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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (625)

Chapter 625

Ryujin of the world was famous for its difficult taste.Even when you eat meat, you can learn how much time you have to cook at the temperature, and even the details and even where the meat comes from.

In order to meet the taste, more than thousands of chefs who were confident in their own cooking skills in the east continent, only four people passed there.

Even one of those four was so old that he worked for about a year and returned to his hometown.

Now, a total of three chefs turn around and offer cooking that suits Ryu’s taste.

Wall royal dog.Mainly called a wall bed and he was trimming lamb to prepare today’s dishes.

A man comes to him.

He was a man named Hong Seok.

As one of the generals of the main building of Cheon Ha -sung, he is a person who manages the households coming to the main building.This man is usually called Hong.

Hong said.

“You have a lot of trouble today.Wall master. ”

“It’s hard to eat, and it won’t be that the people of the world are eating.”

The walls of the walls and Hong, who smiled lightly, passed by lightly.This was everyday.

It was then.

Before passing by, Hong handed a small piece of paper to the hands of the walls.

While the series of processes took place, there was no change in the expressions of the two men.

The walls for the freezer, which trimmed lamb, quietly unfolded the paper.

‘This is the last request.In recent years, Ryujin’s dynamics have not been grasped.It is too suspicious to accept irrational demands such as giving Sichuan land.Please check what Ryujin is doing now.Please burn the paper immediately and pass it through the communication network as confirmed. ‘

And in the corner, it was written in really small letters.

‘Life can be dangerous.Eunwon in the past must be alive to pay it back.And as you know, you may have already discovered your identity.So be careful. ‘

It was a font of a person who knew the walls of the walls.

Currently, Yeongwol, who is in charge of the law of Cheonma Protestantism, thought of her, and when she thought of her, a soft smile rose to the mouth of the wall.

at las.

You can pay back all the grace you received from Yeongwol.

There were so many grace from her.Five times were saved five times, and at the same time, the family was saved five times.Without the help of Yeongwol, he would not have been starved in slums, or was swept away by the unmanned fighting with his family.

Walloksu can be self -determined straight here for whatever happens in this world.

I wrote that Yeongwol is the last request.

There is a headlight in everything.If something really dangerous happens, it feels before the last step before you get information.

The walls of the wall laughed.

‘Maybe today may be my date.’

I was not afraid to die.He immediately burned the paper on the brazier and started cooking.

Honestly, Ryujin’s actions were strange these days.

If it was usual, I went out and looked around and practiced at the training center.

Ryujin spent her daily life like ordinary unmanned.Recently, however, he has been stuck in the room and has been run.

The training center did not come, and I rarely received the report.Should it be that the numbers of people coming to the main building of the world have declined exponentially?

Oh, and this is a side note, but I usually have a meal at the restaurant, but recently I delivered a meal to the underground.

I don’t know what the hell is underground.

I didn’t pay attention.

But not today.Today I had to pay attention.

Wall Suksu made a perfect lamb that suited Ryujin’s taste and then put out the cooking room in a tray.

I didn’t speak, but this tray is a very amazing thing.

It is a product that has been passed on the western continent, and if you cook this tray, the dish will maintain the current state of cooking for at least 3 hours and up to 8 hours.

Temperature, freshness, greasy, etc.

In the words, the artifact was made by the prince of the West continent, and its price is almost 100,000.

The wall bedsor moved as usual.

The place he arrived was the entrance to the basement where he arrived.

Normally, I would have dropped my meal in front of the entrance.

It has been kept.But not today.

First, the basement door was open.

This is obvious that Hong has opened up.Or other characters of Protestant, who do not even know the walls, are open.

It wasn’t important who opened it.The walls of the walls made a very puzzled look.Why is this open?

If the one who did not know would have thought it was not acting, but it was real.

The walls of the wall opened the door with a dish different from usual.And slowly moved.

As he quickly looked around, he soon found a way to another basement.

It was not narrow.Should I say it’s like a corridor?

‘……Was this corridor in the basement? ‘

It was natural to know the basement because it was a basement that would not come in.

The walls are moved straight.

At the end of the hallway, the walls were almost dropped.

‘what……What’s this.’

Ryujin was holding his eyes in the corner, and around it.

There was a “it” that knew the walls.

The thorns all over their bodies were wriggling as if they would move alive right now, and in the corner, there was almost perfectly preserved dragon body, and in another place.

‘……person?There are three people…….Wait, those faces…….I think I saw it. ‘

Soon the walls were astonished.

