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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 35



The City of Milishion is divided into four districts.

In the north, there is the [Residential District].

It’s a section of private houses and blocks.

There are some differences from average citizens in a place where the family of nobles and knights live. Still, fundamentally they are all private houses in the residential district.

In the east, there is the [Commerce District].

It’s a district where all sorts of merchants gather.

There are a large number of shops, but the structures are small.

It’s a place where many companies meet and widen their trade contacts together, this world’s business district.

Things like Blacksmiths and Auction houses are here as well.

In the south, there is the [Adventurers District].

It’s a place where the Adventurers gather.

Centering around the Adventurers Guild Headquarters, there are shops and inns aimed towards Adventurers.

There’s also an area with a slum for ruined Adventurers with things like a gambling place, so it’s a good idea to be careful.

For the most part, the slave market is in this district rather than the commercial district.

In the west, there is the [Holy District].

There are several places for those related to the Holy Milis Church.

The enormous Great Church is also here.

Also, the Holy Milis Knight group has its headquarters in this district.

They turned around and entered the city through the Adventurer’s District.

Suppose Adventurers try to enter through districts other than the Adventurers District. In that case, they’ll be put through a certain amount of questioning, and it can take quite a bit of time.

What a troublesome city.

The instant they entered the city, the air changed into mixed.

Suppose you look at it from outside Milishion, the capital of Millis Kingdom. In that case, it is beautiful, but it’s no different from any other city after you enter.

Near the entrance to the city, there were inns and stables.

Stall people were lined up loudly, calling out for customers to come in their direction.

A little way down the main road, I saw an Arms Shop.

There’s probably a slightly cheaper inn down one of those thin alleyways.

Incidentally, the supposedly silver glowing Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters was visible from the city entrance.

They left their cart at the stable.

“Now then, I’ve got some places to visit, so please excuse me!”

After they left the horse in the stable, Geese abruptly said that.

“Eh? We’re already disbanding?”

Rudeus thought it was surprising. He thought we would stay in the same inn together.

“What’s this? Does that make you lonely, senpai?”

“Yeah, that makes me feel lonely.”

Rudeus answered honestly to those words intended to tease him.

‘We’ve only known Geese for a short period, but he’s not a bad guy.’

Finding partners on the same wavelength as you is precious during travels.

Thanks to Geese, how much stress do you think Rudeus has been relieved of?

Also, he feels depressed when I think about how the meals will be terrible again if Geese’s gone.

“No need to feel lonely, senpai. We’ll meet again as long as we are in the same city.”

Geese shrugged his shoulders and patted Rudeus’ head.

Then just like that, he started waving his hands around and walked away.

Then Eris stood in his way.


Her arms crossed, and her jaw turned upwards, the usual imposing pose.

“Next time we meet, teach me how to cook!”

“That’s why I’ve said no way. You’re persistent.”

Geese walked away to the side while scratching his head.

While doing that, he also patted Ruijerd’s shoulder.

“Then, you take care as well, Danna.”

“You take care as well. Don’t do too many bad things.”

“I know that.”

This time Geese finally disappeared into the crowd while waving his hands.

It just happened in an instant.

‘So much that you wouldn’t think we’ve spent two months together.’

Really just parted in an instant.

Then just when that monkey face started to disappear.

Suddenly he turned around.

“Ah, that’s right, senpai. Make absolutely sure you show your face at the Adventurer’s guild!”

“Hn? Ah, sure!”

‘We have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild anyways. We have no choice but to earn some money.’

‘However, I wonder why he’s saying that now.’

‘I don’t really know, but after hearing my reply, Geese disappeared into the crowd again.’

“Sigh… are you stupid or something?”

Claude suddenly said.

“Huh? Oh, right! The information board…”

As he remembered the information board, he scratched his back head embarrassedly. He actually forgot to check about the teleportation incident again.

It’s weird by itself, right?

How could he suddenly forget about something like that, no, in the first place. For someone like Rudeus, forgetting about information gathering is not correct.

He was being led away from something and thus leaving him to realize nothing about this incident.

At this moment, Claude has already felt this.

‘I see, it must be that Hitogami…”

He feels that this is the work Hitogami did, that god tried to steer Rudeus away from this incident.

Looking back, it was at the time when Rudeus was still in the Demon continent. At that time, if he follows Rudeus and Eris, he should be able to meet with Roxy.

However, because of Hitogami’s machinery, he meets with the Demon lord Kishirika Kishirisu, the one called the Demon Lord of Eyes, and receives his foresight eyes.

At the same time, if we follow the main timeline where he should meet Aisha after his fight with Paul in Milshion, they should be something that Hitogami plans.

‘even Geese is something Hitogami planted… the god’s ploy is filled with wonder, I don’t know what is hidden under his thumbs. But, the fact that he can’t come by himself is already a thankful thing… which means that he can’t enter this world without any proxy.’

That also means they are safe for now.

Based on Claude’s memory of the 3rd Claude, Hitogami planned to make Rudeus believe in him so that he could create the opportunity where that guy could get rid of anything that threatened him from Rudeus.

Norn’s marriage with Ruijerd isn’t something he wanted to happen, so it might lead to something else…

‘well, let’s see how the future went…’

In the Adventurer guild of Adventurer District, Claude could see the iconic clothes the Arbalest group used. Then, he moved closer to his group, drawing suspicion from Ruijerd and Rudeus.

“Pleased to meet you, master Claude…”

After they meet with the person that acts as Mike’s proxy in front of the Adventurer’s guild. They were then brought to the VIP room within the guild. Ruijerd, Eris, and Rudeus were told to relax in another room.

“It’s the report we had gathered until today, my lord…”

Upfront, Arbalest might be something that Mike owns. However, Claude is actually the actual owner.

He’s also the one training everyone in Arbalest.

“Hmm, so, it’s 90% huh… had you found anything else?”

“No, sir. Based on the 90%, we’ve found that 15% was dead, it’d be 16% death rate counting the couple you found…”

“I see. The reason for their death is our lack of support, huh…”

“Yes, sir, we lack too much personnel to save the others… We’ve also been in contact with Somar in Criminal city. He’s doing undercover while trying to control the whole city.”

Nodding, he stops for a while and continues to read the report.

As Claude read the report, he knows more than the people outside. Arbalest had tried their best. The fact that Mike commands the team so well makes him happy. He was filled with joy because his friends had helped so much.

This means Hitogami’s hands can’t reach the mobs.

Rudeus’s funny acts are something he already knows. The 3rd Claude’s memory had to tell him so.

Rudeus is not a good partner to be with.






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