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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (619)

Chapter 619

I heard it roughly, but I still remember.

Saehonje was born in Kunryunsan Mountain, and he was a member of the Cheonma Protestantism, where the existing “Yeongjeong” was a priest, and as time went by, the Cheonma Protestant was destroyed.

That is Saehonje.

Coldly speaking, he is not related to me.

There is no place for Sahonje in Cheonma Protestant.

Not a ally, and almost an enemy, he now suggested that Cheonma Protestant moves forward in front of me.

From my point of view, this was almost beyond the level of intimidation beyond the level of intimidation.

Only crew sugars.

This has exceeded the cheeky thing.

As it is, the hands are strengthened.At the same time, Saehonje seemed to feel something.

Likewise, he raised his strength and left it to the side.

With the sound of a tear, the sound of a thousand torn, the Saehonje is on the wall.I didn’t blow it.Sahters are just so strong that they can’t figure out the fall.

It was.

Now I was going to burst out the head of Sahonje.


“There was such a face in the mask.”

Sahonje swept his face with a stiff look.Honestly, it’s a word, but how many people do you have to wear masks?

Like the springs, you can understand that you should not be able to see your identity in the shade.

But in the daytime, it is also a crew party who works outside the world where there are many interactions with people.

Very strange.

It is true that there is a reason to use masks rather than taste.

And, as I thought, the Saehonje had a reason to wear masks.

His face was stained with burn marks except his eyes.

Should I say it’s ugly?I could definitely play it, but I wondered why I was doing it, but I didn’t ask.

I’ll kill you.

It was then.

“For a while, stop for a while.”

I resemble my father and I have a wider my heart than the Black Sea.

Sahonje told me that he stopped for a while.

“……I did a mistake.sorry.”

The expression of Sahonje was sincerely contained.

“As you know, I am from Protestant.I was in the world, but I couldn’t abandon my regret for those days.Please forgive only once in a wide amount. ”

At the same time, I could no longer live to Sahonje, who politely took power.

I’m not a child, but I shouldn’t go over it.

I threw a torn mask in my hand and threw it next to it.

“Listen to the reason.”

“……I’m from Protestant……. ”

“Don’t dogs.”

Sahterje, who has been wearing his mouth as it is, seems to be worried about something for a while.

“……Because of your status. ”

“My identity?”

“If you were a commoner in the western continent, a descendant of the fall aristocracy, just a child of a family of the East, or even an open beggar, you wouldn’t have worryed about it.”


“Is it a problem to be a prince?”

“……The background of the fall of Cheonma Protestant was because of greed.It was not the greed of Jack Milos, your father and the owner of all the continents, but because of the greed of the Protestant Protestant and the Hyukjin River of the Cheon -cheon, who wanted to dominate the world completely.This is a clear fact. ”


“……But not many people think of this like me. ”

That was also the core of everything.

“The reason why Cheon Ha -sung was able to dominate the East Later is because the Cheonma Protestant Bridge collapsed.It is the current emperor who destroyed Cheonma Protestantism.For most people, this is just true.No one knows your status right now.But in the future, that status will be revealed.If so.”

“If so?”

“……There will be a problem.You can definitely raise the Cheonma Protestant Bridge, but if such a big Cheonma Protestant bridge causes the internal continent, the East Later will be overwhelming. ”

“I’m looking at the future too far.”

“It is also a certain future to come.”

I looked at the Saehonje with a strange look.

It seems certain that the Sahters think about the future of the church members of Cheonma Protestantism.This does not need to be long.


“Who is the scar?”

Sahonje said in his expression.

Why are you curious about that?

He said before he answered.

“It’s Young.”


“yes.He was the man of the Cheonma Protestant and the owner of the Cheonma Shin Sword in your waist dance.It is the wound that was hit by him. ”

“But do you care about the aftermath of the Protestant?”

“That’s a price for my fault.Also, it was Youngjung who hurt it, not members.They are innocent. ”

That’s it.

Honestly, there was no need to talk about this topic.

I immediately went to the main point.

“Geum Tae -sung was saying funny words.”

Geum Tae -sung was a story.Sahonje answered straight.

“……Are you saying the canal? ”

“Yes, the canal.I want to use the canal that the world is monopolizing. ”

“……This must be the home of Seongju.I can’t handle it as a dogma. ”

I laughed.

“If you are a member of Cheonma Protestant, you will be the aftermath of Gonun Mountain.Am I right?”

“you’re right.”

“They are now my people.You have to make money to feed them, but as you know, the salary of the inspector is not so strong. ”

The expression of Saehon’s expression has changed bizarre.

The salary of the inspector is about two leaves a month.

I can’t say it’s a lot, but not so much.

By the way, I know Saehonje.

If you become the head of the inspector, you can use the budget, and the budget can be made with blind money without the regulations.

But in the end, it is also a temporary measure.

There must be a business that can be taken long.

