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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (634)

Episode 634

At this point at this point, it is 21 years of Milos.

Cell thinks and thinks again.

Life is too hard.

When he first killed Heinkes Becker, then 15 years of Milos.

It is exactly six years ago from this point.

Even after the fight, Cell still stayed at the end of the natural nation.

It did not stop training, but continued to push themselves, but it was difficult to go up to the drink.

Then at some point.

At the moment of meditation, the cell climbed to the drink.

After climbing, the cell felt something strange.

Should I say everything in the world is familiar?

Strangely, I felt deja debut.

But I didn’t have a Deja V once or twice, but I just did it.If you get to the dragon, it’s originally like this.

I thought so.

Cell respected Jack.

After Ragnarok died, Cell became the second monster after Jack.Cell still stayed in the East Literature and sometimes stopped perforated.

The regret was not left.Jack Milos is a lifetime of life.It also had the feeling of love and brushed the feelings, but the relationship is not disappeared.

So five years have passed.

Daniel Milos, a disciple, graduated from the Milos Academy, and immediately started politics as a prince.

Daniel was smart.It was fast to learn.So time passed.Over time, the cell felt strange once again.

I feel like I have experienced someday.

Deja debut continued to feel.

When Daniel was 30 years old, Jack ordered Daniel to go to the East Content.

Not just went, but as Jack’s command, Daniel naturally became king of the East Content.

Daniel, who was reigned as a king, faced an unexpected incident, which is the appearance of Chimera.

Not only the chimera, but also Yeongjung, Hyukjin River, Heinkes Becker, even.

Even the Jack Milos of the Masin Kyung.

Everything broke out and the East continued naturally became a wormwood field.

Daniel’s reputation became the worst, and Ryujin, the Lord of the Cheon Ha -sung, was involved as a new king.Rebellion occurred throughout the east continent, and Cell helped Daniel and arranged them one by one.


Daniel died.

It is not the hands of others, but in the hands of Cheonma, the associates of Cheonma Protestant, which is completely resurrected.

Of course it wasn’t just dead.Self -destructed.

The cell screamed.

After a while, I found a new love.

Daniel’s heart has always changed, and cells have not changed.Cheonma Protestant aimed at the moment when there was a problem and fell for a while.Daniel’s state was ‘Shinhwa Kyung’.

And the moment Daniel died.

Everything went back.

When the cell opened his eyes, it was time when Daniel Milos entered the Academy.

It was amazing.And was astonished.

The de -javuses I felt weren’t just ill.

It was really something that happened.

The surprised cell ripped the space and flew to Jack.And asked.

What happened?

Jack said.

I turned the time.

I asked how much I turned.

Jack answered that it was not insignificant.

‘Well, three times so far.It will be about 30 years in time. ‘

Everything has been released.

And was astonished.

Time return.

I could understand.Jack’s power was already that much, so it would have been no longer understanding.

It is the only child.He knows Jack’s heart to raise the child as a prince and raise it as a successor.

I didn’t say much.

Cell rather liked.Because Daniel is alive.

And believed in Jack.

So time has passed.

Daniel graduated from the Academy as a senior, and was issued as the “Supplier”.After becoming the head of the Supply Office, he was responsible for all the supply of the western continent, and he naturally revealed his identity and was appointed as an absence.

When Daniel was 26 years old, Jack ordered Daniel to go to the East Content.It was the same repetition of the same process.

The time zone was different, but Daniel died.

The moment Daniel died, time was turned back.

The time to come back was always the same.

It is time for Daniel to enter the first year of the Academy.

At that point until Daniel dies.

The process continued to repeat.

It is exactly 12 that Daniel graduated from the Academy and was issued according to the West Continental Prosecutor’s Office, the Inspector’s Office in the West, or the carriers of perforation.

Time is about 90 years.

Daniel always went to the East Content and died in the East Continent.

Aside, Daniel’s state of death was always ‘Shinhwa Kyung’.

Then slowly changed.

When Daniel was in the Academy, there was an incident that killed all the bandits of Kowloon Chae.

Since then, Daniel has changed.

Daniel, who was always trying to walk on the royal road, had a desire to walk on the royal road, and things like actions and thoughts began to lead to power.

For the first time.

Daniel was appointed as an inspector of the world of the world, where Daniel had all sorts of experiences.

At first, he was an inspector, and then he hit the inspector, became a patrol of the world, and raised the class one by one to eventually become the leader of the world.

The cell watched.You have thought about Jack.I felt that way.

I kept waiting.

Daniel died again in what Ryujin caused.

Another change occurred.

As soon as Daniel graduates from the Academy, he becomes a natural police at the point of death just before his death.

Definitely Daniel was the son of Jack and Valentine.

The talent he had was so huge.

But in order for the talent to blossom, you need a battlefield to risk your life every day.

I don’t know if it’s the characteristic of the blood line, but Daniel’s rapid growth is exactly between 16 and 23 years old.

After the age of 23, the growth will slow down from then on.

Perhaps Daniel’s concentration problem.

When he chooses a way of politics as a prince, he often used his head rather than raising his own state.

There will be less time to practice and the opportunity to fight the enemies is naturally less.

