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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (630)

Chapter 630

Soar in the air.

Legs, arms, wings, horns.

All kinds of things continued to soared.

It’s a fight with someone, so it’s meaningless to fight for anything.

It’s just a grotesque and naive fight.

Daniel, who regenerated his arm, straightened his palms.The palms touch Ryujin’s name.Ryujin is pushed back.At the same time, the light crosses Daniel’s legs.Surry, legs flew.I played my legs again.Daniel tears the space and approaches Ryujin.Daniel’s feet struck Ryujin’s fist.

Head of death- !!

Ryujin’s fist is divided vertically.It was put on the toe and shot it immediately as soon as it touched the fist.Blood bursts everywhere.Naturally, Ryujin’s fist was divided vertically.Half of it rises to the sky.Daniel rotated his body in the air.

When Ryu Jin leans his head, Daniel’s feet touch their heads.Ryujin.

Suddenly, the regenerated hand stretched back.His hand is in a chunk of confusion.It was a technology called “Hon” that rotates crazy.

Rotate the confusion and rotate again.Honbi bumps and breaks down and naturally creates an empty space.Put the confusion more with that space and then rotate.Repeating this process can compress the power to break the continent.

Now there is not enough time.

3 seconds.

After compressing for only 3 seconds, it stretched out.

Ryujin is one of the strongest techniques.

[Space Free Universe 宇 無 上 決]

[Oh, 奧 奧, 혼 魂 環]

Daniel did not avoid.

If you step back, you will hit another attack and give you time again.

You have to bump into any way.Daniel’s hands had a cheonma sword.Ryujin’s sword flew away while Ryu was gathering power.I rolled strongly.

Black confusion comes with a whirlwind.

There is a misconception among the non -payment of Cheonma.

It is also a final technology and a technology that contains everything of the new horse.

It is a technology that has been used by many thousand horses since the invitation, but it is also a technology that has not been completely implemented.

I had to.

Daniel was guessing the power of this technology.

I stretched the sword as it was.

[Cheonma new 天魔 神功]

[Oh, 奧, Cheonma Advent 天魔 臨]

Daniel became a whirlwind itself.Cheonma sword, which is wrapped in confusion, touches Ryujin’s reception.

Heading to die!

The eerie sound rang.Hon and confusion collide.Ryujin’s hem was fluttering and Daniel’s hair was scattered like crazy.

The two were able to predict what would continue.

Daniel let go of the sword.Ryujin left behind.

Kwahiah Ahh!

A tremendous explosion swept around.

What was the main building of the world disappears from the spot.

Ryujin was thinking about the next number again.

Honestly, there was no reason or need to think deeply about what to do next.

The technology that I just took out.

Ryujin’s best technology and a long time ago, he blown Rod’s arms in the fight against Dragon Road.

Aside from that, when I blowed my arms of Dragon Road, I collected 30 seconds.

Although he flew his arms, half of his face flew on the foot of the cell, but anyway, 30 seconds are not the same power of that 30 seconds.

It became a half -blades and had the power of the monster.

It’s already been 5 seconds.The confusions are united in Ryujin’s hands.

7 seconds, 8 seconds, 9 seconds, 10 seconds.

I went over.

The entire land vibrates.The huge dust that has risen due to the explosion fluctuates on the spot.11 seconds, 12 seconds, time continues.

Ryujin was convinced.This attack will be able to kill Daniel.

Maybe even the emperor can reach.

I have never gathered this marriage for more than 12 seconds.

It is over 13 seconds.14 seconds, 15 seconds.

I was curious.How much power do you put in marriage?What is my true power?

It was worth trying.

And Ryujin could see.Daniel is overwhelmed by the dust.

The brow wriggles.

In the meantime, I got the torch that rolled on the floor.

‘This baby, look like a bad thing.’

Ryu Jin didn’t care.It is clear that the power in the torch is enormous.The power of the complete regeneration was certain that it would be different from the regeneration using confusion.

It didn’t matter though.

Already collected for 20 seconds.It didn’t stop.It was gathering more.

Ryujin was now thinking that he could break down the world itself.This force can definitely be broken.

30 seconds passed.Another time goes by.40 seconds, 45 seconds, 50 seconds, 51 seconds.

My hands started to tremble.


If it is over a minute, this will not be controlled.

I lifted my head.

He was still in the place, still in the fireworks.I didn’t even understand what he was doing during this time.

No, there was no need to think more.

He must die in this attack.

Ryujin was in place.

I made a fist that contained a confusion towards Daniel.

* * *

How should I explain?

It was just instinct.

It was good to see it as an intuition.When I was convinced that it was going to burst in Ryujin’s hand, it was torch.

Yangbul -hui’s words I never forgot for a moment.

‘Torch has the source of Cheonma Protestantism.’

In the beginning, when I was fighting with him, I kept noticing.You have to get that sanctification somehow.

