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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (618)

Chapter 618

Chapter 4

The current position of Yongseong Woon was really ambiguous.

It is true that I decided to be with Melon.Although he became a “teacher” of Cheonma Protestantism, he is still a patrol of the world.

Unintentionally, I have a double spy feel, which is until today.

I just submitted my resignation letter.

At least it will not be processed until today, so it is a patrol company until today.

Such Yongseong Woon was now arranging the documents in front of the eyes with a very serious look.

At a glance, the amount of documents was enormous.

These documents were exactly divided into two.

One was a document that summarized incidents in the canal of the world, and the other was the documents that “solved” the accidents that occurred throughout the East continent, except for the Cheon Ha Castle.

‘……It was bigger than the forces of Hoecheon Bridge, not, the forces of Cheonma Protestant. ‘

I remember Yongseong Woon.

The moment when Yeongwol could be confident when asked whether it would be possible to reduce the crime rate of the Dong Continent.

There was a reason.

This document is evidence.

Let’s think.

How do inspectors work?

It was simple.

After recognizing the case, investigate the case with the investigators and solve it.

This is written in the documents and sent to the Central Inspector’s Office, which is simple.

Write an overview and write the name of the victim and the perpetrator if it is a murder case, and then fill out the details of the truth.

And finally, putting the signature of the prosecutor’s mana at the end of the document.

This is all.The members of the Cheonma Protestantism have been written as documents by solving more than thousands of events in the eastern continent, which only took place in the longitudinal continent in a few days.Naturally, all the evidences were also collected.Melon comes and just signs up and sends it to the western continent at once.

Melon has been able to take over thousands of performances without handling only one work related to the inspector for a week.

‘……Should I say it’s great or be clever? ‘

I don’t know.More than anything.

The fact that this was handled for less than a week made my head dizzy.

‘No matter how big it is in the shade, this is not easy.…. ‘

Should I say that the information I knew before was denied?

Yong Sung -woon turned his head.

There was also a document there.But those documents are not documents related to previous incidents.

It was a new statement of employees who were newly joined at the East Continent Inspectorative Office.

I looked at them quickly.The laughter bursts out.

‘……Look at this human…….Somehow I wanted to be something strange, but I was from Gonunsan. ‘

The name was Myeongwon -seok, his original position was a patrol company in the Seomseo Seomseo.

It was not the end.

Cheon Ha -sung is a word that combines four regions.The four areas are Sichuan, Sumseo, Bangsan, and Dangwang.

‘I’m crazy, there were so many new religions in the world?’

It was not in Sacheon where Yongseong Woon was a patrol, but at least one patrol company in the island and Bangsan Dangwang, those who stood out in the truth, and the springs who were named in Moorim.

It was not serious.

‘……Even if you look at it roughly, three, ultra -closed, first -class, and one is one.…. ‘

These people have become the inspector investigator of the inspector.

He has a gorgeous career, and his individual power is outstanding.

These are now investigating incidents in various parts of the bulb, so it is possible to solve thousands of events in a week.

‘These people are rather people of Yeongwol rather than people of Protestant, and those who have not yet joined.…. ‘

It will be more.

Suddenly this question arises.

I know Yeongwol is capable.I know, but I secretly put so many talents in the world?

It is definitely difficult to infiltrate the world.In other words, infiltrating means ‘life’ acts.

Also, the law of the world is absolute.

The spy destroys the Gu.

What did they see in Yeongwol and have been infiltrated by the world?

It was there.

Yongseong Woon covered the documents.

Yong Sung -un has not been ordered by Melon.At the same time, the same order was to supervise the main office of the Dongin Continent Inspectorative Office, which was under construction, and the documents were also summarized as they supervised the construction.

Although I am still a patrol company in the world, I will also submit a resignation letter tomorrow.

Yongseong -un was now in an eye.

The fact that Melon’s real name was Daniel Milos was not important at all.I wanted to show him his own abilities.I wanted to be recognized and I wanted to be reborn as a perfect man.

