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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (641)

Episode 641

Master asked.

“Is the conversation well over?”

“yes.It’s finished well. ”

“You’re not talking only in words?”

“Of course not.”

Master looked at me as if he had told me more.It feels like it is urging with eyes.

“One with a fist with a face with a fist with a fist.I hit a total of two. ”

“What is the strength?”

“I did my best.My father bleeds, I first saw it today. ”

“That, it must have been worth seeing.It’s a pity that I haven’t seen it. ”

I looked at such a Master.

“Why do you look so?”

“Do you have no intention of feeling your feelings with your father?”

“……. ”

“I don’t want to control or do everything.just.”


“……It’s my fault. ”

I was serious.

“It was me who wanted strength.I made my father a monster.The reason Master and his father fought is because of me. ”

Master shook his head.

“If you go back to the source, it’s endless.I have to talk about the conversation.But that’s not now. ”


I no longer talked about that.

The bond between the two is deeper than I thought.

Then, someday it will be reconciled.

“Please take the position of the associates of Cheonma Protestant.”



“If you don’t like it, you don’t like it.”

“If you don’t like it for no reason, it’s embarrassing for me.”

Master, no, Cell looked at me with mysterious eyes.

“Why are you trying to give me an associate position?There will be more other people than me. ”

I shook my head.

“There is no right person.In the first place, I thought of Master for his assistant position. ”

I stroked the cell’s ball with my hands.

“I am the most believer, and I’m the one I love my most.”

“……. ”

“I’m not good at saying more than I see.I have told my father and mother that I love you, maybe 10 years. ”

“Based on the current age?”


I brought my lips to the cell’s lips.

I have to say that it tastes like cherry.It was soft.I removed it right away.

“So please take care of the associates.”

“……What is your term? ”

It seems to have passed.

“doesn’t exist.Unlimited.because.”

After stopping for a while, I smiled at my mouth and talked.

“Because I’m a loved one.I will be by my side.I don’t want to let go.You won’t let Master say he doesn’t like it. ”

“That’s a scary word.”

“Aren’t you as sweet as scary?”

“I haven’t been there anywhere, and I have a lot of skills.”

“thank you.So, are you in charge? ”

“Yes, don’t take it.”

Hugged the cell tightly.

Because of each other’s bare skin, the cell’s body feels more irritating.There is even no blanket.Looking at the natural scenery from the top of the mountain, he hugs the loved one naked.This is heaven.

The Master in my arms asked.

“By the way, I was in charge of cleaning the tube in the western continent?”

“yes.My father is completely absorbed by that overlook. ”

“……Absorption……. ”

The cell was not a fool.

“It will flow a lot.”

“It may flow less.I don’t guess. ”

“It tells me about the information I know.”

“It’s not possible.I will do it alone. ”

“Then when will you start?”

“I’m going to spend a week in the East continent.”

“one week?Isn’t the day starting with a cuisine official a week later. ”

“Just go to teleport and start.What would be urgent? ”

I want to spend more time with cells.

I am sincerely.

So, I shared my love for a week in the canyon of cells and dragons.

Like a crazy guy.

* * *


There was no one who ignored this organization in the Milos Empire.

It was an organization wrapped in a veil and it was no exaggeration to say that their power led the Milos Empire.

The number of redmasters alone is 70 people.

More than those who are active, more and more people are active.

Should I say the tip of the iceberg itself?

That much figures wander around the country as well as the West Continent.

What they did could be organized in one word.


Is there a dangerous person in the power of the power, starting with the secret of a powerful person, traveling around the country?

Is there any harm to the future of the Milos Empire?

Conductor collects all of those information.

The tube is the best unit because there is always a lack of people and must use only those who are capable.

Such troops are the best troops, and the minority personnel are teamed up.

Here, one of the many crops in the West continent, exactly five men gathered in a small bar to chat.

A man with arms folded in the corner opened his mouth.

“When we are new, do we need to come?”

A man who was quietly drinking to his question nodded.The man’s ball had a long scar.He was the leader of this place.

The leader answered.

“It’s not just a new recruit.”

“Then are you a great newcomer?”

“It wasn’t just great.”

Food, someone laughed.


“What is great?Where can I be the successor of the duke? ”

“It’s not.I found out that it was a commoner. ”

At the end of the leader, four men laughed.

The leader connects.

“The common people,” Melon, “which made the east continent noisy.”

Four people laughed at the same time.

A strange silence is in place.

