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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (638)

Chapter 638

No matter how much time returned to this moment, it was not important now.

From now on, everything will be the first time.

I hugged me in my arms.

So far, I was so stupid.

During the time of time, I hesitated countless times and caused a mistake every moment.

After graduating from the Academy, when I started on the west continent, I avoided it when I had a chance to fight.

If possible, he refused to use power.It was evaluated only by administrative ability.

That was a problem.I settled.

My father took a picture of the world with power.

I wanted to try it in a slightly different way.

It is true that my father is smart.But if you want to work in the position of the head of the supply office right now, it is clear that it will be a troubled.

The father instructs only the big picture on the system of the country created by the father.

I wanted to go up from the bottom.

I wanted to be an emperor who was recognized as “power” rather than “power.”I wanted to be such a person who proved his ability in a different way from his father.

As a result, it was a failure.

I thought my way was right.If you look at the book, remember most of them.Learning is fast.Apply whatever you learn.Maybe it was arrogance.

I realized that the method was wrong.

Go up from below?The cause is good.

Do you rule the country with your chest, not forces?

It’s arrogant.

You have to be powerful, and you have to have power.If you have strength, you can rule with your chest.

The ruler must have power.

If there is a person who is stronger than me, that’s the problem.

I’m tired.

They should not make them think.What you need to do that.

It is the force that was boring earlier.

You must walk down, not the royal road.

I slowly removed the Master.


“……Why do you do it? ”

“I have something to say.”

Master looked at me with a strange look.What the hell are you going to say?That look.

“The reason my father turned time was because of me.”


“I asked.I need power, and what happens in the East Continent will be the most necessary foundation for growth. ”

“……. ”


Master, no, Cell slowly shook his head.

“I understand.”

Sincerely, Master seemed to think so.

“It is the past.You haven’t remembered the years we have walked and I remembered.And now we remember each other.Isn’t life bend?It was just hard and lonely.now.”


“You can go up.What would be afraid to be afraid?You are and I have. ”

I laughed.

And my laughter in Master’s eyes is probably a smile that’s still sorry.

As mentioned earlier, I am not a fool.

No matter how good the Master says, he can’t just pass the moment he has fought alone in his curved life.

“I will make you happy.”


“yes.Lifetime.I will atonement with it. ”

Master laughed.

“Let’s watch once.How do you do it. ”


“I will go to perforation for a while.”

“……Yes, come. ”

I laughed at Master’s lips and opened the space as it was.

In a moment, my body moved to perforation.

“Son, are you here?”

I am a father.

My father stood with a wooden sword in his hand.

“Shall we see your achievements?”

I left my seat without hesitation.Father’s sword comes down.I turned my head sideways.but.


It is taken on the shoulder.The pain swept through the whole body.The legs are so fluttering.I ignored.This is okay.I bite it.

I wielded my fist.

In my father’s side face.

It’s nice- !!


* * *

Jack retreats back.My face was fooled.


“It was a lot big.I also smash my father’s face. ”

“If you stop, you tried to hit my face.”

I swept my face and looked at Daniel.

“It’s quite.Is it predictive, now? ”

“……yes.It’s vague. ”

“Let’s continue.”

Jack’s body was scattered like smoke on the spot.Daniel responded again.As it is, it has been leaned at a level that falls completely.

So the land touched the back.

Daniel could see.My father’s neck sword passing by through the nose.

It’s a vague black smoke, so I dragged it up to the confusion.

It was eerie.

I don’t think it’s true, but I should say something like something.I rolled to the side.

Kwahia- !!

My father’s sword, no, is stuck next to my face.

“……. ”

If you couldn’t avoid it because it was stuck properly, your head would have been pierced.

“Son, can I do this?”

The brow is crumpled.I lifted my arm and grabbed my father’s wooden sword.My father opens his eyes round.

I wielded my right foot with such a father’s face.


It was blocked.

Does not matter.I have a left foot left.I swung my left foot equally.


My father is pushed to the side, missing my feet.

I stood up as it was.

The legs push the ground.I quickly approached my father.My father reaches out.The black whirlwind wraps the right arm.It extended as it was.

Kwahia Ah- !!

My father was behind two steps, and I was pushed back.

“It’s quite a son.”

I left again.My father reaches out like just.I bowed my head.It seemed to be short, so my shoulders were flipped.


It passes as it is.

