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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (642)

Episode 642

I didn’t have to think deeply.

Just think simple.

The reason I go to the officials of the Conductor is to absorb the forces of the conduisan under my lines.

The father clearly uses a group called conduction.They cannot ignore their power.

Clearly absorption is the best option.

Cheonma Protestantism needs to reorganize the new system to replace the role of the conduit.

Above all, there are many people in Cheonma Protestant.The guys who lived with a knife were almost not satisfied with the force of each.They can go near the second conduit, but they cannot be a conduit.It’s so inefficient.

Obviously, it is the next best thing to replace Cheonma Protestant.If I don’t like the condensation, I also think about how to annihilate the conduction.

I sat down and asked.

The current 4 team’s progress.

A strange silence flows for a while.

I looked around the water.

I’m not a fool, and I can’t have investigated the conduit.

It is not that we borrowed the power of Cheonma Protestantism.I knew it before.And I know the future 10 years later.Although the direction is different, the relationship between the people who make the direction, who is powerful.

Such information is crisp.

Duke of Carl Sagan, the chief inspector.

He is definitely a great man.

A man who always lived crazy about training and knows how to wait for time.

He was even hiding in the shade even when his father ran around both continents.

He has led more than dozens of information organizations and has led more than hundreds of general armed groups.

He now has a count in the disappeared cradle kingdom and started with his own when he moved to the Milos Empire.

However, he was so excited and the awl in his pocket is popped out.

Let’s think.

10 years.

In that decade, Carl Sagan became a marquise in his own and became the head of the investigation commander of the Central Inspectorate.

And 10 years later.

He became a duke and became the head of the Central Inspector.

It has become the head of the organization that exercises the same authority to the conduit.Only 10 years.

“Carl Seedga, certainly, did you find at least dozens of crops?”

A man with an impressive mustache stood up.

“Let’s see this baby, so I’m not bloody in this head, and if I’m a new employee, I will get a new head like a new employee.Do you know that this is the inspection office where you were? ”

“I don’t think there’s much difference, why?Are you dissatisfied? ”

“Of course it’s dissatisfied.This is a cub-! ”

The mustache stood up immediately and ran to me with the table.

I looked at the water.The feet of the mustache are swung.It is clear that you want to kick me as it is.

I raised my hand as it was.


Lightly caught.

It was not a millie map or a blow.

“Is it a red master?”

When I muttered small, my mustache looked at me with an embarrassing face.

“why?Is it surprising?Did you catch this foot? ”

“……What are you.”

“Well, as long as you say.”

The mustache shook its head.

“No, our strength is a red master to grasp.however……You are not a red master. ”

Those sitting on the table stood up at once.

The sigh bursts out.

I bounced my fingers.


Along with the clear sound, everyone, including mustache, sits right away.The sighs broke out were simple.Really.

“It’s a spectacle.”

It continues to emphasize, but what kind of organization is the conduit?

It is a group that is responsible for the imperial imperialists of the Milos Empire.It doesn’t matter if you call the Knights, the Guards, and what you call it.That is a powerful organization.

But all of that eventually begin with information.

Conductor is a group that collects information.

There were a lot of people who died in my hand while I was crazy in the East continent.

Among them are the transcendentals.

Life and death, mythology, and even natural.

But these nerds in front of you did not know who I had killed.

What does this mean?

“How severe the faction is, how severe will it control information in the condensation?. ”

I twisted my legs.

In the beginning, even though I was moved to the cathedral official, I was not a stupid god and why should I bow to them?


I’m sorry, but if the drone who came to the drummer leans his head to the red master because of the discipline, that’s more nerd.

I have no intention of hiding and going.

What was sold in the past was all in the past.

There is also no strong person who leans his head to the weak.

As long as I came to the conduit, I must be treated as a person who is not a general official but a person.

It’s simple.

Because the world moves by force.

“The team leader……. ”

After stopping for a while, I looked at the man who was overwhelmed.

There is a long scars on the face.

It’s familiar.

“You are you.The name is Goldway, right? ”


“Yes, you are the team leader, so I have to talk to you.”

I bounced my fingers one more time.

Everyone except me and Goldway bounce off.

At the same time, I was sitting around the table where I was sitting.

Unless I allow it, no one can come in in this world except my father and cell.

I released the mana that was pressing the goldway.

“sit down.comfortable.”

“……. ”

“Don’t let me speak twice.sit down.”

The goldway, which was in the middle, sat down.

He looks at me with trembling eyes.Before his mouth opened, I opened my mouth first.

“I wonder how much control is.Who am I? ”

“……This is a new employee who has been appointed as a four team dedicated to Sagan. ”

“Where did I come here?”

