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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (620)

Chapter 620

Chapter 5

The dragon canyon was quiet.

The appearance was really literally “dragon canyon”.

There were huge monuments with dragons everywhere, and there are more than twenty things.

Obviously, several dragons are living, but there is only one that is quiet.

Master ordered that.

I can feel it everywhere.

I turned my head.

The eyes met with a man of the green hair in the corner.

What should I say?

Should I say that I just saw that man at the Academy?

In the technical workshop of the Academy, I saw it very much in my childhood.

I don’t remember the name.I don’t know that it’s just a green dragon.

“……It’s my son, when I first saw it, it’s the same as he. ”

I looked at him.Maybe I knew my father.He said.

“good.Road waits. ”

He did not say anything more and disappeared into the forest.

I turned my head again.

It was a little longer, but it was so clear.

Master’s energy.

It was so “thorough” so that it was not really described.

It is about five years to see Master.

Even then, when I was young.It was before I entered the Academy, and Master lived here in the eastern continent.

Often, I come to perforation, teach me and go back to the eastern continent.

Other than that, I rarely know about Master.

I really don’t know how I lived, what kind of life I lived.

I tried to find out, but there are almost no information about the canyon of the dragon.What do they do here and what kind of life do you live here?

The information sources of the conduits are also impossible to access, and not to mention the drones of the East continent.

The only known fact is that dragons live with self -sufficiency.The dragon’s servant is loved by mana.

They hide their polymorphs and work everywhere.There is no crazy guy who will touch the dragon, and the dragon does not touch others.

Living with a wall in the world.

That’s the world of dragons.

I walked silently.

I went up the canyon.

Then, slowly stopped.

Someone was about 10 meters away.

He was a man who was black in black from head to toe.

It was different from the case of Saehonje.

He was just a black human.

The eyes met with him wearing a long black coat to cover the whole body.

The overall physique was a very skinny man, and his eyes were rather bigger.

Should it be a sense of pressure?

It’s been a long time.The existence that reveals this is like that.

“I have a funny mischief on my face.”

I asked him.

“Who are you?”

I have several teachers, but I am a dragon road cell.

But as I mentioned earlier, I had almost no knowledge about how many of the Master’s subordinates and who were notable.

This was also the will of Master.

Master did not want to inform the world of the dragons.

Originally, the original dragons lived in the western continent.

Of course, before the East and West continents were unified into one country, it was different from the distant past, but it was still the place where the West continued.

My father suggested a title to Dragon Road, Master.


It was a proposal to become the work of the empire and work by the side, and the Master refused.

He declared that he would move to the East Literature and said he would live quietly with his back.

This is a side note, but it makes sense that the vice vampires of the beasts make a peacock for Dragon Road.I had to give it.

It was simple.

Dragons and vampires are not good.

Anyway, in conclusion, the father respected Master’s will, and so Master took all the dragons to the East Content.

At least decent dragons have never caused problems.

That’s why I see him for the first time.At first glance, it’s a dragon, but it’s the first dragon to see it.

It is clear that the intermediate intermediate, weaker, weaker, weaker and weaker, rather than Ryujin, Cheon Ha -ryu.The name he said to me.

“Black Dragon Gentua, you?”

“Daniel Milos.”

“Rod said that the guest is coming, but it’s good.Go in.Road is waiting. ”

“I want to ask one before that.”

The black man who introduced himself as a Gentua asked him.

“What is that?”

“I think it’s a black dragon, but how can the Black Dragon exist?”

Among the species of dragons, ‘color’ is very important.

As far as I know at this time, the black dragon is my Master, only one.

Even Master is not a perfect black, but a kind of mutation that shows various colors, including white.Black dragons cannot exist in a single color.Gentua replied with no feelings.

“I received blood.”


“Rod gave me me.I asked a question, so I can do one? ”

As soon as he nodded, Zentua asked.

“Is this question meaning?”

“……? ”

“If you came to meet me, this question would mean, but isn’t it?”

“That’s right.”

“Then stop the meaningless question, go up.Road is waiting. ”

I laughed.I walked as it was and passed by Zentua’s side.

“I would be tired if I put meaning to everything.”

“If you don’t have meaning, you’ll get more tired later.”

“It’s twisted.”

“It would be better to twist rather than too much.”

I shrugged my shoulders.It’s a funny guy.


“Changing color is like cutting life, but it’s better to just leave it in a twisted bar?”

Zentua didn’t say anything.Looking at his beaked eyes, I laughed once more.

After turning his head like that, even walked.

To the top of the mountain, I really couldn’t manage facial expressions.

