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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 30

: Departure [4]




The day they leave the Doldia village will soon come. However, there’s a piece of information about the girls fighting each other.

Of course, knowing the one whose fighting is Eris, she’d be the winner.

It’s a complete victory.

Even if the other girl has been receiving training since they were kids, it’s impossible to win against Eris, not to mention someone who hasn’t received any training. They won’t even be Eris’s opponent.

It’d only be bullying.

Let’s not compare Eris with Claude.

By an average standard, Eris is someone you’d call a prodigy.

Her bearing as a swordsman is something one should acknowledge, as even at the age of 14th, she’s already in the middle, advanced grade Swordsman.

She used the same style as Ghislaine, the Swords god style.

Learning the basics from Ghislaine and being trained by Ruijerd is already a privilege someone can’t get.

Eris is at the level where she can keep up with Ruijerd’s training.

Rudeus already knew that Eris was that kind of child, but she was soon to be 14 years old.

If you say 14 years old, it’s still a child, but it’s not an age where you indiscriminately beat up your opponents.

Up until now, Rudeus never stopped Eris’ fights.

Even when it came to the fights in the adventurer’s guild, Rudeus just left the majority of them to Ruijerd.

Maybe it should be put as, “Adventurers and village girls are different.”

“Tha…that’s wrong, Minitona is the bad one.”

The one who made such a claim is Terusena.

According to her story, it seems Minitona tried to stop Eris, who said she was planning to leave after the rainy season ended.

Eris seemed happy that she wanted to stop her but explained why she had to continue her journey.

With Minitona, who was selfish, it was a development where Eris explains.

It’s the opposite of how it usually is.

After a little while, the discussion continued.

At the start, both of them were calm, but eventually, disputes started up.

Minitona started making thoughtless remarks.

Those thoughtless remarks included Ghyslaine and Rudeus.

After hearing that, it seems Eris tried to endure it with an angry face.

It seems like she wanted to respond calmly.

In the end, it seems the one who first laid their hands on the other was Minitona.

She sold the fight to Eris.

It’s an act of courage. Almost worthy of respect.

It’s something Rudeus can’t imitate at all.

Even though he said that Eris ended up buying into that fight.

Without mercy, as usual, she beat her to a pulp.



Then here, Rudeus took a good look at the circumstances.

First off, Minitona.

Even though she lost, it seems she’s considerably excited with heavy breathing.

Even after Eris beat her down, it seems her will has not been broken.

Eris can break the will of full-grown adults.

She’s not a woman who goes easy.

In other words, that means…

“It seems you properly went easy.”


Eris looked the other way while saying that.

With the old Eris, even if it was an opponent who was younger, any opponent that comes at her would-be beaten without mercy.

Since Rudeus is the one saying it, there’s no mistake. He’s an expert at being bullied by Eris.

“Normally, you would do something worse right?”

“She’s my friend, after all.”

After looking at Eris’s face, her lips curled up with a sour look. It was the face of one that was repenting their crimes.

‘Hmm. It seems she does at least regret hitting her a bit.’ Rudeus thought.

It’s something that the Eris, until now, would never have done.

It seems Eris may have become a bit more of an adult these past three months.

In the places where Rudeus not watching, she’s properly growing up.

In that case, there’s only one thing Rudeus have to say.

“It would be best if you reconcile with her before we leave tomorrow.”

“No way.”

‘Still a child, huh.’

It’s not just Eris that had trouble separating from the villagers.

“Guys, please… we can still contact each other through Arbalest…” Claude said while scratching his head, looking at the older guy clinging to his waist.

It’s kind of awkward seeing an adult clinging to a child in tears.

“No, just when master got better and didn’t call us slaves anymore… why’d you need to leave!”

The blacksmith apprentices crying in tears. They don’t want to let Claude go as they still want to learn more from him.

“Look over there, don’t you feel embarrassed clinging to a kid you childs’ age?” Claude said exasperatedly.

“You’re our children’s age? Then marry my daughter. It’s not bad to have master as my son-in-law!”

“No way, you child’s still 7. Mine is better!”

“Heck, didn’t she just get married last year?! Get off, I’m gonna marry my child with him!”

“No, it’s me!”

As the Apprentices fight each other, they let Claude off.

Using that timing, Claude goes and runs as fast as he can.

The apprentices are busy fighting. They didn’t realize Claude had run.

“What a popular boy you are…” Rudeus said, teasing Claude when they met in the house.

Claude can only scratch his head in embarrassment.


They were busy preparing for the journey on the last day, so Rudeus didn’t meet with Holy Beast-sama.

Rudeus thought the criminal would let the Holy Beast out again, but for some reason, Holy Beast never appeared.

In exchange, there were two intruders in the middle of the night.


A small scream and a loud sound of something bumping.

As one would expect, even Rudeus was awakened with those two sounds.

