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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (623)

Chapter 623

Melon’s expression was not good after a deep conversation with Jack.

Of course.

There was no evidence and conviction, but with intuition, I could notice it.

Of course not.

All of this may be a simple happening.It may be a leap, and may have been in excess.

I had to doubt and doubt again because everything was not clear.

Melon then went straight to Balanti to Duke.

It would be better to meet my aunt and my mother and talk a little, but I was going to think about it.

It was news that the new building of the East Continent Inspector was completed.

Still, there is an appointment with Sahonje this evening.What will be better to go to Balanti in a complicated head?

Do my mother know this doubt?

Maybe you throw a huge stone in the mind of two people who know nothing.Maybe it’s damage to the two.

When talking about speculation, it is when the heart of confidence is firm and the evidence is equipped.Not now.

So I just went to the East Content.

Arriving in the East Content, Melon looked around the water.

There were quite a few people.

Yeongwol came to be an expert in institutional meals, and he introduced them as those who installed all kinds of truths in Gonun Mountain during the Cheonma Print, and made a huge manor, from this time to be the East Continental Inspector and Cheonma Print Protestant Province.It is called them.

Because of the story, Melon shook hands with each one, and he gave his own virtue.

Of course it was paid.

And then, Yeongwol noticed.Melon feels bad.

So my own small events stopped there.

Melon headed inside.

A huge corridor unfolds.

It wasn’t long after it was completed, so there was no decoration or anything like that.It was then.

When it passes through the middle point.

The small sound rang and the space changed.

It is a true law.

Melon could feel.What is the effect of this?

The senses became dull.The vision gradually became blurred and the body became heavy.

It was interesting.Merron stepped once more without raising one.Exactly one step.

The moment you take that step, the sound of the wind from the right and left side sounds.

I moved one step and turned my body sideways.Two arrows pass by both sides.At the same time, the arrow flew more from the front.

This time it moved.The more you move, the more the arrows have been flew around and the body becomes more dull.

It was interesting.

At this point, you will be able to handle the beginner masters lightly.I was convinced.

Melon looked around.

Melon was found in the dark space.Only one.

Bright space.

Immediately left there.If there is a way to come in, there is a way to go out.

The same is true of the true law.

It was easy to find the way to death and the way to survival, to find the way to survive.

In a moment, Yeongwol, who was next to Melon, came out as an ‘outside’.

“It is the law of the monk of apostate 夢 夢 行 行.Basically, it makes the sensation dull and at the same time shoots a steel arrow like crazy.There are exactly 1,900 arrows in the current law.You can add any spear, cannon, and anything.How was it? ”

“It’s okay.Beginner masters are likely to be lightly organized, and intermediate and advanced will be quite struggling. ”

“They were unmanned from the Black Blood.I would like to appoint them as a general secretary of this building, is it okay? ”

I nodded.Melon added this.

“You don’t have to ask for your opinion.”

“……. ”

“I believe that I will be appointed only to those who will follow you well without preventing me.”

“go……Thank you.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

Yeongwol continues to Melon.

“There are several more truths, but……I just leave it off. ”

Melon nods.

Melon moved as it was.

Headed to Daejeon inside the building.

It was very luxurious even though there was no ornament.

There were exactly ten pillars of huge height and huge thickness, with exactly ten stairs at the end, and at the end there was a throne.

Melon slowly climbs the stairs.

I sat on the throne and looked around.


That thought first.

I wanted to be too high from the start, but Melon was already above.

This height is right.

It can also be higher and higher.

Melon is not as satisfied as it is.

“Did you have a message left by Sahters?”

“Yes, it wasn’t.”

“The words that Cheonma Protestant would run 30 % of the canal seemed to be very shocking.”

Of course.It is completely dominated, but it makes sense to give 30 %.

This is why I made an appointment.

I had something to say to the Saehon system and there was something to say.

It was time.

Melon stood up in the throne.

It’s time to bring 30 % of the canal.

* * *

Sahonje thought.

This baby was more shameless than I thought.

The snout is the reconstruction of the Mirani of the Cheonma Protestant Bridge.

After taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth.

“……Please give me 30 % of the canal…….Honestly, it was a request that I could not imagine. ”

“I said as much as possible, was that that much?”

The speech is chin and blocked.What are you doing?

“Priest.It’s all else.But asking for a canal stake……It’s too different. ”

Rather, Melon shook his head.

“Do you ask for a stake?no.There is something wrong.Asking 30 % literally means 30 %.I’m not asking for a stake. ”

“……30 %…….I don’t understand.Why is it 30 %?The canal is wide.Of those canals…….ah…….no way.”