When will the opportunity come?

It was then.

“It looks bored.”

I turned my head.There was Melon and Yeongwol.

When did you come?

No, there is no reason to wonder this.Melon is already transcendental.If the transcendental came by, it would be more funny if the general public notices it.

Yongsung -woon, who stood up in the spot, said politely.

“Province, have you come?”

Melon nods.

And at the end of Melon, Yong Sung -woon could not stand laughter.

“I have something to leave, but will you try it?”

Finally, the opportunity came.Opportunity to see.Opportunity to prove your ability.

Yong Sung -woon answered coldly without any hesitation.

“Please leave anything.I will definitely do it. ”

To Yong Sung Woon, Melon told the story of the northern.

In summary, it was simple.Currently, the North Sea Ice Palace has been in charge of a axis of Cheonma Protestant, but strictly speaking, the North Sea Ice Palace cannot do what the existing Hoecheon Bridge did in the north.

Should I say different inclination?

The North Sea Ice Palace does not act, such as leaving the killing, and then being bandit.

Melon said it will share the role.

The North Sea Ice Palace will be a place to cultivate talented people, and the northern part of the Cheonma Sinkyo will be active around commerce.

Naturally, the contract will be folded, and those who are not loyal to Protestant will take their seats.

Yongsung Woon asked.

“Do you have to save the manager of Gangjin?”

“If you prove that you are capable of yourself, you have to save it.I promised that way. ”

Promise is important.At least Melon learned so.

“There may be a reason he asked me to send you, go and judge.You will be in charge of the northern branch in the future. ”

Then, what happened to the branch manager, and Yong Sung -woon tried to ask him so much.

Melon said before.

“The Daeho Law will have a total of five laws.The laws will only follow the orders of the Great Law Act and give absolute autonomy no matter where they move from all over the country.Depending on how you handle this work, we will decide whether to take the law or to be the head of the site.Is there an objection? ”

“doesn’t exist.thank you.”

The Yongseong -un said that I was worried about Melon.

“And the principal.”

“Let’s call it the Lord.”

For a while, the luck of the expression of the expression that was briefly speaking was seriously.

“yes.Lord, I think it’s better to say this, so I told you some patrols. ”

“What did you hear?”

“It was information that the crew party met a person in secret today.”

“If you give it to Daewon…Saehonje? ”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Melon nodded for a while.

“In the north, let’s start today.”

“John Myung-!”

As soon as Yong Sung -woon left the room, Melon asked Yeongwol next to him.

“I want to hear the opinion of the law.Maybe it’s a trap. ”

Yeongwol seemed to think for a while and told Melon.

“……I don’t think it’s a trap.If it’s a trap, it’s going to be a great harm to the lord, but at this point, the Cheon Ha -sung and the Provincial Lord have joined hands.I think this should be regarded rather than a trap. ”

That’s right.

Just today, Daewon Dangju Sahterje and Geum Tae -sung, the branch manager of the Northern Cheonma Print, and Geum Tae -sung, meet, just know this.

Melon has already declared that he will aim for the world in the first meeting.

Not one or two of them were there, and the story would have leaked out.

It didn’t matter.

Melon really did not care about it.

Whether you know it or not, it doesn’t make sense if you don’t know if it’s a western continent, but two suns are floated here.

The sun is enough.

It may be the same idea of Ryujin, the Lord of the Cheon Ha Castle.

To Melon, Yeongwol took out the documents in the corner.

I didn’t ask what this was.

Melon had told Yeongwol.

Prepare data on Gangjin.

Although I stayed together for a few days, I saw Yeongwol to keep talking with someone through the crystal ball.

Melon, who opened the paper, soon laughed.

I thought it was right.This is a resource for Gangjin.

Melon asked.

“When will you introduce you?”

It was obvious who it refers to.

Who brought this data?It was brought by the person who was swept by Yeongwol.

Yeongwol’s subordinate.

