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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (644)

Episode 644

A strange silence is in place.

Carl Sagan’s expression, sitting opposite, was hardened.It is usually good to hide the emotions of high -levels that are about natural light.

But Carl Sagan was embarrassed so that he couldn’t even think about it.

“……Maybe you have a great achievement, is it right? ”

I nodded.

“We will reduce it.The future of the Milos Empire is even brighter. ”

I laughed.

“Sagan Duke, are you embarrassed?”

“yes.I’m embarrassed. ”

“What is embarrassing?”

“There are two things.The first is because the Majesty is a young age of only 20 years old, so he was in an unknown state.And the second is. ”

“second is?”

“I wonder why you waited here.”

“The first is that, and the second is that the prince wants to create a good relationship with the commissioner of the Central Inspectorate?”

Sagan’s expression hardens for a while.

“……A good relationship, I have no reason to do it.But I think there’s a reason for this secret, but I want to hear the specific content. ”


This is a really good word to think about it.

“When I moved from the cradle to the Milos Empire, I killed a lot of people.

“……It was an age of confusion.I would have died if I had been to kill and I hadn’t killed it. ”

“Even when I went to the Milos Empire, I accepted the information organizations and mercenaries that had been connected at the time, and in the process, more blood flowed.What is this? ”

Sagan’s brow is frowned.

“Prince’s Majesty.”


“I’m very embarrassed now.”

“What is the point?”

“I want to ask.If you are prince, will you let go of those who go beyond the place of the prince? ”

I smiled and answered.

“I can’t do it.”

“It’s the same.”

“It’s the same, but it shouldn’t be the same as the conduisan, but the same as the deputy?”

Sagan is fluttering.

“I’m a little disappointed.You are known as one of the people internally and externally, cold, and passionate.He is also a former position in the Milos Empire in just 20 years.What did you call?Almost icon of success?It’s a funny nickname, but do you like this? ”

“Prince’s Majesty.”


“Are you doing this because I had a close relationship with the deputy of the conduit?”

I shook my head.

“Exactly, it’s because of the factions inside the conduits.”

“……. ”

“I think I want to go into the main point, but I like it.Go to the main point.Did you caught Dennis Gunnar? ”


“What did you do with the condition of doing that?”

“I decided to pretend not to know the‘ 숙 ’in the conduit that will take place in the future.”

What are all things in the world?It happens.

Especially for those who draw a big picture, the action is inevitable.

No, it is different from that of ordinary people that those who are in the right power of the power draw a big picture.

Carl Seedan, the head of the Central Inspectorator, is not a normal person, and Dennis Gunnar, the deputy of the cathedral, is not an ordinary person.

In particular, the latter case is a problem.

Even though I was a man of the Gunnar family.

“I didn’t want to waste time.Carl Seedan. ”

“……Yes, the prince’s charge. ”

“I don’t think you are stupid.I don’t think you were still when Dennis Gunnar was unveiling your belt. ”

“……. ”

“How did you investigate the guys who were given to Dennis Gunnar, who wants to take control of the conduit?”

Carl Sagan was silent for a while.It seems to be seriously thinking about something.He said.

“I have investigated all.I have been reported once a day from the characters and the current position. ”


I am sincerely.

“What would you do if I told them to release their list?”

“I’ll give you.”

I twisted my legs.Quietly speaking.

“My father had a genius named Abeiru and a mother of mother.”

“……. ”

“There are people who are similar to me now.Yeongwol, the great lake of Cheonma Protestant, is a natural disaster.As a person who will stabilize and stabilize the turmoil of the East continent, there are few people like her.The elders underneath are great too.But Yang Bul -hui will retire soon.Tanos, the owner of the conduits, will retire.In the beginning, Guardians, the Conductor, was not a person who wanted this place.And Dragon Road, I will be a Master for me.In this place, it is not known as a road for convenience.Rod has become an associate owner of Cheonma Protestant, but you know well. ”

“……Do you mean that you are not good with your current emperor? ”

“okay.You’ll be reconciled in my best.That’s there.The dragons do not come to the western continent.Most of them will stay in the East Content. ”

“……. ”

“Honestly speaking.Karl Seedan, I am coveted. ”

Gulp, Sagan Duke swallows saliva.

“I think the desire for power is considerable, but let’s talk about it.

“……Are you realistic?Or are you in your head? ”

“just the way it is.”

Carl Sagan looked around.There is no one around here.No one can come.

I blocked it.

Carl Seegan has a bush.He expressed the desire he had hidden.His mouth opens.

“I want the place where the prince is, or beyond it.”

“Do you want the emperor’s place?”


“It’s too unrealistic.It’s a disrespect. ”

“It is unrealistic, but it should be a man with that ambition.The Buddhist scriptures have already been taken. ”

Hahaha, laughed.

right.The boy should have that ambition.

“But I don’t think the emperor will be.That place is my seat. ”

“……. ”

“I can’t even see it.It would have been possible if you had been faster than me, but unfortunately I climbed first.Now, Carl Sagan, ask again.What do you think you can go up to? ”

“……The title seems to be able to go to the peacock, the position of the position, and the only cognition. ”

I nodded.

