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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (645)

Episode 645

As with other transcendentals, Carl Segun has crossed a lot of diagonal lines.

Of course, you can’t deny that talent.But even before they blossomed that talent, they are not one or two.

I had to challenge myself and I had to know myself.

Carl Seegan hasn’t been thinking about stopping here yet.It was not a stop for this place.

I lifted my head.

The son of the emperor, the prince of the Milos Empire.

Daniel Milos, he can see.

His firmly closed mouth had a small smile, and his two eyes were fixed to Carl Sagan.

I don’t want to deny it.

He is extraordinary.No, it is not enough to say that it is extraordinary.It is a genius in genius.

Perhaps you can get higher than the current emperor Jack Milos.

So you can’t back down here.

Carl Sagan’s current position is the Sayan Duke and the Central Inspector’s Office.

But not all of that modifier.

Karl Seegan thinks he is just a “Karl Segan.”

There are only modifiers such as the peacock or the commander.

Carl is a warrior.

Although it is also a magic, I just learned to help self -defense and to help with “swordsmanship.”

The space next to the knife is distorted.He reached out without hesitation.Suhwook, hand is in.

As in the case of putting it, Sagan pulled out his hand without hesitation.His hand had a black sack.

Daniel said.

“You’re a familiar sword.”

Daniel can’t know.Daniel, including Daniel, will probably have less than 20 people.

It’s a sword that I received in front of the 20 people.

“Omany, one of the weapons that Emperor’s Majesty created in preparation for a battle with Ragnarok.”

It is very different from the originals I made at the time.

When you deal with Ragnarok, all weapons are broken.

This is a new one.Not only arrogant, but also a total of seven.Of course, each name is different.

“Later, we gave a total of seven weapons to those who would lead the continent and gave me this arrogance.”

Oman’s sword was smooth.It was exhausting a sharp expectation, and the sword handle was surrounded by natural leather of this weapon.

It is a weapon that Dwarf’s patriarchs made overnight.

Wrap it in your hand.

It gave power.


At the same time, a huge energy began to emerge from Sagan’s body.It was roar.

The roar of the strongest who lived with his own strength and hidden his own power.

White smoke began to rise in Saygun’s body.It soon wet the earth as if it flowed down and wrapped up arrogance.

Mana moves.The energy of the great nature responds.Segun’s soul is opened.

Sagan left in the storm of energy.

Kwahaha Ah- !!

Everything is swept down.The vacant lot is quickly ruined.Oman is swung towards Daniel’s body.

It was a moment.

Daniel’s eyes flash.

Daniel’s body began to emit huge energy like Sagan’s.

The energy that was pushed stops in the middle.Daniel’s hand is made by the power of the soul.Daniel did not avoid.

I had a sword.

Daniel’s sword ends in the segregation of arrogance.

Well, uh.

* * *

When the confusion and the confusion collide, the aftermath is beyond imagination.It was a clash with the person’s accumulation, and if the aftermath had been plain, it would have been no longer.

A huge storm of confusion blows.

On the spot I stopped.The same was true of Carl Segun.

Very brief lull.

At that moment, it was not the head of the Central Inspectorate, which had stopped.

I stretched my feet.

Kwahiah- !!

Carl Sagan is rushing back.I spurred my sword as it was.Kuung, blocked.The muscles of the arm are wriggling.The sword once again stretches towards Sagan’s neck.As if it was cold, Sagan was in the back.

Square, a small raw stomach next to his neck.Sagan, who wiped the blood on the wound, muttered small.

“……It’s fast. ”

Of course it is fast.I’m really confident that I’m speed.

The sword was recovered in the hand.

“Is the sword most confident?”


“Do your power.5 minutes. ”

“Is it 5 minutes?”

“why?Is it too long? ”

“I don’t know that it was the original promise to make me an incapacitated state with three swords, not five minutes.”

“I think that’s too short.”

Carl Sagan shut up.

“If you have three times, you’ll end up in just a few seconds, so it’s 5 minutes.Timp on all your power for 5 minutes.I’ll accept it all. ”

“……Excessive vigilance can cause unexpected consequences.Prince Jeon. ”

I laughed.

“It doesn’t happen.”

The legs push the ground.I was next to Sagan.

Sagan turns late.The kendo was swung.I bowed forward and avoided the sword.There is a perfect gap.

