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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (640)

Chapter 640

It was roughly organized.

The things that happened in the east continued confessed and received the relationship with the cell.

It’s really right.

But there is a saying that the end is just the beginning.

The same is true now.

The end is just the beginning.

Jack said.


“Yes, father.”

“Should I work as a prince now?”

Daniel had something to say.

“Before that, there is one thing to do for sure.”

“What is it, that?”

“When will you retreat?”

Jack opened his eyes round.Not only Jack but also Charlotte and Valentine, who were watching on the kitchen side, opened their eyes.

“Are you a bit embarrassed?”

“Uh, but not a little.”

Jack smiles.The two men sat facing at the table and looked at each other’s eyes.

Daniel is to know Jack’s sincerity.

Jack also knows Daniel’s sincerity.

Each other knows each other well.

“I’m embarrassed, but I can’t answer.”

Jack moved to Valentine.I had a little sorry for Valentine’s face, and I laughed gently.

“There are several problems in the western continent.”

“Is that so?”

“Honestly, you don’t know because you all remember it.The history used from now on is a history that has not been in any moment.It’s like a butterfly effect from you walking. ”

Jack turned his head and looked at Daniel.

“Tanos said.I want to retire. ”

It was a little hot.

“Retirement, are you talking?”

“huh.When do you remember when you went up to the Supply Commission? ”

“yes.It is.4th Milos Power 28 years. ”

“And when was the longest thing?”

“It’s 40 years of Milos.”

“Until then, Tanos had never wanted to retire.I remember?”

“yes.It’s going. ”

“When you fought 1: 1 with Tanos in the East Content, Thanos then I think I can retire now.”

Daniel was silent for a while.

It definitely changed.

“He is the guardian of the Milos Empire, but you know.The position of the guardian is actually a meaningless place. ”

“……. ”

“The reason why Tanos is important is that he’s in charge of the caterpillar.As you know, the condensation is divided now. ”

“Are you not intended?”

“It was intended.And Tanos knows what I think.Ron, who was a former leader of the conduits, laid the framework of the coast, and Tanos, the current guideline, was to remove the impure molecules.son.”

“Yes, father.”

“Conductor is an organization that supports the Milos Empire.They are anywhere in the world and no wherever they are.The emperor’s eyes and ears are the beings. ”

“……. ”

“What this means is that you need to make the conduit a completely four forces to get a real hands and feet.Of course you have something to say.Shouldn’t we make Cheonma Protestant like a conduisan? ”

Jack laughed smoothly.

“Possible.It’s possible, but it’s too inefficient. ”

“Is that so?”

“why?Is your son think different? ”

“……Honestly, it’s not different. ”

Conducting, which has been loyal to the emperor for decades, and Cheonma Protestant, which suddenly led to the principal, are certainly different from the fundamentals.

“I don’t want to throw away Cheonma Protestantism.It means to thoroughly separate the two continents. ”

“Are you talking about separation?”

“I want to leave you to you to organize the conduits of the West Continent.If the conduit becomes a complete four forces, you can play with all the information of the West Continent.In other words, there is no shortage to sit in the emperor’s place. ”

Jack’s words were simple.

“You can organize the conduits of the West Continent.And make the conduction as yours.Then I will be good at that time. ”

Daniel was silent for a while.


“Yes, son.”

“Clean up the conduits, and then I will give you the emperor.Do you think that’s right? ”

“why?Do you think your son thinks about this time? ”


Jack looked interesting.

“What is different?I want to hear it once. ”

“The East Continent is underdeveloped as a whole now.”

“That’s right.”

“I want to rebuild the East Content.”

Jack scratched his chin.

Jack is not a fool.I quickly noticed what Daniel would say.

“Do you want to priorit?


Jack turned back and looked at Valentine.The heart pain was still there.

“honey.What do you think of your son’s retirement? ”What do you think?”

“Why do you ask me?I always thought alone and decided alone. ”

“Because I’m a loved one.”

At that point, Valentine wrote his mouth.

