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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (637)

Chapter 637

Everyone makes a mistake.

And you can stand up again as a teacher.

Of course, the mistake is a mistake that can be reversed.

Is it possible to rectify or make a chance to go in a better direction, even if the aftermath of mistakes?

There are many things to consider.

Valentine thought that the emperor and husband, Jack, made a mistake.

No, before that.

“Will you explain first?”

“What explanation?”

“I won’t stop the East continent, and I have a good thing now.”

Jack, who swept the huge trees in the garden, laughed at the horse.

“It’s a little surprising.”

“What is it?”

“You haven’t been able to come out so coercive about the operation of the government.”

Valentine naturally sat opposite Jack.They look at each other.Jack’s words were not wrong.

Valentine is a moment since Jack became the emperor, do this about Jack’s administration, do that, why did you do this and why did you do that?

It’s not a joke to tell this story, or I’ve never done a moment, no.

This is the first time.

Valentine said.

“Because there was a belief that you would do well.”

“Isn’t it now?”

“I still.But this action doesn’t make sense.I know you will be responsible for all the residents in the Milos Empire.But I am not. ”

“hmm……. ”

“I have a life of my son more important than the lives of all the inhabitants on this continent.”

Jack’s laughter becomes awkward.

“This is a bit sad.I too. ”

“Such a person isolates the East Content with Daniel?Even if there are Tanos and cells in it, what caused Ryujin, the world, is not good enough to remind him of the moment when he was war with Ragnarok 20 years ago.It is what you do now to throw Daniel in such a place.Isn’t your words and actions different? ”

Jack shook his head.

“No, Valentine.It’s not different. ”

“……. ”

“And make one correction.’My son’, ‘my son’. ”

Valentine’s expression remains.The expression to seek the answer.

Jack sighed.

The order only changes, but in the end.And Jack has never told Valentine about what he’s doing.

Jack thought for a while.

It was a long time.

I didn’t think my actions were wrong.I was convinced that I was going to be right with different directions.

Daniel dies, Yangbulhui dies, and Charlotte dies.

Many things have happened, but only in Jack’s memory.


I didn’t intend, but I remember cells.Jack told Cell.I will erase the memory.

Cell refused and the cell joined the journey that was not over.

Cell will be as hard as Jack, but if you measure the level of hardships with height, Jack’s much higher.

The cell hasn’t watched all the people around you died.Jack watched all.

I watched all of Daniel died.

Who will lead this world?

Jack himself at this time.

Exactly the emperor.

The place of emperor is such a place.A place to lead everyone in the world.

The person sitting there must be power, there must be a belief, and no matter how hard it is.

That is the attitude of the king.

When the Lord shakes and shows a gap, the hunters who see the opportunity from below crawl.Small problems will grow over time, and if they grow so big, civil war will eventually occur.

Jack has already appointed Daniel for a person who will take his place.

There is no place for the prince.If you are a prince, no, if you are the next emperor, you have to have the right force.

Daniel was too weak.

As an emperor, Jack is giving the next emperor Daniel.

I believe in children.

Jack stands until Daniel grows up.

No matter how hard it is, you have no choice but to hold it.Daniel will be hard to grow unless this opportunity.


To be honest, there is another reason.

But Jack didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Daniel is not a child of Jack alone.Valentine and Jack’s children.

It is our son.

It’s not bad to have an exception.

The silent Jack slowly started talking.

This is the first story to Valentine after starting time.


Listening to all that story, Valentine stared at Jack with a look that he had lost.

Born, I chewed Jack’s words.

Daniel died and turned back?

It’s not once, it’s already dozens of times?

Let’s emphasize one more time.

Jack told Valentine a “all story.”

The story of the cell and the story they don’t know.

Listening to all that story, Valentine closed her eyes.

There was no such feeling of resentment of Jack, or that Jack became a monster.

There was only one.


“……You were listening to your son’s request alone. ”

Jack still laughed.

I have always been since I first saw it.Jack laughed.It was a lot of laughter.He is a person who tries to see everything in the world positively.

Jack said short.

“I hope this is the last time.I’m serious.”

* * *

The sword of the Hyukjin River is stretched.And at that moment I had a strange experience.Should I say that time is slow?

The sword of the Hyukjin River seemed to be very slow.

And it was for a while.His sword quickly becomes faster.He drove the confusion on the back of his hand and hit it.


What is it?

Is it the technology of Hyukjin River?Or is my senses go up?

The expression of the Hyukjin River did not seem to be aimed.I wielded a big sword.The Hyukjin River stepped back and went straight to me.As it was, he grabbed the cheonma sword with a reverse and then went down.

The swords of my cheonma new sword and Hyukjin River cross in the air.

It was then.


It is slow again.

I took a step in the future.The black of the Hyukjin River passed by my side with a really difference.Slow time continues.His muscles move.It was clear that I wanted to change the direction of the sword.I wielded my left elbow.

The sword of the Hyukjin River turns his wrist and struck his wrist.His arm bounced back.It’s a perfect opportunity created at the moment.Hyukjin River was sincerely embarrassed.I wielded a celestial sword.

Surry- !!

it’s a shame.I was able to finish my neck completely.

Hyukjin River, who has stepped back two steps, sweeps his chest.Based on the Hyukjin River, there was a long tribute from the upper left to the right pub.

