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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (646)

Chapter 646

It is almost 70 years old in the conduction.

Since his initial birth, he has been very promising that the shoots are different within the huge organization of the conduits.

Antonio Sena responded to that expectation.

Redmaster, not just red master.It was just half a step left to move on to the transcendental state.

The state of Antonio Sena was stopped even until the first contact with Jack Milos.

To be honest, it is clear that Antonio Sena is slower than he received.

The minimum hundred people who believe it will be stronger than the provisions of the conduits.

What this means is that Antonio Sena did not live flat.Organizations that are stronger than the officials can never last long.

Charisma of Guanju?The dominant power of the state?It’s all in no time.

Conductor is a group that talks with power.If the power is strong, the strong is the corporation and the power of the strong is the real dominance.

So there were a lot of people who checked Antonio Sena.There were so many people who wanted to assassinate since childhood.

He has overcome it all.

There were countless people who respected such Antonio Sena, and naturally he became the center of the conduction.

This center is the center of ordering the wild dogs below, rather than being an absolute subordinate that does not rebel against the owner.Antonio never escaped from the spot.Only orders were performed and the owner’s words were not disobeyed for a moment.

There was no complaint.

The original world is like that.

If there is a dominant person, the dominance must be completely preached to the world, but the ruler cannot go around and do it.

At the command of the ruler, there was a person who had to spread the influence of the ruler to the world.That is the Daejeon Temple of Conductor.In the first place, the catheter is such an organization.

When the Milos Empire was founded and regained stability, Antonio naturally transcended the bell.

Even after becoming a deputy, Antonio Sena still kept the line.

It was absolutely followed by the order of Guan.The same is true of the emperor’s command.Even if the position of the country that belongs to the position is different, the beliefs of the will and the knife created by the years have never changed.

It’s natural.

Antonio Sena was done in the deputy of the deputy.

I have been watching the conduits dividing.I did my best to stop it, but it was meaningless.

Kwan -ju just ordered to watch, and he just told him to watch the emperor.

So I left.

Exactly 14 years and 3 months since I was appointed to the deputy.

It was a long time.Antonio came down from his seat without regret.And I wandered around the world and saw all kinds of things.

He lived as a chef in a territory, and in one estate played a play.In some estates, I became a tutor, and then I met Carl Sagan.

He asked.Teach your children.

There was no reason to refuse.

It is a retired body, but it is still a citizen of the Milos Empire.If you can do anything for the country with this retired body, that’s meaningful.

So I accepted it.

Two years have passed, and now Antonio Sena is intertwined with the conduction again.

“Senior Daejeon……Please save it.That’s me.Floyds that the chief executive taught, there is a misunderstanding.I am……I have been a carrier now.This is a work that someone who was afraid of the conduit.I was tied.Please save. ”

“Deputy Lord.Do you remember?That Thomas.The moment I became a intermediate master, it was Thomas that was there! ”

“Senior Daejeon……No, the deputy, the emerald.You didn’t give advice as a name.I lived hard without regret.This is all manipulated.Please relieve my injustice. ”

Among them, there were some remarks that they had been on the Goldway, who had just been holding the gaps of the officials.

“Goldway, a baby who didn’t even throw away, betrayed the conduit.”

“He is not a cathedral right now.He is a minions of the forces who want to break down the coating now!You have to catch him!Deputy Leader, please keep him from running away.Please solve our injustice. ”

I shook my head.

Antonio is not really stupid X, but knows as much as he knows.

so that.

Afterwards, the behavior was more natural.

After taking the dagger from Goldway’s hand, he drew the neck of Emerald Zen in front of him.

This was a start.

In turn, the dagger passes through the neck of all the officials who were tortured.


* * *

Heading to the hideout, I found an unexpected person.

“Prince’s charges, it’s been a long time.”

It was Antonio Sena.

Impressed with white beard and white hair, he was the same as he had seen a long time ago.

“Long time no see.Deputy Lord. ”

“It’s been more than six years since I came down from the deputy.Now I am just the general public. ”

I looked around for a while.

“I am a general person……Then this situation will be more ridiculous now. ”

I also said that this would come out.

I ordered four teams.Torture those who have abandoned the rules of the conduisan.

Obviously there was a trace of torture.The problem is that they are all dead.I moved my eyes and looked at the dagger held by Antonio Sena.The blood flows.

“I never said it was killed.”


If you are sorry, there is no reason to cause the situation itself.I have to listen to the reason.Confidence is a problem after that.

“Why is it?”

“Because a bad junior made a wrong judgment, there was no reason to suffer until the end.”

“Why do you judge that?”

Antonio Sena shut up.Outwardly, it was very calm, but the inside looked complicated.

It’s not because of my low tone.Because of what I did.

“I don’t understand.Antonio Sena, I knew that I was withdrawn from the front line and enjoyed freedom.

I walked.After going to the old man holding a dagger, he stopped.

“Antonio Sena, you are clearly crossed.Do you admit? ”

“……yes.I admit. ”

It was the time when four team members, including Goldway next to him, were trying to say something.Antonio Sena raised her hand and restrained them.

“It is the place where you speak.Do not dare to interrupt. ”

Like a lie, Goldway and four team members shut up.

Again, Antonio Sena was a great honor of all officials before his father brought the conduction on the Black Sea.

