockage.

“I think this part is entirely important.”

“My judgment is important?”

“yes.Are you worried about the situation in which the northern part of the country has lined up in the world? ”

“that’s right.And it’s important that the line is very strong. ”

Nothing.It’s just simple.

Not only Geumtaeseong in the northern part of the country, but also Gangjin and many of the northern characters are now lined up in the world.

If so, what line is that line?

Sahonje was newly announced as a crew party.

He is the identity of the northern lines.

This time, as a crew party, Saehonje became the third person in the world in the world.

It is important that the power is not the third, but it is the ‘third person’ trusted by Ryujin.

“And it is more likely that Melon, the principal of Cheonma Protestant, knows it.You know exactly by Yeongwol, a great lake. ”

This is a speculation, but it’s only a guess, but it’s already known.Yeongwol’s intelligence is unmatched.I can’t know.


“This should be clear.Melon, the principal of Cheonma Protestantism, showed inefficient appearance such as “betting” at the last meeting. ”


“yes.If I was a lord, I would have hit the head of the branch.Then everything would have been solved simply. ”

“……I’m sorry. ”

“What do you do?But it’s not happening.What it means is simple.The principal melon doesn’t want to get blood in his hand. ”

Geum Tae -sung shook his head.

“that is……Is that so? ”

“We’ve shouted the launch of Cheonma Protestantism, so we need to keep the power.The north is big.Not long ago, many people died because of those he purged, but others filled the place.The northern part is still big and will be large in the future.In other words, if the branch manager leans first, he will welcome the branch manager without saying anything.The only branch manager is holding the northern part perfectly.I will entirely follow the branch manager’s judgment. ”

It is at the crossroads of choice.

Whether it’s on the side of Melon, or on the side of the world.

Of course, it is true that Melon made it with everyone at last meeting.Do you not appoint Yangbulhui as an elder?

Unfortunately, Geum Tae -sung did not matter whether he was appointed or not.

bet?It’s funny.

Geum Tae -sung does not care what the result of the bet is without the benefit of returning to himself.

Honestly, I asked to make a bet.

I played it alone and played a long time.

And no matter how much Melon flys and the gears, it is the world that eventually dominates the East Continent.

In addition, Ryujin is a real world, so no matter how much you think about it, the world is attracted more.

There are more profits there.

Geum Tae -sung said.

“We prepare a place with the Sae -san of the Cheon Ha -sung.”

“Are you talking about Saehonje?”

“Yes, our northern part is with the world from today.Will you follow? ”

“Yes, branch manager.I will follow. ”

The branch manager Geum Tae -sung predicted a bright future to unfold, but he was not the deputy general manager.

‘……. ‘

Gangjin, who had a light tongue, faced a person the next day.

It was not a sahistan.

It would have been maximal if Geum Tae -sung knew.

Exactly the characters.

Melon and Yeongwol looked at Gangjin in front of you.

Gangjin said again.

“The head of Geum Tae -sung in the northern part of the country is trying to betray Protestant and consign with the world.”

As I mentioned earlier, if Geum Tae -sung had seen it, he would have maximized.Because this is betrayal.

It’s a ridiculous thing to come together and come to the bridge before the day passed.

But on the contrary, this is the right thing.

Geum Tae -sung’s actions are almost crazy, and at least the earthquake is not that much.

This is also an investment that has seen the future.

Kangjin said.

“Please write me as the head of the northern branch.I will fulfill my loyalty. ”

Yeongwol was slightly frowned on the brow, but not melon.

When Yeongwol tried to say something, Melon raised his hand and grabbed the shoulder of Yeongwol.

She puts her mouth.Melon said.

“It’s fun.”

“……. ”

“What is your name?”

Melon’s words were scary and Gangjin fell on the spot.In his perfect voice, he shouted in a big voice.

“Long live, thousands of years old!It is Gangjin 康 進, who uses jeans to go to a comfortable river. ”

How should I express it?

Should it be that the politeness is soaked in the body or that Abu is soaked in the body?

Melon did not matter.

“Ask for the position of the branch manager in the northern part?”

“yes.I am confident to meet the expectation of the principal. ”

What is the source of my confidence?

“I ask some questions.Would it be okay? ”

“of course.Ask anything. ”

“What do you think of the current situation in the northern?”

“……Not good.”

“Not good?”

“yes.Others, including the branch manager, Geum Tae -sung, may believe that the situation in the northern part is good.There is only eight pubs and twenty squads.There are only three or four people per squad. ”

‘Squad’ here means ‘sprinkles’.

Soldings are not just a contract every day.

They are escorted to the top and may be a luggage.

They form a group between those who are meaningful to move more efficiently and live more efficiently.It is a rough squad and expresses it.

Melon quietly heard the words of Gangjin.

“A while ago, before the principal started execution in the world, Geum Tae -sung moved faster than anyone else.It is the work of the factions that were divided into several in the north.In the aftermath, quite a lot of unmanned in the north died.That’s the current situation in the north.The northern part is dominated by the forces of the enforcement, which is based on Geumtaeseong. ”

“Sit as a branch manager like that?”


“I can appease Geumtaeseong.It’s so inefficient. ”

At the end of Melon, Gangjin seemed to think for a while.

“……If you dare to say, the principal will never forgive the actions of Geum Tae -sung. ”

“Why did you judge so?”

