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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 29

: Departure [3]


This Rudeus is sad…

After that, Holy Beast-sama appeared by my side many times.

That’s right, for some reason, by my side.

Of course, after the second time, they started to doubt me.

However, luckily on that day, I participated in the drinking bout of Ruijerd and Gustav.

I wasn’t drinking any alcohol, but I enjoyed something similar to walnuts.

In other words, I had an alibi.

Since I’m a magician capable of freezing the entire village with magic, I might have some method of doing it even from a particular place, but Gustav cleared the doubts.

It wouldn’t be interesting if there were any more false charges added to the list.

Since that’s the case, I decided to stick to Ruijerd, Gustav, and Eris as much as I could but gave up.

I decided to stay near Gyes.

He’s the warrior chief. The highest person responsible in charge of security.

Claude was still doing his deed in training the Beast warrior, along with Gyes included, but he’s become meeker since his meditation event.

He does more minor damage and more guiding.

Gyes is busy every day, but having him as an alibi is the most efficient method.

“I was under the impression that I was hated by Rudeus-dono?”

After sticking to him for a full day, he made a bitter face.

“You don’t really need to pay it any mind. The next time you give birth to a daughter, just give her to me.”

“That is, do you really want to pledge marriage vows to a daughter of mine?”

“No, it was just a simple joke. Oh, excuse me, did I let out the smell of arousal?”

“Sunsun? There’s no such smell.”

“I see, then this amount is alright.”

After all, unless there’s a female nearby, my tomboy won’t become a tomcat, it seems.

Unless they enter my field of vision, there’s nothing to be done, is what it means.

“This is something I’ve understood over the last month. Rudeus-dono is rather mature. Even though you’re still young, Ruijerd-dono recognizes you as a warrior as well.”

“What’s up with that, suddenly praising me.”

That’s kind of disgusting.

Suddenly flipping one’s hand.

“In the beginning, I just thought you were some sheetty brat depending on Ruijerd-dono and doing whatever you like.”


He puts that well.

Well, it’s not necessarily mistaken.

“In terms of magic skill, it went way beyond what I imagined. To freeze the entire forest during the rainy season is something I could only imagine in a fairy tale.”

“Fuuu, my teacher is even more amazing, though.”

Then another push here for Roxy for no reason at all.

No matter how much I praise Roxy, it will never be enough praise.

“And more than anything, you hold that much power, and yet you didn’t seek revenge against our Dedoldia race even after being treated like that.”

If you put it like that, then that is the case.

Though look, Ruijerd said it as well. I was letting my guard down.

Isn’t it okay if both sides are reflecting on it?


“This place is Ghislaine’s hometown as well.”

“What did Ghislaine say about this village?”

“No, she didn’t really say anything in specific.”

It didn’t seem like Ghyslaine liked the Great Forest very much.

When she was teaching me Beast God-language, she would often make a bitter face.

“Who wouldn’t want to get along well with the family of a respected teacher.”

“Is it fine if I apologize once again?”

“I don’t really need that prostrating at all. Rather than that, please give me the right to lay my hands on Minitona-chan.”

“If Rudeus-dono plans to properly and seriously consider my daughter as a partner, then I wouldn’t particularly mind, though.”



Does that mean he’ll give me permission to play nyannyan with the cat-eared girl!


Right now, we’re having a good conversation. You sheetty NEET stay down.

“Of course, I’m joking. Probably, Eris would get angry as well.”

“Just now, a bit of the smell of arousal appeared, though.”

“That can’t be helped. That would be because of Gyes-san’s careless statement. Let it go.”

“I see… I’m sorry about that.”


I have a proper promise with Eris, you know.

15 years old.

Another four more years.

If I wait four years, then paradise.

Speaking of promises, I had one with Sylphy as well, but…

I wonder how Sylphy is doing now.

Probably doing well.

I hope she’s doing well…

It would be good if she wasn’t being bullied over her hair anymore…

I wonder where the place she’s being sent, huh?

“And it seems like it’s come today as well.”

Just as I was lost in thought, Holy Beast-sama suddenly appeared.

“Ku… what in the world are the escorts doing?!”

After seeing that, Gyes started grinding his teeth.

Today, Holy Beast-sama said “Wan” to me in a cheerful voice.

In response to that, I stroke its head.

“Could it be that it’s getting out with its own power?”

Is what I asked, but…

“No, there’s no mistake that it’s through someone’s help.”

That is what Gyes said while looking at Holy Beast-sama with troubled eyes.

Through someone’s help.

It’s without a doubt something within their own members, but everyone has an alibi.

It’s creepy.

