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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 104: It’s been a while [2]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 104: It’s been a while [2]

E Chapter 104: It’s been a while [2]




“This is getting too long already. Can’t they just stop?” Kuro grumbled as he accompanied R01; although he couldn’t do anything to help her, Kuro was still stepping away from Fred since they always fought wherever they had a conversation.

Pulling the falling person away from the ground, R01 said, “I can’t deny that. It’s already been 14 hours. The night is so deep that several beaten people in the early part had come to see the last fight while on their wheel chair.”

The people can’t help but envy the last one standing. Even if Claude was on his last breath and the other person that fought him couldn’t do anything without Alex’s machination, his skill is already skyrocketing.

“I can see their envy of D047 from here. I can’t help but be puzzled by their reaction.” R01 said while cleaning her hands by clapping.

“Well, in their eyes, the person that stood against Claude right now is like a miner that found a diamond while mining. He continuously increases his price as the diamond polished. The longer he stands against the Claude right now, the better he will be in the future. ”

“Does this mean they see Claude as a grinder?”

“Exactly! Right now, the extremely focused but weak Claude is like the best grinder to polish the number 3 weakest person in this division. After this bout, you can say that D047 will be the strongest person in the division.

“Isn’t that a bit too exaggerated? He’s still a saint no matter how you see it. ”

“That’s not right. Don’t you know that Claude can fight higher-ranking people?”

“Everyone that learns Cloud style can fight those with higher expertise, right?”

“No, only the most gifted individuals can do so.”

R01 eyed the flying needle with curiosity in her eyes, as the person least knowledgeable among the 3 flying apparitions surrounding their leader, Kuro, is unexpectedly informed about many things.

This matter is extremely interesting to her. She wanted to understand more about this flying needle.

‘Is this love?’

questioned the writer on her thoughts

Meanwhile, on another side of the podium, From the windows of the infirmary, D couldn’t help but mutter.

“I envy 047. Why’d Master Claude beat me so soon?”

Although they all want to pat him in the back, they soon realize that D is stronger than they thought. While the weakest D050 was defeated before he got to improve, so, rather than patting him in the back, they actually beat D by using the good hand on him.

“Hey, hey! What the hell, don’t hit me with your crutch!”

As they beat D, a new occurrence happened towards the end of the battle.

Leaving aside the groaning D, the other D division members talked to each other.

“Wha… what’s happened?!”

“047 submerge into the darkness!”

“Is this real? What is he doing?!”

In the duel between the couple that are on their tenterhooks, 047 is the one on the brink of losing. While Claude was constantly healing himself, his regeneration was improving by the minute.Even though he can’t regenerate his stamina, his injuries have already healed.

There’s no more scar or scab on his body; even his murky eyes are already filled with light.

This shows the effect of the zone has started to wear off already, even if 047’s body is bathed in blood and sweat.

His eyes never wavered.

Facing that huge monstrosity, he endured.

047 already lost Alex’s instruction. At some point in time, Alex’s soul power waned and he was unsummoned from the material world.

Right now, Alex is in Claude’s soul space as he grumbles about his incapability to deal with Claude and also losing the chance to watch the fight live.

Unlike Claude, 047 can still maintain his zone. Rather than maintaining them, he became more focused as time passed. Grasping more techniques and knowledge one after another.

This is the first time the people of Arbalest have ever seen shadow magic being used; a spell of Darkness Attribute, Hide. It is one of the missing spells from the ancient war that no one ever used anymore, but 047 just grasped the spell and used it like a pro.

As long as the sky is still dark, his hiding area becomes larger.

He swam around the darkness as he kept on wandering about, releasing a spell after another from the shadows, astonishing not only the spectator from another building, but also those within the building.

“This is intriguing, so you can do this with Darkness attribute huh. Can I also do the same with fire attributes? ” Fred muttered as he hovered around to maintain the barrier.

“Doesn’t it appear that 47 has grown stronger?”Isolte suddenly asked, although she was tired. The sight before her is a rare one where she might not be able to watch them anymore.

“Yep, it should be his last burst of attack. Unlike that monster, Claude, 47 had a finite amount of blood. You can’t expect him to last more than 50 minutes. Even if he can, we need to stop him. Since any more could result in his death… ”

“I see, but wouldn’t that mean Claude’s enlightenment would stop?”

“It already ended an hour ago.”


“His eyes already show clarity. What he is doing right now is absorbing the knowledge he learnt from his previous state. Currently, he’s stabilizing his knowledge by using 47 as the grinder”

“Shouldn’t he fall into exhaustion because of that extreme state?”

Hearing the question, Fred’s flame flickered faster, as if showing his anxiety and sadness.

“Do you remember the Nightmare Dungeon?”

“Yes, it’s the place where the three of you died, right?”

“Indeed, in that place. You need to maintain extreme focus, no matter how tired you are. Unless you’ve arrived at a safe point, you need to maintain your senses. That’s his training ground, and he never stopped controlling his senses even after he went out of the dungeon. ”

“I don’t really understand the explanation, sir.” Isolte was quite puzzled by what Fred said, and asked him to describe it more.

“Let’s just say that he’s a stove that’s always lit, because he always maintained the fire on the stove. He never rests, and is always aware of his surroundings. He never stops being cautious, and once he recovers from any state, he will always maintain his fire. ”

“Which means, Claude can control his fatigue?”

“Roughly, yes, he can”

“Is that why, once he loses his consciousness, he will lose it for months like what happened before?”

“Yes, the accumulating fatigue will hit him all at once. His strain should make him fall into a deep slumber, though mine and Alex’s training should lessen his strain. I hope you can help him to rest better in the future, Isolte. ”

“I understand, Master Fred…”

As the battle continued to heat up, Claude controlled the pace and dealt with the situation appropriately. Unlike before, Claude does not concentrate on bringing 047 down, but instead dodges all spells and attacks aimed at him.

After 40 minutes of dodge and shoot, 047 can’t maintain his spell, and comes out of the darkness. Once he is out of the shadow, Claude conjures a rock bullet and attacks 047 on the head.

The man received the attack head on and passed out.

Thus, that is the end of a day-long spar, where Arbalest’s prowess increased without anyone on the main continent even being aware of it.





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