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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 122: Mentee

E Chapter 122: Mentee




“Like I said, you’re repeating your mistakes!”

Leviathan exhaled a fire missile and attacked Claude with pinpoint accuracy.

“I’ve tried using all kinds of means to deflect, even dodge, the attack. How can I deal with it!”

“Think! Think, and try to do all you can do. But don’t do the same thing over and over again!”

“It’s easy for you to say that, but I can’t see where I’m doing thing. I’ve done all I can just to not get injured by the spell!”

Claude retorted as he continued to dodge another missile from Leviathan, after months of training. Leviathan and Claude’s spar already entered a new stage, where life and death are nothing but a child’s play.

Currently, they are trying to increase Claude’s response.

to increase his intuition against powers that are stronger than him.

Using Leviathan’s exchange of knowledge, Leviathan tutored Claude wholeheartedly like a good mentor it is.

Teaching it until its student understand, Leviathan does its best to control the power step by step. As he acknowledged Claude’s quick mastery, he held nothing back and did his best to try and murder Claude.

“Hell, just lessen the firepower!”

“No! It’ll take too long for you to understand if I make the attack weaker!”


Claude failed to deflect the attack, as the missile hit him on the left upper arm.

His left chest was blown away, leaving nothing but scrap and minced meat splattered along the seashore.


Claude can only groan in pain and wait for his body to fully regenerate because this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

“Scoff, that’s why I told you to stay focused!”

Leviathan scolded him as it rested for some time before asking Isolte to prepare for their training.

Since Claude failed to receive the bargain, Leviathan couldn’t help but ask Isolte to receive its training so it could receive the knowledge Claude will share after their training on the selected course is completed.

Their way of dealing is to let each other mentor another; they will continue to explain and teach the other person until they fully comprehend the selected knowledge.

Unlike Claude, who can easily understand beginner and intermediate-level knowledge in weapon art and magic, Isolte took longer but took a firmer hold on the information Leviathan taught.

Rather than a quick advance like what Claude encouraged, Isolte chose to take a firm step towards the goal.

Although it irked Leviathan, he also had a hard time comprehending some knowledge from the future, or the knowledge had a long roadmap to reach the selected knowledge.

an extending roadmap that made even Claude troubled about how he could teach the dragon.

like the part where semiconductors are introduced, although he knew the knowledge. He can’t explain how it works unless he has the item or mastery over things that even someone with that knowledge would struggle to explain.

From this point on, each of them just taught one another haphazardly.

They are causing each other confusion.

Unfortunately, this should be their last tutoring session for a year or more.

“Ugh… damn, that’s hurt…”

Claude said as he experimented with his newly regenerated body.

After injuries from their training and tutorial on how to increase his regeneration factor, Claude can store any muscle memory to his brain or even bone marrow. which makes it easier for him to regenerate the body based on the muscle memory.

The troll’s healing factor unknowingly evolved after continued injury.

When he asked Leviathan about the troll, the dragon was also perplexed by the troll’s name.

Never once had he heard of the troll that ate any light source.

He also never heard about the dungeon hidden within the elven territory of the Great Forest.

Intrigued, it once tried to seek out the said dungeon but was unable to enter the place because of the dread it felt with a single glance.

Claude, who already knew the danger hidden within, just took a step back and forbade anyone from entering the dungeon.

feeling afraid that that troll might be able to regenerate and waiting for any prey to enter the dungeon once again.

As he already knew the freakiness of the regeneration ability he acquired from eating the troll, Claude refused to believe that the troll couldn’t be resurrected from nothing but a drop of blood.

It may have taken some time, but he undoubtedly checked every corner and cleaned the dungeon.

They’ve already checked on the material Claude got out of the corpse of the troll, and they’ll allow Leviathan to check on it.

But they found nothing.

Not even a speck of soul was left within the remains.

Still, they need to be cautious about anything hiding within the mysterious place.


No one knows how the dungeon and labyrinth were created, which makes people afraid of the treasure- and death-filled place.

“This is weird; those magical spawning points had also vanished… what’s the meaning of this?”

Claude questioned the place that had always been his nightmare—the place he had survived.

There’s nothing from the bottom until the upper floor; he searched everything but only found his scribbles on the wall.

Not even the remains of the monsters he built were there.

“What a weirdo, to actually create something out of the carcasses of a monster… I really doubt your sanity.”

The small, bat-like Leviathan said this to Claude.

looking at him with disdainful eyes.

“But, can you see the remnant of the spawning circle? Do you have any inkling on what kind of enchants were used on them, Lev?”

“Hmm, using the memory you’ve shared with me as the basis and the remnant of the destroyed circle, I can see that this is nothing but a teleportation enchantment, assuming that the thing that entered the dungeon is enough to not make them overflow, and I think all the monsters that live in this dungeon are food sources for that troll.”

Nodding his head, Claude agreed with what Leviathan said. As he knew that the venom hid within the blood of the monsters, it wasn’t meant to fill the monsters’ stomachs but to slowly kill them.

“I think this dungeon is something that came from the Genesis… Having a monster that’s been poisoned from the time before I was born, and it still had the strength of a Troll King meant the real strength of the said monster is astonishingly monstrous…”

“A monster from Genesis… what kind of monster had I defeated?”

Claude said, looking surprised at what Leviathan said.

Although he didn’t know how old Leviathan is, it must be longer than he can imagine. Gulping, he let out the skull of the troll from his space and put it on the ground.

“Could you investigate about the monster from this skull?”

Looking at its skull, Leviathan increased the size of its body. From a 20-cm tall monster to a 2-meter tall monster taller than Claude

Looking down at Claude, Leviatan grabs the skull using both of his hands and investigates the skull of the said monster.

“I see that it looks like a normal troll, but inside the bottom of the skull. There are lines of an ancient circle imbued within Genesis’s beasts—the beast that directly appeared from nothing.”

“What the hell is a Genesis beast?”

Claude is annoyed with the mysterious words; he knew what the meaning of Genesis was. The words which meant first, the origin.

“Differents from human, monsters can appear from whichever the mana condensed. Usually they’ll come in pairs, but there are certain cases when monsters appear individually. This kind of monster can breed with any kind of living being and create different types of monsters in its surroundings. They gain strength from the diversity of their kinds, and the more people there are, the stronger they will be. This is what we called Genesis monsters. ”

“What kind of ludricity is that?”

“It is, what it is… Nowadays, you can’t find this kind of monster anymore, since they’d be killed on sight by the other monsters.”

“Does that mean there’s still a Genesis monster out there?”

“Of course, I’ve seen several. However, they are no longer considered monsters because they are intelligent enough to understand that savagery brings nothing but destruction, and with their nearly immortal lives, they will choose to learn to mimic and live alongside people on land.”

“Fuck, what does that mean?”

“Nah, don’t think too much about this matter. Just live your life; it’s not like they want to be in a relationship where their beloved and the descendants they raise died before them, so the majority of them live beneath the sea.Sleeping most of the time.

Leaving aside the dread that might hit them from behind, Claude chooses to forget about these matters and continue to investigate the dungeon.

As he can’t see anything noteworthy, he needs to scratch the idea of using this dungeon as the feeding ground for the pet they’ve caught.

As he came out of the dungeon, a member of the I division suddenly appeared before him.

“The bait has been bitten, sir.”

Chuckling, Claude waved to let the ninja-like person disappear again and slowly enter the forest.



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