The blood flowing like crazy meant that the attack just hit the attack properly, and if it had given me a little faster and more powerful, I could have two lectures of the Hyukjin River.

Hyukjin Kang seemed to be embarrassed.

“……Didn’t you say you competed with the world before you came here? ”

“yes.I competed. ”

“……Ryujin, the world, in my memory, he was a transcendental life and death.And recently he was an unmanned natural nerve.I don’t want to admit it, but I’m a man who has been up to the same level as me just before my death.….I don’t understand.And what’s just that? ”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your movement is perfectly out of my senses.It doesn’t seem to have done something, but that’s what happens.…. ”

I looked at the Hyukjin River blurring the end.The Hyukjin River did not finish the cloudy horse.It was just still.

And that was enough.

I could see what Hyukjin Kang was trying to say, what he was thinking about now.

I grabbed my left fist lightly.

Quaduk, the eerie sound rings.

The Hyukjin River and Dalian are about 20 minutes.

Yes, 20 minutes.

For those 20 minutes, I have been hurt and have been hurt so many.

All regenerated and fought again, and the process took place for 20 minutes.

The hidden hidden of the Hyukjin River was weak but obviously rough.The power of playing is not infinite, and it is natural to be tired of using and using confusion.

But now I was not tired.

I rolled the fist on my left hand once more.


Rather than tired, he was rather powerful.

It was simply the aftermath of the absorption of the torch.

I could see it intuitively.

What does this mean?

I felt that the time seemed to be slow.I felt that way because I moved outside of this world.

I was continuing to raise the state.

Intermediate, advanced, and now is the best in the beginner.

Moving out of time means that you are eligible to go up once more at the top.

My eyes are not the eyes of Dongtam, and I don’t know what the state of the Hyukjin River, Ryujin, or Yeongjeong is.

All three are strong at the end of the natural nation.

And Hyukjin River was not doing his work against me.It was also seen as if I was revived and enjoyed a new life.

The fact that such Hyukjin river did not respond means that I have come to the ground of drinking without knowing.

“Really…….The growth rate is huge. ”

Hyukjin River slowly began to emit the body.

It is enough to vibrate the sky.The hair of the whole body pouted.

The Hyukjin River was at least one step ahead of Ryujin, Yeongjung, and the two.It is clear to be stronger.

“I didn’t want to enjoy it.But I don’t think it’s going to happen anymore.Let’s see, the prince. ”

“I’m listening. ”

“I’m so sorry, but this happened before.Your father was just like that. ”

“……. ”

“I was growing rapidly on the way.I think it’s bloody, but I can’t repeat the same mistake.The exact number from now on.It will end only one number.So if you have a will, let’s say now. ”

I laughed.I have no intention of turning off too long.

It’s a testament…….

“I do it first.I will remember. ”

“……I regretted a lot of life, but I am satisfied, ”

“I heard it well.And I don’t want to die yet, so I don’t want to leave a will like. ”

Hyukjin Kang burst into laughter.

“Haha, ah…….This guy, who’s not the son, it’s really the same. ”

Hyukjin River left.His sword moves.

The world vibrates and the space is floating.It was as if a huge mountain was falling.

It was different from that of the Hyukjin River that we fought so far.

Up to one level.

No, it was the most threatening of any attack I saw in my life.I was convinced that my life would fly in just a moment.I turned all sorts of simulations.Whether it is a barrier, defense, or attacking damage, in any case my neck flew to heaven and my body was squeezed.

The lamp passes by.From a young age to all the moments of the academy, and all those moments I learned from Master.

It was then.


It was only heard in my head.

A white door appeared in front of my eyes.

* * *

The cell walked slowly.

That place of battle.

Daniel walked to the place where he fights the Hyukjin River.

I stepped on the sea and walked without any interference.

The light continues to flash.

Then I stopped for a while.

What is it?

Do you have a conversation?

It was a long distance, so I could see the face, but I didn’t hear the conversation.

I walked again.

Hyukjin River moves.Daniel also moved.In the middle, Daniel seemed to be tough, but I didn’t care much.

Cell looked at Daniel with a very complex look.

I want to end this time.

Cell has been practicing.And he was already intuitive.

Cell himself can’t go up beyond the nerve no matter how much he comes up.

In the beginning, it was not seen beyond the state.I didn’t feel it.

It’s limited.I ignored the limit and continued to practice, but there was still no answer.

But Daniel is different.

If you are Daniel, it is possible.

What Daniel needed was the environment.

Daniel, who has lived as an administrator for decades, and Daniel, who lived as a warrior, had a big difference in growth.

It’s still huge.

It absorbs everything of the fighting opponent.And go beyond that.It was wonderful.


In the near future, the light divided the world.

Oh my way!

The mirror breaks.Beyond that cell saw.The head of the Hyukjin River soaring into the sky.

And Daniel, who landed in the sea, turned his head.

Snow met with cells.

Daniel said.

“……Why not ask? ”


“Remember, why not?”

Daniel is coming.That relaxed gesture and a leisurely look.

The cell opened his eyes as if he had hit lightning.

So far, Daniel has seen a state.

But now I can’t see it.

What this means was simple.

Daniel is on the ground.

Cell asked Daniel once more.

“……This time……How many times do you think? ”

“Forty sixth.”


My eyes are red.Daniel embraced such a cell.

“I waited for a long time.Sorry.”

Cell has been crying like a child after a long time.

At that moment, the isolation of the east continent was solved.

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