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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (648)

Chapter 648

“I was in the Academy.While working as a melon, I had killed the bandits.At that time, I was ordered to volunteer because my hands were over. ”

The truth is the truth where there are few people who do not know.

“Thanos, who was the main lord of the conduits at that time, had to serve the dean on campus.Indeed, it’s a lot of time.Eventually, the dean followed Tanos and wrote a public document.At that time, the document is the deputy of Gunnar, and your Jijo and Tanos are stamped. ”

“……So what is that?Kwan -ju said he should actively serve the school.You know the prince’s charge too.I need my permission, the deputy of the deputy, for the public acting as an official. ”

“Yes, I know well.First first. ”

Daniel reached out, pulled out a piece of paper from the space and threw it on the floor.The paper was the result of the Academy’s disposition.The dean is not published in the academy, but the result of sending it to the emperor.

There were the dean of the Dean, the Duke of Deputy Lord Dennis, and the work of Tanos.

Daniel connects.

“If you are a person who knows Tanos, it would have been a puzzling to react so much.From your point of view, you would have wanted to find a reason.You have had a desire to dominate the conduction before, and probably you had doubt from this time. ”

“……. ”

“Where did the common people, Melon, were the common people born in the former Kingdom of Ishmael.And in this part, you really wanted to do it.Because I did it directly without ordering to the Suha. ”

“……. ”

“I was really curious, so I thought I could hide myself by changing my face and changing my body shape?”

Daniel’s facial expression of the hardening Danis and the faint smile of Daniel had a perfect contrast.

“Before the deputy, you are a peacock.Who would welcome him to hide his identity and leave the night night?At least “Abeiru’s reinstatement” has always planted people. ”

Daniel also opened a space this time.I took out the paper and threw it on the floor.Of course, I didn’t just throw it.Throwed mana.

The file was naturally scattered in front of Dennis Duke.The contents of the documents were not much.It was a report by a investigator who saw the photographs taken from afar and Dennis Duke to change their faces and body and then walked around the kingdom of Ishmael and asked if they knew about a man named Melon.Underneath was a man of Aveiro.

“This is the second.Your question would have grew.Thanos intervenes because they are common people?It might be enough.But if the background is so perfect and artificial, you will think of it.Who the hell is Melon, why Tanos is so careful, why is it involved?This will be the third. ”

Daniel took out a piece of paper from his arms.

It was a letter.

“When I first went to the East Land, I moved to the ship.I went with Tanos who hid my identity, not alone.It was extremely rare to see, but the captain who drove his stomach was certainly there.And the captain said he died on his way back.I didn’t know, but it was a warrior of the tube, and it was a warrior who followed you. ”

“……That letter is……. ”

“that’s right.At that time, the captain sent to you.Honestly, I was skeptical, but I didn’t know it would be.I didn’t know if I had a family.I told him that he wrote one more sheet in preparation for what he did not know, but if he is going to work, he should have pulled out the roots and roots. ”

“……. ”

“It’s a little bit short.’The deputy minister, the Melon Inspectorate and the disguised Kwan -ju have confirmed that they have a tent and talks on the deck.And before I hit the tabernacle, I was sure that Guanju called it a bleeding. ”I think I hit the tabernacle after the word bleeding.Here you found the answer perfectly. ”

in other words.

“You have long knew I was a prince.”

Dennis Duke frowned.It was strange to hear it.

“Can you say you dare to say?”


“What kind of causal relationship is that I learned that my charges are using a camouflage status called Melon and to destroy our Dennis Duke?Do you have to die just by knowing that camouflage?You said you would give you a justification.This is not a cause.I’m catching it. ”

Daniel laughed.It was really funny.

“I tried to give that just for now, but I keep listening.After this ‘fourth’, I’ll be convinced. ”

Daniel was back.

“In the Dongnam, I went directly to Hoecheon Bridge to draw Hoecheon Bridge and put a bounty on my neck.”

“……. ”

“But something fun happened.I certainly asked me once, but someone else commissioned one more time. ”

Dennis Duke closed his eyes.

Silently Daniel was talking.

“At first, I thought it was one of the two ryujin, the central inspector, or the central inspector.”

Daniel walked.