“Icejeong, which refers to the North Sea’s capture, is sold at a very expensive price for the western aristocracy.What if you would like to increase the ice tablet and deal with it? ”

“……Is the North Sea Ice Palace absorbed by Cheonma Protestant Bridge? ”


There is no reason to hide.It’s known anyway.

“Will you do it?”

“As I mentioned earlier, the lord’s permission is needed.….I don’t think you refuse to have the tendency of Seongju. ”

“Good.Then let’s send an agent soon. ”

It was the time when I was trying to go out.

“Can I ask one question?”

I turned my head.

Sahonje told me that.

“My real name is‘ 영 ’.”

“……Grimm? ”

“There were two extramaritals in the spirit of Cheonma Protestantism.”

The brow is crumpled.Expected?

“I am the son of spirit.It was not a small family and I couldn’t learn Cheonma.And ‘Yeongwol’ is my half brother.I am a member of the world, but it still does not change to think of the future of Protestantism.The work will proceed as the principal wants. ”

The polite attitude of Sahonje was not noticed.

I just made a ridiculous look and continued to build.

So, was Yeongwol’s blood of the Protestant Protestant?

* * *

Yeongwol, who was arranging the documents in the cabin, thought for a while.

Since childhood, Yeongwol has been born and raised in Protestantism.

Young -jung, who was a gyoza, revealed a lot of women.

Such a total of three children.All are extravagant.One of them died and one was missing.And one continued to live as a post in the Kunryun Mountain.

It was simple.

The dead do not have to worry.

The missing person fell down his real name and began to live under the name of “Sahonje,” and the other one became the general manager of Hoecheon Bridge under the name of Yeongwol.

Cheonwol, the head of Hoecheon Bridge, did not appoint Yeongwol as the general policy.Without Jincheonhui, who was an associate owner, he would have appointed Yeongwol as an associate.

Of course, few people know that Yeongwol is a descendant of Yeongjeong.

Should I say the truth without the reason to go out of my mouth?

There is more harm than profit.

From the position of Cheonwol, it may be necessary to purge the members of the church that it should be Yeongwol, not the Cheonwol to rebuild the Cheonma Protestantism.

It is ridiculous to reduce the power of Cheonma Protestantism without power.

Yeongwol was not a fool, so I just closed my mouth.

But at least the aides of Yeongwol know that.

She is a descendant of spirit.

That’s a tremendous weapon.

Such a weapon that can perfectly tie the members of Cheonma Protestant.

Yeongwol was going to talk to Melon, the current principal one day.

But I did not intentionally.

It is associated with the weapon that was mentioned earlier, and I didn’t want to value it.

Yeongwol wanted to prove his own abilities.

Although I have not learned martial arts since childhood, growth is very slow, but it is still unmanned.

Unmanned means those who prove themselves.

Therefore, he had such a plan to first prove his personal abilities and to reveal the background later.

Yeongwol was creepy at the moment.

“I just went to the crew, and Saehonje talked about a fun story.”

It was because of the voice from behind.Yeongwol, who rose up coldly, turned his head.It was melon.

“You are an extra -married person, is it right?”

Yeongwol was stuck.

I know Yeongwol what the real name of Saehonje is.


But I didn’t know that the nerd was so head.I thought I would protect each other’s secrets.This damn baby.

Yeongwol, who had been moxibustion for a while, said.

“……I’m sorry for not telling me in advance. ”

Melon shook his head.

To be honest, I was just surprised.

Whose son is, whose daughter?

What is that important?

I’m not kids, but I have been divided by such things, or those actions have already graduated long ago.

Melon was just a bit bad.

The reason was simple.

“From next time, I will listen to the secret of ‘my person’ in others’ mouths.do not do that.Okay? ”

Yeongwol felt strange in the part of ‘my person’.Should there be a deep sound?

Yeongwol forgot the situation and smiled at his mouth.

No matter how much you think, this person is right.

“And, I told Sahonje to increase the ice tablet and trade. Let’s take time soon.”

This meant to clean it up.

Yeongwol responded for granted.

“John Myung-!”

Melon said to Yeongwol.

“There is a place to go, but I can empty it for a few days.If you can’t solve it, use this. ”

That way, Melon crossed a thing, and the expression of Yeongwol is strange.

Because it was a necklace.

“It is a necklace with a forced teleportation.Let’s carry around around. ”

“go……thank you.”

I was curious.

“But where are you going to go?”

Melon answered without hesitation.

“Dragon canyon.”

Dragon canyon.

If you go east from the east continent, you will see a place called Hwagoksan.

The name that calls the mountain is the canyon of the dragon.

Why is the canyon of the dragon, simple.

Because there are dragons living there.

Where the strongest beings live in the current east continent.

The world of the world.

Floating monster.

Dragon Road Cell’s residence is the dragon canyon.

Melon is going to go to see Master who has never seen it.

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