Growth is inevitably delayed.

So when I was only in the western continent, the growth stopped at the end of mythology.

The standard was broken since I went to the East Content.Dong Continent fights crazy.

It was a stage for Daniel and was the best place for Daniel to grow.

But even if it grows, I could not beat Ryujin.

Ryujin, who became a half -blood, became a true monster in the use of the power of torch.

The power that did not rise to the drink was enough to use the equivalent force as the cell.

Originally, using the power that goes beyond the state doesn’t make sense.But that was possible.Ryujin’s balance was made possible.

Every time Daniel died, the cell was always by his side.I tried to stop it.But it didn’t stop.The same has been in a state of death.

When the time was returned, the cell went to Jack and asked.

How long will you do this?

Jack said.

‘Why should I go out?’

I lost something to say.

‘You said you wouldn’t interfere with the East Content.That is a promise as an emperor.Such a promise that must be kept. ‘

‘……. ‘

‘And is there such a trial for Daniel?’

I couldn’t answer.

‘I don’t know how much Daniel lives.But it’s definitely saying, but in all the years that Daniel lives, that’s going to happen in the East continent.

‘So you will keep waiting for his death?’

‘My child has become him.But Cella.It’s a bit like a horse.Do you see me waiting for Daniel’s death? ‘

‘Then what is it.’

‘I’m waiting for Daniel to overcome this trial.I’m waiting at that point.I don’t know how much more it will take. ‘

Jack approached and pointed to the cell’s shoulder.

‘I’m really sorry for you.Climbing to the drunk means that it will directly interfere with the balance of the world.I honestly didn’t think that you would notice this time.If it’s hard, you can stop missing. ‘

The eye of the cell turns red.Do you fall out?It was simple to mean.I want to erase my memory.

I shook my head.The cell could not.

‘All the moments I had experienced, what Daniel told me, the actions that I told me, all of them were the same for me yesterday, but now I will come and erase that memory?’

The horse was shorter and the hostility was expressed.

I didn’t know the cell.Daniel will come to his heart.

Jack looked unfortunate.Jack doesn’t know the cell’s heart.And Jack was not sad either.

How can you express your father’s feelings to keep seeing the death of your child?

But I can’t help it.

There is no chance that Daniel can go through that trial.

Jack’s goal is to make Daniel a perfect prince.Daniel can overcome all.Perhaps when Daniel goes up to drink, it will have to be changed from then on, but it is almost impossible to climb to the 20s.

Don’t think about the case of Jack Milos.

What Daniel or Cell had been experienced was almost the level of tribal blood compared to all those moments that Jack had experienced.

How can Sel and Daniel catch up all the things that were in the world and fighting Ragnarok, the moment when he was completely alive and dealing with the forces of the perfect Cheonma Protestantism and the outdoor forces?

‘I will help my child to pursue what my child wants the most as a father.That’s my father’s role.I hope you understand. ‘

The cell ran out of the place, not to bulletin.

So time has passed.

Many have changed.

Daniel became natural at the age of 20, and for the first time, he chose Gonun Mountain, not the ‘Mountain Snow Mountain’.

Cell still remembers what Jack said.

‘I don’t want to stop anything.So stop.Go and cool your head. ‘

At that time, Jack lightly handThe light gestures were bounced into the dragon’s canyon.

Cell sat down there.

I was sad.

Jack was a monster.I never thought it would stop.There seemed to be no intention of interference.I knew I was stubborn, but I didn’t know that it was this much.

What should I do?

No matter how much I thought and again, there was only one answer.

In order to end all this, Daniel must climb to the drink.

So I endured again.

I pretended not to know Daniel.Daniel had never shown his face even if he came to visit countless times.To finish all of this, Daniel had to fully notice the time return and noticed everything that had happened during that time.

Every time the cell was sad.

I endured my sadness alone.

Even if the time continued to be turned and returned, the cell was always alone.

Many memories of Daniel existed only in the head of the cell.I was lonely.

Daniel said.Why do you make a half -blown and why did you make Red Dragon Gentua a black dragon?

It was not a reason.

Gentua was a time -limited life and had the worst illness to die.The blood of the cell was needed to cure the disease, and the blood was treated with the blood.In the process, Zentua became a black dragon.

Cell has never exceeded ‘degree’ even for a moment.

Long and long time has passed.

Cell has grown its own strength.

To stop this long and long time, there was only one way in Daniel, not going to the drink.

That method is that the cell is on the “dismissal”.

If you go up to the ground where Jack is, it can be stopped.

As time went by, it was at this point.A moment when a lot of things changed, no moment came.

Daniel killed Ryujin and killed Youngjeong.It absorbed the torch completely.

This is the first time that he has been in a perfect natural manner in this soon.

And this is the first time that he has come up to the natural nation.

So I asked with all my heart.

“How many times do you think this is?”

I hope you remember.

Please remember.

All those moments of the past who whispered love.

The many years of the years, holding hands, mixing their bodies, competing, competing, and crying.

Please remember them.I didn’t get to the drink, but I went nearby.

I can remember.

Daniel said.


Tears fell from the eye of the cell.

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