And at the moment of explosion, I was convinced that the opportunity came.

The moment I placed a cheonma sword, I left my seat.The explosion occurred at the moment of torch in hand.

Due to the explosion, I couldn’t do anything on the spot in the meantime.

First of all, the moment he grabbed the torch, he accepted the enormous energy of life from the torch, and after that, it was a flame that was spewed from the torch and wrapped up my body.

I was in a strange space.

It was white.

Too white, in that space, I was dazed.

I was in the main building of the world before.Oh, it was clear that the main building was smashed, but the main building is the main building.But there was no trace of explosion here.

Perfect radish space.

And a huge white door in front of you.

The door without any pattern was overwhelming.

I wondered.

What is this.

Why is this here?

I could say for sure.

I am ahead of the nature.It is not a semi -natural, but a perfect nature.But do you experience this at the moment when you get into the natural police?

I have never heard of it.Ryujin and the past records, Yeongjung, Hyukjin River, Master’s Cell, and the forest ruler Charlotte and so on.

No one was there.

I was thinking about my father.Honestly, I say it with my mouth a little bit, but my father doesn’t know anything.

I opened the door with my hands.

I don’t do it.

I gave it one more time.There is still no movement.

I did my best.I raised everything in my body.It was then.

The flame rises in my arms that have nothing.A tremendous vitality wraps around.The hourglass of time has been used so far and has been consumed.It feels like it is recovering.No, overflow.

full of energy.

I gave it one more time.

Stop profit.

The door opens.Really slightly, just that was open.


There was a huge light from there and wrapped me up.

I opened my eyes.

I was back to reality.

What should I say?

I went over.

No, it went up rather than crossed.

I looked around.You can see “Honi” that floats clearly between the rising dust.

The fragments that came from the crash of me and Ryujin.

I needed a very small opportunity.

I was able to climb if I had a very small opportunity for me, which I had kept over the natural police during the fight.

The torch was that opportunity.

I laughed.

It was difficult to go beyond the state itself, and it was not difficult to raise the level inside the ground.

The experiences I have experienced, that is enough.

I rolled my fist.

The power of sanctification and confusion rises.

The combination of red flames and black confusion was made with vivid dark red.

Laughter comes out.

This is this.

It was only clearly known to Yang Bul -hui.

Cheonma, who has obtained the sanctification, can awaken a true cheonpi and can be a true thousand horses.

I smiled and turned around.I don’t know how much time has passed, but it was certain that it had a tremendous power at a glance.

There was no fear.

I didn’t think it would be pushed.

The hourglass appears in front of you.

100 years.

That 100 years of power was raised from the torch.The clock is upside down.I raised my hand.Cheonma Shin -gum, which flew away, is once again caught in my hand.

As I turned my head, I saw Ryujin running.

Looking at him, I rolled up the cheonma sword strongly.

I think it will happen now.

The technology that was unfinished earlier.

The true mistake of Cheonma New Gong is considered to be the best martial arts of the longitudinal continent.

I was in place.

[Cheonma new 天魔 神功]

[Oh, 奧, Cheonma Advent 天魔 臨]

The dark red whirlwind wraps the sword and body.

I swung it.

At the end of the sword, Ryujin’s chunks of confusion reaches.

It was similar to before.


The eerie sound rings.The roar explodes and the debris stretches out everywhere.

Even though, the land that was ruined began to become more ruined.I did not avoid this time.Ryujin did not avoid.

I felt the same as me.

This explosion is certainly obviously damage to both.Whatever the number, you will eventually get fatal wounds.

Then it becomes simple.

I can cut everything completely.

RyujinYou can drive all the explosions of the chaos to me.

This attack is over.

-bloke!You’ve got a natural police!

The voice rang in my head.Hit Gwang -gwang.A technique to quickly convey a message in a short time.

I did not answer.It is beneficial to give more power to your hands at the time to answer.

The dark red confusion did not disappear.The storms were crashed, conflicting, and all sides, but still did not disappear.

Ryujin is embarrassed.

Ryujin, who did not understand, could see it soon.

The power of the little ring he created is getting less and more and the confusion in my sword is getting more and more.


Torch helps overwhelming regeneration.Ryujin did not know that the regeneration was not limited to the body but also applied to the confusion, and how much the limit was.

That’s just.

I don’t have time to explain to Ryujin.I have no intention of doing it.



I just cut it.

The sky splits and the earth is different.The whole world seemed to be divided in half.behindhand.

Oh my way!

The mirror broken sound rang, and Ryujin stepped back.

The end was seen.

This is the end.

I rotated my body and wielded a celestial sword.

“ruler……for a moment……! ”


I was convinced of the victory as I looked at Ryu’s head rising to the sky.


Ryujin’s body without neck falls.The body of the body hit a celestial sword.


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