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Level up by Walking chapter 11

11 Fox-Eared Girl’s getto daze

「Rise the curtain(開幕). Flare Phalanx!」

When I activated the skill, more than 30  flames of Spears appeared before my eyes.

Thus fire.

It pierced the flocking goblins, and they evaporated in an instant.

「Done, huh」

「As expected of Tetsuya-san(Sasuga Tetsuya-san). Sasutetsu! (さすテツ)」

Aria is jumping in delight.

However, Mimily is a little dissatisfied. (TLN: … not even 1 paragraph of battling)

「My turn isn’t coming. I’m sad」

「fufun. You’re too naive Mimily-San. If you want to get a highlight, you need to tell it to Tetsuya-san first so he won’t finish it in a hit. I   had a little hardship in defeating a dragon too」

Aria is somewhat, make a proud face while telling my achievement.

「However Mimily. When you think of wanting a turn, did you have confidence in your skill?」

while I ask that, Mimily nods?

「Decent. The goblins were making their nest near the village but, not attacking the village is mostly because of me」

That’s amazing.

As expected, of the one who is stronger than Aria.

「What kind of attacking style does Mimily-san use? By the way mine is swordsmanship!」

「Because I am a Beast men I’m using pure strength, in other words, my fist. And I can use a little of magic」

「You could use magic! Amazing! I want to see it desu!」

「……Lightning Arrow」

Mimily, that was pestered by Aria, shot an arrow of light and shot it to the opposite side of the village.

It draws a nice line in the darkness of the night and gives off an intense flash of light when it collides with the ground.

「Lightning Arrow has a high penetration power, and it lets out a bright light, that could surprise a monster. And surprise me occasionally」

「Co, Cool!」

「I feel Embarrassed (照れる) 」

Mimily, who was being praised by Aria, is letting out a smile while looking embarrassed.

These two, somehow, became good friends huh.

「Even so, combining knuckle with magic is somewhat like Tetsuya-san right!」

「When you say like that it seems so huh」

Because I was not holding any weapon at the time, instead I punched the dragon with pure strength.

Then I learned a lot of magic. Too many that I’m not using it occasionally.

「In other words, Testsuya-sans’s chara (character) and my character are overlapping??」

I don’t know what Mimily think as she tilts her head.

「……I don’t think they’re overlapped」

「I’m relieved. Getting an overlapped character isn’t good」

Is it something that is needed to be taken care of that much?

Somehow I don’t know what this kid is thinking.

At first, she’s too taciturn and it’s an of course that we can’t have a normal conversation, thus when she spoke more like this……she’s becoming more and more unknown. (Wakaranakunatta)

She’s a mysterious-chan.

「By the way Mimily-san. We’ve defeated the goblin so…… just like the promise let us mofumofu you please!」

「Ooo, that’s right! Because of that I’m looking forward to defeating the goblins instantly. Come Mimily-san. Bring out your ears and tail!」

「Wait a minute……You two’s eyes became bloodshot……Calm down all right. Let’s mofumofu it tomorrow okay?」

Mimily keeps a calm face but, her body sususu (sfx) backing away.

It seems to be because of the fear of our bloodlust.

However, there’s nothing to be afraid of you know. (TLN: Run for your life! Mimily!!!)

Because I’ll mofumofu you gently! (CZ: what’s this rapist kind of line? lol)

「I won’t let you escape! Please throw away that idea!」


Mimily went and broke the promise and, bakyuun (sfx) ran away.

「Wha, what an amazing speed. As expected of beast men! However I won’t lose you know. It’s because I’ve been training!」

Aria is chasing her immediately.

However, Aria’s Agility was 31. While Mimily’s was 45.

whatever she does she won’t be able to catch up with her.

Now I must move to hold her off.

Thinking that I move my feet totan (sfx)

【You’ve become level 220】

【You’ve learned Gravitation magic (gravity) 】

Ooo, Somehow I got something amazing.

Let’s try it immediately to Mimily’s leg.

「Gravitation Magic (Gravity)!」

If I shot it seriously the ground would probably collapse, so I repeatedly held back, and limited the range to only  Mimily’s leg.

Probably, it will only 5 times the normal gravity?

「Ka, My body feels heavy……!」

Suddenly, receiving gravity by 5 times, Mimily fell with her head.

Because I feel pity, I release the Gravitation Magic (Gravity) from her.

At that moment, Aria caught up with Mimily and apprehends her.

「fufufu……now you can’t run again Mimily-san. Let us mofumofu you!」

「Wait……I need to prepare my heart (kokoro)……」

「Won’t wai—t!」


Mimily that has been mofomofued by Aria, screamed.

Of course, I was also mixed in there.

Thus for 2 hours, we touched, patted, and stroked Mimily’s ears, tail, and face.

At the time, we were satisfied, Mimily’s breath became irregular, and in the verge of fainting. (TL: Am I translating eroero piece? *grin*)

U—n, might be too much huh……?

After Exterminating goblins and mofu-ing Mimily, morning came.

「We’ve received Village chief’s compensation, let’s go back」

「Yes. Let’s get back!」

I and Aria boarded the flying bed.

Now then.

Let’s flirt on the way back to beirubia. (TLN: damn… I feel jealous right now… EDT: same…)

「You two, wait」

When I was going to touch Aria’s thigh, Mimily approaches us. (TLN: Die! You lolicon… I’m jealous… T-T )

「What happened Mimily?」

「Bring me too」

Mimily boarded the flying bed, and sat there in seiza.

「Iyaa, Even if you say to bring you. We will go back though?」

「I know. It’s all right I’ve received approval from grandpa」


「Village Chief (Elder? Chouro) 」

What. So Mimily is Village chief’s grandkid huh.

「It’s okay to bring you but……what will you do?」

「I will become Tetsuya-san’s wife」(TLN: Shitttttttt damnnn feel my wrath!!!)

Yes (hai) ?


「Wa, Wait a minute Mimily-san! What kind of thing did you just say!? You’ve just met him yesterday……how could you say something like wife!」

「The talk about Wife is a joke」

「So it’s a joke huh……I’m relieved!」

I too am relieved. (TLN: so do I… fyuuh EDT: …same…)

「Tetsuya and Aria are  Adventurers. That’s why if I follow you guys, maybe someday I will meet with father and mother」

「Naruhodo (so that’s it), that kind of thing huh. Well, you’ve received Village chief’s approval so it’s all right but……That room is Arias so.」

I’m looking at the owner of the room, Aria.

「It’s all right. It’s a big Welcome if it Mimily-san! Now don’t be shy here!」

「Thank goodness huh Mimily. Now come to the middle of the bed」

「Thank you」

I let Mimily sleep in the middle, and sandwiched her between me and Aria.

「By the way, Why do you have a bed  outside?」

What a late question huh.

「The truth is, this bed can Fly」

As I say that, the bed emerges casually.

「A, Amazing……!」

The normally expressionless Mimily, gets surprised.


「By the way Mimily-san. Normally sleep beside me in a bed, you’re already prepared aren’t you??」

「I will mofumofu you until we get to the town you know!」


Mimily seems not notice it.

「I’ll go running」

The panicking girl was trying to jump off from the flying bed.

But I and Aria pulled her back to the place she was before.

「No—w then. I’ll mofumofu her ears!」

「Then I’m her tail!」

「He, Help me……」

The time it took until the town was 30 minutes.

And Mimily’s fainted twice.

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