The left leg touches the ground.It is balanced.Perfect gap, perfect balance.

I went forward with strength on the opposite legs.

My shoulder touches Sagan’s name.

Kwahia Ah- !!

Sagan was pushed back with the roar.He raised his head.The shadow is driven over his face.It’s my fist.


The blood is fried.I swung my right fist once more.It was then.Flash, flash splashes.

Fu -wook, arrogance is stuck in my right fist.He was stuck under his elbows and the blade popped out behind.Then Sagan tried to wield his feet, but it was meaningless.I was faster.

My feet struck Sagan’s side strongly.

Kwahiah, the roar bursts, and Sagan’s body is flipped to the side.

It was tightened with the muscles of the arrogant arm.Sagan, who is trying to get rid of arrogance, is embarrassed.I gave my left leg as it is.


It rises to the sky.I tried to smash Seigan’s chin and was read.Snow met with Sagan, who desperately raised his head.Laughter is naturally drawn.


It’s definitely a decent man.The sense of combat and sense were comparable to the spirit of Cheonma Protestant or the Gumjone Hyukjin River.


It is 5 minutes in the next.

After relaxing the muscles that were holding arrogance, they pulled their hands out.The wound is played.I spurred back and opened the streets.Sagan, who fixes the sword, rushes again.His arrogance is swung in the sky and in the invisible square at the same time.

It’s a fun talent.

It was a little so to be regarded as a sword.In my eyes, this attack from three directions was real.

My choice was the front breakthrough.I dig into the swords that Sagan smoked.Sagan’s eyes are big.It was a while.After three directions, he raised arrogance.

I talked about five minutes, but I didn’t like it from the Perspective of Saygun.

He was clearly picked up for five minutes, and it was clear that he tried to decide everything in the only number that continued.

In the sky, the flash of Oman is taken down.I turned my body to the side as much as possible.


The right arm rises.It reached out as it was.

Kwamak and Sagan’s neck.Sagan was still on the ground.Kwang, before the sound rang, I leaned my head sideways.Oman, it is also next to my face.

“It’s quite.”

Oman, who was held by Sagan, was in half.When I just got down from top to bottom, it was cut off when I cut my right arm.No matter how much you look at it, it’s a calculated action.

I could say for sure.

If I had had Yeongjung and Hyukjin River, not me, I would have been fatal about the number of Segun.That’s clear.

“……I can’t believe it.You are a prince, are you a monster? ”

“I’m sorry, but I treat the monster who will be in the future.”

After loosing Sagan’s neck, he stepped back.The wound has already played.Sagan stands up here.

He had a very complicated look.

This is my first look since I saw a person named Karl Sagan.

He asked.

“Did you not use the power of drinking?”

I nodded.The Sagan Duke connects the question.

“Even a moment?”

“Yes, I didn’t use a moment.Limited the senses and limited strength.The soul’s energy from the soul was also limited.I used power to Karl Sayga, according to your state.If I had used the power of the dragon. ”

Without doubt.

“You’ve been thirsty before you wield your sword.”

“……I’m just one of my arms, now I’m just that. ”

I shook my head.

“Carl Se -gun, you can be proud.Even though I limited my senses and strength, my experience is like that of the drink.You pierced it and you cut my arm.In the life of Jim, there will be no shock like today. ”

I spoke off the dust and blood on my body.

“Are you going to do more?It’s been five minutes yet. ”

“This is enough.”

Carl Sagan closes his eyes.I think there is anything to think.It was not long.

He opens his eyes.

There was no doubt in his eyes.There was no just one shaking.

He walks in front of me.

Exactly two steps.

When I walked two steps, Carl Sagan slowly opened his mouth.

“……I doubted it at first.I thought it was a flower in the greenhouse.When I found out that the Melon Inspector was a prince, I thought the future of the Milos Empire would be dark. ”

I listened silently.Sagan connects.

“I was arrogant, like the name of the sword that my Majesty gave me.PrinceHe solved what happened in the land and revealed the future of the Milos Empire.The prince was not a breeze in the greenhouse, not in the greenhouse.I feel like it opened.Finally, I realized where I should be. ”

Karl Seegan kneeled.

There was no need for long words.

“I will serve you.Lord. ”

Today, I got the central inspection office.

The following is a conduit.

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