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Level up by Walking chapter 7


It seems that level 20 is deemed as a 1st class but I am level 141

By the way just a while ago I got『Status Appraisal』.
After reading the description in the window, it seems like a skill that read a target’s status.
Let’s use it immediately.
Pochittona (click).

Name: Aria Astley

Is it high or is it low, I don’t really know.

「Na, Aria. Is level 18 high?」

「E—tto, generally it’s quite high but, if you are an adventurer you will be deemed as finally graduated from being a half and become a full adventurer」

「He~. Even though Aria’s still 14 years old, she has graduated from being half huh. How great」

I’ll prize her with a pat on the head.

「Eee. Thank you very much……tte, how did you know that I am level 18?!」

Aria gives the best-startled face today.

「Etto. I am using a skill named Status Appraisal but……is this skill that rare?」

「It’s Rare desu! It’s Super Rare desu! I have heard about the skill’s name but, seeing the person who uses this skill is my first!」

So that’s how it is……though I remember it after walking randomly.

「However Tetsuya-san. It’s amazing that you’ve acquired a Status Appraisal but, don’t look at it arbitrarily, it’s embarrassing! Pervert!」

「A, Sorry……」

Even though it’s alright to fondle her breasts, seeing her status angered her.

「well, step aside from the pervert comment as a joke. Seeing the status could be meant as seeing what you are hiding behind your sleeves. As an adventurer it’s troubling. That’s why it’s bad to look for a person’s status just for fun. It’s trespassing into someone’s privacy desu」

I see. So it’s like that.

「I’ll be carefull」

「Yes. It’s all right if you understand it. Anyway, my level’s not increased since the last time I measured it in the Guild. It’s a little shock desu……」

「N? Is it possible that Aria can’t see her status freely?」

「Normally it can’t be seen. If you don’t get measured by the guild you wouldn’t even know」

What an inconvenient.

「If it like that then, I wouldn’t know how strong I am, doesn’t it? Somehow it’s weird」

「Ie (No). It’s because of Level and Status were just a criterion. The physical condition of that day and mental condition of that day is a measurement too. Obviously, when you grow every day, you can feel it even without value of measurement」

「Hee (impressed). Then even if you had level 100, it doesn’t mean that you are strong isn’t it ?」

「Wha, What the hell did you say! No matter what is changing, if there are a difference of 10 level then it will be impossible to turn the table. As long as there is no poison! Iidesuka (Listen carefully). 1st class adventurer had their level between 20 ~ 30. While the one who exceeds level 50 is super 1st class.  They’ll get scouted by the National Knights! And the one who have reach level 100, sacrifice his lifetime to increase it, whether he can even reach it or not is unknown you know!」

Aria explained it to me while snorting.
Even so, I see, level 100 is that amazing.
I am level 141 though……Is it alright?

「So then. What level is Tatsuya-san in?」

Aria looking at me curiously, while asking with cross-examine like tone.

「Se, Secret……」

「Damedesu (It’s not good desu)! While you looked at a maiden’s level you yourself aren’t telling me your level is somewhat cheating!」

Surely it’s not fair if I myself am hiding my level huh.
She might be surprised but, let’s tell her.





「Like I say it’s Level 141!」

「I, I’m sorry, it’s because I’m hearing a somewhat unrealistic number, my consciousness was flying. What my ears heard was 141 though……」

「Nope, that’s not wrong you know. My level is141」

When I affirm that, she, at last, woke up after 3 seconds, and screamed「Dohyaa!」.

「hu,hu, hu,hundre,hundredfortyone! Tetsuya-san, what happened, while you look young is it possible that you really were more than 100 years old, and always do training!?」

「Iya(no)……I’m normally 23 years old though……」

「Dohyaaaa!」(T/L: see… Ignorance is a bliss)

It seems that Aria is busy being surprised.
However, listening to the explanation, it seems that level 141 was the source of it.
It can’t be helped that she’s shocked.

Rather, I’m just walking 141 step huh…….
As expected I’m being too Lazy huh.
But, this is still in my dream.
No problem. No problem.
It might be huh…….

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