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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (626)

Chapter 626

Sichuan was getting noisy once again.

There were several reasons.

First, this was actually the biggest reason, because all the troops of the world withdrew.

From patrols to the garden, even the party, who lived in Sacheon.

Still, due to friction with the inspector, Merron, all the existing sugars and patrols were cut off.It was newly recruited and reissued to another place.

It’s new, but the influence of the world in Sichuan is enormous.

From the beginning, he was under the dominant ruling of the world and took care of everything, including the administration of Sichuan.

It was natural that it was so noisy now.

And the second reason is the appearance of Cheonma Protestantism.

Cheonma Protestant.

Initially, there were few people who knew the organization called Cheon Outcheon.

Cheonma Protestant is a forces that dominated the whole Moorim, and the only forces that were able to check the organization, where the monsters of the outdoor cheon were rushing.

Naturally, the group called Cheonma Print is the strongest forces that remain in the heads of all of the people living in the East Land.

If you ask anyone who passes by the street without going far, and ask which organization is the greatest organization in Moorim, about nineteen of the hundreds will answer Cheonma Protestant.

However, everyone learned that the Cheonma Protestant bridge, which knew that it had fallen, was re -emerged, and that Cheonma Protestant was transferred to the Sichuan area from the Cheon Ha Castle.

This was the second reason, and the third reason is that the principal of Cheonma Protestant is Melon, the current chief inspector.

Is it possible for the prosecutor’s office to suddenly lead the Cheonma Protestantism, and to serve as the head of the organization called Cheonma Protestant in the position of the inspector.

It was a series of situations that I didn’t understand.

And fourth.

Almost at the same time as the troops of the world are withdrawn, those who call themselves as the unmanned unmanned from the Cheonma Protestant began to take control of Sichuan.

It is a natural procedure.

Now it is Cheonma Protestant to dominate Sichuan.The process of inheriting all of the things that the world was doing should be quick.

Melon gave this order to the members.

There should be no bleeding in the process.

It’s a process of changing the ruler, but at least Melon had no intention of acting like a tyrant and killing them.

Sichuan is wide.The numbers of those living in Sichuan are hundreds of thousands of people.

To manage them, you must draw respect from them.

Of course, if you cross the line, you will be thoroughly punished.

Melon ordered this order, and the members of Cheonma Protestant, who performed Melon’s orders, followed.

Melon was relatively comfortable to dominate Sichuan.

This was just one day.

Now, the amount of specialty products in the Ice Palace, including the 7 years of Ice Palace, has increased exponentially, increasing the number of ships and increasing the amount of money earning.

The Cheonma Protestant Bridge became more abundant, and there was a positive outlook for the foreseen, such as the money and restoring the reputation of the past.

Starting with it, the Cheonma Protestant Bridge became more abundant.

So, it should have been.

Melon has just heard two news.

Melon with serious expressions asked.


“There was a gold mine in Sichuan.”

If the gold mine was small, it would have been ridiculous.

There is also a mine in the western continent.Melon knows more than twenty.

And the gold mine of Sacheon, which I heard now, was larger than any gold mine that appeared so far.

It was not a joke, but a master of master class unmanned people left for about a hundred years.

It was safe to say that it was the largest gold mine ever.

The reason why Melon’s expression was serious was not the end.

“This is a picture sent by the Intelligence Service yesterday.”

Melon, who received a picture, looked at the water.Yeongwol continues.

“It was impossible to identify with my insight.What the hell is this, what other bodies are, and faintly at the back……. ”

“It’s a dragon.”

“yes.Dragon.However, there is no case that the dragon of this size has been reported.And if my eyes are not wrong, this dragon, color is ‘black’. ”

There was no reason not to be serious.

The Seongju Ryujin of the Cheon Ha Castle gave up the entire land of Sichuan.

Honestly, even Melon, who had been directly received by Sichuan, did not understand it, but now there is the largest gold mine in the continent in Sichuan.The gold from this gold mine must have been used for smuggling.This gold mine did not even know Melon.

