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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (622)

Chapter 622

Again, those who gathered at that time gathered.

Except for the dead Geum Tae -sung and his escort, they all gathered.Of course, new figures have been added.

Ice Language.

Blood hemp Yangbulhui.

Gangjin became the head of the new northern branch.And Yong Sung Woon became the deputy general manager.

Melon said.

“There is no Cheonma Protestant that had to be hidden.”

This may be a little reluctant to say this.

But in other words, it may be timely.

Others are, but Yoo Sul -ha and Yang Bul -hui.

The two are still afraid of those who are still afraid of the current Moorim.

It is also a joke, and the status in the east continent is not a joke.

These two are now the elders of the Cheonma Protestant.

What would the remaining three seats would be if those monsters filled two of the five elders of the five digits?

I was excited and even trembling.

It’s a short moment, but Cheonma Protestant has been changing.

“I said before, but my goal is the world.It is exactly the fortune that is dominated by the world. ”

Everyone focused on Melon’s voice.

“As you know, the canal is big.The world, which monopolizes the canal, was able to naturally dominate the continent.Check forces?I have been there many times, but they all have been cut.Ryujin’s power was that much. ”

“……. ”

“I made a deal with Ryujin of the world.The content is nothing.The inspector, my status, and the ruler of the canal, Ryujin, the contents of each other’s behind each other. ”

Melon stopped talking for a while and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Let’s change the direction of the story for a while.When you were in Hoecheon Bridge, why did you work as a spraying, bandit, ran a bar and play pimp? ”

The answer was simple.

“It’s money.It is natural that I cooperate with Ryujin.In the canals, all kinds of illegal things are carried out, including smuggling.Everything is at will of the world, from deceiving the value of goods, even the criteria for measuring the value.The inspector can use it to attack the world.In other words, only the inspector can restrain the world.Whether or not the world is good or not, I am the head of the inspector of the East continent for five years.It means that everything is determined by my taste from the standard of appointing the inspector.I am.”

Melon, who stopped talking for a while, looked around.

As I said before, everyone was focusing on Melon’s words.And whatever Melon wants to talk about, all of them were here.

“I am planning to bring 30 % of the world’s canal.It will start at that 30 %.Cheonma Protestant will raise funds, expand forces, and raise talent.Remember what I first did.There is no Hoecheon Bridge or Cheonma Protestant.From now on, a new Cheonma Protestant Bridge will emerge that opens a new era. ”

Hoecheon Bridge is basically a large number of drones in Gonun Mountain.In other words, it means the descendants of Cheonma Protestant in the past.

What did they want the most?

It is the resurrection of Cheonma Protestantism.

In the past, the East continent was dominated by Cheonma New Bridge and Cheon Outcheon.But this should be certain.

The existence of the outdoor cheon was a top secret.

In other words, most of them, who lived in the East Content, thought that Cheonma Protestant dominated everything in the East Continent.

To resurrect those forces.

That is their desire and hope.

At the words of Melon, everyone clasped the fist.

I saw it.

At least, I saw the opportunity to live as a “unmanned” that appeared in the world, not at least ‘Mine’.

“Each elder will perform a given command and the rest will soon be gathered to the world.”

It was not promised.

But all of them began to fall in place one by one as if they were promised.

They all closed their eyes and shouted at Melon, who was leaning on a glass.

Enjoy the liver 萬!

Manma Anbok 萬 萬 萬!

Madocheonha 魔 天下!

Long live three 萬!10,000 or three!

Daniel became the first preaching of Shin Cheonma Protestant today.

* * *


With the sound I landed on the land.

I lifted my head.

There was only a cloud around.Only the splendid building in front of the world is a building that can not be easily seen in the world in the present world.

center of the world.

Everything that moves the world takes place here.

This is the perforation that I grew up and grew up.

Honestly, I had something to do in the east continent.

Go back to see Master, go to the world, check the newly created inspector building, or if not.

All of those things did not come to see.

That’s not work.

Master’s words continued to hover in their heads.

How many times.

It was so confusing and creepy.

I wanted to meet my father.I wanted to know the truth.