“The Director of the East Continent Provisional Inspector.”

“Do you know the fact that the chimera appeared in the East continent?”


“Who handled it?”

“……I know that the Dragon Road, Cell, and the Guannos of the Conductor, Tanos, and both of them, and the head of the temporary inspector of the East Continent. ”

I burst into laughter.

“Do you have any more parts to talk about that?”

“there is.”


“Some officials of the conduits, and some Daejeon companies know that the head of the Temporary Inspectorate, the head of the Temporary Inspectorate, killed the revived monsters, including chimera.”

“Who believe it?”

“There is almost no.Rumors were also rumored in the western continent, but they disappeared because they didn’t understand common sense.In the end, it is known that the dragon road and the provision of the conduits have worked together to organize everything. ”

It was a bit sad.

“Who killed Ryujin?”

“Dragon Road.”

“Hyukjin River?”

“Conductor of the tube.”

“How is it?”

“……Dragon Road. ”

“Do you know about Hoecheon Bridge?”

“I saw it.”

“Who did you organize that Hoecheon Bridge?”

“Dragon Road.”

I knocked on the table.This is a bit ridiculous.

“There are many merchants who have come to the canal of the world, but have they all blocked their mouths?”

“……It’s not. ”


“It’s just so unrealistic that it has been modified.I don’t know how much you know about the conduit, but we just get information and report it above, and it is not our jurisdiction to bring it out of the world.It is the jurisdiction of ‘above’. ”

I understand.

Even if the distance is far and no matter how much the officials of the conduits run around, the information they have created depends on the taste of those above.And in order to control information, it means that you have dominated the real power since earlier.

“Is it since Kwanju went to the East Content?”

“……. ”

“What do you know, what do you know, as soon as you leave your place as soon as you leave your seat…….It’s fun. ”

I stirped my hand as it was.

The encounter is as it is.

He said, leaning back on the chair.

“Come and seat all.”

“……. ”

“I keep telling you twice.If you say one more time in the future, you will kill you.So come and sit. ”

Eventually, the rest of the team members came to sit.

“I would have heard the conversation, but is it all the same as Goldway’s opinion?”


“Do you know the names of the team leaders of the rest of the team except 4 teams?”

Goldway nodded.

“Let’s talk.”

“Team 1 is Floyd.As a great temple of the Conductor, he was from the early Castor.…. ”

I shook my head.

“I don’t need a long explanation.Just say your name. ”

“……The two team leader is Emerald Zen, and the 3rd team leader is Thomas Puki.Other team members do not know.It’s a private operation, so it’s not open to it. ”

“Do you not know this team member?”


I laughed.


This man is a person who is left as a general subsidiary of the supply office in the Daejeon Temple of the Future Conductor.I have been domestic and I have been in my order.

In the end, he returns to the counterparts of the Conductor, but it will not happen.

“You’re naive.”


It’s not just a goldway.It’s all about those around you.

“Each of the name is not.What’s your name? ”

The mustache is Nicholas Moisaner, the other team members are Ageer, and Alex Shuatz.

I decided to set a simple nickname.

“You are a mustache.And Aerer, you are hot.Alec Shuatz, you have a big head.And goldway. ”


“You just call it goldway.That’s more comfortable. ”

The Cheonma New Sword, which was wearing a waist dance, was put on the table.If you accept it as an armed demonstration, you can’t help it.no reason.

The rest of the teams saw my sword and swallowed saliva.

“……This sword, no way……. ”

“You know.”

“yes…….I can’t know.Isn’t this a cheonma new sword? ”

“It’s quite.”

“I only saw it as a literature…….This year, this atmosphere, really.This is right.…. ”

Goldway swallows saliva.

“why?Are you greedy? ”

“……no.”“I don’t want to say anything.A good sword is in front of you, but if you are not greedy, that’s no longer. ”

I laughed smoothly.

“By the way, do not act.It’s a sword that no one except me can handle it. ”

I am sincerely.I will kill you if there is a guy who wants to take me away.So there can be no one who can deal with me.

“Now, it’s all so calm, so let’s talk properly.I get all the commands in the future.Your best command is me.Did you understand? ”

“……I know you’re strong, but there’s a system in the conduits. ”

“You don’t know that the system is on the verge of collapse?”


“All things that happened in the East continued are being distorted and transmitted.It’s fun. ”

Goldway asked.

“What do you think is distorted?”


