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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (621)

Episode 621

I stopped.

What are you talking about now?

I wanted to hear it wrong.

How many times?


“How many times did you say?”

Master quietly looked at me silently.

“I did not understand the meaning of the question.Master, this moment in my life is ‘first’. ”

Master was silent again.

I was silent too.What do you want to say?

After about 5 minutes of silence, Master opened his mouth.And the words from the mouth were very similar to what I heard from someone a while ago.

“How much do you know about the emperor?”

Master no longer used his father.This part just passed over.Whether you use it or not, it’s all your personal freedom.

Anyone who originally invisible is swearing.

Here you should look at the contents of the question.

Not long ago, Yang Bul -hui asked me.

How much do you know about the emperor?

Of course, I was not sure whether it was a father who borrowed Yang Bul -hui’s body or his words.

But the point of the question is that the father I know and the people who know their father are different.

Honestly, I thought there was no difference in what I knew, but if you see this story for every person you meet, there’s something like this.

But I think that’s a little bad.

How many times.

Isn’t this a word with a terrible imagination?

Master continues.

“The emperor is a man with a great will than you think.”

“I know that.”

“No, you don’t know.”

Master’s tone was very decisive.

“Did you rebuild Cheonma Protestantism?”


“Cheonma Protestant, which had fallen to you without the foundation, would have been a decent option.Even though I was you, it would have chosen Cheonma Protestantism, and it was Cheonma Protestant that dominated the East Content in the first place.Your choice was definitely not wrong.rather.”


“It was so perfect.”

“Is that wrong?”

“no.The wrong thing is that you think it’s too easy. ”

“……I mean? ”

“Do you think no?”

“yes.I don’t think. ”

“That’s evidence that you think too easily.”

I frowned.

“Isn’t this too answer?There may be some problems in the process or procedure, but the big framework does not change.There is no one who counts how many gravel on the ground when walking on the road.I think it’s unfair to hear that you don’t count the gravel too easily. ”

“under……. ”

The sighing Master turned his head and looked at me.Both eyes face me.Master said.

“You are definitely the son of the emperor.”

“……. ”

“If you think so, you won’t talk about that.But I will definitely know this one. ”

“I will listen.”

“Since the history of the world has been written, no monsters have emerged as much as the emperor.”

“……. ”

“You’ll think of Ragnarok in your head.The culprit that separated the east continent and the west continent, and the monster that regarded the world as a toy.Concept, the emperor is a monster more than that monster. ”


“What are you looking at and saying that?Is there a definite basis? ”

Master did not answer.

And, I was sure.Master says he hates his father.

“Why do you hate your father or your father?…ha……Master.Why are you really doing it? ”

I reached out and grabbed Master’s shoulder.

I said to Master who didn’t avoid it.

“Whatever you do, I do not stop.Rather, it will help.Master knows what I have.But don’t touch your father.I asked how much I knew about my father.yes.I don’t know in detail.But I know this one. ”

“Tell me.What do you know? ”

“My father is very ruthless to the enemy.No matter how good you know, no matter how good you have in the past, you will kill you.That’s my father. ”

Is it an illusion?

no.It is not an illusion.In my words, a strange smile rose to Master’s mouth.

“I know well.So I can’t stop. ”

“……. ”

“I can’t watch any more ruthlessness because I’m a ruthless man.I loved the emperor.I didn’t want to be his foster daughter.I wanted to go to the next seat.But failed.He didn’t want it.Yes, if it was this much, I would have just been secluded.Perhaps I accepted the peacock and lived comfortably. ”

Master raised his hand and lightly removed my arms.

“It is enough to know the truth alone.you.”

Master’s eyes, strongly faced my eyes.

It was the same as before, but it was different.

This time Mana moved.

“……Don’t interrupt.It is a request. ”

That was the end.

I quickly felt it was sucked somewhere, and soon I heard a voice that should not be heard here.

“What, when did you come?”

“Did you come?Lord. ”

It was Yangbulhui and Yeongwol.

I decided to meet with them in Hwawol -ru, why am I in Hwolwol -ru now?

It was simple.

Master sent me here.

“……I will turn. ”

I feel like a frog in a well.

What the hell is happening now?

* * *

Unexpected things happen in an unexpected moment.

By the time Melon was in the second meeting in Hwawol -ru, Ryujin, who was in the main building of the world, had to hear the unexpected news.

“I saved the remains of Bahamut.”


“It was obtained from those who smuggled antiques among the merchant ships entering the cradle.”

Sahterje, who stopped talking for a while, handed it to Ryujin.

“It is the heart of the past road dragon, Bahamut.”


who is he.

