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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 41: Countermeasure




“We’ve already had the plan, as of now, we’re conversing within 3 sides on 2 continents, With Mike on the Asura Capital on the Central continent, and Somar on the Criminal City of Millis… now that I’m here as the hub on Millis Kingdom capital, there’d be another hub to control the information within the Central Continent and the Millis Continent…” Claude said towards the adults in the room.

It’s been 2 weeks since Rudeus’s group stayed in Milshion as they want to walk away from the capital. There’s still a need for them to know more about this Metastasis event.

They’re waiting for the information given by Mike.

“Based on our intel, which is Mike. Sauros is fine, and the court has deemed Sauros as innocent, so our second problem will be… Eris, what do you think?”

Claude eyed Eris, the only progenitor left from the Boreas family.

With arms akimbo, she looked down to Claude and said smugly.

“I don’t know! I will decide later when I meet with Grandfather!”

She said almost yelled.

Rudeus, that stands beside her, can only cover his ears, and the other in the room smiles awkwardly.

“Okay, let’s leave Eris aside for now. Ruijerd, do you want to help us in the search?”

“I will do my best, but I need to accompany them before a further decision.”

“Acknowledged, Arbalest will contact you again when you arrive in Roa. I’ve already expected this answer from you. Mike will contact you again later in Roa.”

Ruijerd nodded.

“Is that alright?” Paul suddenly asked.

“Don’t talk. Ruijerd is more than enough to beat 10 of you…” Claude said, eying his former master.

“That’s right, father, not even 10 of you can beat him!”

Rudeus add.

Paul turned dejected and looked down. Vera encourages him by patting him in the back.

Talking about Vera, she’s not using her Bikini Armor anymore.

She’s using them in the past to keep an eye off her sister. Since her sister had trauma on people pouncing on her trying to rape her.

But, when Claude heard the story, he scoffed.

“It’s a stupid idea. Do you think those horndogs will just focus on you because of that? Ask Paul whether he will eye the one in Bikini armor or one that uses robe.”

“I’d do both in the past…” Paul answered.

“See, it’s futile… what you did can even make the horndogs put an eye on both of you, not to mention in this time where law and order were being jumbled, you can’t do something about it in the wilderness, but in a city? Just meet a noble or a knights brigade. You’d either be their sex toy or sold to the kinky shops…”

Hearing that, Vera paled and put on proper clothes from thereon.

Rudeus clicked his tongue when he couldn’t see the bikini armor anymore, but what’s Claude said was undeniable. Something like being abducted by a noble and found dead in the gutter is not that common, but not a rare sight, even in the Capital of Asura Kingdom.

Even in Milshion, several incidents are being written the book.

Knowing these kinds of things wouldn’t kill you, but it can be helpful in some way or another.

However, the perpetrator of the said crime isn’t always the nobles. There are several occasions where the criminal groups are the on that do the deed, but who’ll care about the dead?

These kinds of cases will usually go into a cold case after all.

Well, coming back to the topic.

Claude led the meeting very well.

He talks about his enchantment abilities and his plan with Mike in the past.

“Why don’t you just talk about this to us, adults?” Paul asked.

“Will you believe it if I said so?” Claude said he’s already fully aware of what kind of ability he had.

“There’s no way I’ll believe a kid saying himself Miko… I mean, right… I won’t believe it…” Paul said while Claude is amazing. In the eyes of the adults. Claude is still a child below 10 at that time.

Knowing fully well, he couldn’t prove his words before the orbs appeared. No, even after the orbs appeared, there’s no way he can prove something like these kinds of incidents to happen.

He and Mike had already spread the rumor about the apocalypse the Orb will give and letters of help sent to the other great noble families, but they are all being ignored.

“Which is why Mike and I planned to create the GPS and gave it to the people in Arbalest and Buena villagers. I even gave one to Rudy…”


“Huh? GPS?” Rudeus said he somehow remembered the GPS name from his past life. But, since he’s a NEET from early 2010, he doesn’t really know the meaning and what kind of things is GPS.

It was not really popular at that time, and having lived in this world for more than 10 years, he almost forgot about it.

It somehow clicked in his head about that knowledge, but since it’s not the time to ponder the things, he just left it be.

“Well, using the Tracker monitor and GPS in our search creates a better vision for Arbalest to name ourselves. So, with this, we are deemed as a group that follows the order from the Fittoa region regent, but also someone that under the jurisdiction of the royals…”

Which makes Arbalest as prominent as a Great noble.

Hearing the information, all that understood what it meant had their mouth opened.

Even Paul is amazed by what his disciple did.

“Well, as a Miko myself, Arbalest will surely have more power like the Miko in the Millis Kingdom. But, I don’t like to get chained like the Miko of Shirone… so I will hide the fact for now.”

“Um. I see…”

Miko is still an unknown entity in this world.

One just knows that they’re someone powerful and received them from God.

In fact, being a Miko isn’t that special. Some well-known people in the world can even be one without knowing about it. The name ‘Miko’ itself is still a questionable thing since there are people that can do the same thing as a Miko did, albeit with training.

For example, a Miko trains their ability to become casual with them. To control them better.

But, non-Miko trained to reach the standard a Miko can do. Some might succeed, while more will fail.

There’s no one know what a Miko can do, but people who are born with status, they can flaunt this ability.

Shirone’s Zanoba is a deity. The royals of Shirone used him to pave their status as the God-sent family. Zanoba is so strong that he can have a war with only him and win.

Then, there’s the Miko in Millis that had no name. she can read the mind of the people. Using this, she was used to prying for the spies and the corrupted ones.

However, there’s another reason why Miko had a special place among the citizen.

In fact, in the Laplace war, Miko had the deal in stopping the advance of the said Demon lord. They help the citizen in the fight, and their entity increases the spirit on the human side.

Leaving the talk about the unknowns Mikos aside.

“Well, there’s another fact that this power of mine had yet to awaken itself. Since it’s only giving me some bit of information…”

“You mean, you’re not sure about the Metastasis?”

Rudeus suddenly asked.

“Can you believe a dream that suddenly appeared the day after you get smacked by a waterball?”

“I see…”

“There’s fear lingering in every dream. At first, their experiences were stunningly amazing for me. They share their knowledge, their past, and their future…” Claude said nostalgically…

“But, the day their death comes… I can’t normally think, prepare… prepare… prepare… for the unknown future lies before you…”

While Claude said that nonchalantly, his voice stated the urgency.

Rudeus and the others in the room can feel the burden of that simple words. It’s something they can’t expect for someone that small to bear…

“Is that why you asked me to teach you?” Paul asked.

“Yeah, I got interested in the swordsmanship because of my Miko Power. However, because the memories are still ongoing at that time, I just want to train the knowledge I got…”

Nodding his head, Paul understands the feeling of wanting to learn something that feels cool.

“So that’s why you can learn enchantment without anyone teaching you?” Rudeus suddenly asked.

“You can say so…”

While Claude says something, he still hides some more things from the people inside the room. He can already conclude his ability.

He told no lies, but he hid some truth.

Albeit he already tells them that his Miko ability let him learn about the future, he told them nothing about the difference him in another universe.

He does leave some hole in his story, but Claude didn’t expect them t ask about it. Even if they asked about the inconsistency, he could just say he doesn’t know.

“Now, let’s talk about the countermeasure in dealing with the next step…”

Claude said, steering the topic away…



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