“……. ”

“I killed Youngjeong, killed Ryujin, and killed the Hyukjin River.Not Guanju and Road. ”

“……What is that now?…. ”

“It is also to kill the Baekgok, which was the triangular tribe of the conduits, and to break down the Hoecheon Bridge and to be reorganized into the Cheonma Protestant Bridge and accepted it.Talk about the system in this situation?Goldway, don’t you really know what’s going on now? ”

Obviously, Goldway or those here are not fools.It just made it look stupid.

“I want to ask at this point, but what are you investigating the Saygun Duke?”

The four team officials who noticed each other looked at the Goldway at the same time.

Goldway said.

“A short time ago, Jordi Dyson, an existing central inspector, came down from the office.”

It’s a story that’s less than a month.

“And the next day, Carl Sagan became the head of the chief of the Central Inspector’s Inspector’s Investigation Division.We were investigating this part. ”

“What are the results of the survey?”

“……There was no strange thing. ”

“Of course, you don’t want to stop?”


“There are four teams coming to investigate, and I know that the three teams, except for you, follow the command of“ madwell ”among the triads of the conduits.Am I right?”

“you’re right.”

Obviously there is a system in the conduit.

First of all, there is Guanju, and there are deputy, Samjeon, and Daejeon.And there is a general official under it.

The important thing is Samjeon Temple.

Samjeonsa Temple is Mangwoon, Oliver Nouwood, and Baekgok.

There were three people like this.

Among them, the white song died and another person was appointed.

His name is Edin.


The family with blood and blood is right.

The family who made the early condolences.

“Are you going to move with the order of Oliver Nouwood?”

“you’re right.”

“Oliver Nouwood is a man who was neutral.Do you think he will still be neutral? ”

“……. ”

“This is a guess, but his attitude would have changed since the death of the white song.He is no longer neutral.Among the major history he deals with, they are Goldway, one.And the rest of the mustache, head, and duck heads have always followed Goldway. ”

Goldway noticed what it was.

“no way……Do you mean that we abandoned us? ”

“Isn’t it obvious?The core characters of the Conductor do not know that Tanos, who was a state of Guan, wants to retire.I have moved from the beginning, and I want to improve my relationship with Duke Carl Sagan, the chief inspector. ”

“……Is there a basis? ”

“Is it necessary until the basis?The inspectors and the cathedral are formally up and down, but eventually independent of the organization.Will Tanos retired and came to the place, is it stronger than Carl Se -gun? ”

“……. ”

“No matter how much you are protected by your Majesty, it’s natural to be pushed by power.The head, which is currently dominated by the caterpillar, will be keen to join hands with Carl Sagan.But I have already dug up the Karl Sagan, so I have to prove that Karl Sagan is clean to improve my relationship. ”

“……. ”

“I want to ask one, but I think Carl Sagan is a person who leaves a trace?”

“……. ”

“I will tell you the future.You won’t have any data on Carl Sagan.It’s new, but you are not belonging to any faction.You will not be exiled in any way, who have not performed the specialty of the condensation.Some will die, and some people move to unwanted positions.For example, the supply office of the supply office. ”

“……That is too bad. ”

“Is it a leap?So what is the mission of the other three team leaders except you? ”

“It is to dig the corruption of the characters around Sagan.”

“Would you like to bet with me?”

“……Are you saying? ”

“The three teams will choose only those who are annoying to the Duke.They are those who follow the deputy.In the end, the other three will achieve results and you will have no results.After that, as mentioned earlier, the process will proceed. ”

“It’s ridiculous.that is……I can’t. ”

I burst into laughter.

“That’s your thought.And you are just the beginning.Those who want to see the Duke of Sagan will summarize one by one of the clerks of the conduits.If you don’t believe it, let’s go to see what the three teams except you have investigated and who specified. ”

I checked the time for a while.

14 pm.

“One hour.Investigate within an hour.If my words are wrong, I will go to your youngest.But if my words are right, you are. ”

I looked at the four team members one by one with serious eyes.

“Follow my orders in the future.I don’t hate you like you. ”

“……. ”

“What are you doing?Go. ”

“……yes.You don’t need 1 hour.30 minutes is enough. ”

“That’s it.”

The team members of the four teams went out at once.

30 minutes have passed since.

They come back again.Their expression was not unusual.

“They were investigating something strange.”

“It was not selling Seigan, but it was organizing the corruption of Sagan.”

“The bastards to eat.”

“We were deceived.”

I asked them one by one.

“Are you ready to follow my command now?”


“Then prepare.”

“Are you ready?”

What they were preparing was not at all.Rather, I wondered.

“Is there a reason to save the officials who have lost neutrality?”

Everyone opens their eyes wide.

He told Cell to be handled in a month, but honestly, he doesn’t need it for a month.

I will finish everything in a few days.

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