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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (639)

Chapter 639

The situation of the East continent was quickly organized.

In fact, there was nothing to say.

I only need to organize the world of the world.

Already everything is over.

The majority of the residents of the East continued did not know that more than hundreds of chimera had almost invaded the East Continent.

Before they knew, Daniel killed more than 90 percent, and the rest of the transcendentals, including Tanos, killed all.

It was strange to know.

Yeongwol, the Daeho Cheon -kyo’s Daeho, swallowed the world at a high speed.

All the elders, the main pillars of Cheonma Protestant, were convened.

Yang Bul -hui and the snow were no exception.

Even Tanos also helped them.

Tanos scratched his nose and asked Yoo Seol -ha.

“Did you say that the name is Yeongwol?”

“yes.Do you think it’s a beginner? ”

“I have seen it as if I passed by when I went to see you before, but I didn’t do it.It can be said to be a nasty. ”

I was raising words that were loud.

Thanos has been young and Tanos has been around since he was young, but he is now a guardian.

It is right to raise the horse.Tanos also respects lusual.It was natural to raise the horse.

“It’s hard.At that time, the big kid and the kid who informed him how to use the confusion are doing what kind of formality here? ”

It was Yangbulhui.

Yoo Sul -ha laughed at Yang Bul -hui’s words, and Tanos laughed.

“Are you okay with your body?”

Yang Bul -hui shrugged to Tanos’ question.

“Are you fine.It’s not enough to get a few fits.I.”

“Please rest a little more.It will be a lot of energy. ”

“At that time, the kid was worried about me, and the world got better.”

“It will get better.”

Tanos looked around.It was cluttered, but this is the beginning.Tanos was convinced.

Melon, no, confident that Daniel will be a sanctuary.

“I’ve done everything in a hurry, and I’ve caught all the annoying kids.What would you say? ”

“I will cover it.”

“This, it’s not just big, but it’s polite and toned.It’s a man.Do you like it.”

Yang Bul -hui laid down on the floor.

Tanos turned his head.

You can see a long -haired woman who is instructing her fingers from afar.

Thanos sees her for the first time as mentioned earlier.

But this thought continued.

The more you look at it, the more it is.

“I didn’t know it was so easy.”

“I was originally a person who had been working as an information, so those who are loyal to Ryujin and those who are not loyal would have grasped them from earlier.”

Tanos immediately asked at the end of the snow.

“Are you talking about information?”

“Even though it looks dwarf, I’m from Hoecheon Bridge.”

“……Is it the place that was made by the remnants of the Cheonma Protestant Bridge? ”

“Did you know?”

“As I focused on the work of the West, I didn’t have to worry about the work of the East continent.”

It was small, and it was a mumbled Tanos.

“I can’t do a lot of things.Isn’t the forces divided in the conduit? ”

“I don’t know anything.”

“Thanks to my husband.”

Tanos looked back at Yeongwol again.

After Ryu Jin died, Yeongwol moved quickly.

If you are an ordinary person, you would have overpowered the unmanned in the world.But Yeongwol did not.

Anyway, they have no time to do something because the command system is collapsed.

Of course, if you have a little time, they will take care of the system and move.

He attacks Daniel’s forces, Cheonma Protestant, or hides deep underground and kills the forces of Cheonma Protestantism.

You can do anything.Because their level was quite high.

There are only 30 redmasters and 80 intermediate and lower classes.

Not to mention it below.Because the hundred units go by default.

Naturally, I only talked about the number of people inside the world.

The number of people who follow Ryujin is unimaginable.You can think about it later.

Yeongwol attacked those who were responsible for supplying and intelligence with all the power of Cheonma Protestant when targeting the world.

When the Cheon Ha -sung orders, the priorities are Seongju, Juyeong, Daedangju, and Dangju, but those who convey the order are the intelligence of the world, that is, Ryujin’s intelligence unit, and the supply unit.

After completely occupying these two troops, they gathered all of them who followed Ryujin in one place.

It’s so summarized.

The time it took in all of this is 1 hour.

It is not exactly one hour, but it is almost 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

The 110 people who are kneeling in front of Yeongwol are the masters who follow Ryujin.

Yeongwol, who ordered the rest of the Cheonma Protestantism, came to Tanos.

Tanos felt strange this time.

Should she look very slow?

“I’m sorry that thank you.”


“thank you.Without the help of the guardian, I wouldn’t have been able to solve the confusion so quickly. ”

“What did I do?I just did well. ”

Yeongwol smiles.

Looking at it, Tanos laughed without knowing.

Should I say something just to see something?

“Did you have dinner?”

This is a reflex question.Yeongwol shook his head for a while.Even it looked shining.

