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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 123: For that slice of pie

E Chapter 123: For that slice of pie




“Prepare, the target is 20 km away from the gathering point! All unit, standby at your own position!”

“yes sir!”

“Kuhuhuhu, I never thought those Albarest Rats were still hiding within the shadow of the outlaw town.”

Garren Yellowsnake, Commander of Asura’s Royal Knight Division, laughed hideously while licking his blade.

They didn’t even pretend to become bandits to ransack the remnants of Arbalest. Brazenly entering another country’s border and acting like the owner, Garren felt nothing but euphoria in his imagination. If the nobles from Millis knew it, they would definitely get mad.

Even so, they won’t be able to do anything about it.

As of now, people within the nation have fought against their own. A fight for power has started, and to choose the pope, they will do their best to put the competitor down.

Remember when Eris, Rudeus, and Ruijerd arrived in Millis? You might also remember Eris’ adventure that day, the day where Eris saved a person from Millis with the name Miko and was accompanied by Cliff. The little boy from the church.

In Saint Millis Nation, the pope held the power of the nation.

The fight for power had already started before both of the kids were even born, and their birth increased the intensity of the fight.

between the saint chosen by God and the prodigy nurtured by the church. Putting those children on a pedestal, the church and the nobles tried to regain their position as much as they could.

which in return weakened their nation.

It’s a pretty ridiculous situation, but it’s the truth.

Asura can look down on the current Millis and enter it casually, but they still need to keep their face and dignity in front of the other counties, which is why they only sent Garren to intercept Arbalest’s remnants in Millis.

“Tch, how can that toad tell me to act with dignity. I’m the North Emperor, and we act to kill the enemy using all kinds of things! To reach the summit, we use every possible method and train in a variety of weapons!”

Unbounded by the weapon, the higher one’s rank in the art, the better the person will be at dealing with another type of weapon.

For a Northern-style practitioner, aside from their main weapon, it’s a necessity to know all kinds of weapons.

There are some who primarily use a single weapon, such as the ruijerd, and others who still fall into the northern style.

amusingly, in the past. Every style that’s not within the range of the other two styles can be regarded as the Northern style.

Leaving those things aside, Garren scurried around the area while maintaining the ambush formation.

As brazen as he might be, he’s still an army commander. He’s talented, which should make it easy for him to defeat a ragtag band of survivors.

He didn’t realize, however, that this remnant was the one who preyed on him.

“Lord I, the target is still hiding in the expected place, over.”

“Understood, get ready to ambush them. We’ll be arriving at the destination soon.”

“We, the Double and Triple, will continue our observation and kill the enemy after seeing the signal.”

“As acknowledged, Division U will also help you. be aware of your surroundings and don’t attack allies.”


After receiving the order, the man in black hiding under the shadow of the tree closed the communication line. giving a signal using a cricket noise and informing his other division members to continue their current jobs.

The shrubbery suddenly filled with the creaking noise of the cricket, and the soldiers and even Garren were annoyed by it. However, it’s not like they can get mad at the insects and massacre them when their target is getting closer.

“Fucking cricket…”

Garren grumbled.

Thinking that he’s the one ambushing the other, Garren didn’t realize the that the Oriole lurked behind him and the one in front of him isn’t a cicada, nor was he’s the mantis.

Lucas Lumiere, the Undertaker, appeared behind his shadow. Hatred filled his eyes as he clutched the dagger with both hands.

In a flash, he stabbed Garren from behind.

But, as expected from an Emperor,

Even if he’s not the strongest, he can still feel the Undertaker’s attack and block it.

“Who are you?”

Garren shouted as he panicked at the sudden ambush.

Unknowingly, that is the signal from the doubles and triples of Division I to assassinate the other leader of the army.



“Wh… what happened?!”

Garren panicked when he heard a sudden shout from his subordinates, but he wasn’t given time to assess the situation because the attack from the king-ranked Cloud-style assassin wasn’t that weak.

Undertaker continued his attack from every angle possible, hiding in the shadows and attacking the Northern Emperor from unexpected places.

“Fuck! Fuck! What the hell is this?!”

Undertaker didn’t respond as he continued his assault. Garren can only evade and block every attack that comes at him.

He is helpless against the younger child.

with a rank lower than his.

“Damn it! What’s kind of weapon is that? You’re cheating!”

Pointing to the enemy’s advantage, Garren feels afraid of the enchanted card that lets out weapons after another and changes Undertaker’s weapon every time.

The card allows him to swiftly throw a dagger, giving Garren no time to even think of saving his subordinates. Even the pained cries of his subordinates will add injury to his current situation.

Up to now, he’s always looked down on Eugene for losing against a brat that’s only entered the King rank.

But now, Garren couldn’t help but feel the dread and fear of the kid in front of him.


Meanwhile, as Garren fought for his life in the capital of Asura the King and the Prime minister Prime Rigit Silvertoad is in meeting with wide smile on their face.

“How’s Garren condition, is there any trouble?”

“No, your majesty. We only need to wait for the money to enter our coffer. Kukuku”

“Yes, yes, Prime Minister, those golds and wealth from the former Arbalest shall be given to us.”

“Yes, yes, yes, your majesty. We will get that piece of pie before our door soon, kukuku!”

“Hahaha! Indeed, indeed! “I shall share with you a slice of pie after we receive them, my loyal minister!”

“Thank you, your majesty!”

They already counted the money before it arrived and were planning to do things with imaginary money. Lest did they know…

In a room within the royal castle.

Ariel anemoi Asura met with a person they’d never expect.

“Then, shall we start our negotiation… miss Clara”



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