It was then when I walked to the main building of the castle.

In the yard, I had to meet a very unexpected person.

At first sight, he looked like an ordinary person who didn’t even feel any momentum.

I was wearing glasses, my head was suitable, and my appearance was in my late 20s and early 30s.The coat he was wearing was making his tall height stand out.

Slowly, the momentum he was hiding began to see.

It was enormous.

What should I say?

Ryujin?Should I say it’s more than that?No, it seemed almost in the same level with Ryujin.

In the western continent, only one man who has such a power in his appearance is only one person.

“nice to see you.Prince Jeon. ”

He didn’t even take ‘yes’, and he was certainly a person he knew.

If he is not a man he recognizes, it is no one, even if he is an emperor.

Such a man.

Carl Sagan, the head of the Central Inspectorate, who commanded all the inspectors of the current Milos Empire, was right.

He quickly saw the magic on my face.

“I will see you for the first time.and.”


“I apologize for not being able to see the face at the Digorous Ceremony.”

It’s good but not, but in the end, Carl Sagan is a very important figure in the West.

Not to mention the power you have, and not even speaking.

Because my father is appointed.

Carl Sagan said to me.

“it’s okay.I have something to apologize. ”

Do you have anything to apologize?

It was before I started thinking about what it was.

“I am sorry that the restrictions were limited to the head of the East Content Inspector.”

“……. ”

“But I couldn’t give it so easily.Moreover, you used the pseudonym of melon.It was very inappropriate to have perforation of the West Continental Inspectorate at the background of the person with nothing.The Prince also wanted to hide it, so I believe that the Prince will understand. ”

“I am okay.”

I am sincerely.

Whether it’s a commander or not, it doesn’t matter to me.

I had no idea to make a job as an inspector.

This position is just a step through.

It is true that the idea of filling all the remaining terms is strong.It’s funny if I spray dirt in the academy created by my mother and father.

But if there is a problem, I will come down if it is the perfect answer to come down from the inspector’s seat in the answer to solving the problem.

I’m not just going out, but I’m making the best choice for myself.

So it’s okay.

“okay.Then, let’s take a closer look at the report from the East Content, and then discuss the error of crime rate or to revise the period of extension.Then. ”

So Carl Sagan passed by me.

There was one fact that everyone overlooked.

I decided to be a bait to attract Hoecheon Bridge.

Using the funds of the inspector, I put my money on my neck.


I learned from a conversation with Yeongwol.

The one who paid the money on my neck was two people, including me.

The first Yeongwol knew it was my instructions, but not.I am not.

Then who is it?

Who could have paid over that huge amount of money over 300 million?

The candidate is narrowed.There are some people who have hostile to me when we see the situation at that time.One of them is Carl Seigan.

I hate to turn the horse very much.I asked him walking on his back.

“Why do you get a contract with my neck?”

The head of the central inspector, who was walking, turns around.

He was still a calm look.Not only the expression, but also in my senses, he was even calm.

He asks.

“Are you talking about?”


“I’m sorry, but it’s a gold gate.”

First question.

If you assumed that there was a person who was a contractor in my neck, did he know that my identity was the prince?

If you know, you will have a second question.

When did he know that my identity is the prince?

Was it before the contract or after the contract?

In any case, one answer is to have to be taken.


If you pretend to know or turn out to be a culprit, everything flies as it is.The neck, of course, everything that has accumulated.

The huge things fly so much that they don’t even want to imagine.I don’t know if the answer is true or not.

But if there was a man who made money in my neck, Carl Se -gun.

That man is very strong.

“I’m not sure what the prince is doing, but I can tell you as certainly.”

“What is that?”

“I don’t use anything like a strategy when I kill someone or want to get rid of someone in front of my eyes.Of course, I use something similar to a person who is a person.But the tactics give a clear message to the party.For example, when I travel, I mean there is no place you are here.It is clearly delivered. ”

“What if you couldn’t read that message?”

“I couldn’t read it…….Um, it’s complicated.Majesty, I don’t work with such stupid people.If I have something to talk to such a person, I order to just take care of one person before I even use the word tactics.That’s the most reasonable.I don’t waste time and don’t waste mana. ”

“……. ”

“It is my willingness to appoint the prince as a commander.What did you read in that command? ”

“I read that I would remove me.”

