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After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 15



“You should tell me if that place is the last floor!”

“D*mn it, this Cr*ppy dungeon played me for good!”


Claude yelled and shouted like a crazed person. He continuously stomped at the ground and gritted his teeth.

He is depressed that he wasted 2 months on the last floor, afraid of an exit door.

How embarrassing.

“D*mn it, what a bad service! They should put an exit notice if it’s an exit door! At least had some emergency stairs also! Not to mention gave the floor some label…”

“D*mn it, who the heck create such a strong monster at the gate?… is the Dungeon maker crazy or something? I even took time to go upstairs and gathered all those materials and creating more artefact than what I needed! Hell, even this Weapon box became a treasure box by now!”

Because of his fear of the last staircase, he spent more time exploring the upper floors. The monster within the upper floors is weaker than those below because they are not a Dungeon for a person to enter in the first place.

It’s more like a warehouse dungeon.

The weakest monster there is graded as C within the outside world. And most of the C grades can be counted as A within a flock.

Thus, most of them are living in a flock. But the last monster was different.

The monster that works as the gatekeeper of the Treasure warehouse dungeon of the ancient empire was an ancient Troll.

It’s a prehistoric monster that had the power to Rival the Dragons.

One that has the power to decimate a Kingdom or two once they come out.

Usually, the intruder would come from the outside. Thus, giving the ancient troll ways to go outside and receive the power of the Sun enable it to eat the Sunshine.

As the Troll eats the Sunshine, it can regenerate instantly if it receives any wound and generates mania in an instant.

However, it was unknown how much time the Troll lived under the Dungeon without receiving any food source.

He’s only a bit stronger than an average Troll, with a more vital Regenerative ability that enables him to survive even without any sunshine.

It can be seen that Claude was lucky.

“… sigh, even if I don’t have the experience, their memories are helping me dealing with the monsters inside huh…”

It’s abnormal for him to be able to come out of the Dungeon since from the start until the end, the monster wasn’t something a 12-year-old boy can defeat. Not even an adventurer team with an S-rank party can come out of the Dungeon merely in 6 months.

Each step Claude took was steep.

A regeneration that generally a human should have been acquired way before he was sent to the Dungeon. His mana Burst helps him increase the ability and increase the Healing magic’s pace to work.

Even so, he can only do it himself to speed up his metabolism.

To do so, he needed more nutrition. Thus, he eats the monsters inside and replenishes his food. Enables his regenerative property.

He even prepares 50kg worth of condiment in his weapon box.

“I’m thankful for the condiment… If there’s no condiment that I’ve prepared in advance, I’d definitely had a stomach sickness already… sigh…”

“Now… Where am I?”

Claude said while looking at the surrounding forest.

He’s lost.



[Rudeus POV]

Hello, I’m the former Shut-in NEET Rudeus.

Today, I’m at the popular apartment with no cost total security.

It’s built using warm wood, something like a Japanese beech. Even the bed used some dried grass with a rough and coarse blanket.

But there’s a drawback: the bugs living along with you in the apartment.

A toilet was included within the room, too. It’s just a hole through.

I’m a bit concerned about hygiene as a modern kid, though. But, even so, at the bargain price, it’s not that bad.

It’s worth mentioning that it comes with breakfast and dinner.

“Aam… augh…” it’s a bit spoiled, but for anyone who’s been used to living on the demon continent, you’d find it delicious.

Now, let’s talk about the highlight of this apartment.

Look at this firm lattice. No thief would look at this, nor do they want to get in. Criminals do get in here, though.

After all, …

It’s a prison.

A village within the forest living in the wooden trees is Beastmens. Some had the cat ear, and another had a dog ear.

From children to adults, they live in the forest harmoniously and get their food from nature or the nearby river.

It can be seen that the fish hunt for food.

How am I here, you ask?

Well, we need to take a step back and talk about how I could get myself out of the Demon continent first…


It all started from the dock. It’s hard to search for a ship that allows a Supardian to sail with them. So, we seek another way.


A smuggler, that is.

One way or another, there’s a link I get from a shady guy to allow us to smuggle a Supard to the Millis Continent.

