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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 26: Memories [1]



From all the occasions, Claude has received 3 past.

As he remembered memories bit by bit, he could write their past experiences in an orderly manner.

The first one will be.

Alex Cromwell.

He was once a prodigy in Swordsmanship. At 11, he already surpassed Paul and became an all-style Saint. That talent brings light to Buena Village.

More people come to bring him over to their side. Even the Boreas family Ghislaine was interested in having him as her disciple.

But, they are all turned down by him.

“I want to have a peaceful life in this village, please forgive me for refusing your offer…”

That sentence alone shows the others how he felt about the village.

He was a famous teacher in the village.

He teaches the swords to those that want to learn.

His past as a Professor in Psychology and Teacher at the university allowed him to teach both the old and the young concisely.

As time went on, he continued to follow his routine to train and guide.

He sometimes helps his father to smith.

His works astound the people making more worth under his name.

He is smart, with his mind. If he knew about the future, he would definitely be able to change the bleak future of Buena Village.

Then, what’s his relation with Rudeus?

There’s none.

He was never interacting with Rudeus again once he was attacked by the waterball and awakened his past life memories.

Although he knew Paul and the other in the household, it was later when they had already sent Rudeus to the Sauros family manor as a teacher.

He knows Sylphy, though, but because of the curse that affecting her, he can’t approach her as there’s a mind shackle that makes him unable to do so.

Thus, knowing the little daughters of Paul and his wives was already good enough for him since, at the age of 11, he had already become part of the guard defending Buena Village.

His merit alone can be less than Paul’s since he actively destroyed and captured the thieves and monsters in the surrounding area.

His figure was a deity that protected the village.

No evil dares to come and brazenly entered the Village because he was there.

His smithing skill was also something that brought adoration to the world.

Using the knowledge from Earth, he increases the strongness of the material, creating a durable ingot.

He sometimes experiments to create alloy and sometimes succeeds in creating one.

The future of Buena Village is bright.

With him as the leader, there’s no way the village can’t improve.

Just as the merchant that gathered to Buena Village came, the world entered the tragedy.

The mass teleportation incident that engulfed the villager was more disastrous than it should be.

At that time, Alex Cromwell, in Claude’s appearance, was training with the little kid. He thought the first thing was to cover the kids and hug them tightly to protect them from the bomb-like shine.

Thus, they all were transported to the Dungeon within the Great Forest.

“Where is this…”

That is what he said when he’s transported there, while the little ones crying in that bleak area.

Each day passed, and almost all the children would be dead by starving or killed by the monster inside the Dungeon.

The moment that monster gathered in a flock is the hardest part for Claude to protect the children.

He might be a sword saint, but protecting others within the flock of monsters is not easy.

The first day might be a success, but he’d be drained the next one and another one as he had no food or water within the Dungeon.

He’d tried the monster’s blood and meat, but they’re poisonous…

There’s no way he’d let the children or him to eat the poisonous meat, thus making it harder to move day by day…

Each time he’s failed to protect the kid, one will die.

By the time he lost an arm, there were already no kids left to protect.

They’re all eaten by the beast.

All of them.

Leaving none alive.

Each step Claude took, he cried over his deficiency…

He is weak…

He’s too proud of himself, thinking that in this 12-year-old body, he can protect everyone with his prowess.

The monster inside the Dungeon is no joke.

A slight opening can let you lose your life.

The inedible meat was also another matter altogether.

Thus, his last memories were the regret-filled ones.

The memory of how he was eaten by the flock of Vorpal Rabbit alive, while can’t do anything…

The sword saint Claude was dead in the Dungeon…



Heading to the 2nd memory.

It is the story of the 2nd Claude.

Fred Alphonse, the Saint Enchanter, Fire Saint Mage.

This Claude took a different path from the previous one.

As he remembered the memories of Rudeus’ water ball, his talent in Fire magic was unleashed.

He suddenly splashed fire in the surroundings scaring everyone in the village.

Rudeus, that’s scared by this occasion, thinks with all his brain matter.

He tried to put the fire using his water magic, but it only let it go even further.

Seeing this strange happening, others ran there from a distance.

Attracted by the smoke, they all went to where Claude was burned by the flame.

Some smart ones called Paul, who later called Zenith since she understood more of these magical things than him.

She was astonished and hugged Rudeus since he thought he was the source of what happened.

Sylphy was also there, along with his father, as she told how she was being bullied and saved by Rudeus.

Paul wants to scold Rudeus, but he knows that it’s not his fault since he’s been doing something like this more than once in his younger days, and no one act like Claude’s.

Zenith, that comes with a book, said.

“It’s awakening… We got ourself a Miko in here…”

She said as she showed them that this normally happens to those with a gift in magic, a person who can use the element as if it was his own limbs.

Thus, The Miko of Fire, Claude was born.

Claude’s parent is worried, but Zenith calms them by saying he will control it sooner or later. They can just wait since the fire won’t hurt him, but they are there to protect him.

With this hubbub.

The entire village knows about their elemental Miko, thus creating commotion in the surrounding area.

Fred was a master in Chemistry.

He dabbles not only in Chemistry but also in Programming and Engineering.

As he continues to receive Claude’s memory, he also tries to control the sudden power surrounding him.

It took them 2 days to control his power, while the villager saw the event with awe at first. As the day passed, they got more scared, and Claude’s surroundings were scorched by the fire.

Once he woke up from his state before, he passed out.

Zenith, who received the information, then headed toward Claude’s home to treat him.

A week later, he’s already well.

Fred was someone apathetic.

Claude, who’s extrovert, suddenly became introvert, dabbling in his magic and spell. He also played around with enchantment which he feels intriguing.

The rumor of an Elemental Miko never reached the ears of Nobles within the Asura Kingdom.

But, even if they did, they won’t do anything since a Miko was an unknown existence, and the fact that Claude does nothing but research his power and training his enchantment lets the surrounding think those in Buena just telling a lie to them.

Of course, they didn’t really care if they believed it or not, but Claude still holed up in his room to try creating an enchantment after another or just help his father blow up the fire in their smithy.

As he progressed, no one took notice of him…

Yes, this Claude life was filled with nothing but a static life…

Eat, Research, train, eat, help out father’s work, sleep.

It continued like so until the teleportation event happened…

Thus, he left in the Dungeon where he met his demise…

Even if he’s a saint enchanter or a saint Fire mage, he might even be a Miko who can control the fire freely.

He can’t win against hunger, and the Ancient troll gets stronger when light shines.

Fire is also a source of light, thus even though Claude succeeds in arriving at the exit…

That Ancient Troll alone was something he couldn’t beat.

Leaving him becoming a corpse hidden within the Dungeon…



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