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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (635)

Episode 635

The two eyes of Tanos were stuck in the Hyukjin River on the front.I didn’t take my eyes off even a moment.

The end of the sword is stretched.

I turned my head.Avoid.

But the sword flies in the air and then flies.

I stepped back and this time I leaned back.

I avoided this again.

The attack continues.Tanos avoided and avoided it very slenderly, not in line with the huge size.

Cut the air and blow air.

The sound of the portrait bursts and the space is distorted.The smile rose to the mouth of the Hyukjin River.

“……It was really a lot of time. ”

Tanos was a strong sword towards the face of Hyukjin River.

It is an opportunity to avoid and avoid.Hyukjin River turned to his side with a surprised face.But it’s late.


Along with the sound of flesh, the side face of the Hyukjin River is torn.Tanos was in place between the blood that splashed into the air.

His huge shoulders hit the Hyukjin River.

Kwahiah- !!

Jurk, the back of the Hyukjin River, raised his head.There was a sword end before his face.With all my strength, I turned the whole body to the side.


The side is torn long.The organs and blood are scattered in the air.I felt Hyukjin Kang.The fight as a prosecutor is also a fight.

It is the Hyukjin River that continued to insist on the sword.Sometimes I wore a fist, but I used only swords in any way.

Tanos in front of him was not a man who could win that way.It was time for Tanos to try again.

Thanos’ sides are narrowed.Toward the center of the brow.

The head of the Hyukjin River was approaching.


It was a bakje.

I bumped my forehead and my skin, and the sound of a bomb rings.The two are back at the same time.and.


Each other’s arms flew.It was simple.In the midst of the sword, the sword was wielded.

The two men stopped for a while.

What should I say?

Should I say it similar?

Although the life has been different and different, the two men are strange.

Strange lulls continue.

“Did you say Tanos?”

Tanos nodded.

“I think it’s definitely in memory.The size is bigger than that, but my skills have risen to hardly. ”

“If you praise, I will be grateful.”

Hyukjin Kang laughed.

Then he burst into something similar.

“The years are free.”

In that end, Tanos felt strange.Why do you say that?

“Keep it.”

Hyukjin shook his head and pointed to his head with his left hand index finger.

“You don’t know, but now, there’s a voice here.”

“What is it ringing?”

“What did you do here when you resurrect me?I hear a voice to keep coming, but it’s not forced now, but I think it will be forced soon. ”

“……. ”

“I was enjoying the prosecutors who met in a while, but this is a pity.See you soon. ”

Hyukjin River left.Tanos did not catch him.If you want to make a decision, you can make it, but what should I say?

I should say a little short.

To be honest, Hyukjin River is strong.It is certain that it is ahead of the drinking.

It may seem like a class, but Tanos knows.If I kept fighting, I would have lost unless a miracle occurred.

Hyukjin River was already gone with light.

Tanos lifted the sword in his hand.

The name of this sword is ‘Balmont’.

The sword of the dwarf’s king was a handwritten sword, but now it was almost missing.It’s just a mop.

Sooner or later, I think I should see the king of Dwarf once more.

Tanos turned his head.A man was falling out of the sky.

I laughed.

“young master.Are you coming too late? ”

“It was because there was a place to go first.”

I know Tanos too.The fact that the cell was raised in the dragon’s canyon.

“Did you go to Gonun Mountain?This is sad.I would have been able to kill the Hyukjin River if I came here. ”

“You may have missed Young and Heinkes instead.”

I think it’s right.however.

“Why are you coming alone?I’ve been looking at the dragon road face for a long time. ”

“That’s it too.”

Thanos did not want to ask again.Daniel’s expression looked very complicated.

What’s going on?

“I have to see my father.”

“Your Majesty?”

“yes.Would you like to go together? ”

At this point, Tanos had no choice but to notice.

Daniel had something with cell now.And there is something that happens with Jack.


What are you carrying at that young age?

Thanos, who was scratched for a while, asked.

“……Is it something I should know as a guardian? ”

“yes.You should know. ”

“……What the hell is it? ”

“If you go, you will know.I will open. ”

Daniel stirs his hand.The air splits.It was a gate.

It’s like a teleport.Daniel walks.Daniel was stuck when he dipped his foot over the gate.

Tanos takes her eyes.what.

When I walked and put my feet like Daniel, Tanos burst into laughter.

“Oh, you are playing like this.What is this in the middle? ”

“……. ”

“Let’s go quickly.I don’t know what’s going on, but I have some things to see in the western continent.Do you know the Dwarf Kingdom?I’m going to go there…….Why is your expression? ”

Tanos felt something strange in the face of Daniel, who was still hardened.Daniel said short.