“Still.I didn’t have lunch.It’s already 4 pm. ”

“Then would you like a meal?”

Yeongwol smiled and nodded.


Spring has come to Tanos.

* * *

After a light Dalian with Jack, everyone in the western continent saw the sky split in half.

The sky splits with a tremendous roar?Whoever sees it is not normal.

Even it took place on the heavens of the perforation of the emperor of the Milos Empire.

By the time the western continent residents were in turmoil, there were exactly two people who saw it clearly, and it was very close.

Valentine’s Milos, called the empress and immortal Necromans.

He is currently dominated by the forest of the beast and is called the forest owner of the Jinso Vampire Charlotte de Royale.

These two watched almost all of them in front of their eyes.

“……That’s Daniel……Right?”

“……right.Really, you can’t get cheating. ”

“Do you know that the blood has the blood of the empress?”

“know.I know.This has led to two monsters in the Milos Empire. ”

Charlotte lost something to say.

Honestly, I didn’t think that I lacked talent.

I didn’t think it was running than the cell already on the drink.

I’ve been with a cell several times, and Charlotte has beaten about seven out of 10 times.

Of course, it was based on 10 years ago.

It is also Charlotte to reach the natural police first.But it was overtaken.

What’s even more ridiculous is that he was overturned by Daniel, who was only 20 years old.

“Don’t be too heartbreaking.”

Charlotte turned his head.As always, Valentine was sweeping Charlotte’s head.

“Did you say that the emperor over there was time?This is the result of turning and turning time.It’s very different from you. ”

“……Even if it’s different, it’s only possible to climb the drink. ”

Valentine shook his head.

“It is not a chosen one, but a stand for those who do not give up.”

Charlotte’s chest was comfortable when he saw Valentine’s face.

“……I wanted to ask you before, but can I ask you? ”

“Try it.”

“It may be a question that is a lot of excuse.”

Valentine laughed smoothly.

“Okay.Try it. ”

“……Why didn’t the Empress get to drink? ”

It may be a sensitive question, but it was really a question that I wanted to try if I had a chance.

Valentine turned his head.

Jack was seen.Jack had a very sad look, which included relief.

And, the man that Jack embraces.

Daniel Milos.

Valentine said, looking at the child, even if I put it in my eyes.

“Did you say?Only those who do not give up can go up. ”

“……. ”

“That means that those who have a lot of time cannot climb.”

“Can you afford?”

“I mean.I always lived. ”

Valentine’s voice contained some sorrow.

“It was time to wait.Then I met that guy. ”

“……. ”

“I have been able to afford it since I connected with that guy.Feeling happiness and no reason to aim for higher places.Yes, I eventually gave up.It was changed and changed. ”

This time, Valentine swept Charlotte’s shoulders.

“Think about it.When did you feel when you had a lot of time, and when you felt it. ”

Charlotte swallowed saliva.

Should I say big enlightenment?

After becoming the owner of the forest of the beast, Charlotte has obviously affected.He pursued the revival of the fallen race, the vampire.In the western continent, vampires work in all kinds of places, no inspectors, inspectors, ordinary merchants, artifact producers, and anywhere.It was strange that I couldn’t afford it.

Charlotte’s goal was not to be drunk.

“The cell did not give up.I didn’t have a single day or a single moment without any birds.As far as I know, the cell went through that process.I pursued a higher level while fighting the terrible loneliness.The same is true for Daniel. ”

Valentine fell down and looked at Daniel.

“The will to succeed that emperor was alive, and his heart toward the cell was the driving force.That’s just that.Was it the answer? ”

“yes.The question was also solved. ”

Charlotte, who stopped talking for a while, asked Valentine again.

“By the way, I was released, but the Empress hasn’t been relaxed yet.”

“I mean?”

“……yes.I have called your Majesty as an emperor.…. ”

Clearly, the title that Valentine was called separatelyThere is.

But there are no emperors of those titles.

No matter how much you think.

“It’s ruined.”

“……Time regression, that? ”

“Yeah, I’m second to hold it alone.I can’t forgive my son’s death countlessly, that he has made the world as an experiment, and no matter how time he can turn. ”

“Even though it was good as a result?”

“I just liked the result.How can I ignore the blood that flowed during the process? ”

Valentine moves.

Jack found Valentine who walked without hesitation.

Jack smiles.

“saw?My son is so strong.…. ”


Valentine’s fist hit Jack.

Jack flew as it is.

It was not a matter of course, but the perforation is floating in the sky.So it is perforated.

Jack flew down now.

Valentine hugged Daniel after turning his head as if he was not interested.

“Good job.I really suffered.And I’m sorry. ”


Daniel laughed.

Digging into Valentine’s arms and speaking in a small voice.

“Thank you.mother.”

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