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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 106: Date

E Chapter 106: Date



Bringing back the time by a little, after the explosive sparring. Crossbow’s prowess has tripled, and the team has become more cohesive than before.

They had a better understanding of their cooperation and a better sense of how to move. As they learn more information than necessary because of Alex’s training, the group feels more indebted towards Claude and his incarnation.

As of now, not only was Alex helping them in training, even Fred teaching the other support profession better than Claude can do.

Meanwhile, Kuro spent his time flirting with the female members and having a part in making trouble along with the other males.

Kuro led them to have more fun in some situations, making them forget any kind of exhaustion they felt for some time.

Moreover, with Claude working on the table. Decisions that should wait for further approval can easily be decided on time, although Claude did feel that it’s troublesome. He’s still doing it as best as he can.

“D047, Lucas Lumiere. Knowing your talent for darkness magic, I guess we should send you as the leader of the new Division U. What do you think?”

Lucas Lumiere, the one holding the D047 title, who had the best result in the recent training, is one of the recently saved slaves from the traders. As the abandoned child of the Lumiere Noble household, he had a deep grievance against his own family.

Even so, he doesn’t wish for revenge.

He knows that Arbalest is filled with people like him or, even worse, he’s undecided on what to do. There are plenty of choices he can make while following Claude. Thus, those who don’t have dreams and aspirations while being strong were gathered in the Dungeon Dive Division.

There’s also another reason he didn’t want to enter the other groups on the central and Millis continents.

“You know what I want, leader. I hate to see my family ever again. I hate them. I despise them. Even so, I don’t wish to be the same as them…” D047 said as he clenched his fist.

“I appreciate your thoughts, and I’m thinking of sending you to Division U, Undertaker. You will be the leader and help Division A and Underground A deal with our enemies from the shadows. As we can’t appear above ground anymore, there are still people that need to be taken care of. We can’t have them belittle us even if we are already disbanded. ”

“I see, an Assassin group huh…”

“Not only assassination, you would also be the hub from Division C to Division I, which is scattered across the continent. You had a lot of tasks to do, and I doubt you can meet with your family. ”

“That’s overworking me too much, leader… Do you want to see me die of overwork? ”

“Haha, you jest. I know how bored you are while diving in the dungeon. With this, you can just wander around the world while hiding your identity. Since we wouldn’t need to keep contact with the world anymore, there’s no need to make a relationship with your family.”

“Former family, leader”

“There’s no former in the word family. As much as you hate them, you can’t close your eyes to what happened to them. It’s better to watch them from the shadows than to let them act like nothing’s happened. At least, release some of your depression at them for some time, and have fun, “Claude said with a grin.

“Did they make trouble with boss Mike?”

“Yeah, the Lumiere want to have some cake of the territory. We need to have someone scare them for a bit…”

“You should have said it from the start, leader! I’m in. When can I head there? ”

“Go right after we get a ride. We need to tame some wyvern right now for transportation.”

“Alright! I’ll get myself prepared. You can have a date with Miss Isolte then, leader!” D047, no, U said as he ran out of the room.

Hearing his words, Claude chuckled as he stood from his seat. Claude combed his hair while patting a portion of his clothes and pants.

Meeting with Isolte on his way out, Claude nonchalantly took her arm and pulled her out.

“Huh, what?”

Outside, he met with Roxy, but, since the other person doesn’t seem to remember him, He just greeted her as he went out with Isolte.

“Is it alright to leave them just like that?” Isolte asked, since the other person is Claude’s acquaintance.

“She doesn’t seem to know me, so it’d be rude to barge into their conversation. It’s better to have my scheduled date with my girlfriend than to make her know me. It’s not like she’s anyone important to me”

“I see.”

“So, where would we go? I’ll accompany you to any place you want to visit”

“I don’t know the place which could be a good spot. Can you guide me, darling?”

Seeing Isolte get her hand in front of him, while asking Claude to be the guide, astonished him. Claude can’t help but chuckle, and soon Isolte’s face becomes red in embarrassment.

“Isn’t it rude to get a lady to wait?”

Stopping his chuckle, Claude released the hand he held and got on his knees while kissing Isolte’s other hand.

“As you wish, my lady…”

That scene makes the other pedestrians clap in awe, while some whistle at them. Of course, Isolte squirmed in embarrassment, as Claude just thanked the others that appreciated him.

While walking around the place, Claude went to visit several places along with Isolte. They had fun seeing the noisy Adventurer’s Guild and spent some time sparring with the other within the Guild’s training ground.

Walking hand in hand after decimating those haughty adventurers and leaving them groaning on the ground.

He met several thieves on the way and beat them before leaving them in the alleyway with all their money.

He met with several thugs trying to intimidate the young couple and beat them up while ordering them to lead him to their nest, and continued to beat them up after ransacking all the important things inside the nest.

“I don’t think this is the right way to have a date.” Isolte grumbled as she held a sack of gold in her back with one hand while Claude held her other.

“Why’d you forget to bring the space artifact here in the first place. It’s so troublesome to hold them up like this. ”

“It’s not my fault that troubles come when I’m with a beauty like you. I definitely love this extra cash we got along the way, though. This place really doesn’t have any sightseeing spots…”

“Yeah, all I see is the dungeon, or Behemoth’s ribs. I guess beating people up did have some fun in it. ”

“There’s nothing better than beating bad guys!”

As they continued to walk, they suddenly passed a troubadour starting his instrument to start his storytelling.

‘That thing sure looks like a guitar…’ Claude thought as he stared at the troubadour. Then, the troubadour played his instrument.



“Running away from his home, the young man grinned widely as he entered the barrel to start his journey towards the sea. Wearing his straw hat, he shouted to the sky. I WILL BECOME THE PIRATE KING! ”

That startling opening stopped Claude in his tracks as he googled towards the troubadour. This opening He definitely knew what the story entailed!

Damn, where’s that Kuro when I need him?

This is a work that Kuro adored, and it was certainly not something that this world person was familiar with!

What happened?



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