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That information burned the whole brain in Rudeus.

The shock he felt was so tremendous that he shut his mouth, while Eris realized that even if she’s returned to Roa, she might not be able to meet with her family anymore, dropped lifelessly on the ground.

Ruijerd looked at what happened and worriedly stayed close to them. He pats the head and the back of the kids.

“… is there more information of this?” Ruijerd said.

“You can ask that monkey faced person for more information, I know that he’s someone that travelling everywhere to seek for the missing person… I guess he would know more than me regarding this case…”

Rudeus then gathers his wit to stand up and leave the place quickly.

He headed to the cage imprisoning Geese again, and opened the cell nonchalantly.

“Oh, Senior, you’re already waking up, I see? What’s up…” he stopped his intention to tease Rudeus since he could see that this Senior of his had a grave and hurried-up expression.

“Please… Tell me more about the mass teleportation incident…” Rudeus asked pleadingly.

Geese then realize that the kid knows about it and doesn’t realize the incident all this long.

He can already expect it since this minor senior is still a child, no matter how capable.

Then, without further ado, he describes everything he knows about the incident, from the first day until the latest information he received on the adventurer guild.

First, a mass panic happened towards the Asura Kingdom when the news passed around the area.

The few lucky ones were transported nearby, but the nearest was still in the range of 100Km of the Fittoa Region. Those closer to the human area can be saved right away and procured.

Thanks to the Merchant Group called the ‘Arbalest,’ the procedure to save more of the victim can be dealt with swiftly.

Arbalest Merchant Group was led by someone Rudeus Knew well, and by the time he realized that the one who did all the thing was Mike, he couldn’t help but yelp in astonishment.

He is Claude’s friend.

Using an artifact created by Claude, he searched for more victims in the surrounding area using his own contracted mercenary group and the Kingdom’s soldier.

As he said, there’s almost ¾ of the Buena Villager person saved within three months of the incident. It was noted that the more a person had mana within their body, the farther they will be sent.

Thus, those with a low amount of mana were still in the Central continent.

However, even if they know that.

Out of the whole Fittoa region’s populace, more than a quarter had met their demise…

It’s only a rough measure since they don’t know if the corpse was there because of the teleportation incident or something else. But, the fact that there’s a death count can’t be denied.

There’s no information about Eris’ family’s deceased information, but almost all the beast kin maid hired by the Boreas family was found dead.

By now, Geese already know that Rudeus was Paul’s child.

As he already knows that Paul is still alive with his daughter, Geese informs Rudeus but adds that Zenith, Lilia, and Aisha’s location is unknown.

“My mothers and little sister is…” you can see his melancholy, but the fact that their corpse wasn’t found made him glad.

“Well, there’s expedition here and there. After several years, the final result would definitely be out… just be patient, I know Zenith well. She wouldn’t kick the bucket…”

“Thanks mister Geese…”

“My goosebumps, it’s kind of disgusting hearing you calling me with mister, Senior…”

“Okay then, I’ll look for Claude for now…”

As he said so, he stood and left the place.

“Hey, can you let me leave the cell first… eh, Senior… Senioooor!”

Geese was left in the cell. Rudeus even bothered himself to lock the door again before he went to seek Claude.



[Claude POV]

I’m disappointed.

This Claude is…

Utterly disappointed…

All I’ve thought that since the past was already changed, I can see more of Rudeus’ matureness while with me.

I already know that he’s an Old man inside. He should be in his 40s already.

But why did he always have that one way of thinking? I always told him to think, think and think more. Although I am also not perfect, he should already be prepared for the sudden event.

I can see him standing in his fight with Garus.

I know that Garus is strong, but even so, he’s not something he can’t defeat.

He’s already an upper saint Ranked Water magician and should already Peak advanced in all attribute spells by now, is what I think all this time.

But, different from me that constantly training as if tomorrow is the last day in my life.

He is still in the thought of relaxation.

He’s drunk in the novelty of the Reincarnation.

I won’t deny that I’m blaming him one-sidedly…

But, if… only if he’s realized that wasting time can be fatal towards others…


After the battle last night, I didn’t waste my time dealing with the smugglers and slavers. I leave it all to the Beast and elven folk as I continue to use my monitor to track any possibility of a person from Buena Village being transported here.

It took me 3 hours to scour the surrounding area, and even with the 10 km distance, I only found two dots of the tracker.

Following that, I’m praying that what I found is just one of Mike’s subordinates or a dropped tracker…

Sadly, I found a couple being torn alive by the monster within the forest.

Their body is still rotting, which means they only died within this month…

No, it might be around this week…

Knowing this, I am badly shaken…

I don’t think much at that time. Since they’re someone I know, I hurriedly dig the grave for them. Twenty meters down, leave a sign to let me know the whereabouts.