There were three reasons.

First, first.

Wall bedtime knows what it is like.

It is clear that the chimera used by a monster named Ragnarok used to invade the West continent.And second.

There were three people.I think it’s exactly four, but one person seems to be ‘playing’.Next to him was a strange object that was burning crazy.The fireworks that bloomed in the object were slowly absorbed by the bones left.The important thing here is not one of the players.There are three naked men who are right now.

Those three men know the walls.

No, it’s strange to know in the first place.

All three men are very famous in the East Contents.And they are already dead people.

Two monsters who dominated the East Later in the past.

Cheonma Protestant in Cheonma Protestant, and the other is the Cheonja Hyukjin River of Cheonmuncheon.

And the other.

In the past, the man who was murdered by Dragon Road Cell, the world’s world, and the current world.

Heinkes Becker only.

Those three were now naked.

And those three of them were sticking one by one, but they were nausea because they were not distracted.

And the third is.

I heard a voice from behind.

“Why are you here?”

I turned my head.

There was a man with a tidy head and a tidy beard.

I was about 40 in my age and was wearing white jangpo.He was just a white man.

I know this man.

Who is the most favored Ryujin in the world?

Daewon Dangju Sahtermen?no.

Lord on one class than the crew party.

He is favored by Ryujin.

Lord’s 悍.

The narrative is white salt zone.

He rarely worked on the front line, like the existing Sahtermen.Even those who have seen him are rare.

It is not known even what you are doing.The reason why Bilks knows such a person who is wrapped in the veil is because he has lived in the main building for more than decades.

If the walls had not been lived in the main building for more than decades, he would not have recognized the Lord’s enemy.

Wall Soo -soo soon said he smiled at his mouth.

“That’s why I brought me a meal.”

“There was a command not to approach anyone in the basement, why did you come in?”

“……The door was open.That’s it. ”


“Recently, haven’t Seongjoo has been run?I was worried about the coins while practicing in the basement, and I came in with an excuse. ”

It seemed confident, but it couldn’t hide until trembling.

And the Lord’s enemy was not a fool.

He said with a face without an expression.

“Is the command down from the Protestantism?Find out what Seongju is doing? ”

“……yes?What do you mean? ”

The enemy bounced his fingers.

Then a man came from the back.

His hands were held in two men’s heads, both of whom were characters who knew the walls.

One was Hong, who conveyed the order of Protestant to the wall.

And the other was a character named Jung Shim -jae, who is in charge of a four -minute leader in the Hwacheon University.

Both men were bloody, which was enough.

“I guess the world looked funny.I knew that three of you were a spy.But is it the command of the prince that moved like this today? ”

The walls were surprised.

Prince?Why is the prince coming from here?

The enemy read the expression.

“Did you not know?The fact that Cheonma Protestant is the Prince Daniel Milos of the Milos Empire? ”

The wall bedsor swallowed the saliva.

The real status of Melon was the prince.This was amazing, but it wasn’t important.

There is only one talk about this secret in front of you.

I’m going to kill everything.

“Unfortunately, the lamb of the walls is hard to find in the longitudinal continent.…. ”

The owner of this voice was Ryujin who was closing his eyes with a patriarchal.

The walls turned their heads with a trembling face.Ryujin is reallyIt was a sad look.

Ryujin said.

“Let’s see.I don’t want to lose even if I don’t know that two people don’t know.Can you just forget everything and continue to work? ”

It was an amazing proposal.

But it was there.Wall Suksu has already solidified.

The idea of dangerous was already when the basement door was open.

It could have been back.I didn’t have to come to get information.

But there is an intuition.

I wanted to know the wall.The anxiety that my intuition is shouting.

And I confirmed the reality of that anxiety.

It was amazing and prepared for death.

But I will save you.

It is meaningless.

We will pay back grace to Yeongwol and Cheonma Protestantism.Everyone dies.The right to choose the moment of death is in itself.

Again, choosing a moment of death and death.

It is an honor.

Wall Suksu has already decided.

Now, let’s think about it.

So far, walls have been delivered to Protestantism.How did you convey that information?

It was a common way but also an old -fashioned way of returning to the residence and using a telecommunications ball.

Nowadays, if the artifact has developed, of course, the information delivery method is also changed.

The wall bedsored down the tray and quickly grabbed the bracelet filled with the left wrist with his right hand.

At the same time, the enemy and Ryujin open their eyes.

The two men faced each other and did similar things.

First of all, the enemy trampled the wrist of the walls in front of the eyes.



