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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (628)

Chapter 628

I didn’t know my mouth was so big.

Nose, nose, mouth, teeth.

Ryu Jin’s face is torn and reporter Ryujin spits out pain that is painful.I ignored.

I bite one more time.Quasic.

Ryujin bent his knees and raised his groin, but this time he ignored it.

Even though it is dirty, it is a fight between the transcendentals.There is no vigilance.

After leaning back, I took it down.

Kwahia Ah- !!

Ryujin’s face, which was crushed, is once more.

Big black, it seems that I heard that sound.

Ryujin moves.It was clear that the confusion was formed on his arms and legs.

When I moved.

I pulled the arms that were grabbing Ryujin’s beard.

Ryujin’s balance is distorted.His feet passed by my face.No, is your feet right?Is it hand?I don’t know.

The important thing is that now I didn’t miss the victory I caught.I put a cheonma sword as it is.Ryujin is awkward.He must have been clear now.

It’s a crisis.

I opened my right hand, I

Before Ryujin reacted, it was a timing that was meaningless no matter what he did, and no matter who saw it, my actions could be expressed as perfect.

Ryujin’s head bursts like that.No, it should have been broken.

Kwahiah Ah Ah- !!!!

I was bruised at the moment.

What happened.

Ryujin is far away.And I see something soaring in my eyes.

My arm is clear.Not only arms.The right leg was soaring together.

And that.

Is that my liver?

The side was empty.Pain was not a joke.

like that.

As I was on the ground, I was in the bush after more than ten times.

“It was dangerous.”

Ryujin was in front of me in a good figure.

Super rehabilitation.

It is the exclusive property of the transcendental.Ryujin raised the scaled hand and swept his face.There was a scaly on the face, but now all the parts that were played were scaled.

Ryujin, who is a funny life, looks down at me.

“Is the dog fighting skills of our prince’s charges too much than I thought, will you tell me the secrets?”

I looked at Ryujin.

I just didn’t understand the situation before, to be honest.I took a perfect victory.It was a clear situation where I could finish all the fights by bursting Ryu’s head. Why am I lying here and Ryujin standing in front of me now?

I know with my head.

I don’t even understand what’s happening, just that my attack has failed and I was pushed out of the fight.

If I hadn’t been pushing, I would have lost my life in that situation.


So what should I do?

I just had a crisis, and Ryujin saw the way out of that situation.And I did not see the road.

That car.

It was a simple difference.

“I don’t stop thinking in the midst of this.The child of the tiger is a tiger, is this? ”

“……. ”

“The prince’s charges, I don’t think I can grasp the situation right now, why do you think I will be alone here?”

I didn’t understand what it meant.

“Joo -ryeong is a transcendental.Have you heard of enemy? ”

“Should I know?”

“I don’t know if it’s usually, but I should know if this is the case.”

“……. ”

“What happened if I had dealt with you with her?Can we open your mouth and talk like now?I would be busy to preserve my body. ”

It wasn’t wrong.The brow is crumpled.what.

Have you missed anything else?

Ryujin continues before that.

“I’ll skip and tell me.Yeongjung went to Kunryun Mountain and Hyukjin River went to ice. ”

I lost something to say at the moment.

Ryujin said that he did not know where the Hyukjin River went.He knew clearly.He is connected.

“Where is the chimera?”

“……. ”

“I have a enemy.Now, the question here.Where is the enemy who has been with the chimera now?And what are you doing there? ”

I closed my eyes.I finished all situations.

There is no need to think more.Ryujin connects.

“I’m in Sichuan.It is exactly deep in the basement of Sichuan Canal.So why are you greedy? ”

Ryujin was laughing.

It was simple.

Ryujin is planning to collapse my forces.

I didn’t know that this work was so easy.

Easily released things are easy to collapse.

If Yeongjung appears in Kunryun Mountain now, would there be someone who can stop it if Yeong -jung is struggling?

There is a blood horse, but I don’t know how much it can stop.

And based on the spirit, Yang Bul -hui is a traitor who can not be except.

The betrayal of Cheonma Protestant and his father’s side is right.Then, I will try to kill in any way, and Yang Bul -hui is not the opponent of the spirit.

Let’s look at the ice.

It is the case above when the Hyukjin River appears in the ice.