“I went through all the world.Like this, I glanced through every corner.I found all the books in a week.Naturally, I found a slush fund.Even after rolling the Milos Empire for almost 10 years, it was the money that remains.By the way, there are no 200 million gold coins of all those books.And I asked myself, but it wasn’t Ryujin.What about Carl Sagan?Likewise, there was no knife.It was clean. ”

“……. ”

“Duke Duke, I should have properly managed Samjeon.Why did you leave it so? ”

“……I don’t know what you mean. ”

“It’s like the previous captain.I don’t know if it’s fashionable these days, but I have a lot of people who have insurance, so I got evidence of 200 million gold coins to the inspector Melon. ”

The two eyes of Dennis Duke were big.Daniel walked to him and reached out and opened the space.It was a small crystal that was caught there.

Daniel injected mana by slightly pressing the crystal ball.

Then, the voice flows out of it.

-Accourse, can you really spend this money like that?

-Did you not like?

-……It’s a child.In addition, he is also an inspector, and he writes 200 million gold coins on the throat of the inspector.….I think it’s too big.

-The man may be an enemy of the Milos Empire.It is not bad to borrow and kill Hoecheon Bridge.Oliver.

-Eh, the deputy.

-Please go to Hoecheon Bridge and put a contract.The inspector Melon was as old as trying to organize Hoecheon Bridge, which is a scenario that will be used in the future.Did you understand?


-Then to go to the East Content right now.

-Sonjing name.

It is a world where all kinds of extraordinary things happen.The telecommunications correction zone was created before the founding of the Milos Empire and developed for decades.

It doesn’t make sense to have no recording in the first place.It’s a very simple magic that you just need to hold your voice with mana, and it’s no longer you can’t do it when it’s a redmaster.

“Now let’s talk about the story.”

“……. ”

“I killed the inspector, killing the inspector, and I couldn’t destroy the artist.To borrow your words earlier, it’s just just catching it.No one knows that the inspector Melon is the prince.But what is this sin if a person who knows that the inspector is the prince puts the prosecutor’s neck to get the neck of the inspector. ”

Daniel’s eyes sink deep.There was no laughter.

I looked at Dennis Duke with a cool face.

“It is tremendous.I couldn’t even get it out of the prince’s neck.Do you need a justification for Dennis? ”

“……Majesty……. ”

“There is a good cause now.”

Daniel spoke in a quiet voice.

“The sin of private operations of the Emperor’s Guard, the sin that caused the embarrassment inside the unit, the sin of confusing the continent by randomly omitting information that should be spread to the world, and the sin that dared to kill the prince.Do you know what will happen from now on? ”

Dennis Duke was not hesitant.He kneels in his seat.

“sorry.Majesty, please forgive only once. ”

I shook my head.

Because it was meaningless.

I pulled out the cheonma sword from the space.

Today’s Dennis Duke is extinguished.

* * *

The most famous newspaper in the Milos Empire is Time.

The time is divided into daily, weekly and monthly magazines, and the title of the daily newspaper was very shocking.

‘The real prince is coming back.’

The content was more shocking.

The commoner melon graduated from the Academy.

He is appointed to the Dongnam Inspectorative Office after graduating from the Academy.This should be certain.Among the talented people who graduated from the Academy, are they going to the East Content?This was a ridiculous thing.

It is normal for that talent to be appointed as a central agency.I couldn’t go to such a place, such as the Central Supply Office or the Inspectorate Research Institute, but not Melon.

This was a left thousand, and it was exile.

But there, Melon does something that no one can imagine.

It is a fundamental question.

Why is it exile to be issued as the East Continent Inspectorative Office?

It was simple.There are quite a few of those who have been issued to the East Content.

The incident was not stopped, and most of them were issued there.

That place.East continent.

Melon investigated suicide as soon as he went there.And Raymond Be, the head of the East Content InspectorateHe dug up the corruption of the Ke and killed the main characters of the world who were related to him.

Without the formal procedure, it was just killed.

I wanted to be a crazy guy, but I could see it later.

Melon was preemptive.

In other words, even though they were surprised, they have enough guts and strength to kill them.

Since then, he has caught all the evasors disguised by death and destroyed the family to block them.The Hoecheon Bridge, which ruled the East Continent in the cancer, was rooted, and Melon killed Cheonwol, the associate of Cheonma Protestant, one of the huge enemies that opposed the emperor in the past.

Ryujin, the castle of the world, promoted the rebellion, and Yeong -jung, the head of Cheonma Protestant, who was the enemy of the emperor in the past, the Hyukjin River, the head of Cheonmuncheon, and Heinke’s Becker, who was called the Tulkan Empire.

These three resurrected.

Melon also blocks them again.

He completely destroyed the world, killed Youngjeong and killed the Hyukjin River.Heinkes Beckerman killed Dragon Road Cell.