“……It’s blocked. ”


“The road to perforation is blocked.No, it seems that the road to the western continent itself is blocked. ”

Tanos is a stubborn man.I swear only to use the sword and I’ve been using only the sword so far.

I don’t know in detail about magic.But mana’s flow is good.It’s strange that you don’t know because it’s a monster on the natural police.

Tanos knows what Daniel’s expression means.

Yes, there is no big deal.

It was really blocked.

A long time ago, the east continent and the western continent were divided.There was a huge enchantment based on the Black Sea, and the two continents had no exchanges for more than hundreds of years.

Similar to that.

Everything that goes to the western continent is blocked.

It is certain that the enchantment is hit.East continent is isolated.

And there is only one person who can do this unrealistic work on this continent.

Tanos and Daniel are familiar.

Jack Milos.

There is only one.

“My father doesn’t seem to want to talk.”

Honestly, Tanos was not so curious about what happened between Daniel and Jack.

No, why do Tanos need to know the work between the emperor and the prince?

Not only Tanos, but no one in the world knows.Even Valentine’s Milos, the empress, has no reason.

The sky of all these earth is Jack Milos, and the next man is Daniel Milos.

But now, Tanos was deeply curious about what the sky at the present time and the next generation of sky are doing.

What the hell is it?

“Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Daniel, who was thinking for a while, shook his head slowly.


“What are you sorry?If you can’t speak, I don’t want to dig. ”

Tanos understood.

Daniel raised his head.


The situation is not bad now.

First, he handled the spirit and only Becker was handled.Ryujin also handled.

The remaining leftovers were the enemy and hundreds of chimera.And Hyukjin River.

As everyone knows, it is difficult to handle one of the dozens of masters.

Of course, it means beginner master.

If about ten redmasters can kill about a chimeric, but there are not so many red masters in the East continent.

There are about 60 people to collect them.

The number of dragons was 45, so even if it joined, a hundred people.

The transcendental is Gentua, a black dragon of Yangbul Hwi, Yoo Sulha, Tanos, Cell, and Dragon.

Here, Daniel himself.

It is clear.

“Did you know where they are?”

“yes.It seems to be on the island in the middle of the black sea. ”

The conduit here means a secret conduit that was a forces in the black sea before the absorption of Jack.At that time, the conduisan was a very closed organization, and the organization was disintegrated and made its own.

At that time, the island was at the time of the fight between Jack and Gwanju, but it was frozen and broken, but the world has a lot of money.

The island has been rewritten with that money, and now there are Joo -rang, Hyukjin River, and hundreds of chimera.

“Tanos.Can I give a command for a while? ”

“yes.How much. ”

Daniel was very natural, as usual.

“I organize it today.Go and bring the ice archery. ”

“……Isn’t it too much? ”

“How much is it?”

“……. ”

“What are you doing?I don’t bring it. ”

The reason Tanos stopped was not because of Daniel’s attitude.It’s been a long time ago, because it was over 20 years old, when I first saw Jack, and when I moved with Jack, it was seen from Daniel.

Tanos politely said.


There is no reason to turn off.


Daniel will be king of the East Continent.And it will eliminate all threats of the East Continent.

* * *

There was a man on an artificial island in the Black Sea.

Lord’s Spirit of Cheon Ha -sung.

He is a loyalty in his loyalty, who has assisted Ryujin of the world for decades.

He caught the glass in his hand.

Very used.

“I guaranteed it to win, and I died so vainly.”

This is a simple question.

Why does the enemy follow the Ryujin of the world?

From now on, I could know what it would happen unless it was a fool.Ryujin was a monster of the pastHe will resurrect Jung, Hyukjin River, and Heinkes Becker to remain a stupid guy who messed up the East continent.

From the standpoint of the characters of the East Continent, who risks his life on face, it is more shame than dying.

Honestly, even now, if the enemy is surrendered and surrendered, you can set up a slight face if you throw away the surviving Hyukjin River.

But it didn’t.

Why, is the enemy doing this now?

As mentioned earlier, the figures of the East Continent risk their lives.And he risks his life with almost equal weight with his life.

The enemy has been saved by Ryujin in the past.

That’s just.

“Life prices, that’s really a toughness.”

A man came to the enemy who sighed.

“Is this ringing in this head, have you done it?”

The enemy turned his head.A smile is drawn on the mouth.

I’m going to talk to this person.No, the day to talk will come.