Cell, the pinnacle of the current east continent, is not born as if it fell from the sky.She also has a parent.

Black Dragon Bahamut.White Dragon Boli Mot.

The anecdote that the emperor in the west reached the cell is famous.

And those who know that the emperor of such a west killed all of the cells’ parents.

That was important.

Where did the talent of the dragon cell come from?

It came out of the two monsters.

The talent of the two monsters cannot be doubted.Only the two monsters died before the flowers of the emperor in the west were in full bloom.

This was important.

Even though the talent is extraordinary, if you settle in one place and get wet with inertia, you can only remain at that level.

So it’s lost.Those nerds.

However, the heart of one of those two nerds, Bahamut, came in.


Not only the heart.

Obviously Ryujin heard.

I saved Bahamut’s “remains.”

Sahonje is a prudent man.If you had saved your heart, you would have only saved your heart.

Saving the remains means that the remains included the heart.

“……no way……. ”

“yes.Seongju.you’re right.I found all of Bahamut’s remains. ”

Sahonje guided the way to Ryujin, who jumped from his seat.

Ryujin, who followed the Saehonje, could see the huge dragon on display in the main building.

A smile is drawn on the mouth.

The size of a huge size.A huge horn that suits the size.

Although he lost his life, his dignity as the highest species is a huge eye.

There are few flesh, only leather remains, but nevertheless, it was possible to guess it.

All black, complete black dragons.

What can be said to be the neck is the neck.It is clear that the broken neck has been fixed.

“Both dragons were written that the heart burst and died.It is also in Yongin. ”

“Yes, that’s I know.”

Bahamut’s body was in the form of a complete dragon.There is only one this.

“I couldn’t even grasp the truth of the chosen Rod Dragon, even the emperor.”

This is right.

Jack Milos.

Where did his talent come from?

Asura, originally the hope of the East Continent.

I originated from him.Asura’s descendants survived to make a catheter, and the descendants of the descendants were Jack Milos.

His talent was a basis for talent.

But what about cells?

No matter how mutations the cell is, the origin of the talent is in the end.Bahamut and Bolimot.

Bahamut was cut off in the sea after the body was cut off and the heart broke out.

“……It’s fun. ”

Ryujin opened the ship that was handed down to Sahonje and pulled out a heart larger than the size of the palm.

Dragon Heart.

Dragon Heart of Bahamut.

“It’s almost a piece of fragment, but the piece was played.…?But the neck was broken and played.…Maybe the last blow of the emperor was the neck.amazing.Like the body, it’s great. ”

Ryujin ran the admiration.

This is strictly speaking to be an emperor’s mistake.Of course, even if it is played, it is not possible to see that the spirit or it is completely collapsed, but only the body is right.

Then this question arises.

“If Bahamut’s body is preserved like this, what is Bolimot?”

“I’m looking for, but the probability seems to be rare.The two dragons are searching under the sea of the died of Arendal Island, but they were not found.This means.Surval or or or. ”

“or not?”

“As in the case of Bahamut, only the body was played, so I couldn’t revive it, so I was in a deeper place under the sea, and I think I should judge this.”

It was simple.

Bahamut may not be able to get the remains of Bolimot, but this was the conclusion.

There is no need to invest in uncertainty and time to eat.

Already enough.Bahamut is really enough.

Now you can start.


“Yes, the main.”“Move the remains to the basement with the chimera.”

“……Are you starting, the main? ”

“Yes, it’s the beginning.”

All the necessary ‘materials’ gathered.

In the past, the Tulkan Empire dominated the western continent with overwhelming power.

How could it be dominated?

Because there were many masters.No matter how much the Tulkan Empire, they had so many masters.

The residents of the empire did not grow, but they were made.

There is no law that the East Continent does not do that.

But I’m going to change the way a little.

The remains of the torch, half -blades, and the monsters that dominated the East continued.

What will happen if all of this is combined?

“Inform researchers.I will start experimenting today. ”

“John name.”

Ryujin squeezed his fists.

It is not something to say from the point of view of the East Content, but it is something to do.

It is difficult to be a villain.There will be more people to be painful, and some people will be a huge trauma and moaning for a lifetime.



It will give a huge confusion in the East Later.

It will enlighten all the inhabitants of the East continent, who have the belief that the emperor will protect whatever happens in peace.

If the crisis comes to their own lives, they will find the savior.

But the emperor does not come out.No, I can’t go out.

I have something to say.

Even if the residents know that Ryujin has caused confusion.

The East Content has been completely alienated and if you turn the arrow, there will be no one who cares about it.

Ryujin is a man with the ability to make it.


Those who can raise the huge confusion in the future become the king of the East Continent.

Now is the beginning.

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