Will the Hyukjin River be saved by Yoo Seol -ha on our father’s side who killed the Hyukjin River.

In Sacheon, I took a canal and I gathered the talents of Protestantism scattered around the country.When the chimera attacks Sichuan, it will fly all.

Everything flies to Ryujin’s words now.

And there’s a reason for Ryujin to talk about it.Not different, he said.

“You will be determined to get everything according to your answer, or you will lose it.Now, answer.Would you like to come under me? ”

“……. ”

“I say something, but I have one more secret weapon.I didn’t want to talk about what it was, but your answer is determined to use it or not. ”

“……. ”

“I will think like this.If you can control the spirit and Hyukjin River, you can do it.If you come under me, you can control it in any way.I’ll give you 3 seconds.This is the last.Would you like to come under me? ”

The promise of the person who is the head of a group must be heavy.And the promise of those who are looking for the head of a larger force should also be heavy.

If I say that I will do that and hit the back of the back, that’s the problem.

It is not a pride problem.Who the hell will follow the guy who changes easily as if you were changing words?

Such guy aims for the emperor’s place?The dog that passed by is laughing.Ryujin’s words were very reasonable.

Ryujin said.


As soon as the countdown began, I shook my head.

“I don’t need a cell.”

“It must have been decided.Then shall we listen to the answer? ”

The answer was already set from the beginning.Thinking to bend?does not exist.Even if this choice will lose everything, you have no idea to bend.

Just kill Ryujin quickly here and do the next action.I don’t believe it.

There is a huge hourglass in front of you.It was overturned.

I don’t know how much my life will be.But this is enough.

It was enough to overturn the situation.

50 years.

50 years of hourglass begins to flow.The body is played.Time is slow.

I made a fist.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

Ryujin flew as the roar burst.

Following the blood that was embroidered in the air.As you reach out, the cheonma sword is sucked in your hand.I rolled it strongly and then went down.


* * *

“……driving me crazy.”

It was the first word.

Ron was really crazy now.


“……Are you alive? ”

“I’m curious about that, why am I alive?”

“……. ”

“By the way, this place has not changed.I can’t get tired of seeing this scenery. ”

It was Hyukjin River.

A man who called himself a man who called himself.

He is one of the monsters who blocked Jack Milos, the owner of the current world, and his power is not doubtful.

The same is true for Ron.Rather, since it is a ron, I know the power of the Hyukjin River in detail.

It was then.Someone raised his hand on Ron’s shoulder.Ron turns his head.He turned his head.

Ron’s expression was hardened and the expression of the Hyukjin River became bright.

Ron is hardened because he knows about the situation in the future, and Hyukjin River is brighter because he saw someone who knew.

Hyukjin Kang said.

“Ice Gongju, are you doing well?”

“I was well.Are you doing well in the grave? ”

“……. ”

“There is no one who doesn’t know how the head of the cheon and the chief of the Cheonma Protestant died.”

“okay?How did I die? ”

“do not you know?”

“I know, but I wonder how it was passed.”

Yoo Sul -ha smiled and said.

“I was aiming to be the owner of the world while leaving the emperor of the west, which is a vacant state, and aimed at each other, and the end of the emperor who restored his energy, it was roughly said.”

Hyukjin River raised the index finger.

“One thing is sure.”

“what is that?”

“It’s not me, but it’s a nerd, not me.”

“is it so?”

“If it weren’t for that nerd, history has changed.Did you ask me?

“Why do you ask me?”

“……. ”

“I don’t understand that you have survived, but if you ask me about spirit, isn’t it obvious?

Subsequently, he laughed.

“I only ask one more.The emperor of the west, are you still alive? ”

“yes.It’s alive. ”

“Then do you know I have resurrected?”

“I don’t know that, but I don’t think I can care about it.”


“The position in place is the difference between heaven and earth.”

Hyukjin River was quick to notice.It is not a job to grasp the postwar situation because I exchanged words.

Hyukjin Kang said.

“The emperor in the west must have become the emperor of the world.”

“……. ”

“This is true, vaginaThe door is long.I only ask one more.Do you have children in the emperor? ”

“……. ”

“I think there.The name…….Is it Daniel? ”

The brow under the snow was crumpled.


