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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 11

Claude is weird…

Ou, wait…

Mike here. Remember I am one of the Trio you meet at the start of the story? The one with black hair became an apprentice merchant.

He suddenly asked me to come along when I wanted to visit Roa. Since my childhood, I’ve been friends with him and know him more than he should be.

However, that day we met with Rudeus, he suddenly changed.

It should be a good change, but I can feel it…

His change is good on the outside but bad inside…

Every time I met him, he was constantly fatigued. I can see his exhaustion on his gesture and dread behind his smile.

I had a good grasp of human emotion, which is why I was sent to become an apprentice merchant and trained to be the successor of the merchant group.

I trust my judgment; the group also trusts me. Every decision I made was successful and created more money for the merchant group.

Well, leaving those things aside.

I repeat.

Claude is weird.

I know that he’s already weird since the day he was born, and the fact that he’s weird should be no problem by itself. However, he’s being too anxious.

What’s he scared of?

Would he let me know, I wonder?

I am not a wishy-washy type, and he’s the same, from my experience, that is.

So, I asked him.

“What makes you so anxious?”

“There’d be a massive incident that’s happen in the future…”

I never knew he would be telling the truth to me. I don’t know what kind of incident that is, but I do know that something he fears would be something enormous enough that he can’t do anything with.

“Tell me more about it…” I said seriously.

“Whoa, never thought you’ll believe me…”

I didn’t answer him but only stared at him.

There, I know what makes him anxious.

Claude somehow becomes a Miko that can see the future. From his future, he knew that he’d be dead on that incident.

For that, he learned martial arts from Mr. Paul and magic from Rudeus. While the enchantment thingy was something he learned on the go.

As expected, I won’t be able to imagine that kind of tragedy.

The day the Fittoa Region would suddenly mass teleported to worldwide with the possibility of us, either dead in the wilderness or sold by the slave merchant.

I see why he suddenly increased the slave merchant awareness towards the villager and the mass murder of the illegal slave-hunting in our area…

Knowing him, I can already see the blood flowing in his hands.

I see, so this is what he hid from us.

I already know the information of the blessed child called Miko. They’re people who were called so, there are plenty of those kinds of people. Some were being known, while mostly being unknown.

Though this is the first time I have met with one, several notes of information tell us about the Miko.

I tend to get sidetracked while reminiscing…

But, knowing my friend’s ability, I’m now fully aware of what I must do in the future.

Well, my friend is a Miko! Whoo, that’s cool.

Leaving aside his future sight, I can already see that we can’t even know the extent of this event. This phenomenon isn’t something a layman in a disaster could deal with. After all, not even the one in the flying castle might know that reason.

Knowing further, I can see that Perugius of the flying fortress also understand the disaster that’d happen in the future.

All I can do is fortify the human, whether in my merchant groups or in the village.

Well, let’s get it started.

To be on the safer side and create a safe trade route, we need to make a path. A road to have the carriage ride smoother.

In this case, I thought of making pavement. However, it’s redundant, said Claude.

For this instance. He thought of using the mages and himself to create a sturdy road using the solidification magic and an original spell he developed using the combination of earth water and fire spell.

He calls it, Tartar.

TTartTartar wiTartarused atop the smoothened ground.

The ground was smoothened but not smooth. They’re just made even. Using his tartar magic, the hot black thing washed the ground, then using a pebble he gathered every morning along with the villager, he dumped them on the ground.

Then he creates a mixture called asphalt.

After again dumping the hot tar above the pebble, he dumped the asphalt atop them and used a giant boulder that looked like a wheel. He used a pair of a humongous but docile beasts to pull the stone wheel.

While doing so, he taught the villagers how to and started to become their supervisor making his image better day after another.

I am astonished by his knowledge.

I wish to help and share this knowledge, but he just waves his hand nonchalantly as if he didn’t care about that.

Later did, I know that even this smooth road he created couldn’t be maintained that easy since the magic spell used was his original, and not many people can use it.

He was the only one at that time, so he was nonchalant about it.

Project after another he developed made the village more prosperous. Even so, he feels that what he did is not enough.

While diving in all that hard work, he never stopped his training and working in smithing and enchanting.

One day, he showed me a mass-producing tool.

“This artefact will scatter a signal every time, it’s a simple creation that can’t be turned off and will always on, and emitted mana signal that allow this monitor to see the holder were about. I can only let the monitor see the surroundings though… it’s still not possible to detect the Mana GPS over 10km from the GPS monitor…”

“Whao… GPS… what’s that?”

“This stone that being produced by the mana tool is a GPS.”

“That’s an abbreviation, right?”

“Oh, right… it’s… umm… what did they call it again, a Global Positioning System… right, it’s a Global Positioning System!”

“Okay… I can understand that a system is the way the tracker detects, but what’s is a global?”

“Heck, you asked too much! Just know that it’s an item that allow your location to be known!”

Well, leaving him and his Cr*ppy explanation about his item aside. This Mana GPS can be sold! I can already see the money that’d roll to my purse once I sold the artifact, not to mention it can be produced freely.

“How many it can produce using a tool?”

“I have one mass producing machine right now, and a machine can produce 5 a day using the surrounding mana… it also needs to rest for 5 hours a week so it doesn’t get overheat, so you can assume to have 135 GPS every 4 week…”

“That’s not really that plenty huh… knowing our deadline… how many monitors can you make?”

“With our deadline, I can create 5 monitors and 2 more machine.”

“Just create 1 more machine, and make more monitors. We need the monitor more since having 2 should be plenty enough for my merchant group and the villager.”

“… I understand”

What? Do you expect to be safe more than our circle? Within the time limit, we have.

Within our time limit, I can assume that we can cover the whole villager and my merchant group with the GPS and leave the monitor to those outside the area.

I can see that he agreed with my decision, and I presume he already realized the importance of my decision, but even so, it’s better to create a priority.

It’s not like we can save the holder even with the GPS and Tracking monitor.

It’s just a prevention measure to make tracking the soon will-be missing people easier.



2 months until the birthday of Rudeus…

The event that will happen a day after Rudeus’ birthday soon Occur…

K417 will soon end.

I hope our plan will succeed.


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