At the same time, Ryujin, who was on the back, gathered the whole force and flew the wave.

The wave stretched out towards the “heterogeneous mana flow that was stretched out.”

Paiaang- !!

Mana explosion occurred in the air.

The walls of the cuffs completely smiled in that situation rather than struggling with pain.

“……You haven’t stopped everything. ”

“……Well, I didn’t know that our walls were so firm.Do you activate it right without any trouble? ”

It was simple.

Now, after entering the basement, I sent the “everything” that I had seen and heard from my eyes.

If you are waiting for information, you are always waiting.But at the same time, Ryujin blocked it.

It is evidence that crashed mana.

But the walls were convinced.Ryujin didn’t stop everything.

“I’m sorry.It’s really sad. ”

“Big…….What is it unfortunate? ”

“I couldn’t eat lamb for the time being.”

“……. ”

“Go well.Wall master.I’ve been struggling in the meantime. ”

Ryujin gave a gesture to the enemy at the back.It meant to send these three people without pain, immediately.

The enemy bounced his fingers.


Three men who have been caught here are burning with the sound.


There was no bird to feel pain.In an instant, the three men became powdered.

The enemy asked.

“What are you going to do?I don’t think it was expected. ”

“We are worried about our master.You must have enjoyed only part of the basement corridor.And what is it?The experiment is over soon.The completion is over soon. ”

The enemy was asked to Ryujin, who smiled.

“soon?It seems faster than I thought. ”

“I was surprised too.I was mistaken for the potential of torch.This is something. ”

I was serious.

I didn’t know the effect of torch so far.But the more you experimented, the more you could see the real ability of the torch, Ryujin.

The torch had the power of ‘complete regeneration’.

You can also save a cut body, and you can restore it in its original state even if you have only one piece.

It’s amazing.I don’t understand how these things can exist in the world.


Should it be called Cheonma Protestant, which has completely dominated the East continent?

But only one thing was a little ambiguous.

“I think it’s definitely a monster.”

The eyes of the enemy headed back.Looking at it that is still made of bones, Ryujin continues.

“Others were soon played and the brainwash was completely over, but it stopped in recycling bones.”

“Will you give up?”

“Funny sound, that’s my real goal.Just play that. ”

If you do it.

“I’ll run it right away.Stop it. ”

“All right.”

When the enemy tried to turn around, Ryujin added.

“Oh, and learn the chefs who are good at lamb.”

“John name.”

The things that happened in the basement of the main building of the world were progressing so faster than expected.

* * *

Yeongwol was waiting for the information of the walls at the East Continent Inspectorative Office.

It was then.

The bracelet filled on Yeongwol’s wrist vibrates.

Yeongwol quickly pressed the bracelet.Then, in front of him, some screens came to mind, like those of the crystal.

In the past, the prince Daniel Milos created a “camera”.

It was an artipect that completely projected a visible scene on paper, which can be drawn perfectly on the paper if it is good, and can be drawn on any mural.

The artifact of this wrist is made in a pair of things filled with the wrist of the wall and the artifact using the function of the camera.

Yeongwol, who had several empty paper in front of him, quickly started moving them on the artifact.


The artifact smashed the smoke and smashed it.

Yeongwol could know.

“……You got it. ”

It would have been a long time since the identity was discovered.

Nevertheless, what was just left was the “mercy” of the world.

Yeongwol knows it clearly.

And Yeongwol also knows that when I think of mercy, and when the mercy continues, I am vigilant.

As a result, he put the walls of the wall, Hong, and several spies.

There was also a possibility that they would lose their lives today.

No, it was very high.

There was a possibility of living, but that was too small.


It is now the most important time for Cheonma Protestant.Ryujin had to get information.

Was the walls died honorly?

Was it satisfied with death?

Yeongwol took a deep breath.

This is Moorim.And this is the world.


“……It wasn’t in vain. ”


Most of the photographs sent by the walls were not perfect.

Yeongwol, who was looking at the picture, soon squeezed his head.

There was little to save.Even the form of the basement door is smashed, so it is not distinguished whether it is the basement or the entrance to the cooking room.

This is not only broken artifact, but it is clear that even mana’s flow of mana transmits.

Then Yeongwol picked up a picture.

There was a crack in the places where there were cracks, and Ryujin, who was on the seat, and a bone surrounded by a bone next to them were projected.

This is good.

But I see it for the first time.This sight.

Is that the chimera?

I was creepy all over my body.

What the hell is this?

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