The sign was enchanted with a tracker, so I could know it later when I’d come back…

Now, I hope Somar will be alright…

Since their parents had already died…

Knowing that the protection ring I created for them was broken, I can see my lack of preparation.


There’s no use in crying over the spilled milk.

After cleaning myself, I come back to the Dedoldia village and see Rudeus in the village chief’s house. It irked me that he’s that obnoxious…

He is just like Paul, but what can I do aside from being mad?

I know I can’t blame him, but can he be more adaptable?

Why did he only think of Eris? Did he stupid enough to believe that he’s the only one teleported?

If I don’t have Mike’s help, more death might be. But, even if I told someone else, I doubt they will believe me…

In the leyline, the other me of the future.

They had already tried to convince the other. Some even get close to Rudeus and tell him the impending doom.

But, no one believes them. Not even Rudeus…

Even after the orb comes out, they still think of him as crazy.

So, I stopped trying to convince others without further ado and did my best single-handedly…

I should trust the other more…


I need to learn from this mistake. There’s also the fact that some God will disturb my work if more people know, and informing more people will make that particular God notice me and play something in my head.

Well, I can apologize to him later. But I am pissed by him since he stopped training himself…

I mean, seriously…

Even after six months, he is still the same weak ass as the last time I meet him.


“Let’s go back and take a look at those brats.”

After I finished scouring the great forest for more deceased, that is what I said.




The villager can see that Claude dug a deep hole in the outer part of their village, they don’t know the purpose of those holes, but no one dares to stop him after seeing the grief in his expression.

It took him half a day to dig that deep hole. By the time Rudeus awakens, he’s already done with the hole and brought out a couple of bodies from the coffin he called weapon box.

After gently putting their body within each hole, he covered the hole.

It made the guard curious, but he dared not ask the kid.

He knew that this kid was scarily strong, stronger than even their head warrior, Gyes.

That kid can massacre the Smuggler that they had trouble with single-handedly and feared by the Elves because of his bloodthirst.

Not long after meeting with Rudeus, he once again went to the great forest and only came back when the night fell.

“Hey, Claude… Ummm”

Rudeus suddenly came and met with him at the village gate.

Claude casually pointed to the grave he had to make in the morning.

“I question you. Do you know whose graves was that?”

That single question put Rudeus puzzled…

“That’s not here since before?”

“Ask those guard what I did in the morning before you awake then…”

He said those as he walked away from Rudeus.

As he walked through the village, he could see that everyone in his surroundings was still wary of him. Then, a bald guy from the Rudeus party came.

“Mind to talk to me?”

“… Sure”

Claude said words in acceptance. While they walked together within the village, Ruijerd stood there without saying anything.

“The teleportation incident, have you dig the information from that monkey?”

“Mmm, Eris and Rudeus was shocked by the information they received…”

“Say, Ruijerd, you do know how blessed they are to be under you protection, right?”


“More people die in the wilderness, not much distance from their own villages. But they, Eris and Rudeus was saved by you, even if they are 2 continent away from their own home…”

“We both helped each other…”

“I know that Rudeus will survive by himself either way, but I sometimes doubt his head… by the time I meet him while accompanied by the elves to hunt those slavers. I can see his hesitation…”

“How do you know?”

“I know him longer than you, and he had a habit to run away from trouble… he’s coward  through and through…”

“…” Ruijerd stayed silent as if acknowledging what Claude said.

“He’s strong, stronger than that Sword Saint? Heck, he doesn’t even needed to be jailed if he just coming out and makes a trouble, he’s strong enough to do that… have you seen his Original magic: Barrier? I am truly wondering why did he forgot about that one damn thing…”

“I am teleported to a Dungeon, a Dungeon filled with a group of C grade beast living within their folk, and the closer you are to the exit, the stronger the monster living. At the end of the Dungeon, there’s an A-class Troll, that have a regeneration way stronger than a normal Troll even in the dark Dungeon…”

Ruijerd stares towards the child in shock since he already knows the danger the kid was put into…

“That wound…”

“Yeah, they’re healed using a passive regeneration magic for month and some of troll blood… heck, I even still had some of the Troll meat and blood in my weapon box, want some?”

“Sure, I can take some…”

“anyway, within that time span he took flirting with that Boreas girl, my life is within a thread… it can be snapped all the time… but, that bastard just forgot to take more notice from the Guild board? Even me, the caveman from the Dungeon know to seek information since the day I come out, but why’d someone that actually with a noble daughter don’t know about the massive incident startled the whole world?”

“Ain’t that stupid?”

“I can’t deny what you said, but, I can guess that his mind was too focused on a thing that actually stopped himself thinking about any distracting though…”

“What’s so distracting about you homeland and family?”




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