I was curious about who was the substitute, which was followed by only the order of Yeongwol from Hoecheon Bridge to Yeongwol’s orders.

“I’m dispatched far now, and I’m thinking of calling it in the world soon.And he said this. ”


“I will prepare a rich gift to the principal.”

I laughed.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Then Yeongwol adds words.

“I don’t know, so I prepared a data on Geumtaeseong.

Melon shook his head.Data on Gangjin, this is enough.

Melon, who read it all, spit out a very short feeling.

“It’s worth shouting.”

“is that so?”

“It’s all about my hard work, and all of my hair was used by Gangjin.Above allThe ability to build dan is surprising.This is enough. ”

I am sincerely.

This was enough.

Melon put the data down next to it.


“Yes, the principal.”

“I’ll go and go, all the things there are finished.”

Melon appointed Yeongwol to the Deputy Director of the Eastern Continental Inspectorate as the authority of the temporary commissioner.

It is Yeongwol, which became a temporary inspector, so I have enough authority.And this seems to be a lot of view, but it was clear that it would not take so long because it was just a sign of the inspector.

Yeongwol took power.

“John Myung-!”

* * *

The Saehonje, who has a strong power, who can be a new party and can order all the patrols and all sugars in the world, lives in the Daewon Hall located in the Cheon Ha -sung Naegang.

Usually, the crew had to be crowded with many people, but not today.

The crew was very quiet.

It was because the Saehonje ordered the crew to empty the crew, and in the office of the crew, the Saehonje was reading with a man.

Geum Tae -sung was a man wearing a red jangpo in a thick impression, a branch manager of the enemy door and a branch manager in charge of the Northern Bridge.

“I empty the crew because I wanted to read.Now, tell me. ”

Sahonje always uses masks and works.

When I was active in the shade, I became a crew party and appeared in Yangji, and it was no different.

Geum Tae -sung said to Sahonje, who is still wearing masks.

“Do you have to take off your mask?”

Sahonje sighed.

“If that’s the point, it’s better to just go.”

Geum Tae -sung makes a strange smile.

“Really, aren’t you too tight among Gonunsan Mountain?”

“I’m from Gonunsan…….Strictly speaking, isn’t it very different? ”

It was before I asked what Geumtae Sung was different.

“I was born in Kunryunsan and I kept putting myself in Protestant until I came to Moorim, but not that way.”

Geum Tae -sung’s brow is slightly frowned.

“I was born in Gonun Mountain, but after I was two years old, I was driven to Moorim and lived with an open beggar.You and you are different.Exactly “fundamental” is different. ”

“haha……What did our crew party be wrong today?

It was natural.

“Did you eat time with useless stories?So why don’t you move on to the right?If you keep talking, our relationship will be farther than now. ”

Geum Tae -sung, who shrugged his shoulders, seemed to think for a while.

“Good.Go to the main point.All of our personnel, including myself, want to trust my body to the world.Is it okay? ”

Sahonje did not really think of it.

Sahonje, who looked great over the mask, asked.

“Tak?Did you say it is now? ”

“exactly.Melon knows that the human being makes Cheonma Protestantism.And his goal is the world.His goal is to pull down the world and establish the Cheonma Protestant to the top of the East Continent. ”

Sahonje said nothing.

“Of course, if you are the information of the world, you will know enough.I will be with the world.Can you accept it? ”

“……. ”

“It won’t be bad for the world’s point of view.The Cheon Ha -sung, which focuses on the canal, has almost neglected the northern part of Moorim. ”

“Do you know why.”

“I know, don’t know.It was difficult because of the North Sea Ice Palace, but now it is different. ”

“What is different?”

“Our Hoecheon Bridge Northern Branch is dominated by more than about five days in the northern part of the country.There are also several places where the top is the top.If you make this northern branch a new northern branch of the world, and use the foundation to erode the north little by little. ”

“at last?”

“The northern part will be in the hands of the world.Don’t you think so? ”

Not bad.