Until he was reorganized and retired as a guardian of the Milos Empire, he played his role as a great and deputy.

Needless to say, there is no doubt about faith in the officials of the conduit.

The desire to give condemnation to the juniors was like a sharp blade.

Did you return to natural people after retirement?During that time he did not decline.Rather, it became more solid.

No matter how you look at it.

Antonio Sena bowed to me.

“I was not intended to hinder what the Majesty was trying to do.sorry.If you are punished, I’ll get sweetly. ”

It seems to be easy to work.

“Punishment…….There’s one thing I thought about, but I don’t know if it’s a punishment or a merchant.Will you judge yourself? ”

“I will listen.”

“Soon the location of the conduits will be vacant.That place, you take it. ”

“……Guanji……Do you mean? ”

“why?Don’t you like it? ”

“……Majesty, I am a retired body.If I go to Guan, I think there will be a big backlash. ”

I laughed.

“Which rebellion says?Gunnar’s backlash?Or backlash from the general officials? ”

Antonio Sena’s expression has changed strangely.

“You know the prince.”

“know.Can you not know? ”

It’s simple.

My father left the “division” of the conduits.I just watched the division.

The reason was not a big deal.There was definitely one part, and that part was a part that could not be easily touched as a father.

My father gave them a chance.

It’s not just a chance.I gave it to the peacock.

There is only one condition that such a father has offered.

Do not surpass the Yellow Kwon.

This should not be seen simply in a sentence.

Hwang -kwon, of course, included the threat of the imperial family and meant other things.

The warning of such a warning would have made their spine cool, without causing division, not causing greed.

But as time went by, the color of the warning faded.

The majority of the conduits eventually follow Gunnar.My father’s real name was not originally in Balanti, not Milos.It’s a narrative.

Jack Gunnar.

That is the father’s real name.The father rejected the name.My father became Jack Milos.I also became Milos.

There is still a law that the conduit is loyal to Gunnar.

And that Gunnar still exists.

“Gunnar Duke.The more I thought, the more I was.To organize public organizations…….Fun.That gut is respectful. ”

“……. ”

“From the point of view of your Majesty, there’s no reason to kill everything.Rather than crossing the line, it was over the line.But not for me.So, I’m going to organize. ”

Antonio Sena asked.

“Are you thinking of dominating the conduction?”

“It’s a bit ambiguous to say to dominate.”

Sincerely I thought so.

“What is the righteousness of the conduit?”

“……. ”

“The tissue is loyal to the emperor, followed by the emperor’s command, and only serves the emperor.For the emperor, you should not be afraid to overturn all kinds of dirty things beyond rolling in the poop.That is a tube.The organization is becoming a private armed force of Gunnar Duke. ”

Knowing everything, Antonio Sena nodded with a complicated look.

“you’re right.As of the words of the prince, the catheter is becoming a mess.I amAfter coming down from the deputy of the deputy, it was already working under the water before Gunnar took it. ”

“Why did you not report it to your Majesty?”

“I reported to Gwanju.Kwan -ju reported to his Majesty and gave him the answer. ”

It was so obvious what the answer was.

“It was a command of your Majesty.Probably, rather than organizing the last remaining “bloods” with the hands of your Majesty, you would have been thinking of giving you the opportunity to choose the prince who will lead the empire. ”

This was also correct.

This is a father’s, no, an emperor’s test.

With a huge continent and organizing it, iron blood is needed.It’s not like you’re acting, but a decision to finish your actions with a perfect spirit.

How far can I show it, my father was asking me.

That’s definitely difficult.

But it’s not just an easy thing in the world.

The determination has already been.

The price of sin must be accepted.Even if you are a blood, you have to accept it.

I am already ready.

Antonio Senna answered with a laugh.

That was enough.

“……But the place of Guan -ju will be better than me.I am not enough.Prince Jeon. ”

“Why do you think it’s not enough?”

“……. ”

“Then why did those dying blasting killed?”

“Your Majesty, that’s.”

I shook my head to Antonio Sena, who answered unconsciously.

“I will regret it.What would you have like to provide more appropriate education to the officials when you were a deputy?What if they had prevented them from being stopped by the illusion of Gunnar and becoming a private organization?Antonio Sena, your regret is now enough. ”

I pointed to the dead bodies.

“Those bodies were killed.That is the past and the future of regret.Do what you didn’t do next to me. ”

I stepped up and looked straight at Antonio Sena’s face.

“I’m ready.It is also prepared to be an emperor.It will not be tied to the past and will only think about the future.Antonio Sena, ask again.Are you really ready? ”

“……. ”

“Is it so dry that I couldn’t even think about the future because I was bound by the past.”

“no.Majesty, I……. ”

I reached out and grabbed Antonio’s shoulders.

“Tell me by my eyes.Are you ready to condemn those who have been the owner of the conduisan and breaking the meaning of the conduit? ”

Antonio Sena’s eyes are eager.He nodded with a serious look.

“……Perhaps you have been waiting for this moment.Yes, I am ready.your majesty.”

That’s it.

Antonio Sena slowly knelt down.After that, he leans deep and connects.

“I was ready.Please order only. ”

The first command was simple.

“It’s a day.In a day, we gather all the bugs of the conduits except the Gunnar family. ”


Oh, and.

“I hit something like a tutor who is not funny.”

Antonio Sena laughed awkwardly.

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