“He has already saved the life of Geum Tae -sung by even making a bet.Exactly, before that day, the first meeting was held, and at the entrance, Geum Tae -sung saved his life twice.My personal judgment is that no matter how wide the principal is, it will never be up to three times. ”

Perhaps everyone will.You can stand it once.Because he is a person.

But from two times, it becomes ambiguous.If you have something to get firmly, you will endure up to twice, but never to stand three times.

If you go to the third, the discipline becomes a mess and the discipline becomes a piece of tissue.

Melon has never endured more than three times.At the moment of Gangjin’s information, Geumtaeseong is already dead.

Melon is going to kill Geumtaesong, even if Ryujin comes and protects Geumtaeseong.

No, I will kill all those who have betrayed Cheonma Protestantism.

It’s been a long time since I decided to build a tower made of blood.

Melon shook his head.

“I ask again.If you appoint you as the head of the northern branch, what is the benefit of our Cheonma Protestantism? ”

“……The northern part will be bigger. ”

“Is it bigger?”


It was interesting.

“Didn’t you say the situation is dominated?Some of the guys will crawl to die if they die, and if they kill them, the north will be weaker than now? ”

Gangjin smiles.

“There are many talented people in Gonun Mountain.There are also many talents in the north. ”

I listened quietly.

“The enemy statement is too inefficient to work.Members of the northern parts are made up of those who are elected to the delay, not the priority.The guy who can’t count is in charge of the top of the top, so there’s no mess.If you leave it, we will change the north.We will collect larger funds, collect more elements, and raise more talent. ”

Kangjin was a beginner master.It’s not a low state, but it’s low from the point of view of Melon, which has been a few steps from the transcendental state.

However, it was such a state that I can certainly realize who is talented.Melon looked at the water of the water.

Gangjin’s talent was not a talent that stopped in the beginner master.At least you can go to the red master, but why is it still in beginner?

I think there is a reason why the growth environment was not made because of being disadvantaged in childhood.

Melon decided in his heart.

He will already appoint Gangjin as the head of the northern branch.

I just want to do it for sure.

“Should I support troops?”


“How much do you need?”

“One patrol is enough.”

I laughed.

“Geum Tae -sung kills me?”


This is right.If Gangjin’s words are true, Geum Tae -sung must die in the hands of Melon.Do not die in the hands of others.Must be the hands of Melon.

mailRon said.

“Sending Yongseong luck is to figure out the facts first.Is there an objection? ”

“doesn’t exist.”


One more time, Gangjin fell down from his seat.

“We will withdraw from the hurray of thousands, the new school, the degrading, and the villain.”

Gangjin was out of place.

Yeongwol, Melon, and only two left, Yeongwol asked.

“I didn’t know that Gangjin, who was called the Discussion Chain, was so good at Abu.”

Melon could not notice what emotions they had in the tone of Yeongwol.Melon answered.

“It’s not a bad thing to be good at Abu.”

“……Province.Is it really okay? ”


“In my judgment, Gangjin is a god.Wouldn’t it be harder than profit to have such a new god? ”

Melon replied that it was no big deal.

“Rather, it is good.”

“……is that so?”

“There is no reason to give a chance for a person who is confident in his ability to unfold its ability.If you are incompetent, you can stop it.Do you need to think about this? ”

Yeongwol is only 28 years old.

I haven’t lived the world for a long time, but I still lived a very thick life for those short years.

So she realized.

“Because you are blind to self -power, it creates a bigger problem.”

This was not just to Gangjin.It was also said to Melon.Oman and courage are similar but different.

Melon laughed again.

“Even if the work is so good that Gangjin will not make a bigger problem.Probably, even if you make it, you will be overwhelming. ”

Melon’s words were full of confidence.Yeongwol asked.

“Can I ask why?”

Melon did not answer and looked at Yeongwol with a strange gaze.

Yeongwol accepted Melon’s eyes to ask the right question and thought.

Then lightning struck in my head.

Melon mentioned the “five elders of the five”, placing the launch of Cheonma Protestantism.

And the place was all undecided, and recently, Yang Bul -hui became the first elder.

Perhaps the second elder is related to the North.

And maybe he wants to leave the elder with the full management of the northern part.

It is certain that Melon has the idea of making Cheonma Protestant a force beyond the existing Cheonma Protestantism.

Then what kind of person can you meet the expectations of Melon?

How much is such a person in this continent?

Only one person.

It comes out right away.

Yeongwol asked.

“I am going to welcome her as the second elder of Cheonma Protestantism.”

Melon nodded.

The East continent is the dominant place by the world.However, some of the certain areas cannot be dominated by even the world, one of which is the North Sea Band.

“……Certainly, the northern part of Hoecheon Bridge was only the northern part of the northern part of the northern part.Even at this time, the influence of Geum Tae -sung has decreased even more because of its purge.But if. ”

Really if.

“If the North Sea Ice Palace joins the Cheonma Protestant Bridge, the entire northern part of the East Continent will be in the range of the forces of Cheonma Protestantism.”

Yeongwol did not doubt.

I have already seen the power of Melon.

Melon must do it if you want to do it.Even if it is intertwined with the position of Yoo Seol -ha and the grandmother, everything is determined by force.

Melon loosened his neck.

Already decided.

The second elder of Cheonma Protestant will be an agent ice.

If you will make a suggestion that cannot be refused, and nevertheless, if you refuse.

At that time, I really want to do it with power.

Melon already doesn’t look back.

Look forward.

“Will you go together?”

“yes.Province. ”

Melon and Yeongwol’s body disappeared.

The two people are heading for the North Sea.

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