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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (643)

Episode 643

The Floyd of Sagan Special Team 1 said.

“So, when the goldway and the cubs are organized?”

The man in front of him laughed.

His name is Emerald Zen.

The long hair was a very impressive handsome man.He is also known as Baron Zen’s Baron, and he looks at another man sitting next to him.

He was bald, and he looked like a bother.

Puki’s own Puki’s own work, the full name is Thomas Fuki.

All of the officials of the Conductor are working in the shade.

In this way, there are people who are active in Yangji.

They are ruled by the territory and also work in social community.

Literally, Floyd, who only works in the shade, asked again.

“When will you organize?”

Baron Zen shook his head.

“Do we have to clean up?”

“What are you talking about?The four teams cross the lines of the Sagan Duke, and the three teams summarize it, this is the original scenario? ”

“Forget the original scenario.The order was given separately from ‘’ ’.”

“What order?”

“I just let go of the four teams.After this work, I will take care of it elsewhere. ”

“What do we do?”

“It was told to continue.”


“It’s a gift to Sagan.”

Those who were here were not fools.

Obviously, Sagan Duke is not a clean man.

In the process of gaining strength, he killed many people and increased his property in an illegal way.

There are three teams except for four teams to cover him.

What is the way to hide the chibu?

It was simple.

Those who are investigating the ministry are announced that they cannot be “no charges” or “no sin.”

That’s right if the officials of the conduits judge that the special teams of the special dedicated team are innocent.

So Sagan’s bill is hidden.

This is a gift from Sagan.

“By the way, is it clear that he is inaugurated this time?”

“I don’t know.It’s not a one -day double day, and it’s obvious to see his son’s appointment in Samjeon Temple? ”

It was so natural that I didn’t mention it.

Who is the organization that creates factions in an alternative conduction?

And who is the organization?

The officials work as a direct unit of the emperor.I feel proud of that fact.

It is not a place where anyone can sit, and it is a place that no one can receive.

It was also a meeting of the deceased, and at least when it was limited to “ability” on the continent, the top -level people were registered as candidates.

If you get a question again, how can you make a faction within these organizations?And what kind of guy is that the officials of the council share the information and who are handing over?

It was simple.

There is a deep kite with the emperor and no one can easily touch it in the world.

It’s a very heterogeneous family, but it’s not the ability to have it.

It is the Gunnar family.

Currently, the deputy of the caterpillar is Dennis Gunnar.

There is no one who does not know that the current emperor has a mixture of Gunnar.

The name of the mother’s mother was Noah Gunnar.

Even in the Gunnar family, it was directly and had a very high rank.

Perhaps the name of the Milos Empire was the Gunnar Empire.The family called Gunnar was famous.

The Gunnar is now trying to make a faction in the conduits and transform the condensation itself into his direct unit.That’s the situation now.

“But is it clear that the emperor won’t come out?”

“I’m sure.The emperor is also a person.Even though they have a divine handling, they are only transcendentals, ordinary humans, or after all.He doesn’t know everything.It’s strange that the person who is stuck in perforation knows it. ”

“It’s too bad to speak.”

“What do you do?And the source of the blood line is the Gunnar family.

The situation was telling me.

“If I had to touch it, I would have touched it.He obviously knew that there was a faction in the conduit, but he turned away.What does this mean? ”

The answer came from elsewhere.

“It means to gather together and kill it.”

The three men stood up at the same time.I took out the weapon.

It’s just late.

Kuuung- !!

A huge pressure crushed all three.The weapon is extracted as well as the ground.

They could see.

A man who is walking slowly and four men who follow him.

The man walking earlier was coming by dragging his tall sword to the ground.What are you doing?

“Let’s hear it, it’s really a spectacle.”

Emerald Zen shouted.

“bloke!Do you know and touch who we are! ”

“know.Aren’t the crazy mergs? ”

The man was left.It was a moment.Emerald Zen is on the floor, and his head tramples his head.Emerald looked up at the man with shaking eyes.I couldn’t see it or feel it with my eyes.The man connects.

“But the mud cub now doesn’t know the owner.”

“……what are you talking about.we……. ”

“Even if I lost my neutrality, I even called the Majesty’s Majesty” a guy in perforation. “It’s amazing. ”

The man, no, thought that Melon sincerely was great.

“It’s a nation in no place, noble, and natural.This one by one is strange.however.”

It was increasingly strength to the feet.

“Are you not a conduit?The guys who have to monitor and collect information on enemies that threaten the comfort of the emperor and the emperor and other Milos Empire are ‘stuck in perforation’? ”

Melon, who tried to strengthen his feet, stopped for a while.