“Should Ruijerd and I investigate? I think we could figure it out pretty quick with Ruijerd’s eye.”

After saying that…

“No, the protection of Holy Beast-sama is a matter of pride for the Dedoldia race. We can’t allow outsiders to interfere.”

That is how he turned us down.

“Even though defending the village is fine?”

“This and that are different matters.”

Defending the village is okay, but investigating the Holy Beast’s escape is not.

I couldn’t understand the line of thought, but I guess this could be a difference in common sense.

Well, that’s fine if they’re alright with it.

“If it’s managed to escape this many times, it would certainly be worrying. It’s fine right now because it’s the rainy season, but what if after the rainy season ends, it could be abducted again. Besides, even in the village, it could be attacked by monsters if the worst case happens.”

“That’s probably right…”

Gyes started to worry with a difficult face.

“Since it seems like Holy Beast-sama is escaping to come to meet me, what if instead, I go to visit it every day? Won’t that solve the problem?”

“That… However… Hmmm…”

He’s troubled.

After all, it doesn’t seem like he wants outsiders to get near the Holy Tree.

I’ll draw him in.

“Well then, how about meeting near the Holy Tree and taking it out before it has a chance to be taken, then have the escort person follow along as well. If we do that, then there would be no need to worry about someone taking it out.”

“Wouldn’t that be getting our priorities backward?”

“I think it seems better than having even a moment where you don’t know the location of the Holy Beast-sama, though?”


Gyes was troubled.

Since he was troubled, that became the case.

“you are troubled by me, but what’s about Claude?”

He suddenly realized that Claude was a kid the same age as his daughter.

Hey, even if he’s weird, you should know that he’s still underage…

“Well, I don’t really understand about that. Different from you, he smells like a beast in a human skin…”

“What do you mean by that?”

“He smell like Ruijerd-dono…”


“It’s kind of hard to explain. You can just say that it’s within our instinct. We can perceive a person as a danger or not based on our instinct. The same as we feel your arousal…”

That’s a weird example.

“Does that mean connected with bloodlust Ruijerd always said?”

“Yeah, he looks prepared to murder everyone that disobeys him. He had the stature of a beast king…”

“Hoho… that’s interesting…”

“well, it’s somehow weird to say it this way. But, I can sense danger. He reeks of danger…”

“couldn’t you warrior be able to win against him in a group?”

“No, we can’t…”

“What’s make you so sure?”

“we’ve trained by him. It’s more like a beating, to be exact. I can feel his wrath, he might not blame us for the death, but the feeling is there…”

“Of the death?… ah, Somar’s parents…”

Gyes, somehow look downcast.

“Not just that, but the fact that Rudeus-dono was on the brink of fainting might be another reason?… we want to retaliate the second time we had a training, but he just so hard to deal with, Master Claude’s time magic especially… his battle style is something directed towards one against many…”

Ah, it’s his experience in the dungeon.

“in a one-on-one battle, we can’t defeat a saint swordsman. While in a group battle, we can’t defeat a magic swordsman. It’s a hard truth we must face…”

“I see…”

“Even so, after his Enlightenment master, Claude became kinder…”

“Ah, yeah… it’s his usual attitude in the past, so I just see him as became normal…”

“I see. It seems that his experience in the dungeon wasn’t something we can imagine…”

To regenerate his wound, think critically in all kinds of events.

Then, always move ahead…

“How can my disciple be stronger than me in a matter of some years? It hurts my feeling.”

“ah, right… you’re his magic mentor, right? Then, your father must be stronger then, Rudeus-dono?”

“Nah, Ghislaine’s stronger than him. I can bet that my father is already weaker than Claude by now…”

After that, for a little less than two weeks.

I lived together and played with Holy Beast-sama.

In the end, we never figured out who the criminal was, though Holy Beast-sama has stopped disappearing as well.

Incidentally, the escort person got insanely angry at me when I trained it to offer its paw, though that’s a secret.

Meanwhile, Claude continued his guiding and training.

How could he not get sick of training every day?

Even his way of relaxing is still training with the beast warrior.

Even Ruijerd was amazed at his zeal.

Well, he actually getting better. Although his target to create a weapon as hard as Ruijerd Heirloom still saw no result, he developed well.

Not to mention his other mastery in magic, even his sword’s art getting better by the day.

He can already beat that saint-ranked smuggler without batting an eyelid before, but now, I guess a glance of his is enough.

I don’t mean that his sword’s mastery already reached the King’s rank.

But, his way of using magic and his weapon is already something that an ordinary person can beat.

Ruijerd praised him so much I got my ears bleeding.

After various things happened, three months have passed.

The rain has stopped.




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