Should the existence itself is not known?

There must be miners to carry gold mines, but how many of the miners are.

The masters of the masters made a Cannish mane before, but that’s not realistic.The huge number of miners would have been mobilized, and they all blocked their mouths.

It is not possible to imagine how much it can benefit.

While this gold mine, and the information control was perfect, the land of Sichuan was handed over to the condition of maintaining tariffs?

Should I say that I was blind to money, or I was blinded by the sense of accomplishment?

Melon was not a time to worry about how to expand the forces with the income coming in, how to expand it more efficiently.

There is only one thing to do.


In the beginning, it should have been carried out before the proposal to release Sichuan.

Melon stood up.

“Where is this place?”

“……It is the basement of the main building of the world.Province……Do you want to go? ”

I nodded.It was strange not to go.It’s Sichuan, so it’s clear that Ryujin is decorating much more important than this.

It was simple.

Just think about it.

Let’s say there is an organization that suddenly fights.Melon would have just stuck before negotiations.

The result of any intimidation is, of course, produces any result.Melon has produced the best results that are ridiculous with any intimidation.

As such, Ryujin meant ‘time’ and was also an expression of confidence that Sichuan could be returned again at any time.


I said everything.

“Inform all the members of Cheonma Protestantism.”

Melon said with a serious look.

“Stop the work and go to the boundary.”

Yeongwol also noticed that the situation would go back.There is only one ambassador to Yeongwol, who does not tackle Melon’s decision.

“……John the name-! ”

Waiting with a weapon until the end of Melon and Ryujin.

Today, a war may take place between the world and the Cheonma Protestant Bridge.

Melon was in place.

* * *

The main building of the Cheonhaseong was exactly in the center of Sichuan, Dangwang, Seomseo, and Bangsan.

The building that was there was as big as a castle, and the yard was decorated like a huge park that I had never seen in the western continent.

It was almost simultaneous that I landed at the entrance of the main building and did dozens of unmanned weapons out of the main building.

I looked around for a while and bounced my fingers.


With the sound, the weapons, which were held in dozens of unmanned, rose into the sky.

It’s simple.

It’s just a mana to take control.It’s a kind of miscellaneous skill.

Among them, I asked the strongest man.

“I came to see Seongju, are you inside?”

“……Why did you come here?I have never heard of reports that I have been promised today. ”

I shrugged my shoulders.

Do you have to promise.

I believe in my intuition.My intuition has been shouting since yesterday.

Meet the Seongju Ryujin quickly.

Whatever it happens, whatever blood is, be sure to meet Seongju Ryujin.

It is what I do anyway to get rid of what happens after that.I’m about everything that will happen from now on.

You will be responsible.

“I just say once.Get out all.I don’t have time to waste you. ”

I wanted the unmanned to get out of the place easily, but it is so easy to work in the world.

They raised their energy at once.

Every one is more than red masters.

It was definitely a lot of protection of the main building of the world.

They run.

I closed my eyes for a while.

I sighed and rested.

I can’t help it.

I squeezed the fist that was unfolding.

The weapons floating in the sky are at the same time.

Kwahia Ah- !!

The roar burst and the blood soared everywhere.

Dozens of unmanned, exactly twenty -five.

Their bodies had their weapons one by one, and they were all stuck in the ground and spit out painful moans.

I did not kill it.

I don’t know what happens.

After taking over dozens of people, I headed to the main building.

The map was roughly informed by Yeongwol and moved along the map.

Naturally, in front of my eyes, an iron gate that was taken by the information source called Byeoksoo was taken.

I looked around.

There was no one to stop.

Spreaded energy.There is something inside.

It was very foolish and ominous, and it made my heart beat after a long time.

Opened the door.Interest, I walked again.

After passing through the hallway, a huge cavity comes out.


I stood there and made a lost expression.

“……. ”

It was.

