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Level up by Walking chapter 8

08 I, put an effort to use a triumphant look daily

「I’ve opened my eyes but, I still in a dream, you say……?」

Weird. Even if you say it is a dream that has a poor experience time, sleep and waking up but still in a dream is.
This, possibly, is not a dream……?
I am really in another world……?

Well, it’s alright. (Ma, ikka.)
Even if I wake up from my dream I need to go to the office.
Rather I’m really glad if I really did go to another world.
I won’t go back to Japan for the 2nd time you know. (T/N : this guy… i like him even more now)

「A, Tetsuya-san, Good morning!」

Aria was, doing a push-up on the floor.
Moreover, it’s a real push-up that her jaw is touching the floor.

「Good morning Aria. What are you doing? Iyaa I know that you are doing a push-up」

「Morning Training desu. It’s because it will be bad if an adventurer was not strong. It’s a matter of course」

「He, eraidena ( how great)」

Things like me will level up just by walking.
Somehow I’m feeling a little sorry.

「But, Aria has finished returned her debt wasn’t it? Are you still continuing to become an adventurer?」

「Of course. Even if I had to return my debt, my life still has not ended. Because of that from now on, I will continue on living. I need to work to earn money isn’t that right?」

「But, it’s not necessarily needed to become an adventurer that has a dangerous job. There are still other work you know?」

「It’s too late to bring it up now. Since I myself want to get stronger.」

「He. Why?」

「If I had power, I will be able to confront an irrationality. Not only defend myself, I could defend others too. After I meet with Tetsuya-san I thought about it more. So because of that, please be my master(shishou)!」

What「So because of that」is unknown but, Aria is bowing her head quickly.

「No, Wait. Even if you suddenly ask me to become your master, I don’t know what I need to teach you, you know 」

「I want to know what did Tetsuya-san do to have that power. It’s level 141 you know 141. What kind of studying did you do to reach that? Even if it just a little please tell me!」

「Etto……you might be angry when you hear it but……I just walk step by step and got that level you know!」

「Do you think I will be deceived by that! If just by walking you get a Level up then there’s no need to struggle!」

Yes. That’s correct.
I myself think it is cowardly but.
But it’s true so there’s nothing it couldn’t be helped.
But, I guess she wouldn’t believe me.

「U—n……That’s it! There’s no shortcut to becoming strong! You should train diligently day by day! Being cheap like asking me how to get stronger is the wrong!」

「Ha! Certainly it is huh……I in the wrong! As expected of Tetsuya-san. Thank you for the help me recognize the important thing!」

I’m glad that she understood it.
Though, I really use a super shortcut.
I’ve got a feeling that there is some degree of a shortcut though.
For everyone except for me Ganbare(do your best)!

「But……Tetsuya-san. While saying something bossy like that while still rolling on the bed huh……」

「Th, This is…… a Spiritual Practice you know!」

「Ieie (no no). After yesterday’s lack of appeal, saying something like that is too late you know. Still, having as much power as Tetsuya-san, more training will be unnecessary right. I understand it was the recoil after working so hard until now. Please be lazy as much as you want!」
wa—i. This child is pampering me. Daisuki! (I love it!)

「Now then. I’ll go to the adventurer guild. What will Tetsuya-san do?」

「A, wait a minute. I’ll get dressed now」
At any rate, I can move while using the bed.
It’s a wonderful thing that I can go here and there without even leaving my bed.
I don’t know what kind of quest I’ll do today but, I don’t know this world left and right.
Whichever I do it’ll be a new thing with a fresh feeling for me.
If I in a pinch it’s all right to just take it step by step walking while having a power up!
wa—i, handy.
I want to get Aria to receive this handiness, but is there a way to do it.

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