In an instant, a whirlwind that wraps around is swelled.Black smoke comes out like crazy.I drove the confusion into the elbows.

I wielded my father’s side.

Kwahia Ah- !!

The sound was big, but it was not a significant attack.

I thought it was perfectly aimed at the gap.Even the speed was fast.

By the way, my elbow was caught in my father’s left hand.

My father didn’t even have a movement.I was just laughing.

There is nothing new.

My father is not power right now.I’m just doing my best to see my ‘performance’.

It should not be like this.I raised my feet and kicked my father.

Exactly pushed out.

Still, my father has no movement.Rather, I was pushed back.I wanted the sea.

“My father kicks my body with my feet, and in a few days, my head is very……. ”

My father was cloudy.It was.

The dark red energy in my body was fluctuating like crazy.

It was a huge smoke that covered my whole body.

The perforation vibrates.No, the world vibrated.

“Son, I have been picking up something fun from the East.”

“……. ”

“You said.If you pick up anything, you get rid of it. ”

“Does it look like I have been riding?”


I laughed.I told me that my father informed me.

“I don’t have to spend time in the future.”

“……. ”

“Son.That’s what you can’t do as a parent.No matter how much I was. ”

I know that is true.

Yes, I’m sure it’s true.

Then I have to do my heart.


It must be seen properly.To prove that everything was not meaningless.


To prove the qualification of everything.

I lined my hand to the side.

From my hands, the confusion stretches out.It was hard.

It is a sword.

A sword with a handle and a hand with no handle or this.

“Would you like to take out the Cheonma New Sword?”

“yes.I don’t want to take it out now. ”

My father smiles.

Slowly put down the wooden sword.Like me, my father’s hands were made of confusion.

“Shall we look at our son’s power?”

That was enough.

There is an hourglass in front of you.

Time is a thousand years.

Writing a thousand years of power in a moment.

It is a limit that my body can hold my body.

“I didn’t tell you to use it.”

I shook my head.

“When an enemy appeared hard to deal with, when he had to do his power, when he had to show his heart, and someone who wanted to keep it.My father told me to use it only if these four cases were combined. ”

“I’m sorry, are I enemies?”


“It’s too much.I have the only sin of listening to my son. ”

I shook my head.

“Did you say a lie?”

“……. ”

“You haven’t turned it time?That was a lie.father.”

The father, no, the emperor of the Milos Empire shrugs.

“I don’t know white lie?”

“A lie is a lie.father.”

It was when my father was trying to say Moore.

I immediately left.

It is the basis of the fight.

Aiming at the gap and stabbing the gap.

The father’s reaction was slow.

I drove all my strength in my right hand.

The tornado is put in the sword.

The space is floating.Mana is scared and the world vibrates.

I swung it.

[Cheonma New]

[Oh, Cheonma Advent]

My father stepped back and wielded a sword.

The sword and the sword reaches.

Wow- !!

In all directions, a huge amount of confusion fragments broke out.It did not retreat.

It gave me more strength.


At that moment my father moved.My father grabbed my sword with his left hand that had nothing to hold.

The aftermath of the two swords rises up at once.

Kwahia Ah- !!

I lifted my head.

The sky was divided in half.

And the shock wave spreading from above was enormous at a glance.

This should be certain.

That is purely my strength.My father turned the direction of my strength into heaven.

This is only possible when my father fully understands and overwhelms my strength.I hear my father’s voice.

“Son, do you think about breaking home?”

I lost something to say.

This is possible.

Should I say that I have faced a wall that can’t be overwhelmed?

Since I got to the drink, I was honestly scared.

The power of it, and I thought it might reach my father.

Of course it’s just hard.

But if you pull the hourglass of time for a thousand years, will it be unconditional?

Wouldn’t it be a while to go to the state where my father was?

I thought so.

The state of the father is not even at the level of my level.

My father slowed down slowly.

“Are you disappointed?”


“I thought it would reach, but I realized that there was no such thing?”


My father stroked my head.

“don’t worry.I couldn’t go up to that level at your age.You are faster than me. ”

“Are you comforting?”

“It’s right, but it’s not empty.I sincerely. ”

“……. ”

“It wasn’t in vain.”

Something feels sensitive.

It became relief.

It wasn’t in vain as my father said.

You’ve been recognized.

My father embraced me as it was.

“great job.son.”

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