The world must change.The Cheon Ha Castle has been trying to seek the north many times, but has always been in conflict with the North Sea Ice Palace.

If you fight, you will win in some way.The reason was simple.Because there are resources in the world.

Naturally, the North Sea Ice Palace was not so tight.The North Sea Ice Palace and the Cheon Ha Castle had established a separate trade route, but all depended on the tastes of North Sea ice.

I tried several times to pioneer another trade route, but all failed.

There are two reasons.One is because the world was not very active, and the second is because the North Sea Ice Palace has been degraded before the proper foundation is created.

Although the North Sea Ice Palace is very passive, it does not allow anyone to influence on the base centered on ‘northern’, or ‘late years’.

If you cross it, the North Sea Bing Palace uses force.

By the way, the northern branch of Hoecheon Bridge comes in?This will change a lot.

It’s worth trying one more time.

It will be upset at the North Sea Ice Palace, but what should I do? As I said before, the world is changing.


It was just here.

“……It’s already said, but there’s nothing fundamental. ”


“There is no choice and even the choice and actions.I would rather bring Gangjin, the deputy general manager. ”

“……Gangjin? ”

“You don’t know how the top is operated, how the canal works, and what is the relationship between the western continent and the world.”

Geum Tae -sung’s expression became harsh.

“So, what is the conclusion?”

“The conclusion and nothing to sleep.The decision holder is not that or I. ”

What other dogs are this?

Sahters then slowly turned their heads.

Following the gaze, Geumtaesung also turned his head.


There was a melon.

I couldn’t even feel popular, but it’s ridiculous.

Why is it here?


There were four necks that were neatly cut off from the neck.

Geum Tae -sung did not come alone in the world.

Among the key figures in the northern branch, he brought his executives.The number is four.

This was a poisonous place, so the four people waited outside, and they were now in the hands of Melon with their thirst.

Melon threw four necks sideways and put it on the head of Geum Tae -sung.


The blood that flowed through the hand of Melon moistens the head of Geumtae.

Melon said in a bloody voice.

“I came here because I had a traitor, but it must have come well.”

“……school……Province……. ”

“How are you doing this for a few days?”

Slowly, the hands of Melon.Geum Tae -sung grabbed Merron’s arms with both hands, but it was meaningless.

“If you have a bet, you have to follow.huh?”

“……for a moment……Leave this……Say.Province, please. ”

Melon must keep what you said once.

It was firm and confident.

Melon’s choice was very clean.

as it is.


Geumtae Sung’s head bursts.

The body of Geum Tae -sung, who was sitting in a chair, goes to the side.Melon lifted his head.

Saehonje keeps eye contact with Melon.

He said.

“The time I promised to meet with Geum Tae -sung and I met is the top secret.Who would have shed that information? ”

“Who spilled?”

“I spilled.”

Melon sat in the spot where Geum Tae -sung was sitting until he just sat.

“The reason is?”

“Because I wanted to be read with you.Geum Tae -sung is my gift. ”

Melon had a strange look.

Sahonje continues to Melon.

“I want to ask one of the members of the Cheonma Protestantism of Kunryun Mountain.Can you answer me? ”

“Listen and decide.”

“……Do you want you to ultimately destroy the Cheonma Protestantism? ”

Melon was presenting an artistic manner.

There was no need to take it out of the mouth.

I didn’t want to hide it.

What is this?

“If not, it stops at this point.…. ”


Meron and embarrassed Sahonje.

Among them, Saehon did not even expect what would happen later.


Melon’s feet smash the face of Sahonje.

When the flew away, when he flew away, and his head, Melon reached out in front of him.

That hand grabs the face of Sahonje.

“……Last this……. ”

“It’s beyond the line.”

“……. ”

Melon’s expression was very cool.

Sahonje swallowed the saliva without knowing that.

“Who are you in front of you?”

At the words of Melon, Saeje couldn’t say anything.

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