There was a garden in front.Garden with pillars on both sides.

And there was a tremendous landscape.


It was very similar to that of the perforation.

Only then did I know why Master made this Hwagok Mountain as a base.

As I mentioned earlier, the landscape here was similar to that of perforation.No, it was almost the same.

“It was big.”

Honestly, I honestly turned to the voice of my mother’s voice.

There was a woman about 200m away.

The long hair with exquisite black hair and silver hair came to the waist, and on the forehead, she had two spiral horns.

It was beautiful and fell in.

As soon as I saw the mysterious eyes, I laughed.

I told her.

“Long time no see.Master. ”

She nods.

“I want to ask one, but I want you to answer honestly.”

This time I smiled.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I met a black dragon called Zentua on the way.”

“Gentua, one of my trusted dragons.Loyalty is good and good, and the level is……It will be similar to you now. ”

“Is it similar to me?Can you be sure? ”

Master also laughed.

“I still feel confident.”

We walked to the cliff with the landscape as if we were promised.

We stood side by side and watched nature for a while.

The day I decided to enter the academy, that time, at that time, seemed to return to that moment.

I broke the silence and opened my mouth.

“I told you that you want to ask, but what is that?”

Master did not ask immediately.

Silence is in between for a while.

The silence was broken when it went for almost 10 minutes.

And I was shocked by the words that broke the silence.

Should I say that I can’t believe it?

It was.

Master to me.

“What would you do if I would praise the throne of the Milos Empire?”

I asked like this.

I thought I was wrong.But it can’t be.

I’m not already old.

So what’s right, what does it mean?

Are you going to humiliate the throne?

Does it mean to kill your father?But is that possible?

impossible.At least it is absolutely impossible to kill my father in the common sense I know.


Are you aiming for someone other than your father?

Master said that he used to sit in the throne of the Milos Empire.

“It’s still.”

“……What is it? ”

“When you think, your eyes moved to the left and twice.”

“……When did you see that again? ”

“You’re not just looking through me.”


I didn’t like it myself.

Master has a grudge for his father.But is your father a normal person.It is one of the monsters of monsters with the power of unparalleled power that no one can touch.

When the father has an absolute victory when he fought with someone, but nevertheless, if there are those who want to make their father an enemy, how do they take it?

It was simple.

You can use a person who is very closely related to the father.

I don’t just look at Master as a teacher.

Unless you’re stupid, at least your father and mother will notice.

I told Master as a manI had it.

I was quick to learn since I was young.

I also learned my feelings quickly and in many ways, I opened my eyes much faster than my age.

I was able to notice now.Master, No, Cell, now he’s a masterpiece.

I closed my eyes for a while and slowly opened.

The world looks different.

I asked the cell.

“You’re not like Master.”

“What is it?”

“If you don’t know, it’s disappointing, and if you ask you, you will be more disappointed.”

Cell looks at me.I did not avoid the eyes.I opened my mouth straight.


“I listen.”

“As a disciple, I think it’s better to have a strange idea there.”

“It’s a strange idea…….Do you think so? ”

“yes.I think so. ”

I felt it from before.

Something is not good.

I walked in front of the cell.

“Master.Did you say that the name of the black dragon was Zentua? ”


“Is it true that you said you gave me blood?”

Again, Master, no, nodded in a positive sense.

This could not come out.

“Are you crazy?”

“……. ”

“What kind of dragon was Gentua originally?”

“It was red.”

“The red dragon has changed to a black dragon, this process must have been smooth.”

The meaning of changing the color of the paper called a dragon is very great.

No.Big or small was not important.

It has changed.It was important that this had already happened.That means.

“Did you experiment with the dragons?”

“……. ”

I know the past of cells.When the Tulkan Empire ruled the West, where was the cell?

It was in a laboratory prepared by the Tulkan Empire.

There, the body was chosen and played.

The Tulkan Empire used the cells to create half -bloods, and the half -bloods were all time -limited life.

“Master.Why are you doing this? ”

No matter how much the cells in the past are the same species and no matter how much they are in a rod, do you do experiments such as distributing their blood?

I didn’t understand in my common sense.

I was doubtful.

It is not enough to say whether it is a reality or a dream.

I just wanted to doubt.The Master I know would never have been.

But the answer comes to mind.

“I didn’t know anyone else, but I thought you would understand.”

“……. ”

“I have never thought about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Daniel, you need to think about it at least once.”


“What are you talking about?”

Cell, who faced my eyes straight, closed his eyes for a while and turned his head sideways.

The cell opens their eyes.She looked at the scenery without seeing my eyes.

“What is this world now?”

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