Sahonje realized while speaking.

Sichuan, Sumseo, Bangsan, Dangwang.

The four regions are represented by the world.Exactly, the world dominates these four regions.

It has been for decades, not work.

The important thing here is why four areas are divided into four sichuan, islands, Bangsan, and Dangwang.

It was simple.

The huge canal, which penetrates the world, passes those four regions.

In other words, there are four offices in one canal.

And 30 % of them.

It is ‘Sacheon Canal’ that boasts exactly 30 %.

It was simple.

“……Are you asking for the canal of Sichuan? ”

“Now the story is a bit.”

“……. ”

“why?Is there a problem this time? ”

“Of course it is.No, this is so sudden.It’s a canal, no, it’s Sichuan Canal.This is just. ”


“Doesn’t it mean you want to give you all of the Sichuan land?The world has dominated four lands.No, it is the world that is put on four lands.Does it make sense to remove one side of the world? ”

Melon asked with a serious look.

“Is there a reason not?”


“Rather, I feel 30 % less.”

What else is this?

When I was thinking so, Mok -mok, Melon called Sahonje.

“hey.Daewon Dangju. ”

“……Yes, the principal. ”

“Are you very embarrassed?”

“yes.I’m embarrassed. ”

It’s more than embarrassment.

Melon said.

“Don’t be embarrassed and think easily.I am not now the director of the inspector, but as the principal of Cheonma Protestantism.I asked for 30 %, what does this mean? ”

“……. ”

“I don’t know?This is disappointing. ”

“……Let’s say it cool. ”

“Simple.How many people have been dissatisfied with the fact that the world is monopolizing the canal so far? ”

“It was quite a lot.”

“What happened to them?”

“One was completely destroyed.There may be those who survived, but I don’t care if I nest.anyway.”

“Can’t you reveal your teeth?”


“What about Cheonma Protestantism?”

Sahonje’s eyes are crumpled.Honestly, I was in the inside.

Is this baby really requiring 30 percent?

“I don’t like the ruler of Daewon Dangju, I am the principal of Cheonma Protestantism.

“……. ”

“So if possible, I want to solve it peacefully, so I’m talking about this conversation.Even if you think of the party’s party, isn’t it very conscientious at 30 %? ”

“……. ”

“I have to answer.”

“……Conscientious, who is it? ”

“Of course it’s my standard.why?Is it irrational? ”

I couldn’t answer.It’s not irrational.

If I had asked for half, I would have opposed it.If I had asked for another area, not Sichuan, it would have been right to fight.

But 30 %, and Sichuan area.

Honestly, who is the dominance of Sichuan now?

It is nominal in the world, but eventually the inspector is dominated.

Most of the patrols, including Dangju, were divided once, and hundreds of triumphs were cut off.


No, Daniel Milos.

That man hit all.In Sacheon, the inspector is almost absolutely powerful.In addition, Meron, the chief inspector, was already a pronoun of fear in Sichuan.

“……Sichuan……. ”

It is not right.

After all, it is right to negotiate with half or less, not all of the Sichuan Canal.

The inspector’s authority is gaining various things and gaining a lot of things, but it is ridiculous to give a canal.


Ryujin has something to urgently do now.

It is meaningless to go beyond the inefficient thing to make friction with Melon, who is now inaugurated as the principal of Cheonma Protestant..

Saehon said.

“Let’s talk to the Lord.As you know, I am a crew party.I have no authority to give a canal. ”

“I want to give you the answer today.”

“……yes.I will be sure today.But I can’t be sure that I will give you a good answer in the content.I would like to understand this part. ”

Sahonje gave the answer to the best answer, and Melon was convinced.

It was not like a request to Sahters, but rather a request for Ryujin anyway, and it was best to find an agreement with Ryujin with a 1: 1 dialogue.

Melon was planning to end this negotiations today and caught the entire Sacheon Canal.

No matter how Ryujin came out, Melon had no intention of retreating.As a principal of Cheonma Protestantism, they had to stabilize their citizens and convinced them.At this time, the strongest and most united time, I had to produce results.

So, Melon stood up.

Melon, who moved to the East Continent Inspectorative Office, waited quietly.

1 hour, 2 hours.

Thus three hours, exactly three hours, the answer arrived.

Saehonje came directly.He told Melon.

“The Lord said that he accepts all the suggestions of the principal.”

Melon doubted that he was wrong.

So easy?

“The Lord, who made a big decision to yield all, told me to tell you this.”

“What did you say?”

“I asked you to keep the existing tariffs.”

I couldn’t spread the crumpled brows.

What are these babies?

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