Recently, it felt like Rudeus had been slacking a bit too much, so he raised his body and grabbed the staff that was left at his side.

It’s a bit too crude of a presence for it to be a thief.

Ruijerd should have long since realized it.


“Terusena, move more quietly, nya.”

Rudeus let go of my staff.

That would be the reason why Ruijerd was silent.

“Sorry, Tona, but it’s dark.”

“If you focus your eyes well, you can see nya… Ah!”

Again, there was the sound of something banging.

“Tona, you alright?”

“Ouch nya.”

However, they seem to think they’re whispering, but the volume is so loud Rudeus can almost hear everything.

He wonders what their objective is.

Money, or maybe fame.

‘Otherwise, maybe they are after my body, I wonder.’

As if.

‘It’s most likely Eris, after all.’

“Ah, was it here, nya?”

“Sniff sniff? It seems a bit different.”

“Don’t mind it, nya. In any case, they’re sleeping, nya.”

They stopped in front of Rudeus’s door, then he heard the sound of it opening and them coming inside.

They started to look over the room timidly, and then their eyes clearly met as Rudeus was sitting on his bed.


“What’s wrong Tona… Ah.”

Minitona and Terusena were there.

Wearing a one-piece made of thin fur.

There was a hole where the butt was, and their tail showed its face from the back.

It was the beast races’ characteristic pajama appearance.

‘Truly lovely.’

“What’s going on this late at night? Eris’ room is next door.”

Rudeus said it in as low a voice as possible.

“So- sorry, nya…”

They said that they moved to close the door then suddenly stopped.

“Come to think of it, we never gave our thanks to you, nya.”

“Ah, Too- Tona?”

Tona said it as if she remembered it, they returned into the room.

Terusena was following behind her.

“Thank you for saving us, nya. I heard that I might have died if you hadn’t used healing magic on me, nya.”

That’s right.

Those injuries were pretty dangerous.

They were injuries that would have long since broken Rudeus will.

He thinks it was pretty amazing how she managed to continue with that sort of resolve in that situation.

“It was an easy matter to resolve.”

“Thanks to that, no scars are remaining, nya.”

While saying that, Tona grabbed the edge of her one-piece and flipped it upwards, showing Rudeus her beautiful natural legs.

However, because the room was dark, he couldn’t see any more profound.

It seems like you could see, but you cannot.

‘Kishirika-sama, why did you not have a demon eye that allows one to see in the dark??’

He complained to Kishirika Kishirishu, the Demon Lord that gave him his Magic eyes, the eye of foresight.

“Tona, that’s disgraceful?”

“It’s fine since he’s already seen it once anyways.”

“However, old man Gyes said it, human race males are in heat all year round, so if you get close to them, carelessly they’ll attack you.”

‘In heat all year.’

‘He says such rude things.’

‘Though it’s not wrong.’

“Besides, if he gets excited over seeing my body, then isn’t that favorable to repay the favor? Nya?! It’s chilly!”

“How long do you intend to keep the hem of your skirt raised?”

Rudeus wasn’t looking at Tona’s legs at that time.

While wiping a cold sweat away, he grabbed his staff sitting at his side tightly.

Rudeus could sense something like sharp killing intent leaking out bit by bit from the room next door.

“*Co…cough* I have received your gratitude. Eris is in the room next door, so if you will, please.”

They may be children, but they shouldn’t be carelessly showing no scars.

It would be trouble if they were attacked by a dangerous old man who has a hobby of playing doctor.

“I see, but really, thank you, nya.”

“Thank you very much.”

The two bowed their heads and then left the room.

After a short period, Rudeus slowly moved over and put his ear against the wall.

In the next room, he could hear Eris in a displeased voice saying, “What do you want?”

The usual pose with her arms akimbo entered his mind.

Tona and Terusena’s voices were a bit hard to hear.

No, Eris’ voice is just too loud.

While listening in excitement, Eris’ voice gradually became calm.

It seems things will be alright.

Rudeus felt relieved and returned to my bed.

It seems like they continued to talk all night long.

Rudeus don’t know what they talked about.

Tona and Terusena are both still nowhere near good at human language.

Eris has also learned a little bit of Beast God language, but it’s not enough to have a conversation.

He wonders if they can adequately talk.

He felt anxious about it, but the next day, Eris was holding Minitona’s hand while crying while seeing us off.

It seems they were able to reconcile.

‘Excellent, excellent.’

Meanwhile, Claude was still glued to his bed, covering himself with a barrier with a diameter of 5 meters. Protecting him from the crazed beast-man that sent their daughters to the room.

“Master! Please, let me in! I brought my daughter with me!”

“Step aside, old man! Your daughter is underaged!”

“Yours is too old!”

The noise of Eris’ conversation was being drowned by the apprentices’ yells…



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