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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (636)

Chapter 636

I thought about it.

I talked to Yoo Sul -ha and Tanos in front of him.What should I do in the future?

The answer of the two was simple.

What can the chimera do if the western continent is already isolated?There is only one.

Eventually, it will come into the East continent in any way.

I thought that the enemy could surrender, but it is too unlikely.In the end, the troops of the East Continent are scattered here and there.

The dragons, the unmanned from the existing world, the unmanned from the Cheonma Protestant, the drones of the ice, and the nang people who wander around the world.

Everyone is scattered, and let’s draw them in one place.

This was the answer of two people.

Daniel first tried to do so.

By the way, it doesn’t seem to be something.

Conversely, let’s think about it.

The troops of the East Continent are scattered.The enemy or the Hyukjin River that leads the chimera comes to the East Content in some ways.

If I am the enemy or the Hyukjin River, the situation in the East Continent is no different from the five -year -old.Then it can cause almost collapse.

It is a problem even if the unmanned in the East continent gathers in one place.

Gathering in one place is that the other side becomes vulnerable, and the same result is the same when we surprise the chimera.

You may be able to sweep it, but you also suffer from a collapse.

Daniel raised his hand to block their words when two people in front of their eyes were to collect troops and to attract more than available masters.

It wasn’t time to do this now.

No matter how much you think about it, it’s a surprise in Daniel’s head.

I didn’t think of this word.

Daniel said.

“The chimera is now on the west.Tanos is first located in the west end area of the East Continent, and you will join Yangbulhui in Kunryun Mountain.Three people do it there.Did you understand? ”

The two paused for a while and nodded.That’s it.

The virtue of the head is to believe in Suha.If you are not an ordinary person, but two transcendental people, or Yang Bul -hui, three people can organize the chimera.

So the situation is made.

[Go back to nothing.]

I learned several skills from my father.

The first half and the second half of the four seasons made by the spirit are one of those skills.


I have made a skill derived from the four seasons with my father.

The theoretically possible, the father and father never used the technology in front of me.

This is the first time to try this moment.

The name of the technology is ‘Cheon Gumryeong’.

It means the command of the sword falling from the sky.

I did my best.I grabbed everything I really sucked.

The power of sanctification is not infinite.I paid for this technology for 300 years, with 200 years of lifespan of torch and 100 years in my life.

Hundreds of swords fall off.

The island disappears and the sea is destroyed.There were some chimera that were avoided late, but it was okay.

At least 80%.

I killed everything more than that.

And it didn’t matter the attack of a bearded man who was drawing a sword in front of his eyes.

Because I was ready to get one.

It was left behind.



Two arms rose into the sky.

It was almost one stem light that blown my arm.Its light rises to the sky and changes its direction.It has been extended to me.I turned my body to the side.The sword passes in front of the nose.After regenerating the arms, I wielded my right elbow.


It is stuck in the abdomen of the Hyukjin River.

I swung my left fist.It is stuck in the name of the fist and the Hyukjin River.At the same time.


The left arm soared into the sky with tingling pain in the left arm.

Hyukjin River, which flew away, stops in the air.He swept away.

“……It’s ridiculous.How old are you? ”


“……Right.The same as the emperor.Monster children are monsters too. ”

I picked up the cheonma sword of the waist dance.My specialty is not a sword.I’m a fist, foot, sword, spear, even Halbird.

I have used several weapons.

Among them, the fists and swords that fit my aptitude.Two.

And that man in front of his eyes is a man at the peak.

It is a monster called Gumzone in the East Content.The monster is called a monster child.I laughed small.

With all his power, he raised the confusion as he was.

Hyukjin Kang asked me with a puzzled expression.

“The sword is quite long.”

“yes.It’s a bit long. ”

“It’s long, I think it looks a lot like the sword I know.”

“The sword you know is right.”

Hyukjin Kang burst into laughter.

“Huh…….Why are you in your hands?No, it’s a kendo sword, but you have a very familiar fragrance in your body, have you learned a new horse? ”

I nodded.

“It’s rare.Did the son of the emperor in the west learned the cheonpin of the East Continent?Did you absorb Cheonma Protestantism? ”


“……This is fun.The emperor will be quite rotten. ”

“I’ll ask you later if the head is rotten or not.”

The sword comes again in the hands of the Hyukjin River.He smiled and put his sword on his shoulder.

“Then it can’t be in this life.”

“Is that so?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to kill you here.”

“It would be hard.”

“It’s different and impossible.And was it Tanos? ”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I want to compete once more with that man.It would be better to come more than going directly.What should I do?I have to kill you here. ”

“I will support you.Not. ”

“Do you think it won’t be?”

“yes.I will send you again. ”

I was curious about the Hyukjin River.


“Is there one more place?I will send it as a grave. ”

The body of the Hyukjin River was scattered like smoke on the spot.I wielded a celestial sword without hesitation.

Kwahiah- !!

His eyes are bent when he blocks the sword of the Hyukjin River, which was hardened from the back of me.

“The speaking talent resembles the emperor.I want to look like my skills. ”

“It would be similar.and.”

I pushed the sword and pushed it.

Kwahia- !!

The fragments of the confusion are scattered everywhere.Hyukjin River was pushed back from the air.Even talked.

