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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (649)

Chapter 649

Everyone swallowed saliva.

By the way, I am serious.

“The buggy of the catheter and the dying of Gunnar are no different.And you are no different.Why did you see it only as those in the conduit? ”

“……. ”

“I understand.It’s also your identity.I had a rotten eye that I could follow, what your purpose is, and what the past and the present are intertwined.Antonio, answer you.Is my words wrong? ”

“……It’s not wrong at all. ”

I went around for a while.Some of them were floating, and some were silently listening to me.At least they did not sympathize with it.To some extent, it means that the heads are stuck.

“I’ll tell you for sure at this point.Your purpose is to keep the king.What you follow is not blood, but empire.Those who give you an order are not the emperor and the next emperor, the prince. ”

The voice is engraved on the voice.

“The guys who need to protect the king are playing with the peacock, and it’s really a spectacle.Are you almost no different people? ”


“Should I be sorry for me?You should be sorry for you. ”

“……. ”

“Keep in mind.You have one more opportunity.The existence that orders you to you is not ‘blood’, but ‘Hwang Kwon’.Do not listen to things that are not the command of beings.If you don’t like that, just go to this place.Or it will turn off forever. ”

No one acted.

I looked down at everyone and talked.

“If you don’t like that, you can see your heart as an escort unit that keeps the Yellow Kwon.If you collapse, the powerful “Hwang Kwon” will get lost.Where do you go to that powerful power, do you really don’t know. ”

“no.The prince’s charges! ”

Father’s power and my strength are the power to be honestly destroying the world.However, it is almost impossible to look down at the world and find out and manage everything in the world.

There must be a person who advises and someone who conveys information.That is a tube.

The role of the conduit is enormous.It is an organization that should not collapse and should not be shaken.

Those who were here were certainly not a fool.It is clear that I noticed the meaning of my words.

“You must have heard it.This morning, the news that Tanos, who was the second largest, came down from the position. ”

This is also true.This morning, Tanos formally submitted a resignation letter.My father ran it.

“From today, the third leader of the conduic hall is Antonio Sena.Are there any complaints? ”

There may be someone who wants to ask if I can decide it.But as mentioned earlier, the person who commands the conduits is the emperor and the prince.

I can make a command to the catheter.You can also have a right to appoint.Because my father declared that I would do everything.My opinion is the opinion of the Milos Empire.

“I don’t see it.Antonio. ”

“yes.Prince Jeon. ”

“I give the first order to the third largest guarantee of the Conductor.”

“I will listen.Prince Jeon. ”

I had made some orders to Antonio, but it was a command that I did to an individual named Antonio Sena, not one order.

Now we are ordering to Guanju.My command was simple.

“Execute all the families of those who betrayed the conduits.”

“……yes.Majesty.I will. ”

“And I look for the illegitimate child of Gunnar Duke.If you are, kill them all. ”

Antonio bowed deeply on the spot.

Not only Antonio, but all the officials bowed.

Antonio answered as a representative.

“John Myung-!”

* * *

The officials of the conduits emptied their seats as if they were at low tide.

It was a short time, but it was a very long time.

I climbed back on the cliff and looked down at the collapsed Gunnar Duke.

It was about a minute.

I slowly turned my head.

There was a father there.

“When did you come?”

“It’s a little.2 hours? ”

Honestly, I didn’t notice.

My father revealed his presence so I could notice.My father said.

“I was good at talking.I think I’ll do well later. ”

“……thank you.”

My father came to me.I put my shoulders on my shoulder and asked in a soft voice.

“Son, are you okay?”

The meaning was unknown.What’s okay?

“It’s a blood.The blood of the son is also mixed with Gunnar’s blood. ”

“Blood is just blood.”


“yes.No matter how important the blood is, it doesn’t make priority over sin. ”

My father laughed.

“Isn’t it possible to organize it in advance because it’s going to be annoying later?”

“……There were some things, but they crossed the line. ”


“yes.Even though I knew I was a prince, I ordered assassination.If the peacock of a country, which could not be free from the blood, instructed the prince’s assassination, wouldn’t he be able to see it well. ”

“That’s right.”

I still looked at my father who was still smiling.

Why are you doing this?What do you think?



“Are you satisfied?”

“……I don’t know what you are talking about. ”

“Just, overall.”

I was still for a while.Overall, my father’s question was strange.

Should I say that there are other nuances?

“The order to clean up the conduit was perfectly carried out.When I became the emperor, I also arranged people to stop my path.yes.I am satisfactory overall. ”

My father’s hand on my shoulder went down.

I looked at my shoulders for a while.Should I say it’s warm?It seems to be warm.

Only then could I know.

What are your father thinking now?

I asked my father.

“Are you worried?”


“I think I will do my aunt.”

My father nodded.If you look at my move now, I destroyed the Gunnar family.

My father was not a fool, and as mentioned earlier, I made a choice to protect the king.

This is really a case, what happens if my father dies, my mother dies, and I die there?

Balanti’s Duke of Balanti, and Dennis Gunnar of Elizabeth Valentine and Gunnar Duke, who is aunt, will fight to win the king.

It is impossible for other decorists to get caught in this situation.Heating will be possible, but not more than that.Because of blood.

Yes.Because blood is mixed.