I didn’t understand.The first man I asked before.

He was a man who raised a mustache, and his real name was Jacob Ramsey.The code name is a mustache, like a man with a mustache.Naturally, the leader there is also the code name.

The mustache said.

“Why did that crazy guy come here?No, the inspector comes to the official?Did you have this? ”

“It wasn’t just an inspector.He was the head of the temporary inspection agency of the East Continent.It was also the chief academy. ”

It was ridiculous.

The mustache sincerely did not understand.

“Is there a great background, not a commoner?”

Only then does the leader smile.

“If there was a great background, it would not have been at the East Continent Inspectorator, not the official.”

What this means was simple.

The man who was drinking milk, not alcohol, muttered small.

“I think you’re out of your eyes.”

“Yes, there is only that.The information of the continent was limited, so I couldn’t find it in detail, but the common people without the background ran too much.Apart from the ability, it’s crazy to have such a bomb. ”

“But we’ll do that crazy thing.”

“I don’t know that too.Why do we do it?If you don’t have the ability, you will be taken care of. ”

To be honest, the leader had no personal feelings for this newly issued new official.

I’m from the same commoners, not.

To be more precise, the leader is in the early stages.

In other words, he was a man from Santiaui Island and was too young at the time.

15 years old.

Even orphans.Orphan from the island.

No matter how early the initiative, even if the characters from the initiative preoccupy, the common people will not change.

It was not easy to go up to this place.

As a result of proving ability, he became a commoner in the ceiling as a commoner.

The leader hit the table.

“It’s a long tradition.Those who are newly issued in the conduit are those who are missing one of the heads, crazy, or arrogant. ”

“Leader, that’s a bit sad.Are we crazy? ”

“At least it’s not normal.”

“……. ”

“New recruits will be bitter.Even though I made a achievement to win as an inspector, it was “left” here. ”

Everyone shrugged.

The leader connects.

“I was moving with a team, so don’t do anything like a good army.Looking at the data, I was only twenty years old. ”

“I’m young.”

“Even if you are young, ‘red master’.”

Nun has said.

Jack, Tanos, and Cell.

There is a problem with the conduit.It is the second problem that factions are divided.The first problem is that each other deceives each other in the conduit.

It hides the existing information and prevents it from spreading.

They know the state of Melon as a red master, or advanced master.Nevertheless, everyone opened a lot.

“……It’s a monster. ”

“We will judge that abandoning the monster and holding it above, but we will think of him as the same family.Is there an objection? ”

Everyone answered at the same time.

“doesn’t exist.”

“Yes, then.”

That’s about 5 minutes.

Stop profit.

The door opens.

And there was a man who wore a huge jangpo and walked almost his tall sword on his waist.

Dream, drag.

The sword is attracted to the ground.

The first impression was too impressive.

Leaders, mustache, and the other three looked at him for a while.

The head was long.He tie the long hair backwards, to be honest, he is very handsome.

His steps were not the youngest inspection commissioner, rather than the person’s walk as a general official of the caterpillar.

I was so confident.

He said.

“Are you 4 teams dedicated to the Seyon Special Department who took the intelligence of Saygun Marquis?”

I was bruised at the moment.

I looked at each other for a while.I talked with my eyes.

Is that a lingering lingering?

The newcomer came and sat in vacancy.

“I think the condition is good, but what’s going on?I want to hear it. ”

As mentioned earlier, the task of the officials of the conduisan is more than a concubine.

It is not to monitor and behind the Milos Empire.It is also included.

Exactly, the main task of the conduction is that it is followed by important characters.

I’m not afraid of the conduction on the entire continent.I am not afraid of the emperor’s direct escort.BackDigging.

I’m afraid because this was the biggest.

Carl Sagan, who had a job a while ago.

He is the head of the Central Inspectorate and is at the top of the inspector.

If you didn’t dig out him, it would have done it anymore.

Carl Sagan has become a very important figure in the state, and he has already grasped the conduit what he is, but he felt the need to dig in more detail and in detail.

So the organization is a special dedicated to Saygun.

The special department consists of four teams, and each team leader consists of the competition.

The purpose is to sell Carl Sagan in more detail.

A new new employee was dispatched to four of them, which is Melon.

The officials of the four teams looked at Melon.

I am not an age to eat.It means that I did not hear it wrong.


The mustache was hardly buried.

“Are you crazy?”

It was a question, but I was already convinced inside.

It is clear that new recruits are crazy.

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