“yes.You read it properly. ”

Carl Sagan talked with a strange smile.

“At that time, the Melon Inspector was a very problematic inspector.Even if you think for a long time, isn’t it? ”

Less than a few days after he was appointed, he killed more than dozens of people and even burst out of the existing East Continental Inspector.

The bomb itself is right.I couldn’t deny it.

“I thought that if I appointed the head of the temporary office, the world would take care of it.But it was a big day because it was a prince. ”

At the same time, Carl Sagan, who burst into laughter, stared at me with a strange look.

“I think I underestimated the prince’s capacity.And again, I am not the one who has a contract. ”

It was when I was trying to say Moore.

“It would be the beginning, but it works well with each other?There must be a similar side. ”

Me and Carl Sagan turned their heads at the same time.There was a father wearing a short sleeve on a comfortable shorts.

Carl Seegan politely expressed politeness, but I was not.I looked at my father without saying anything.

My father’s expression changes strangely.


“Yes, your Majesty.”

“I struggled today and stop.My son seems to have something to say to me. ”

Carl Sagan disappeared, and I left alone with my father.

“I don’t have a mother, where are you going?”

“Where are you going, it’s obvious.I went to see the Holy Lord of our iron blood. ”

The Holy Lord of Iron Blood means Elizabeth Balanti.

Balanti’s master of Duke and his father’s sister.

And I am aunt for me.

Certainly, the perforation of the perforation is right to me and my father.Suddenly I wanted to ask what I had talked with Carl Sagan, but it was a conversation between the emperor and the central inspector.

I didn’t think about this more because it was the same as I asked.

As I said before, I don’t like to speak and speak.

So, I went to the main point.


“Why son?”

“How many times this is?”

My father makes a strange smile.It was an unknown laugh.My father said.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I went to see Master and heard this.How many times this is? ”

“Well, yes?”


Silence is in place.

I asked again.

“I don’t want to imagine, but my father’s power is beyond imagination.It’s hard to measure even low.No, no matter how much time passes, I can’t go beyond my father. ”

“well.Don’t be sure.If there is one person who can go beyond this world, that’s it. ”

“……Thank you so much for saying good.But I haven’t heard the answer yet.How many times this is? ”

My father, who was silent for a while, said in a low voice.


“Yes, father.”

“I’m trying to get sad.”

“……. ”

“Would you like to walk?”

Percuted.Side side by my father.

In the old days, it was often like this, but I have never been like this for more than five years since I entered the Academy.

I feel strange.My father said slowly and said.

“I know that the cell has a lot of meaning to you.”

“……. ”

“It’s hard to explain that it’s a person’s heart.And with that heart, I love someone, put him in my heart, pursue and realize it, that’s my life.I don’t want to sell it as a child’s dental heart.rather.”


“Dad thinks you and cells are very good.”

“……. ”

“By the way, no matter how much of the cell, can I wipe my father like this?”


“There’s nothing sorry.I understand enough.If I was you, it would have been similar.however.”

My father reached out and grabbed my shoulders.

My father always liked to face shoulders like this.

As a child, and still.

I didn’t hate it either.So I sometimes put my hands on my shoulders when I talk to my people.

I learned it.

Father said.

“Dad doesn’t want to give up easily.”

“……. ”

“Even if you go out, Dad can give a lot of opportunities.”

“……. ”

“Whatever the way you walk, it’s not the right way, or you don’t know someone else, but Dad knows.East continent and west continent.That’s why I am in the position of the emperor that dominates these two worlds. ”

“……. ”

“How many times are you?Dad doesn’t want to answer.The answer is to find yourself. ”

I swallowed the saliva.

I wanted to believe it.

I wanted to believe it wasn’t really, but my father says that I’m listening to two ears.

It was not a sense of no sense.


“Yes, father.”

“You are doing well now.Dad believes that he will do well in the future. ”

The creepy creepy did not sink easily.

How many are your fathers carry.

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