Jack smiled and said.Certainly, Jack has a lot of laughter.

“I feel like.I can’t decide alone now. ”

“……If you say so, what will change even if you delay your retirement a little later?My son wants it.then.”

“Should I listen?”

Valentine nodded.Jack looked back at Daniel.

“good.Let’s do what you say.Rebuild the East continent as the king of the East Continent.After that, go here.however.”

By the way, this was important.

“Then, will this place be the place where the king of the East continent and the emperor of the empire have a conversation?”


“Then, rather than as a son, I’ll talk about the king of the East Continent.Can you call the name of Dongwang Dong? ”

“I don’t care.your majesty.”

“good.Wang in the east.I want to ask, but I don’t think I’m too conceded? ”

“I do it.”

“Then should we be fair?I’ll have a condition on my side.You can organize the conduit alone. ”

“……To do it alone……? ”

“Do not borrow the power of Cheonma Protestantism.Did you say the Great Location?Yeongwol’s child was very intelligent.Do without help.The same is true of Tanos’ help, and the help of Ron and the alive Yangbul Hwi -do.Do not get the help of all that you have accumulated until today in the East Content. ”

This means.

“I will abolish my position as a guardian from today.And Tanos will take care of a vacation. ”

Daniel quietly heard Jack’s story.

“You don’t know that you are the prince yet?”

“yes.I do not know.”

“Then it will be simple.In the East Content Inspector, you will be moved to the official of the Conductor.Do you understand what you mean now? ”


“First, I went to the East Content and handled some things that were pushed, and then to the West continent.Can I give you a lot of time? ”

“It is enough.”

“After this, I’ll formally proclaim you as the king of the East Continent.”

Daniel nodded.

“Then let’s eat.”

“Yes, father.”

“Honey and Charlotte come here too.let’s eat together.long time.”

As such, there was a place to eat together.

Daniel felt.

Organize the conduit.

The fact that this will be the last thing in the West.

* * *

Returning to the West, I immediately collected all the people of Cheonma Protestantism.

Naturally, Tanos was no exception.

Only one person.

All except Master, everyone gathered as the East Continent Provincial Inspector.

In the meeting with them, I talked about the conversation with my father.

He did not talk about time regression or this, and his father wanted to handle the work of the East Continent with the power of the East Continent.I talked so far and looked at Tanos.

“He said that he said,“ From today, he’s eliminating his position as a guardian. ”

“Oh, is it right?”

Tanos was unexpectedly not taken seriously.

In the beginning, the position of the guardian was just a formal place, as everyone knows.

In the western continent, he is the next strong man, except for the emperor, and is the guardian who performs the emperor’s special name under the autonomy of the emperor.

It was right to get rid of it.There is no meaning.

I heard that in the first place, Tanos also suggested that it would be to get rid of his position as a guardian, so it seemed to be easily convinced.

But I couldn’t understand it a little next.

“And now I’m going on vacation.”


“yes.I heard that you have been asking you for a long time, but is it not? ”

“That’s right, but the vacation is now……. ”

It will be embarrassing for Tanos.It was true that I asked for vacation.That’s a clear fact.

The problem is time.

Now if you are now?

“There is something that could not be handled inside the conduit.”

“I tried to talk about it.”


Said it.

“The Majesty left me the work of the conduction.”

The meaning of this was simple.

Yeongwol, who was quietly silent, asked.

“Are you going back to the western continent?”

“Yes, he became a cathedral official.”

“……. ”

I looked at the Yeongwol of the expression that I lost my words.

“Why is it?”

“……I don’t understand. ”


“The principal has almost completely handled the work of the East continent.It’s no different from dominating the East Continent.The crime rate of a decimal pointIt is strange to not keep it.Not basic achievements, but in history, except for the Majesty Emperor’s Majesty, may not be able to achieve this achievement.It should be awarded, but it is not a matter of reference, but it is too unfair to go to the general official. ”

“What if it is unfair?”

For a while, Yeongwol opened his eyes.

Yeongwol is not a fool.Obviously smart

“……Do you think about living with Melon until this time? ”

I nodded.

