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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 124: For that Slice of Pie (2)

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 124: For that Slice of Pie (2)

E Chapter 124: For that Slice of Pie (2)




After her meeting with Rudeus, Clara continued her journey to Asura.

Being aware of the plan to capture and rob people who wish to attack them. Claude, along with his confidante, planned to create a bait for the robber to take and rob them back.

Knowing that Mike will be closely watched by the public, they will not use anyone known to the robber.

to create a better opportunity for dealing with the situation and profiting more. Mike stays in the fief and acts like he knows nothing about the royals’ plan to rob the remnant of Arbalest that comes from the Cloud King’s faction.

Based on the former Arbalest spy and “traitor,” people were aware that the group was divided into two factions: those who supported Mike and those who supported the Cloud King.

Those that followed the Cloud King did their best to gather money and sold invention after invention under different names.

which means they are filled with money.

This is a group of terrorists without any backing; even the noble Mike doesn’t have any ties with them anymore. So, everyone can grab that piece of pie for themselves and not informing mike so they can receive the most money.

With that kind of thinking, not only the Asuran royals, but even the nobles of the kingdom that were aware of the situation and the others’ kingdoms, laid down their own cards to grab some of that pie.

Some send a soldier into ambush, and others will cooperate with each other.

The point is that they can’t do it casually and hide it to avoid consequences.

a secret mission.

Never would they have thought this plan would backfire on them.

Delegations were sent to the people who sent their soldiers or any type of support to rob the remnants of Arbalest.

Most people from the C division were sent to negotiate with the sanest person within that family to help them take over the ruler position.

In short, Arbalest will help them in their condition.

An investigation had already been conducted, and a decision was given to the member of C Division who had given the mission.

Of course, not everyone will make the same decision.

“So, what do you think of our proposition, Princess Ariel?”

Clara spoke with a smile on her face.

“This… are you trying to tell me to usurp the throne and get all the retainers to go to me?”

“Indeed, that’s what our intentions are. It’s not a question of how or why we could or would do it that you should ask. However, are you prepared to hold the title, power, and responsibility?”

Crossing her legs, Clara squinted at the retainers beside Ariel. A boy with brown hair, who had a resemblance to Rudeus and Paul, and a white-haired girl

“What gives you such confidence that you can decimate Royal Commander Garren and his troops? Even if you can defeat him, there are still Eugene, Euclid, and Rigit in the castle. Even that prime minister, despite being weaker than any Royal commander… and several saints are undoubtedly something you won’t be able to deal with, right?”

Ariel looks down on Clara; she never imagined that a young group like Arbalest would bare their fangs at the central continent’s older royal family.

Thinking that they have made a better foundation within the decades of their group’s creation.

“Unlike the slow-growing Asura Kingdom, we, Arbalest, always set a goal on our own… Look at this, princess Ariel.”

Letting a bag out, Clara sent a monster baby to appear in her arms. Cradling them and showing her the appearance of the tame monster that is licking her

“Is that a…”

“Indeed, this is a youngling among S-ranked monsters. Sea serpent, wyvern, and Ground King. What we had was something that even a king-ranked person would struggle with, not to mention every team leader in our young group.”

“Every team leader had a grown-up version of one of them.”

“Nope, every team leader had a pair of grownups for each of them.”

This sentence scares not only Ariel but even her retainers, Luke Notos Greyrat and the white-haired girl, Fitts.

“There’s no way that’s possible! It’s an S-ranked monster! How can you tame them?!”

As Luke shouted in denial, Fitts only gasped in surprise.

“Young Notos, I can show you that I also have a pair of each if you don’t believe me, but the room will definitely be destroyed if I do so.”

Clara demonstrated her beast bag, which can hold them.

“Can I see what kind of artifact can hold a monster inside it?”

A pokeball—that’s not really something that the people of this era can think of. Without Claude’s assistance, no one can even replicate the space item, but now that another space-type item that can hold living beings has suddenly appeared, how insane will people go?

Just imagine a cavalry that can suddenly appear in the middle of a town. or a terrorist who can use that space item to release a gigantic monster and leave a monster wreaking havoc in the middle of the city.

It made her shudder just thinking about what Arbalest could do to retaliate against the kingdom that had attacked them.

Clara just smiled at her, signaling her denial of her request.

Not everyone had the opportunity to own them in the first place. It’s not easy to get the beast bag, and what she has was given to her by someone else.

“Now then, can we continue with our conversation before?”

Ariel couldn’t help but gulp her saliva over the information she just received.

“Are you certain that Arbalest will never do something like attack and conquer our country?”

“Obviously, it’s not like we care about territorial power in the first place.”

“So, what drives you to amass such power?”

“This world, the place where we live, is a brutal place. Without power, what can you do?”

Without waiting for an answer, Clara continued.

“Most of the people in Arbalest are those thrown away by their family or people who have nowhere else to live.” Master Claude gave us the knowledge to lead a better life and gave us the option to choose. How many people are enslaved? Can you count them, princess?”

“Somewhere around thousands of people?”

Ariel said she was trying to calculate how many could fall into slavery in a month and multiply them. In other words, she believes that 500 people should become slaves every month, and that number should be doubled.

“That’s right, every day, thousands of people will fall into slavery.”

This astounded Ariel and thousands of people in a matter of days, not months…

“Is that a real number?”

She can’t believe the number she just heard.

“Definitely, Arbalest only saved people in the surrounding area of Fittoa.” Even within the Fittoa alone, in a year, we can save more than ten thousand people from slavery; now you just need to multiply them across the other fiefs and continents of this massive world. Now we can start talking.”

“What’s the correlation with that and our conversation again?”

“I’m just pointing out that the current ruler is so inept that he allows thousands of people to become slaves.”

“Is that your reason for this kind of negotiation?”



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