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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 51: Water God Style Mastery

Chapter 51:
Water God Style Mastery




“When a weapon master is named after a saint, they will unknowingly start to use the energy we name “touki.” The water god, Reida Reia said, while materializing the Touki in her surroundings.

“As you are a wizard yourself, you might see this as a mana. But, Touki and Mana are different… ” Reida said, as she moves her blade using the basic technique of the style, Flow.

The sword in her hand moved like a river, and the current of Touki surrounding her blade moved directly to her pointed target.

“Using Touki, even flow can be used as a projectile type of movement. We change the flow of Touki in the surrounding area or even the one in our body to attack the person from a distance… However, this kind of usage in Touki isn’t good since it’s depleted the amount of Touki we had.

Claude carefully watched her, and started to learn the way her surrounding aura started to materialize.

He already knew about this, since Alex Cromwell, his 1st incarnation, was actually using it already. However, the person himself didn’t know about the usage of the said aura.

Alex didn’t think much of it.

But it actually meant so much, if he just realized the usage of this Touki. That he might survive the dungeon and succeed in defeating the Troll, is what you might be thinking. But, the dungeon itself is weird since every one of the beasts inside is poisonous for humans to eat.

Claude had the knowledge from his 3rd incarnation on how to deal with the meat, since the 3rd incarnation was the Miko of Time, who had experience in dealing with the beast inside the dungeon from his death.

The dungeon is a dead end in itself, and the fact that he can survive is all thanks to the preparation he made.

In the end, the dead man tells no tales.

“Now, focus on my Touki. Gathering them on the tip of my blade would allow me to extend the blade and create a blade of light. ” A visible light surrounding the blade can be seen clearly. Claude was gulping at the sight of this amazing technique.

As she swung the blade, the ground before her was gouged.

“This is the Sword God style’s ultimate technique: the Long Sword of Light” Reida introduces it to Claude, Isolte, and C.

“Wow, Excalibur…” Claude muttered, staring at the water god expectantly.

Right now, they are being tutored by the Water God about sword mastery. As strong as he might be, Claude lacked instruction in the path of swords.

If you think Paul is a 3rd rate teacher, you can’t expect him to teach Claude about the mastery he can’t do well. As of now, what Claude needs is information and knowledge about the path above the Saint grade.

How can one be eligible to have the title of King, Emperor, and God?

This is what he lacks.

Regardless of how powerful he is, he lacks first-hand knowledge.Claude will never be a powerhouse.

He might be able to reach such a height without being tutored, but with one, Claude can reach the height faster.

It can clearly be seen that within a month, he had already perfectly grasped the usage of Flow and had officially become a Saint Water God Style Swordsman. Surprising both the Water God and her disciple.

“I’m awesome, right? You still want to reject my proposal? ” Claude said haughtily while using Flow to redirect Isolte’s sword.

“damn it, Claude! Just bring your face here, don’t dodge! I want to bash that face of yours! ” Isolte is mad at the taunt.

“Bash him for me too, mistress!”

“Who’s your mistress?”

“Don’t deny Charles, Isolte. I know you love me too. Don’t be shy. ”


Looking at the sparing kids, Reida just smiled at their youthfulness.

This is her first time seeing Isolte being so free in her actions. Isolte always held herself back, whether it’s in the dojo or the sanctuary. She even had the idea of sending her to the HQ of the Sword God Style for her to make some friends.

Reida smiles at her granddaughter’s frustrated and annoyed look.

She couldn’t help but give Claude her approving glances.

It’s rare for Isolte to have so many different expressions; moreover, her growth increased leaps and bounds. Having Claude as a rival puts her under pressure to develop faster than the other.

Currently, Claude enjoys his training so much he neglects the other arts.

He neglects everything in order to absorb all the tutelage the Water God can give him. He doesn’t think about his enchantment, blacksmithing, and magic.

At this point, Claude realized his mistake: he was handling too many things at once.

‘it seems that I need to increase my alphabet creation, huh? Sigh, look at me, still 15 and the work I need to do is piling up with no end… ’

“Hah! An opening! ”

Using the slight opening when Claude thinks about something, Isolte attacked.

Claude uses Flow to redirect her attack, making a counterattack while teasing her.



[Somar POV]


“After all the preparations I made, it all turned to nothing.”

That’s what I said while brushing the tombstone I made for my parents.

“Claude sure is nasty, to create a grave in the middle of the village. What the hell is he thinking? ”

In Dedoldia Village, the village of the Beastman Tribe, I often see them in the City of Crime. I never thought that they were actually a community on their own. In addition, they’re actually quite a bunch of scary people.

“Where’s master? Master! I know you are hiding somewhere! I can give you my wife, but just come back and teach us your smithing skills! ”

Damn, those beastman smiths scare me. What the heck did Claude do to them?

I’m shuddering at the thought of their zeal.

It’s already reached insanity. I’ve already told them that he’s not with me. But, they actually said that I was lying and started to seek Claude themselves.

“Pardon their stupidity…”

“Ah, Mister Gyes… No, it’s okay… ”

It’s Gyes. He should be the one Claude tells me to. The guy that jailed Rudeus…

“Well, I can’t help but be confused at their reaction though. What makes them idolize Claude so much? It’s not healthy. ”

Gyes laughed awkwardly while scratching his cheeks.

“Well, he deemed Claude as their savior…”

“Huh? Can you describe it more? ”

Then, Gyes starts his story about how the Smiths of Dedoldia were actually a group of outcasts that could do nothing but create weapons from wood.

In fact, the act of metallurgy in a tree is somewhat impossible. Not even I can imagine how Claude could create a smithy atop the tree, not to mention his smithy is actually fireproof…

Let’s start with the fact that the village didn’t actually need the smith in the first place. As a result, they become social outcasts, and their treatment worsens day by day until more smiths stop working altogether and live their lives like bums.

If not for the small number of males in Dedoldia, they might not have had a wife even now.

Even so, their wives were actually the maimed or disabled women in the village. Either you have a disability physically or mentally,

Then, they live on the dark side of Dedoldia. They lived like leeches, unable to exercise, and training their mastery of Beast Art or even swords made them despondent.

Then, Claude suddenly came and dragged them out of their despair.

At first, he taught them worse than us children from Buena Village. Using his enchantment circle, he creates a smithy that won’t destroy the tree where the place is located. Teaching them how to mine, well, it’s more like enslaving them to mine everyday 24/7 until he gets enlightened and teaches them better.

At first, they hated Claude. However, as the day passes, they realize that they’re not as hopeless as they thought. They started to idolize the person helping them out of the gutter. Their craft was eventually approved by Claude and the other villagers, making them proud.

Within 3 months, Claude Spartan’s training enables them to create something a slightly experienced blacksmith can, allowing the village to prosper.

Thus, knowing they had a new line in life, they wanted to follow Claude. But, it was rejected.

While having a walk, some of the psychos actually heard Gyes and Rudeus talk about giving their daughter to Rudeus. Then, it clicked in his mind that giving Claude a reason to stay or return might be a better choice than letting him leave them.

Of course, Claude blatantly rejected them. He was annoyed and beat them up, but they still continued to do so until the day Claude left the village.

Queer, right?

Well, you got the gist of the story.

I can’t put a logical thought to a bunch of madmen, but I shall leave the problem to Claude to deal with. I won’t take his trouble. It’s too annoying.

“Erh… What a turnover… Anyway, let’s head to the business. “Mister Gyes”

“Alright, follow me…”


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