This is true.

This information was initially delivered properly and was distorted at some point.The gap continued to exist and the information continued to go back and forth, and the residents of the West continent and the residents of the East continued were not funny.

Who did all this?

The Gunnar family, the deputy of the conduits, did.

The truth would have been known if the Gunnar family hadn’t been mischievous in the middle.

The world has become noisy.

It is the first time ever.

The current emperor, Jack Milos, did not discriminate against the aristocracy and the common people.

In the example, if the perpetrator’s fraud lost more than half of the property’s property, the perpetrator also led to half of the property’s property.

If the victim was duplicated, the pillar root itself was pulled out.Noble commoners, they did not cover it.

At least it means that the words did not come out in fairness.

But this was very different.

Should I say the issue?

In the history of the Milos Empire, the peacock has never had this much accident.Even the peacock is the blood of the emperor.

What to do.

Will the emperor be punished as much as they have?Or will it just go over like a hypocrite?

Attention was noted.

And on this issue, the emperor opened his mouth.

‘About this situation, Jim served everything to the prince.’

It was a single line of sentences, but it was unusual.

And because of that line, the Milos Empire was nervous.

If he was a real prince who was acting as a prince, who had been active in the official statue so far.

The perceptions of the prince who had previously identified had to be changed.

Melon is famous as a man without mercy.

The power of it is not ignored.The blood was bloody, and the world he walked was a good way to suit his young age.

Will you be active in the West Continent as if you were active in the East Content?

Thus, people noticed what happened in Gunnar Duke.

Some people wanted to see them.

They all headed to Gunnar Duke.

This should be certain.

The date of the newspaper, and the emperor’s sentence.

All of these are things that happened in ‘후’.

All situations have already been terminated.

Those who arrived at Gunnar Duke were astounded to see what happened there.

Some even sat down there.

A man was watching from a long distance.

* * *

Silently, I looked at the Duke of Gunnar, whose smoke rises.

The Milos Empire had a total of six major artists.

Duke of Balate Tea, Sea Run Duke, Leopold Duke, Ishmael Duke, Say Gun Duke.

Lastly, Gunnar Duke.

Today, the Duke of Gunnar collapsed perfectly.

The building of Gunnar Duke was very large and high.

At the top of such a duke, there were a total of five necks.

Dannis Gunnar and his two sons, Edin Gunnar, Calvin Gunnar, and his wife of Duke of Celine, Duke of Duke, Gunnar and Gunnar.

There were five.

It can be seen as excessive.

I have dried up the seeds of the Gunnar family now.

At least there is no one who uses the name Gunnar in this world.

The feast of the necks cut under the five necks was spreading.

These are the seams who worked for Gunnar Duke.

There were some who stayed as a restaurant, and some soldiers were private.

The number is roughly over the cloth.

I turned my head.

Behind me, exactly 120 men were waiting on their knees.

Among them, the gray hair looked at the impressive man.


“……yes.Prince Jeon. ”

“Do you think I am too much?”

“……no.It was a threat to the comfort of the Milos Empire.I don’t think it’s too much.also.”


“There is no big feeling.”

There was a small question in this part.No feelings?

Antonio connects.

“Those who have sinned were only punished.If you have to have emotions, we’ll have guilt. ”

“Why are you guilty of many feelings?”

“The officials of the dead casters have made a wrong choice, but they are the ones who have a relationship with most of them.”

I looked at Antonio.

“It was also a colleague who had been with me as a child, and he sweared together when the catheter who lived on the island came out to the world and sweared to enshrine his Majesty.Some have joined in the middle, but most of them are in the early stages.It is natural that this result is natural that we have not prevented their desires.I don’t feel guilty in this situation, but I think. ”

That’s what makes sense.I was convinced.

Behind Antonio, he asked about hundreds of officials on his knees with his head bowed.

“Is it the same?”

“yes.Prince Jeon. ”

“I am a little different.”

Everyone raised his head.I looked at them and talked.

“This is what happens because the fundamental problem has not been solved.”

“……. ”

“The ancestor of the conduisan was Gunnar.The blood of the Majesty and my blood are mixed with Gunnar’s blood.It’s an unclean fact.Yes, this is a faction fight.A factional fight between those who are not entangled in Gunnarpi and tries to go further and coveted power by intertwined with Gunnarpi.For the dead, both of them would have to be ambiguous because they both were in the end. ”

I kicked my tongue.

“In other words, it’s more comfortable to kill all of you in this event.”

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