If this is the sight in front of my eyes, no one would have reacted the same as me.

“I didn’t know this again.It would have been a person who was not in this much case. ”

“What are you doing now?”

For some reason, I will respect the place of Seongju, but this is not.I couldn’t come out with good words.

“It is short for people who come to others’ personal spaces without promise.Hey, the prince’s delivery.This is not the western continent.I have to distinguish between balls and companies.How long will it be like a kid? ”

The brow is crumpled.

“I asked what you were doing.”

Ryujin, the world, laughed.

“What do you doWas it?….There is nothing to answer.You know it’s a prince?Half Blood. ”

There was no need to nod.There are no people who don’t know about Half Blood.

“Have you never thought about this?The transcendentals were beyond the bells through the bloody effort.I am, like you, too.But strictly speaking, not all of those transcendentals are loved by mana.It’s just a level of talent similar to Mana’s loved dragons. ”

“……. ”

“Now, let’s think about it.After transcending the bell, would their talents be over the dragons? ”

I know that answer.The answer is.

“No.What is passing over?It can’t be.Strictly speaking, the talents and mana’s talents are different.A relationship that affects each other and if mana’s talent is excellent, it is more likely to go up to the transcendental.However, I know that Mana’s talent comparable to the dragon is the current emperor and the father of our prince.Then, to think about it, what happens if the beings who have left huge footprints in the West continent, including the East Contents, are revived or become a half -blades?It’s not just a half blood.It’s a half -Blood made from ‘Road Dragon’.What is the result. ”

I grabbed the handle of the Cheonma New Sword in the waist dance.

Serung, the sword is selected.

Ryujin said without worrying.

“Simple.It will be a stronger power.The prince, I’m really curious about it. When will the unexpected thing happen? ”

“……. ”

“It’s unexpected because it’s really unexpected.Didn’t you hear the news yet? ”

“What news?”

“Cheonma spirit, he was resurrected.”

“……. ”

“I sent it to Gonun Mountain, but I think it would have opened my eyes by now.And it has revived the Hyukgang robber of the outdoor cheon. ”

The brow is crumpled.

“I told us to bring it to it, but where did you put it?I’m not sure. ”

“……. ”

“Oh, I’m looking at what the flame is.Explain? ”

My gaze was toward a small jewel that smoked a huge fire from the back of Ryujin.

Ryujin said short.

“Torch.It is a new object of Cheonma Protestantism.I didn’t know what it had.It’s such a crazy thing. ”

I closed my eyes.

I was really curious about that.Ryujin’s arms were scaled.

Similarly, like that of the dragon.

“Are you curious why I passed Sichuan?”

I did not answer.

“I was confident that I would bring anyway.It’s my land anyway.Even if you take it for a while, it will be my land in any way.I needed it.As the theory, I already completed it, so I thought it would finish all the experiments in about a week, but it wasn’t. ”

Ryujin raised the index finger.

“I just needed a day.It was one day. ”

Slowly raised the energy.Cheonma new sword vibrates.My body is black.

I opened my eyes and wielded the sword.

At the same time, Ryujin turned to the side.

Surry- !!

Behind Ryujin, there was an object wrapped in the flames of the torch.It was not just the body of the dragon.It was a skeleton that combines the dragon and man.That splits in half.

Ryujin smiles a strange smile.

“I originally tried to run it after I created the” Emperor’s Replica, “but I don’t think it’s going to be handled.

Ryujin’s body also emits energy.

It was more than my imagination.

“Now, from today, the East Continent will be confused.Those who summarize this confusion and conquer. ”

His right heel puts the ground.At the same time his body disappeared.He was on the right side.

“I will be the king of the East continent.”

He strongly wielded a cheonma sword.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

Ryujin went back two steps, and I was pushed back.

Ryujin smiles again.

Yeah, this is.

Ryujin was more crazy than he thought.

In this place.

I have to kill it.

I also left.

Kwahia Ah- !!

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