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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (627)

Chapter 627

Kunryunsan has the most beautiful scenery in the present world.

It was a very famous place in the East continent, saying that freshness lives.It was.

No, it was no longer famous.

This is where the group called Cheonma Sindyo was born.

It was a holy place for someone and forbidden to someone.

Only that number is a few thousand.

It was the result of those who were scattered all over the country.

And in that place, a naked man appeared.

He looked around with an unknown look.

First of all, you can see those who are smiling brightly.

And then there were people who seemed to be practicing martial arts.

Their waist dances were filled with a black belt, which means the unmanned of the Cheonma Protestant, and the number of lines drawn on the belt was different.

Someone is one, two, and a three.

There were three highs of them.

It was a common landscape, but it was not for this man.

Three men said.

“Fast and quickly.Ten more times. ”

Then some men sighed.

“A senior warrior, I’ve already made a hundred times.Should I do more? ”

“Add more.”

“A, please look.I will die hard. ”

The senior warrior was firm.

“do it.Don’t let me speak more. ”

Eventually, the man of the naked man frowned.

It was then.

All those who were practicing turned their heads.

Then they noticed the existence of a naked man.I noticed late, but that was right.

The level was significantly different.

He was not feeling well now.

“How did the Protestantism be this way?”

More than hundreds of people around them sit down in unison.His short lament contained a large amount of internal work.

If so, did he intend?

He was not intended.

On the contrary, he looked at them sitting and even wondered, so it would not be a lie.

It was a fun situation.

It is certain that he has a tremendous power, but he cannot control it.

He grabbed his head with his hands.

“……Protestantism?for a moment.I……Why are you here? ”

It was on the verge of falling into his own worries.

The drones of the Protestant bridge were at the same time and pointed to him.

The naked man who was grabbing his head reacted reflexively.

It was wielded as it was.

Kwahiah Ahh!

The roar burst and the grounds began to explode.

Unmanned from the Protestantism, no, just before people are swept away.

A man appeared in the spot.

He unfolded both hands and at the same time, his hairs stretched out and blocked all the fragments that burst out.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

The sound rings late.

Yang Bul -hui, who recovered his hair through the dust, crumpled the brow.


“What are you doing?…uh?”

Yang Bul -hui was really surprised.

No, I was astonished.

It should not be.No, it can’t be.

A naked man turns his head.He looked at Yangbulhui.

“Do you know me?”

“……What are you playing?Yeongjung, how are you alive?How the hell is the one who died earlier?…. ”


In the name of Yangbul -hui’s mouth, the naked man made a confused look and soon opened his eyes as if the visually impaired.

Slowly, a smile is drawn on his mouth.

His incomplete energy also found stability.

He was there as if he was one with nature.

The presence itself covers the surroundings.

It was overwhelming.

“ha…….This is not a word. ”

A naked man with a self -help smile shook his head.

“Blood horse’s blood hemp Yangbul -hui.It’s been a long time. ”

“……. ”

“I feel like I woke up while sleeping long.So how long have you been asked? ”


“From the moment when the East continent went to the West.”

“……It’s been 20 years. ”

“It’s 20 years…….If it’s short, it’s short and long. ”


Young -jung, who laughed like that, reached out.

Then, in the direction of the fingertips, a long -term flew through the wind.

The distance is roughly over 5 km.

It was now that someone who did not know who was washed out and dried up.

The clothes were perfect for the body of spirit.

Yangbul Hwi’s brow is crumpled.


That much stronger reads everything that moves outside several kilometers.

Yeong -jung quickly brought a long -term foam that fits his body.Youngjeong broke his hand.

“It’s empty.”

“……. ”

“I don’t have a cheonma sword.Do you know where you are? ”

Yang Bul -hui did not answer.

The expression of the spirit changes strangely.

“20 years have been long.It’s so careful that the lord is so proud of it. ”

It was then.

The feet of the spirit push the ground out.In a moment, Yeongjung was next to Yangbulhui.and.

Once again, Young -jung looked surprised.

“It wasn’t just about being careful.”

There was a hair of Yangbul Hwi at the distance of 1 cm from the abdomen of the spirit.

It was a point of moment that the blades were made with a sharp day, and it was the momentum to penetrate the abdomen of the spirit right now.

But it did not stretch.Yang Bul -Hwi turned his head.

“No longer, you are not the preaching of Cheonma Protestantism.”

