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Level up by Walking chapter 4


04 Go to bed with a girl

「By the way Tetsuya-san. Why are you here in this place? Furthermore……wearing pajamas」

「aa, As expected you want to know about the pajama?」

「No, that’s out of the question! Surely Tetsuya-san had circumstances that are unimaginable for me!」

「Iya (no), I was just sleeping a little while ago.」


Are (huh). Did she get a little amazed?!

「In this forest, especially using pajamas do you perhaps not have a home?」

「Certainly if you think it objectively it’s strange but! Iya, if you see it you’ll be convinced!」

My bed is also in here.
It’s natural to wear a pajama to sleep in the bed.
Thus, let’s call the flying bed.
Because I’m in my dream world, it should be able to remotely control.

「Oo, it really come in flying.」

「Wow, what is it this bed?! Fe, flying!?」

Looking at the floating bed that flew to my front, I let Aria’s eye come to differ it between black or white [truth or lie?] (T/N: アリアは目を白黒させていた。)

「Because this Flying bed is flying aimlessly I got in here. That’s why, I don’t know where it is……if it is alright with Aria. Could you guide me to the city?」

「I’ve never heard nor seen a bed that can fly in the sky! Tetsuya-san is amazing desu! I want to ride on it too desu!」

「You guide me then I will let you ride too you know」

「Of course, leave it to me!」

「You saved me. Then I’ll change my clothes so, look over there for a while. Or do you want to see?」

「Do, don’t kid me! I’ll look there!」

Aria’s face became red and looked away from me.
Each and everything she did was cute huh
While thinking that, I opened the bed’s storage space.
There was a change of clothes and manga for reading before sleep. There was even a laptop in there.
But, strange.
There’s nothing in there.
Rather than there’s nothing, it has become a dark space.

「e, ee!? Where are my clothes?」

Being panicked I thrust my hand to the dark space.
Then there is a feeling of clothes on my hand.
When I pull it out, a white shirt that I know in my hand.

Fumufumu.(hmm hmm)
Apparently, this storage space will let out everything that I want.
There’s no need to arrange it orderly how pleasant.
Don’t tell me, that this has an infinite capacity?
Dreams were amazing.

「Aria. It’s alright now」

I called Aria after I wore a shirt and jeans.
Then Aria that turned back looked at me, and said「Good looking desu!」.

「It’s unfamiliar clothes but, it’s looking good! Tetsuya-san cool desu!」

It’s not like I am an ikemen(pretty boy), and these clothes are items that I bought cheaply but…… I had saved Aria’s life then, it seems she starting to idolize me.
Well, this is a dream world.
Because when the alarm clock rings everything will end, until then, let’s enjoy Aria’s courtesy.

「Then, Aria. Enter the bed. And let’s go to the city」

「Ye, yes……however, It’s my first time……entering a bed with a man……!」

「It’s alright to not blush about something like that. We’ve just used it for distant movement」

「I know that but……aa, what should I do!」

Aria wrapping her cheeks with her hands and became red as if every drop of blood in her body gathered in her head.
Seeing that kind of reaction, made me a little embarrassed too.

「It’s alright already, come on!」

「The, then pardon my intrusion……!」

Aria dives to my bed and snuggled up fast.
This is a king sized bed, that’s why there’s no need to be in close contact
Well, huddled with a bishoujo(pretty girl) won’t make me at a disadvantage so OK!

「Then let’s fly!」

「Waku waku desu!(excited)」

Ridden by Aria and me, the bed is flying.

It quickly became higher than the forest’s tree, and we were steadily rising toward the blue sky.

「Hiya it’s high desu! And fast desu!」(T/N: Bed Fly Airline want one?)

Aria’s been clinging tightly to me in the futon.
And soft thing had pressed against me.
This girl……unexpectedly has big beasts!

「……I, it’s will be dangerous if you fall so, hug me more tightly!」

「ye, yes!」


Munyumunyu!(SFX of groping her chest?)

「Tetsuya-san, is quite ecchi desune!!」

「I’ve been caught!?」

「ehehe, I’m sorry」

Aria let out her tongue (tehepero).(T/N: you know~ the one in anime)

「Teasing an adult. Bad girl!」

「Hiya, it’s because Tetsuya-san desperately……wah, touching that part is bad!」

Thus, while the bed is flying to the city I punish Aria.
Iya~, I’m just touching her you know?
I won’t do anything more to a girl with the age of a middle schooler!
It’s because I’m a gentleman!  (TN: heh… sissy)

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