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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 47 : Dual Mastery 



As he stood in his stance, Reida Reia, the water god, was actually astonished.

‘this stance… what’s the style he used? It’s different from all three stances I know. There’s something that looks the same but it’s just a little bit different. Is he creating a style on his own?

As she stood there as the referee, the current Water God was actually impressed by Claude. Creating a brand new style is never going to be easy, but Claude already had the right form.


As Reida said in the last number, she’s actually pretty surprised that her disciple is the one that attacked first.

As Isolte attached his head to the front, Claude was taken aback and had to defend himself.

He’s attacked by the sudden assault and sent back.

Isolte grins at her success and is ready to continue her attack.

However, before she even got time to prepare for another attack, she was assaulted by a fireball.

“What?!” Reida Reia was astonished by the sudden attack. She almost thought that someone was actually barging into the battle, but she soon realized that the person launching the attack wasn’t a trespasser but the boy battling her disciple.

From the cloud of dust, she can see that Claude is protected by a thin barrier.

“Jeez, for a defense master to attack first, this is actually astonishing.” Claude said nonchalantly, while shooting another fireball from the tip of his sword.

Using her flow, Isolte succeeds in changing the trajectory of the first fireball, but is attacked by the second fireball.

She’s blown back by the fireball and sent back away.


She grunted as she tried to stand.

Walking slowly, as if taking the spar easily. Claude taps his sword on the ground and mocks his opponent.

If you’re already tired, just stay still, princess. I’m sure you can never beat me, you know? ”

“Ukh, damn it… You’re ruthless for someone who’s declaring his love for me. Gasp”

It took her some effort to stand and get into her stance. That’s just how strong of a peak Advance Wizard spell she received.

“To think that a fireball can be this strong, you took me by surprise, boy.”

Reida praised him and looked at Isolte, judging her condition to be good for the sparring to continue.

“You compliment me, Water God. I only use a bit of my power to let her feel my mastery. I can’t help but be irritated seeing her looking down on me, a Water God style master attempting to attack me with a weak ass assault. Did she think of me as a thug? ”

Even though Claude has feelings for Isolte, having four incarnations in his head causes him to prioritize his pride over his feelings.

As he is now, Claude is the incarnation of the 3 before him, the memory of Alex, Fred, and Kuro etched deeper than the 4th incarnation.

He might take Isolte as his 4th incarnation savior and the person that bears the brunt of the 4th’s feelings, but not him.

This incarnation Claude is a person nurtured to be a person using logic rather than feelings.

For now, at least.

Right, since you’ve already put your stance… Let me introduce myself first.

When Claude sees that Isolte has taken the stance to receive his attack, he squints his eyes and gets ready in the attacking posture of the Sword God style.

“I am Claude of Arbalest, the creator of Cloud Style. Pleased to meet you, Water God disciple… ”

As he said so, he suddenly vanished from his spot, astonishing both Reida Reia and Isolte.

Feeling the danger from behind her, Isolte used flow to smoothly redirect the attack from behind her.


The stunning power behind his attack scared Isolte; “this isn’t the power of a mere saint… this guy is dangerous!”

Her instinct tells her to run away from him. The person in front of her is different from the other practitioners. This beast is thirsty for her blood. This beast isn’t something she can beat.

Fear and terror prevent her from thinking and force her to continue redirecting all of his attacks.

Front, behind, above, and below.

Claude attacked her from all possible angles, leaving her frightened by the sheer force of each attack Claude sent her way.

“This brat is toying with her…” Reida already realized that point; the fact that her disciple couldn’t beat him was already there for all to see.

Isolte can learn from this sparring, and that brat even bothers himself to put her under pressure and scare her. He wanted to make her use flow to the best of her abilities. Did he also try to make her learn more about the five secret arts?

Isolte felt her skills had improved by leaps and bounds, just as Reida’s had.

Each attack Claude sends her shows her where she falls short. She improves her posture and stance, and so does Claude’s attack.

It became more rapid.

“Hah, hah, hah…” as Isolte gasped for breath, Claude took a step back and let her breathe.

“Have enough sparring already?”

“Wh… at sparing… Dam it, you are toying with… me! ” It took her some time to say the word, as she was still gasping for air.

But, as Isolte couldn’t continue to hold the sword, she let it drop to the ground and let Claude be the winner.

The referee doesn’t need to say anything as the winner is obvious.

To think that my disciple can be played like this by someone her age sure astounds me.

“You praise me, Water God. Your disciple has yet to mature enough to battle against me,” Claude said nonchalantly.

Now I can see why Charles is very confident in you, for you to actually be a dual mastery prodigy. That is truly amazing.I know I want to see the future of Arbalest. ”

Claude just smiled at her statement and shrugged his shoulders.

But then, he got alerted and used flow to redirect the sudden attack from the Water God.


“It’s strange to see a water god using a sword god style,” Claude said as he redirected her attack.

The Longsword of Silence An advanced technique of the Sword God Style.

This technique is a slower variant of the Longsword of Light where the blade is swung at a velocity beyond the speed of sound. A characteristic of this technique is that it leaves no sound behind.

You see, even though I’m old, I’m still a Sword King.

As he said so, Claude activated his time square to get out of Reida’s range of attack and launched his wind spear spell, followed by water ball and fire ball in succession.

“Rapid chanting? What an amazing boy… ” Reida said as she used flow to return Claude’s spell.

The way she uses flow is very different from how Isolte and Paul use it. She didn’t deflect the spell but returned it to Claude with even more velocity.

As much as Claude believed in his barrier, he couldn’t actually receive all the spells he blasted at her.


A spell attacks him from the back, and one from above, while another from below, leaving him unable to move aside from moving forward.

But the Water God is closing in on him as he considers the countermeasure to what has just happened to him.

He used Time Square as the sole time-attributed magic he could utilize right now to think about what he could do right now.

I can’t move back as there’s a wind spear. If I jump, a fire ball greets me. From below, the water ball is already targeting me. Heck, why the hell did I choose an alley as a fighting spot? I sure am thinking shallowly.

He can’t think of any countermeasure and chooses to attack the Water God.

“Brave child”

Even though he’s still in his time square, the Water God can sense him and attack him using one of the five secret moves.

Leaving Claude wide-eyed, he shockedly stared at the elderly person pinning him down.

“I surrender…”

Claude said as he put his arm up.

Now that should teach you what will happen if you bully my cute granddaughter. If you dare to bully her in the future, you can expect more pain than this one. Reida said, as she knocked Claude’s head with her sword handle.

“Ouch, great. I already got approval from the grandparents.






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