“I am honored to see the sword zone.If you answer the question, I did it.It was exactly by the Lord of Cheon Ha -sung and I was activated it. ”

“Travel…….It’s fun.Well, I don’t know if this question is right now, but have you never seen it? ”

“You remember.I have recognized each other in a distant value when I was with my faith and I was together. ”

“Faithful…….It’s been a long time. ”

Heon, Hyukjin River smiled and stood next to the enemy.

“Are these chimatas, all you command?”

“yes.First of all, I want to be commanded by the sword zone. ”

Hyukjin Kang shook his head.Rather, I was curious about others.

“What is the future plan?”

“I was going to wait here.”

“Wait…….The son of the emperor? ”

“yes.The sword zone may have felt, but now it’s blocked to the western continent. ”

Hyukjin Kang nodded.I felt enough.however.

“Why did things come to this point, but the emperor doesn’t come out?”

“A long time ago the emperor said this.I won’t care whatever happens in the East Content. ”

“……Even when I first saw it, I wanted to be a guy, not sane.He’s definitely not sane. ”

In the words of the Hyukjin River, the enemy felt a strange nuance.


“Do you have a better plan for the sword zone?”

Hyukjin smiled and answered the question of the enemy.

“Do you think it’s right to wait here?”

“……. ”

“Tanos is strong.If you are the son of the emperor, it will be that much, and there’s a chimera here, but it’s not enough.Waiting here is too inefficient.If I am an emperor’s son, I will set up the best army that can be used right now and come in.That’s the most efficient. ”

“……. ”

“If you are at this point, you think you’ve thrown away all the face, but you don’t think you will throw it away?”

This is.

The identity of the strange nuances felt by the enemy.

“If the emperor doesn’t appear anyway, is there anything hesitant?Is it the land of the emperor anyway?If the East Continent is damaged, whose resentment will go to. ”

It was obvious.

Emperor, or prince in the East continent.

“If I’m not waiting here, I’m going to attack the East Content with all the chimera right now.It’s not a focus on one place, but it causes a lot of damage as much as possible. ”

The enemy was worried for a while.

I abandoned my face, but I was holding the edge.

The words of the Hyukjin River means to let go of the edge.Anyway, defeat is a fact that it is in fact.

Suddenly, the question was raised.

“If you do the damage, wouldn’t it be more prince’s mouth?”

“That’s what you don’t know.The choice you do.I am not the ghost of the past anyway. ”

“……. ”

“Here, just waiting for death without a Mac or something.How about? ”

I chose the enemy.

“I will be the latter.I will surprise. ”

Hyukjin Kang laughed.

“Yes, that’s what it happens.”

How easy would it have been if everything went as I thought?

The enemy is to connect Ryu’s will.

Ryujin was trying to confuse the East Lint and tried to get the absolute support of the East Continent residents.

The situation is that Ryujin dies and Daniel inherits its role.Strictly speaking, the enemy was definitely stopped.

But it didn’t, but rather chose a surprise.

Along with the Hyukjin River, he immediately practiced the destruction of the East continent.


I tried to practice.

Two men lifted their heads.Heaven was open.

What should I say?

Should I hear the drums?

The two men in the transcendental state know what it sounds like.As the sky is torn, someone’s fragment of soul screams.The scream soon began to achieve a form.

The enemy who saw it crumpled the brow and Hyukjin Kang laughed.

The reason for laughing was not much.

That, I’ve seen it.

To be honest, I know it’s 20 years after this death, but it was happened to Hyukjin Kang.

The sky opened and there was a huge sword there.

Not one or two.

Dozens of, no hundreds.

The enemy swallowed saliva.It’s ridiculous.

The power of each sword is hardly sensitive.

And I saw the enemy.A man over that torn sky is reaching his hands.

The face was so familiar.

The son of the emperor, Daniel Milos.

It is clear that he uses the unexpected pseudonym of melon.The guy who killed Ryujin is not maintained and is there now.

This means one thing.

Just as Hyukjin Kang talked about the surprise, Daniel also thought of a surprise.I thought I would pierce each other and Daniel was faster.

No, it wasn’t faster, but just two more ahead.

The difference between those two feet is big.

Daniel wrote in a small voice.

[Go back to nothing.]

Obviously it was a small voice, but it sounded like a thunder for the enemy.

Hundreds of swords from the sky fall off at a time.

Embarrassed, the enemy and Hyukjin River, who did nothing, responded different.

The sword rises in the right hand of the Hyukjin River.It is a sword made with confusion.Like white jade, it was made perfectly even the handle.Hyukjin River, which strongly grabbed the sword handle, was left.

It was almost simultaneous that the swords touched the earth, and the sword of the Hyukjin River cut off Daniel’s arms.

The big sword touched the sea than the sound.

Kwahiah Ahhh!

The fragments of the chimera are scattered in the air.

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