What is this unnaturalness?

“Am I right?If you keep on your head, “Kill Daniel,” this is hovering, but his name is right. ”

“If right?”

“I have to kill.The emperor on the west would have become stronger, so I think I’ll be a little bit overwhelming. ”

Hide is meaningless.At least, the Hyukjin River in front of you is to know.

Yoo Sul -ha asked.

“Do you think it will be possible?”

“Possible.Wouldn’t it mean that I could not kill that child? ”

“……. ”

“Why are you talking about this?

It raised the energy without a word.

Hyukjin River smiles.

“Yes, I’m going to kill all of your guys here.”

The sword rose from the hands of the Hyukjin River.It was a sword made of confusion.

Hyukjin River is in place.His body disappeared like smoke on the spot.Yoo Sul -ha reached out.Her huge ice barrier is created in front of her.

Surry- !!

The ice barrier splits.Yoo Sul -ha turned to his side.The sword of the Hyukjin River passes by next to her face.

“You were transcended.I didn’t think it would be that talent. ”

Yoo Sul -ha bounced his finger.


The sound was one, but more than thousands of ice crystals that stretched from everywhere.

The two were in the high -speed world.

Everything was done at a time to blink, and Hyukjin River was a monster on one dimension than them.

He reaches out.Thousands of ice crystals stopped in the sky.Hyukjin River wielded the opposite hand.


The right arm under the sky is soaring into the sky.At the same time she sent a full sound.

‘Go away.’

It was told Ron.At this place, I didn’t think I could avoid death.

Hyukjin River was that monster.

It has raised the power to be leaked.Pounding, heart beats.Her body began to freeze white.

It was not only her body.

The world was also frozen.All of the air and the natural aircraft were frozen.

In the frozen world, Yoo -ha reached out.



This time, the hands of the bottoms rose into the sky.Subsequently, her legs rise.After rapidly regenerating, he stretched out towards the Hyukjin River in front of his eyes.

The snow mountain moves.All the ice in the huge mountain became a confusion crystal and extended towards the Hyukjin River.

But it was meaningless.


Everything was divided in half by the Hyukjin River, which swung once.And one of the divided parts was the arms underneath.

Hyukjin River swings one more time.The right arm under the luke, which was cut in the middle, soared into the sky.

I was not an opponent.

It is definitely a transcendental.The transcendence of the myth.

However, it cannot be opponents for the Hyukjin River, which has already reached the natural country.Even the whole body of the Hyukjin River had scales.

It would have been more nonsense if the Hyukjin River, which became a half -blades, could not overwhelm the lusual.

His black concise, also was also beautiful and perfect.

It was constantly played and constantly attacked.

It continued to push until the year -old snow mountain was almost Mindongsan.

In the past, Hyukjin River was a man who heard that he was the king of sword.


The Black River of the Hyukjin River touched the neck of the snow.

“Is there a will, you have a will?”

“……. ”

“Isn’t it?It’s a pity. ”

It was when Hyukjin River was trying to move the sword.

His brow is crumpled.

“……. ”

The reason was simple.The sword didn’t move.

The gaze of the Hyukjin River slowly turned to the blade.Another sword was in touch with the blade of the confusion he created.

The sword has now blocked the movement of the Hyukjin River.

Hyukjin River turned his head.

There was a very big man there.

Yes.The man could be explained by saying that it was big.

The head was large, the body was large, the limbs were great, and the swords were very large.


The man’s face is strangely familiar.

He said.

“I was in the east continent because I wanted to think of the bleeding again, and this would happen.”

He laughed.

“Why don’t you use the swords to do it?You are called the past sword zone. ”

“Who is it?It’s a first. ”

The man answered.

“It is called the guideline of the Conductor and the guardian of the Milos Empire.It is an honor to meet.Sword. ”

“……So, who is that. ”

The smile of the man’s mouth changed coldly.

“I say a few times as a guardian.Once you say it’s a baby. ”

The Hyukjin River swung his fist towards Tanos.

Tanos also swung his fist.

Kwahiah Ahh!

The roar bursts and two men are pushed back at the same time.

Exactly three steps.

The two men were formed.

Tanos rotated the body.His foot with centrifugal force.

Kwahiah- !!

He hit the side of the Hyukjin River.

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