To be precise.

“When I finished this work, he said he would proclaim the world as the king of the East continent.”

This is definitely great.

There is no king in the Milos Empire.There are actually those who act as a king, but they are not king.

It is definitely a different thing to be formally king.

It has never been in the history of the Milos Empire, and this step will greatly decorate the future history.

Perhaps it can be hardened with a system.

One emperor, one king.

And in that kingSitting is a prince or a person who has been completely recognized by the emperor.

I quietly looked around.Each one doesn’t say anything.

Silent in a small voice.

“You’re doing good.”


Everyone, including Tanos, stood up.

“sit down.Don’t over. ”

“……. ”

“I am the emperor of the Milos Empire after rebuilding the East Continent.”

“……Rebuilding……. ”

“I am going to make the East continent a holy place for unmanned.”

I knocked on the table.

“We will actively accept the writings of the West Continent, and the Moorim Sequence of the East Continent will be reorganized.”

“Reorganization……. ”

“There are too many names of the dead.I will erase everything and systematically rewrite.It will be treated to those who are highly ranked and entrusted.The collapsed buildings will be rebuilt and will be attracted to more Moorim forces to the canal.Yeongwol. ”

“……Yes, the principal. ”

“You have all plans.Let’s report the right plan. ”

Yeongwol keeps his eyes.Do you do it all?That look.

“you can do it.Don’t look at your own possibilities.And I’m going to sit a new person in the position of the associates.I was absent from this place. ”

Naturally, the person is Master.

I stood up slowly.

“Everyone knows that there is a disagreement in the conduit.Do not report to me, whether or not you know.I have to do this alone. ”

As I looked around, I stopped the eye on Tanos.

“Why don’t you spend your vacation in the longitudinal continent?”

“I’m a bleeding, this is a vacation in almost 10 years……. ”

“There is more to see than I thought in the East Content.There are many tourist destinations.Let’s take a break while coming.Let’s rest like that. ”

“Do you also help the work of Cheonma Protestantism?”

“yes.Would you have a hard time? ”

“it’s okay.But the words of your Majesty to go on vacation means that you accept the demands that I have been asking for. Do you know what it is? ”

“yes.I know.”

Tanos wants to retire.

“Well, it will be my last thing.”

“You have been a lot of trouble in the meantime.”

“Huh, my hard work was more than me.But why do you speak to me?I used to lower it well. ”

“Isn’t the situation different?Do you want to lower your words? ”

“what……I don’t care either way.Please do it for the comfort. ”

“Yes, then I helped me with the work of Cheonma Protestant.I will take care of the cost. ”

“……. ”


“no.Really, it was so similar to the suspension. ”

“I’m a son, of course I have to resemble.”

I looked around again.As if I declared, I talked.

“The work of the western continent does not take long.It’s going to be a long month, and I’m going to finish it in a month.So until then, everyone is doing well. ”

Yeongwol first stood up.Everyone stands up with her.Yangbulhui was no exception.

Everyone took the right to all.

“John Myung-!”

* * *

After leaving the seat, I went straight to the dragon’s canyon.

As before, a man appears first.

Black Dragon Gentua.

Oh, one thing was different.

His atmosphere.

If it had a very sharp atmosphere before, it was now a very soft atmosphere.

“I was waiting.’your majesty’.”

“……your majesty?”

“Cell told me to treat you like a road.and.”


“Are you not the emperor in the future?”

“That’s right.”

Gentua smiled and said.

“You are waiting.You can go up all the time. ”

I nodded and moved.

The walking step was light.

Although there is still one thing left, this is more important now.

I kept walking.

I am.

I was able to see Master waiting for me at the top of the dragon’s canyon.

“Are you here?”

I laughed.

There was no need.What do you need more than this?

I walked as it was.

One step, one step.

In a moment, I went to Master’s nose and kissed Master’s lips without hesitation.

Master is entangled with me.

I took off my clothes.Master also took off.

We shared love at the summit of the dragon’s canyon.

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