As we pass from the Wing Port to The Zanto Port, we see every evil deed the Smuggler does. Some of them are child kidnapping…

Not only that, but they also even torture the kids to sell them as enslaved people. Of course, our friendly and good Supardian, Ruijerd, denies their kindness towards us and seeks to kill those slavers.

Thus, creating a massacre for the Smuggler.

He leaves none alive and saves the Beastmens children. Sadly, there’s already some death of the children.

Some of the kids are dead…

As we come out, Ruijerd and Eris continue to move them to the town to treat them. While I am saving the ‘Divine beast’ of theirs, the children always ask to the point of ordering us to do so.

Then, I went back to the smugglers’ hideout and found a big mofumofu dog. Of course, before I let it out, I mofumofued the dog and acted…

Well, I somehow patted it creepily and hugged it.

The divine is OK with it, but the trouble comes after the Beastmens adult found me…

They thought of me as a pervert to a dog…

I mean, man, seriously?

I’m into furry, but not bestiality…


A bit of fight happens, as I can fight on par with the team leader. The other Beastmens attacking me from behind, and they send me here…

This is a misunderstanding!

That is what I said, but they refused to believe me.

Thus, I am put into jail naked.

Well, I’m patiently waiting for Eris and Ruijerd to save me, though…

It’s easy to disable the lock and escape. But I’m in the middle of a forest…

It’s not funny to get lost after escaping. Ah, someone is coming.

“Hey, I’m innocent! I didn’t do anything! I happened to know that the kids were kidnapped…” I used the Beastmens language I learned from Ghislaine, but I was ignored…

No, after she pours the water at me rudely. She stared at me in disgust… hey, big sis, if you look at me like that just because of a lecherous gaze, even I will get sad…

Then, she left while uttering “you pervert” to me…

Laying on the hard and dirty wood, I wonder how they treat me.

To think they’d strip me naked, dump cold water on me, what are they going to do about it if I develop some weird fetish?

Scratching 2 on the wooden pillar to let me count the days. I stared at the pillar while thinking several things at once.

I lay on the floor again and stared at the spider.

Sigh, the outside world is so green, and my prison cell feels so bleak. I’m fed up with this free apartment…

But, right now, I shouldn’t act on my own.

Looks like the people here won’t listen to me, and it’s just troublesome by itself… I wonder, what’d Claude do if he’s here?


He should be playing with my sister in Buena village right now…

D*mn him…

Ah, the girl dumps the water on me once again, huh…


It’s already the 3rd day I’m here.

Ruijerd and Eris sure is slow.

Did something happen? Don’t tell me, he later got into a fight with the old man who chased after him…

Nah, I’m sure those two won’t be beaten. There’s no need to be in a panic.

The 4th day I’m here.

I’m so bored…

It’s the 5th day.

Oh, looks like there’s a newbie dropped inside the cell. Time to act cool even if I’m naked.

“Welcome to the last stop of your life.”

I said while lying sideways in the bed and looking towards the monkey-faced guy.

“Well… why’re you so arrogant despite being naked?”

How dare he look down on me.

“Hey, Newbie! Watch your mouth!”


“So? Why were you thrown in here?”

He laid down and got relaxed.

“Well, they found out I was cheating in games.”

“Oh, gambling huh? Was it rock-paper-scissor? Or steel frame crossing?”

“What the heck is that? I cheated in dice games. What about you, senior.”

“I hugged a silver dog and then got thrown in here.”

“Oh, that was you? People have been talking about you. They said that the sacred beast of Doldia was attacked by the sex beast.”

Huh, who came up with that pun?

“What’s your name, Newbie?”

“I’m Geese.”

“I see. I’m Rudeus.”

“I believe I heard that name somewhere…”

“It’s just a common name… you can hear it anywhere.”

“Haha, you’re right.”

“But did you see a red-haired girl and a big bald guy nearby, who are looking for me?”

“Why are you suddenly being so polite? Stop that Senior.”

“I’m here due to false charge! But it’s taking my comrades forever to come and save me.”

I could see his astonishment and a bit of pity in his eyes as he answered.

“Well, how do I put it… I’m sorry to hear that”

Hey, stop it. The way you’re talking makes me seem like an abandoned boy.

They must be too busy looking for the kids’ parents or something, right?




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