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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 49 : Negotiation

Chapter 49
: Negotiation




Having Reida Reia, the Water God, as the patron of Arbalest can be a bit tricky.

As helpful as it was, having the Water God style Dojo under his banner can help the members train better in the said style. more than being trained by Claude alone.

However, there’s still the fact that his members can be poached by the dojo.

There are also several merits to having someone stronger than you within your organization, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Having her as the umbrella will let Arbalest have an easier time while cooperating with the others within the scope of the Human Nation, especially one on the Central continent.

While Millis and Demon Continent might prefer the North God better, it’s because the place is filled with ruffians.

The Water God Style practitioner mostly worked with the authorities, the North God Style worked without authority, and the Sword God Style loved freedom the most.

Knowing this, Claude decided to work with the Water God.While he already knew about Isolte’s schedule from his 4th incarnation, he never expected to meet the Water God in person and have an easier negotiation with her.

The most troubling thing he had was just the fact that the Water God is one of Hitogami’s apostles…

Claude still didn’t know about this for sure, since Sadogashima Kuro, his 3rd Incarnation, didn’t really care about this, as the fact is still unknown in the anime.

The source of this information comes from a piece of trivia he read in a comment, but it should be possible to believe that.

Knowing that Orsted might become his enemy put pressure on Claude’s shoulder, but, even so, he wanted to cooperate with the Water God since she’s one of the saviors of his 4th incarnation.

The 4th incarnation deeply respects those in the Water God Dojo.

So much so that the 4th mission was something related to the Water God style.

As of now, Claude can’t deduce what his 4th incarnation is since he’s still gathering the puzzles of memories.

“This is getting too troubling for me…” Claude heaved as he closed the book, as he laid himself on the bed. He once again tries to understand what his ability is.

It’s not like I need to fulfill their request in the first place, and the fact that my 1st to 3rd Incarnation asked me to survive in Metastasis is actually linear with my goal.

As a side job, in the first incarnation, Alex asked me to finish my sword training and save as many people from the village as possible. Then, in the 2nd Incarnation, Fred asked to teach the other about his achievements in either enchantments, smithing, or magic. I successfully share my knowledge with Rudeus and Arbalest members. Then, the 3rd Kuro asked me to live my life to the fullest, and always be prepared for the monster in that dungeon. ”

“Now that I think about it, only Kuro left me with no mission. He’s the one scarring my mind the most with all his deaths though. ”

The gruesome way to die is not something a child under 10 wants to feel, or even experience.

The fact that Claude is still sane right now is actually a mystery, since there’s no way a person can accept being killed numerous times, in the most gruesome way he can think of.

Then, here comes the 4th and most different incarnate.

Is this the real trajectory of what his life in the canon would be?

Isolte Cruel herself is not a canon character; she’s not really a person that is described greatly aside from her rank and her relationship with Eris as her friend.

Well, Mushoku tensei was a story fully focused on Rudeus Greyrat in the first place, with little to no appearance for those that didn’t play a part in his life.

From what Claude understands, the story itself didn’t reveal much about the world. It’s Rudeus’s Slice of Life and drama.

From this point on, he can’t solely focus on the fact that he knows the future from the Canon. Since the story of Kuro and his life has already diverged from the main path,

All the relationships his other incarnations will tell him about in the future will be different than him.

From the 4th incarnation, Claude knows that the help his other incarnations will provide for him should not be as great as his first three incarnations, since the 4th is actually just a kid slightly older than him.

Would this be trouble for Claude?

No, it will be a help since he can see the world from another point of view.

I control my own fate, and all the focus should be on what the future holds for me. Since this world is already a different one from my other incarnation, I should live cautiously. ”

Claude stood up from the bed and left the room.



While Claude was compiling his information, C started another round of negotiations with Reida.

“See, we should do this.”

“No way, my granddaughter won’t be sold for this cheap! Can I ask more dowry for my daughter? ”

“What! You’re being too greedy, Water God! Even Arbalest will break if you do this! ”

This is another round of negotiation for Claude and Isolte’s marriage.

Looking at her grandmother, Isolte can’t help but be embarrassed.

She only met with Claude like 2 weeks ago. Then, she was already sold by her grandmother.

“Why would you talk about dowry when we haven’t even gotten together in the first place?” Isolte sighed in exasperation while looking at the scuffling pair in front of her.

As she hid her face in embarrassment, Claude suddenly appeared behind them and brought the food to the table.

Stop your debate for a minute, and have a meal. We can talk about marriage in the future, since I’ve yet to get approval from the person in question. ”

Reida and C looked at Isolte and stopped their quarrel. They looked at each other and sighed.

Just take care of my infection well in the future. Reida said as she ate the food Claude prepared for her.

“I never expected that Charles would be this zealous in your place.” Isolte said while munching the food in front of her.

“Everyone in Arbalest loves me; after all, I’m the handsomest,” Claude boasted.

“Pfft, the handsomest,” Isolte spurted her food, comparing Claude with C. “I just know that you’re actually quite a comedian…” Isolte sarcastically said.

Claude ignores Isolte’s reaction and nonchalantly continues the topic of their marriage. Since he doesn’t know the family tree, he shamelessly continues the conversation in the direction.

It can be seen that Claude really does take a liking to the girl.

Reida just stares at the teenagers.

In this world, fifteen years old is already deemed an adult. So, it’s not really that weird to see a couple at the age of 14 or below engaged or married.

Even so, Claude never once thought of getting married early.

As of now, marriage is still a far-reaching dream for him since the future didn’t look that great.

The 4th incarnation shows another future, an undercurrent.

The future was different from what he knew of Kuro Sadogashima’s memory.

The smell of war followed the 4th incarnation…




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