“……. ”

“So, stop.”

Yeongjung asked for forgot, and asked Yang Bul -hui.

“I didn’t ask this.When I was a prisoner, the Protestant was the basic principle of Sangmyeongbok, but when I looked there, I vomited once in the words of my boss.It doesn’t seem to be ruined, but what happened? ”

Yeong -jung smiled and grabbed Yang Bul -hui’s hair in front of his abdominal nose with his left hand.

Pajid support.

It smelled creepy with the crash and flesh, but the expression of the spirit did not change.Youngjeong connects.

“What happened, so the rules of Protestantism have become so poor?”

“……. ”

“Who is it?Is it now? ”

“Do you think it’s a country?”

“I don’t.Whether it’s ten or twenty years, even after two hundred years, you can’t take the head of a huge forces. ”

“……Why do you think so? ”

“Because that’s your bowl.”

“……. ”

“I can do the principal of the blood horse.You can do the head of a small group.But like Cheonma Protestantism, I can’t be the head of a huge force that integrates all bridges, you. ”

After a while, Young -jung smiled and talked.

“Because I’m afraid of being responsible.”

“……. ”

“I’m afraid to be criticized and I hate being criticized.The bowl is small, the bowl.Ask again.Who is the current principal?No way, is it the emperor in the west? ”

Food, Yangbulhui smiles.

“Find out.To be taken. ”

“Okay, yes.This is the blood I know.Let’s find out what you want.To be taken. ”

To be revenue.

This word was important.Yeongjung has solved everything with power and strength.The same is true this time.

Yeong -jung stretched out as he pulled back his fist.

Yangbul Hwi’s hairs are united together to form an awl.As it was, he stretched out towards the fist.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

* * *

Everyone makes a mistake.

But when the mistake causes fatal consequences, it should not end with a simple regret.

Before you regret it, you must make up for the mistake.

I was sword.


Ryujin’s right cheek is fried.at the same time.

Kwahia Ah- !!

My abdomen was strongly leaned back.

The head rings.It’s been a long time since I was crumpled by the real pain I felt.Avoid or back off.

I grabbed the handle of the Cheonma New Sword, which stretched towards the front.The tendon soars and the muscles are swollen on the arms.

The dark red fireworks are formed in the cheonma sword.As soon as it was the cross form, it went down.

[Cheonma new 天魔 神功]

[Chapter 6.Cheonma Gwanghyeolmu 天魔 炎 舞]


Ryujin’s right arm soared into the sky.At the same time, his feet are swung.


My body flew as it is and gets on the wall.

To be honest, it hurts.

The back of the back hung over the whole body.But I did not express it.

I just laughed.

I am sincerely.

“……I didn’t want to ignore the blood line, but this is enough…….The more I look at it, the more ridiculous. ”

It was because of Ryujin’s appearance as he looked at the cut arm.

Ryujin is strong.

There were exactly five workshops right now, and that much I was able to find out the level of Ryujin.

But not.

He was already in an intermediate nature and even had a breathtaking atmosphere as if he would jump over.

Ryujin’s arm is cut now.

It was done by me at the end of the myth, which has not yet reached the natural police.

I haven’t lived for a long time, but I know one thing about fighting.

If the state can make a valid hit, the result of the fight is not just a difference in the level.

It means that you can cut your neck.Then it was.

Ryujin’s arms sprout.And the regenerated arm was not human.

The scales were sprouting, the length of the finger was long, and the length of the nail was long.Not only long, but each one was bent like a toenail of living things.

And I know that form.The arms of the dragons in Yonginization were just like that.

“……This is not a human anymore.Drawse. ”

Ryujin, who had a self -help smile, was left.

At the same time, I wielded a cheonma sword sideways at the same time.


Squeeze the air.RyuJin’s unfolding hand reached out.I pushed the ground with my feet.


Ryujin’s five claws are embedded on my side.The organs are torn and distorted.Pain is frowned upon.It was there.

I rolled my left fist strongly.Even if the body tears, the organs burst and even the limbs disappear.

Do not retreat.

If you have a heartless heart, you will have a chance.like now.

I stretched my left arm.Kwamak, Ryujin’s beard is caught.I would have grabbed my hair if I had hair.

Ryujin’s eyes are big.It was.

My face would have looked bigger.

It was simple.

I bite Ryu’s face as it is.


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