“I don’t want to turn a long fight.Do your power.Like my training. ”

“……I heard it wrong.What do you just say? ”

“I was called my training.”

“……. ”

“Do you not like it?There would be no way to live in life. ”

“……It’s ridiculous.You are definitely the son of him. ”

“Isn’t that natural?If your eyes are right, you will be able to check. ”

Hyukjin River was left as if he didn’t want to speak anymore.Exactly two things happened exactly before spurring.

It is the first time I saw the distorted expression of the Hyukjin River.Hyukjin River was now angry.And the second is.

The hourglass of time reappeared before me.

The torch has the power of complete regeneration, but that is not limited.

According to my guess, the power of regeneration in the torch is, that is, the power of the congenital is 10,000 years.

Among them, fifty years have already been absorbed.

As I said before, I have no intention of turning off.

The hourglass of time is upside down.

Time is 500 years.

I wielded a celestial sword.


The sword of the Hyukjin River is cut in half and soars into the sky.

“oh……. ”

Laughing Hwang -jin River is going to go back.I also left.

* * *

The enemy was left.I didn’t know Daniel’s power was that much.surprised.

Ryujin was not defeated.

Among the transcendents, the class is divided, and Ryujin was at least the strongest transcendental who knew at least the enemy.

It would have been no longer if Ryujin, who used to be a monster, did not look like a monster.

By the way, Daniel seems to be more than that.

Thinking was on the enemy.

It’s a surprise.

Just by Daniel’s attack, more than half of the chimera was destroyed.It is a mistake that the redmasters can not do anything that can barely kill the red masters.

The individual survived now is exactly 148.

The enemy was ordered.They land across the Black Sea to land and kill all the creatures seen there.

The 148 chimera is scattered around him.

And at the same time, the enemy’s neck was flipped.

And spread it!

It was above the surface.

The head of the enemy was on the surface of the water.That roar that broke now is the sound of the head of the enemy, so it is strongly touched by the surface.

I didn’t even understand what happened.

I wondered.


Why is my head floating on the surface of the day, and what’s this heterogeneous hand in the neck?

It is a transcendent.But I couldn’t read it or feel it.

“I have no personal feelings for you.”

It was a creepy woman.

Very vicious and lived.

I tried to turn my head sideways.Only then I see it.Scales covered in their hands, and spiral horns, silver hair, deep eyes.

Dragon Road Cell.

She is clear.

“Ryujin connects a man’s will…….I personally like the mind that I don’t care about in the world. ”

“……Road, I don’t think you have a good feeling for the emperor, but you won’t work with me? ”

Cell shook his head.

“Whether I’m not good with the emperor, this tired method of using the chimera doesn’t fit my way.Do you know why I’m talking about this? ”


“Just, because the flow of this world is too much out of providence.”

“……What is it, that’s what. ”

“As I said before, I personally to youThere is no emotion.The will is respect.Virtual.So stop now. ”

The enemy was not even a will.He could not unfold his proud martial arts.

like that.


The neck of the enemy is bent in a direction that cannot be broken by the human structure.The cell brought in the hand.

Pases Suk.

Along with the bizarre sound, the body of the enemy became powdered and began to be scattered.Perfect dismantling.

The cell stood up.Standing on the sea, she looks up at the sky.

There was a flashing light.

It is a fight between Daniel and Hyukjin.

Looking at the light, the cell felt intuition.

Daniel’s fight won’t take long.

And strange expectations came.

This is not the first time I have been sanctified.But this has never made such a rapid growth.

The moments of very small choices gathered and gathered together to produce this result.

Can Daniel go beyond this life?

The cell still stared at the sky with a sad look.it’s too hard.

It was high.

What if I didn’t know?


What if I stayed at the end of the natural nation without knowing anything?

Then you didn’t feel this feeling.

I closed my eyes.

The past time does not come back.The only thing to remember is cells and jacks.Even if Daniel gets into the drinking, he’s not sure that he will recognize all the memories that have passed.

Because the cell was like that.

The cell felt the time passed in the form of ‘deja debut’.

Daniel will be the same.

I’d rather want Daniel to go up to drink right now.


This stopped time will start to flow again.

I opened my eyes slowly.

I turned my head.

“long time no see.”

It was Tanos.

He stood with a chimera head.

“long time no see.brother.”

Tanos laughed.

“I’ve been listening for a long time.That brother. ”

“is that so?”

“It’s almost six years.When you are in perforation, I’m not in the perforation, when I’m in perforation, you go to another place, and you’ve never seen it since you killed only Heinkes Becker? ”

“He too.6 years…….It’s a long time. ”

Feeling a strange nuance in the cell’s voice, Tanos threw the chimera’s head sideways.Pungdeng, sinks into the sea as it is.

“The chimera in front of you was roughly summarized.I killed about 30th, um. ”

Thanos, who took a moment, asked.

“What’s up, alternative?”


“It’s certain that there’s something between you and your Majesty, but this seems to be something between you and your Majesty, and in my opinion, that’s what ‘what happens’ is the same kind, right?”

The cell laughed.

This person is a good person.

Obviously, the person itself is not bad.As we saw in the Academy, Tanos is an incarnation of effort.I try to be pitiful.

Because of that, I could not speak.


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