“It would be worth it.Sagan Duke. ”

“yes.Prince Jeon. ”

“Can you give me your life?”

“……. ”

“It gives you a chance to compete properly without bias.If you take your life to me, you will be a rehabilitation of this country in 10 years. ”

“Do you believe in me?”

“You don’t know, but I believe in your power.It’s not a dog or a cow in a natural view.His Majesty had an excellent manner called Abeiru.I also need a rejection of you. ”

Carl Sagan looked at my smile.He told me.

“It is three times.”

“third time?”

“If you make me in a state of combat in three attacks, I will risk my life.”

Carl Sagan wants to compete with me in some way.

“I will hand out all the statements of the officials of the Line Castle on the Dennis Gunnar side, which I mentioned earlier without responding to my offer.”

“Is there no reason not to respond?”

“Then will you move?”

I nodded.

But before you move.

“I’m looking for a man.I want to find out where he is. ”

“I want to know the name of the person looking.”

“Antonio Sena.”

The two eyes of the Duke of Sagan are rounded.

I can’t know that name.

Antonio Sena is a man of the early tuition.He has been a very important position from there, and he also played a big role in rebirth as the imperial guards of the Milos Empire.

He served as the deputy of the province from 1 to 13 years from the Milos Empire, and after 14 years, he declared his retirement.

In other words, Dennis Gunnar, the deputy director of the current conduits, has been in charge of the deputy for more than twice as much as he has been sitting in the deputy since 14th.

“……It’s been a long time in others’ mouths.If you are a man, she is in the artist. ”


“I was invited as a guest.It seems to have been about two years.I teach my ugly son and daughter in Saygun Duke. ”

“A tutor, is it doing something like that?”

“It’s similar.”

I scratched my chin.


“I move from seat.”

“yes.I know the empty vacant lot.I will guide you. ”

* * *

Blood drops.

Goldway looked at the blood.

I think it’s still short.

Although it is ridiculous to follow the command of the new recruit, Melon, I did not think that the situation is wrong now.

15 people in front of you.

They were bleeding all over the body, and some were completely torn and mana circuits.

Those who screams, those who give up, and those who are begging to save them.

These are the painful fingers of the conduction.


It was good to see it.

“……Honestly, there is no big resentment to you. ”

It was only to be told to save swearwords, but Goldway was silently speaking.

“I couldn’t realize myself, but you are the bugs that have eaten the power of the forces of the conduction from inside.”

I really thought so.

“Is the command down from above?I couldn’t help it with it?The loyalty of the conduit is not the deputy or the lord.depose.The closed order is ordered to the conduit and we do things that meet the order.It’s like a wheel of the cart.You were second to the Majesty’s commands, and first heard the order of the person you are serving.Since when did the deputy of the catheter be higher than your Majesty? ”

He picked up the legs of the man in front of him with a knife.Fuwook.

It did not stop from the chopping.I killed it down.

Blood flows over.

“I reported to Samjeon as a communication district.Then he saidarmy.Is it crazy.How can the officials disobey the order now, and it’s rebellion.Other than that, it was too rotten even if it was rot. ”


I reported to each Samjeon Temple to see what I was doing as a communication district.

“I already knew that it was actually the assistant’s dogma to dig out the corruption of Carl Sagan.In the future, when Sagan’s power became bigger, I was thinking that he would be a weapon to turn his neck. ”

“……Stop, stop! ”

“You are garbage that wants to cover the back of Carl Sagan.Such garbage doesn’t even need mercy. ”

I cut my legs as it was.

Emerald Zen, one of the team leaders who lost one left foot, spit out.

“Probably, whatever the end of this work, I will die.The new recruit is also a transcendental, but it will die for shaking the inside of the catheter.I’m satisfied just to kill you like you. ”

It was the time when Goldway, who had raised the knife, tried to tear the Emerald Zen’s neck with the sword.


Someone grabbed Goldway’s wrist.

Goldway turns his head.His two eyes were shaken hard.

Honestly, I thought it was melon.

But not.

Not more problem.

I know this man, Goldway.

“It’s been a long time.Have you been doing well? ”

“……Senior Daejeon……? ”

Antonio Sena.

None of those who have flowed into the Milos Empire from the early condolences who do not know him.

He was the first deputy of the condensation, which was ordered by all the high -end companies in the early condensation, the chief Daejeon, and was reorganized after moving to the Milos Empire, and he laid the foundation for more than 13 years.

His gray hair was almost no different from the time he lived on the island.

It was amazing.

And this pressure.

“……Did you transcend the bell? ”

“I did it.4 years ago. ”

“……. ”

“But Goldway, I don’t understand the situation now.Why are the officials of the Conductor torture the officials? ”

“……They abandoned the duty of the conduit. ”



Antonio Sena bounced his finger.

Then everyone except Goldway falls on the spot.

Antonio leaned back on the grate in the corner.

“I want to hear the story.Can you do it? ”

Goldway nodded around.

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