Forces that can be challenged to Yellow Kwon.

It causes a problem.

And now the Gunnar family has disappeared.The only forces that can challenge Hwang Kwon are the only Duke in Balanti.

My father is asking me.

I want you to destroy the Duke in Balanti as a Duke of Gunnar.

Not surprisingly, if I have a situation where I will break down the duke in Balanti, my relationship with my father will be different.



“I had no intention of harming Gunnar.”


“yes.Duke of Gunnar and Balanti, both have always been bound to their hearts, but I have never vowed to think that they should destroy the families for a moment and opportunity. ”

I am sincerely.

“Father, I think the place of emperor should be lonely.”

“Loneliness…….It’s not wrong. ”

“You shouldn’t be lonely.Even if it is a choice to be ignored by everyone in the world, the emperor must.Even if you decide the enemy in your mind, you should not stand out.My friend is close, the enemy is closer.The Milos Empire is not small.The emperor who governs the huge empire must be more poisonous and decisive than anyone else.father.”


“Gunnar Duke has crossed the line.If I hadn’t tried to kill me, I would have been with the boundaries that I had in my heart.This did not happen if I kept the line as an emperor’s guard and was faithful to my role.I had to act and dare to withdraw from the forces who tried to kill the legitimate successor of the empire. ”

I was silently speaking.

“If your aunt doesn’t have it, but you can see the feeling of challenging the Yellow Kwon, and if you practice it.Unfortunately, I have no choice but to turn my aunt into the enemy. ”

Rather than speaking in my mouth, I chose to say sincerity.

Honestly, I don’t want to be hostile to my aunt, my father’s sister, and I know what my father has done to protect my sister, but I know that’s what I know, but even if Harvey Balanti is greedy, just lightly tieI’m going to have nothing to do with the Duke in Balanti.

If I had said this, it wouldn’t have been this atmosphere, and this uncomfortable conversation might end a little early.

But I want to be honest.

So I said.

The father who heard me all silently looked at me silently.

The gaze was strange.

Why do you look like that?

“It’s good.”

“……. ”

“As a prince and as an emperor, it was really big.I want to be good at right now. ”

The father’s expression of that was still not good.

What should I say?

Should I say something sad?

Looking at it, I am convinced.My father is very sad now.


Do you know that the Duke of Gunnar collapsed?It can’t be.My father is not sad about that.

“I don’t have Valentine, but sometimes I think about this.”

“What do you think?”

“I thought it would have been if I wasn’t the emperor.”

“……. ”

“If you had done so, would you have lived a more ordinary life than you try to become an emperor like now.”

My father was sincere.

“I was disappointed with you now, or I like itThere are so many things that don’t say this.Rather, it’s so good.I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. ”

My father swept my face with one hand.

“I think I and Valentine’s greed, I thought I sacrificed you.”

“……. ”

“What kind of heart do you think?”

“yes.I know enough.That’s why I’m a word, my father. ”

“Yes, tell me.”

“You don’t have to be sad.”


“Even if my father was not the emperor, I am the son of my father.And my mother’s son.Isn’t there a saying that blood is not deceived? ”

“is it?”

“yes.In the end, I would have done it in any way to gain strength.And I would have tried to stand on the top of everyone.If my father weren’t the emperor, I would have found it.So you don’t have to be sad.I am satisfied with my current role.My father says that I don’t have a shortage as an emperor, the biggest gift in the world for that individual.So you don’t have to worry. ”

My father smiles.It would have been enough to say that my words are true.Nevertheless, his father’s sorrow did not disappear.

Of course, as my father said, it would have changed a lot if my father hadn’t been an emperor.

If my father intended, I might have lived a really ordinary.

In a village, Oh Soon -sun lives in ordinary, farming, and fruit.

Perhaps you have lived like that.

The prince’s place was made by his father.It is my father, not my emperor.

“Do you regret your father?Like you did in the past? ”

My father shook his head.

“The same is true.I do not regret it either.I have never regretted all the years of life.So don’t commercial. ”

My father smiles.I laughed too.

My father asked.

“Son, can I hug after a long time?”

“You tell me when you asked and hugged.”

My father hugged me silently.

We were like that for a while.

Pats my back, and my father said.

“Did you ask me for good at that time after the rebuilding of the East Continent?”


“I want to be a good thing right now, I’m sorry.”

Slowly my father removed me.

“Go.Cell will wait. ”

I nodded.

I was trying to move to the East Content as it was.

I looked back at my father and said.

“I will finish the work of the East continent as soon as possible.”

“I don’t have to do that.”

“no.I will finish it quickly and let my father and mother rest comfortably. ”

My father burst into laughter.I laughed too.

Definitely not blooming.

I have a lot of laughter.

My father also has a lot of laughter.

“Then, let’s go.father.”

“Yes, go.”

I immediately went to the East Content.

Yeongwol, Tanos, Yusul -ha, and so on.

Sorry but invisible.

I headed to the building that I used as the Eastern Continental Inspector.

I can see Master who commands something to dozens of dragons in the yard.

I approached there.Master who noticed me turns his head.It seemed to say something, but it was meaningless.

I couldn’t hear it.

I hugged Master as it was.


Master’s, No, whispered in the ear of cells.

“I’m home.Master. ”

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