“I just tried to kill, but my thoughts changed.You can’t easily kill these bursts. ”

I turned my head.Melon’s eyes encounter Goldway, who looked at the situation from the back.Melon asked.

“Is this the special dedicated department here?”

“……Yes, right. ”

Then it becomes comfortable.



“Three people here, take it and torture.”

Goldway’s eyebrows shrink slightly.

“……I mean? ”

“Who is the torture technician here other than you?”

Sincerely, Goldway seemed to be puzzled.

“……The information about me is almost a secret, how do you know? ”

“I can know everything.So go and torture.The rest of you are all the team members.Can you do it? ”

“……It’s a little hard, but you can catch it with time. ”

They belong to the team, but eventually move separately.

If the team members of the four teams come together and catch each one by one, you can definitely catch it.

“Come everything.And go to the basement and torture everything.Eye, ears, arms, legs, organs, mana circuits, all torn.Just take a breath. ”

“……Have you ever obtained? ”

Melon laughed.

“does not exist.When you gathered information like you, I heard it, and I heard everything and found out that I knew.So let’s suffer as much as possible.Just put your breath. ”

Melon took a step and approached Goldway.

“Can you do it?”

“……I can do it, but why do you do this? ”


Goldway asked why.Melon answered without hesitation.

“I am going to pull out the roots.”

“……. ”

“why?Do you hate it? ”

“I hate it.However, as I said earlier, there is a system in the condensation.When Samjeon comes here, what the hell should we answer? ”

There is no need to think or reason.

“It’s better if Samjeon comes.I was less likely to go directly. ”


“Just wait for them.I give you all the opportunity to torture. ”

If there were people coming, they would overpower them.

Goldway was clearly aware that the man in front of him was the minimum transcendental.

It’s not just a transcendental.

Natural police, more than that.Such a monster that can’t exist is clear.

“Are you going to report above?”

“……yes.I will do it. ”

“The reason is?”

“Because I am not yours, it is not your own.You can tell you not to report. ”

“It means you have been prepared for death.”

Goldway’s eyes were not shaken.That was enough.

The goldway that Melon knows is correct.

“Do you like it.You have never disappointed me all the time. ”

“……. ”

“Report.Melon’s newcomer ruined a special team.And now he’s tortured all the other three team members as he commanded. ”

“……. ”

“Do everything you want to do.But don’t torture.Goldway. ”

Melon raised his hand and grabbed Goldway’s shoulders.

“Don’t be disappointed.Like the Daejeon of the Conductor, punish the guys who showed your Majesty.Responsibility is supported. ”

“……All right.”

Melon moved as it was.

Goldway asked Melon.

“where……Are you trying to go? ”

Melon smiles.Of course there is only one place to go.

“I will meet with the head of the Central Inspectorate.”

“……. ”

“Let’s work hard.”

Melon disappears.On the spot, Goldway almost bowed his head.

What the hell is that man?

I have this charisma.

4 team members, including mustache, approached Goldway.

“Team leader, what are you going to do?”

“……There is nothing wrong with that man’s words.Catch the rest.And see it on the roadside on the way.Everything we do now. ”

like that.

The four team members went to catch the remaining special teams, and Goldway moved to the basement with three stunned people.

Soon there is a screaming sound.

* * *

next day.

It was 08 am.

One manEnter the entrance.

There was no hesitation in his steps.

Those who went to work earlier bowed as soon as they found him.

“Commissioner.good morning.”

Karl Sagan, who nodded silently, climbed the stairs.

The office is at the top.

He walked like that and opened the office door.

Go inside slowly.Walking to the desk and sitting in a chair, he stopped at the moment.

“I go to work early.”

I lifted my head.

The office is big.Carl Sagan is reported here.Sometimes you get a report at the office desk, but if you come to report, you will be reported.

There are exactly 12 chairs they will sit.It is a chair surrounding a huge table, and now a man was sitting there.

I swallowed the saliva.

To be honest.

It is true that you did not turn your head toward that desk when you came in.

But Carl Sagan is a monster of natural nursery.

You can understand it with energy without seeing it yourself.

However, it was perfectly missed that someone was in the office.It was natural that the expression hardened.

“Don’t be nervous.I came because I had water. ”

Carl Sagan’s eyes are big.

That voice, that appearance.

It was unnatural but pierced as if it was covered with a confusion on the face.I don’t know.

“……Prince Jeon? ”

“Come here and sit.”

“……. ”

“Don’t let me speak twice.sit down.”

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