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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 53: Miko Claude

[Claude POV]

“You see, I’m actually a Miko that can foresee a timely future.” That’s what I said abruptly that morning, towards the Water Gods Reida Reia and Isolte.

“Wha… master!”

C is actually shocked by my sudden revelation. What’s wrong with him? Doesn’t he think that something like this will be revealed sooner or later?

“There’s no point in hiding these; after all, you’re already aware of it, right, Teacher Reida?”I asked the calm elderly.

She sips her tea cleanly while closing her eyes.

Even so, I’m actually surprised that you used this timing to tell me the truth, “she said.

I just shrugged my shoulder and served the food on the table.

“I’m not going to lie to my teacher and soon to be wife.”

Oh, I can see Isolte blushing. Her face is red and she’s glaring at me. It’s an embarrassed face, right?

“Great, then, do tell me what the future entails for me.”

I stared at her. I did know about her future, though not one I knew from any credible source. It’s from the Wiki Kuro once read. It says that she’d be one of the Human God apostles and was killed by Orsted because of it.

Should I tell her about it?

You see, the future that I can see is just a fragment of futures. It’s an omnipotent power that can see the future all I want. What I can see is the future, where “me” in that future will die within several years. ” I explained.

Why would you seem amused by my death, grandmother-in-law?

“Sigh, well, let’s say that what I see is what ‘I’, my incarnation in that timeline, sees. It’s not a fixed future, but a future I can definitely live with. I don’t really know how to explain this, so if you hear any inconsistent parts, Please tell me


Then, I tell her all I know about this Miko ability of mine.

The preparation I made for the Metastasis tragedy and the plan I created with Mike.

Is this safe?

Absolutely no.

But, having adults judge what we do might be a good option as Arbalest is still young. The development might be stagnated, or there might be a hidden problem that will kick us unknowingly.

“I get that your plan is solid… I think the idea of using freed slaves as your subordinates and teaching them the necessary knowledge is fantastic, and I can see that the division on Arbalest was well divided.them as the search party for this incident while training them under the Sword King, Ghislaine Dedoldia, is a great part of your colleague…

Reida praised Mike’s decision to use Ghislaine as the bodyguard and sword instructor for Division A.

There’s also the fact that you used a bargaining chip like the Space Box to tame the merchant in the Asura Kingdom. This is a great move and enables the Business Division to actually move unhindered while gathering the necessary resources to develop the group. ”

Isolte stared at me with awe, snickering. I puffed up my chest. See, Isolte, this husband of yours is capable.

Even though Fred’s teaching made me mature, I’m still a child at heart. It’s not weird for me to act childish occasionally, right? Even more so in front of my beloved.

So this means that the Arbalest that is being led by the genius Mike Buena is actually owned by Claude? It’s not that Claude was the worker, but he’s actually the owner. ”

Isolte suddenly interrupts

“Well, that’s the gist of it,” I said.

Because I am the one who hires the worker and creates all of the enchanted items.There’s also the fact that most of the employees are loyal to me, not to Mike.

“So, is this communication division created in order to accommodate the diversifying Division of Arbalest roaming around the world?” Isolte adds.

“Yep, their basic job is to create a safe hub. To send the information both ways, I need Division C to create contact with Division A and B. They also need to send the resource to the groups of Division A that are roaming around the world…

Division A of Arbalest is the largest. It consists of 40% of the overall amount of Arbalest. From the recent report I read before, the weakest of them was actually an intermediate swordsman that could use beginner-ranked spells.

When I said that there were more than 7 thousand of them, Reida was shocked.

It’s a crazy amount. Within 4 years, Arbalest could be a humongous existence that has more than 10 thousand people under its banner, and work seamlessly.

The number is still getting higher nowadays, since those saved from the Metastasis Incident were indirectly hired. As they also want to search for their missing family,

There’s also the fact that Paul’s group entered our ranks.

“Isn’t this preparation you make too excessive?”

That is what Isolte said. But, I looked at her with a puzzled gaze.

How can she say that it’s being excessive when we are short-handed?

“What’s that expression?”

Oddly enough, Teacher Reida had the same expression.

“Pardon me, but do both of you know how big this world is?”

“Of course I do!” Isolte replied angrily, while teacher Reida was enlightened by my words.

“So, you meant to deal with the event as soon as possible.” teacher, Reida, said

Indeed, what I wish is for the missing person to be found as soon as possible. To minimize the casualties as much as possible, at the same time, expand my information networks towards the whole world. ”

“A big goal for someone so young…”

“I thank you for the compliment, teacher.”

Right now, it’s been one week since we arrived at the headquarters of Arbalest in Milshion. My training with Isolte and Teacher Reida has borne a great deal.

Using the knowledge from Fred and Alex, I’ve already developed a training regime for the members of Arbalest. The former slaves’ knowledge of modern martial arts and Fred Alphonse’s knowledge of modern science and psychology helped me a lot to move the former slaves to continuously train their bodies and minds to the limit.

Once I received more training from Reida, I developed the Cloud Style towards the usage of Flow. I’ve already spread the information to the other branch of Arbalest, expecting the other members to develop further.

As we continue our conversation,

Suddenly, there’s a spike of mana that I can feel with my Touki.

I looked at Teacher Reida, and she also stared at me.

We moved at once, and headed outside.

There, a massive drake gathers the mana particles in the back of his snout.

A massive fireball was created before it, ready to shoot them towards us.



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